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Buggy nights

Rape done by force must be replied by force

We will not give up our own
We will defeat agressor

General Rydz-Smigly
On the eve of invasion on Poland

I wanted to write you more about a night at gare when new German goverment has been enacted but on Friday some STASI agent has throwed me out of our Danzing post stating that i stink and that i did nothing to change it. Well, the cause of my smell is just a rapes that MI6 executives are constantly performing and while i will keep my salt march - they has did even to much. But they have come to even something worse. When i was leaving gare yesternight i have found 'Fofana' getting a bugs from his pocket. Today in the metro you can see another comics when our Abwher agent has received an order from the central. And in real life - they are just following this script...

It was second night after they suposed assasination when she is bugging me. What this means? Just look at the trailer of 'Sacanner darkly'. Through hours she was using VALIS - this time not to rape me - but bagging me. It is a terrible feeling like a bug or spiders walking on your body. I have warned her that if she will continue such terrible tactics the next - five time - there will be no mercy for her and she can be found dead. It is now over 61% of polish society that thinks that this Glewitze radio team is sick on the Nazism and there is no other cure for them that to slain them. It is how some are promoting euthanasy in Poland and unfortunatley they are very succesfull in this. And i must say that she is realy convicing to get my Olimpic signature.

It is exacly what Melanie and Tony was doing with me and i do not wonder that they has meet dead-end. They are acting just like a Nazi soldiers on the polish soil that soaked by the blood of innoncents that has come through Hitler correctional programe and such thing should be and cannot be tolerated. My warning has come together with a 'sorry' from Gaddafi in the case of assasination a british policewoman in 1984. It is not accident and now you see the reason why she was killed. What they are doing is realy same what the Nazi was doing with Danzing in 1939.

Gaddafi “sorry” for UK policewoman’s death

LONDON (Reuters) – Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said “we are sorry” for the 1984 killing of a British policewoman outside the Libyan embassy in London which led Britain to suspend ties between the two countries for years.

Yvonne Fletcher died after being hit by shots fired from the embassy during a demonstration against Gaddafi.

“She is not an enemy to us, and we are sorry all the time and (offer) our sympathy, because she was on duty, she was there to protect the Libyan embassy, but this is the problem that should be solved — but who did it?” Gaddafi said in an interview with Sky News, to be broadcast on Monday.

More: Euronews

She has already proved that she is able to kill me on the order of her masters in british MI6 and moreover now she is giving yet another proof that she is even able to kill herself blindly following orders of Malta. I realy does not want her stonned but if such Nazi practicies will be continued it is possible dead-end that i see very sharply. She has been warned, if she will continue she can be killed by some of Kaczynski officers. I have gave her a mercy four times, saving her life - but she has not changed - even making repressions more stronger. It is very sad - but it shows that some are realy sick on Nazism and are not going to change...

I see that execution can be for another time something real - someting like from the first proces of Bal - described in Thora in times of King Jehu. I must say that personaly i rather think that this persons should be prosecuted by military office for their rich portofoilo from the past (for instance i think that they should know litte bit about extremly suspected death of Zbigniew Religa). But, if somebody should be executed - it is for sure our Eglishman at the Malta Order - our prime aggressor. When i have seen in yesterday Metro our comic strip i was thinking about him at first and our two ducks - that need somehow repair their Nazi vasals images. The reason of extremly low popularity of Wiktor Yuszczenka (around 6%) is both attacks done on me in the past and his face. A symbol of blind loyalty to the opressor...


Sanacja Shield

Before i will write you about Shield our informal Sainte Alliance has developed against Malta and American-British forces - that are just like this Nazi constantly sturming jewish gettho to claim their prize. I will once again underline that i am and will stay against stooning. Yesterday Kaczynski-Biden meeting was yet another occassion to prepare assasination of our Ilse Koch. While i am once again refusing to accept such insane proposal, as well as rapes - voilent rapes i do not see execution in this case as the solution to the problem. I will not sign such order that some are proposing.

And yes of course, if you would open a yesterday Belgian metro newspaper you will see in the comic strip that our Nazi heroin has received 'a snap' into face from her boss - just to crash 'squawk' and turn police sirens off. Yes, our clowns are folowing their script. I see that now Gordon press service has removed their warning from the wire but still he is not comming with any real proposal behaving like litte kid that is blaming others for his 'slave tradery' and wrongdoings. So much in the spirit of DDR Stasi.

The other problem that i would like to underline is so called 'in-no-cent' defense. I have so far observed two brutal assasinations of the civilians - near my camp and one person beeten by the people that are using our informal banner of the Holy Defense to defame it through such acts of sabotage that are just like from the Abwher handbook. The truth is that there would be no need to use firearms to defend my person if there would be no 'Northern corridor' - that is hidding assasins from the NATO eyes. This corridor has been developed by the Stanley McChrystal and it should not be wondering that the brave resistance is using weapons to protect me - innocent and unarmed person - from the agressors that are going to my place - by many declared as sacred - just to slain me brutaly.


The Arabic term Haram has a meaning of "sanctuary" or "holy site" in Islam.

Protected zone

As used in Islamic urban planning, the word Haram (حرم) means "inviolate zone", an important aspect of urban planning in Muslim civilization. Such protected areas were sanctuaries, or places where contending parties could settle disputes peacefully.

Holy site

Haram can also mean an Islamic holy site of very high sanctity. The two sites whose Islamic sanctity is unchallengeably the highest of all are Mecca and Medina in Arabia, so that the Arabic dual form الحرمان al-ḥaramān or الحرمين or al-ḥaramayn refers to these two places. Since 1986, the Saudi monarchy has disclaimed all royal titles except "Custodian of the Two Holy Sanctuaries" or "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques".

More: Wikipedia

While some - military Nazi tigers - are usualy warned by their own authorities but usualy does not listen. However there was at least two incidents that has taken lives of innocents civilians. Our informal defense have nothing to do with such cases. They are just a brutal assasinations made to defame it and should be prosecuted as normal cases. I have nothing to do with it, nethier nobody from our brave heroes. While I do not think that you can obtain help from Americans but sending Interior Security Agency to our BBN team and questioning them can bring more light on such cases...

Yesterday Biden has bringed happy news that has provoked Grzegorz Szechtyna to attack me. The news was as usual false one - he has claimed that it will be now a Russian Federation that will silence me. Grzegorz Vlepin has then commented that it will be my colagues that will silence me. It has provoked a comment from President Medvedev 'that some companies will be privatalised'. I have meet our Tunguski Tiger on the Gare when i was watching on the Euronews standard London bullshit from Russia. They has come exacly at this moment when cousin Dimitri has appeared - threating me. At the night they has come and has meet strong denial of such insinuations. On the morning i have found death sparrow near my camp (pol. wrobel - en. 'in rubel').But belive me it is not fun for me - at some point they will win just like they has won in Warsaw Ghetto. And the only solution fromthem is the final solution. A transport...


Clinton in Paris

Granfather Tusk in Warsaw seems to be in pants on the head literaly flattening behind the Nazism at the occassion of second Biden visit. No, he at the all does not see any problems in our polish-american relations and if there are any they will do everything to shield people from them (read: us).

The last thing they are going to do is an criminal case against Obama for his illegal activities Nazi, practicies and experimentation on the polish citizens. Nethier they look for any resonable positive way out and answers on my questions - to not mention repairing harms they did in past. Castration project is just underway, as it was during Czuma reign. Thier smiles looks very sad on the background of Sandomir flag but they are happy. And Biden visit at the monument of Heroes of Ghetto in spite of yesterday events is just like very, very bad Hitler joke.

He intendet to put at the monumentum of people that day after day, night after night was trying to defend jews in Gheto from constant waves of the Nazi forces - a White Eagle. Thanks to Republic of France and local security forces instead of this he has put there yet another Tiger sent there to assasinate me...

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Yiddish: אױפֿשטאַנד אין װאַרשעװער געטאָ; Polish: Powstanie w getcie warszawskim; German: Aufstand im Warschauer Ghetto) was the Jewish resistance that arose within the Warsaw Ghetto in German occupied Poland during World War II, and which opposed Nazi Germany's effort to transport the remaining ghetto population to Treblinka extermination camp.

The insurgency was launched against the Germans on January 18, 1943. The most significant portion of the rebellion took place from April 19 until May 16, 1943, and ended when the poorly armed and supplied resistance was crushed by the German troops under the direct command of Jürgen Stroop. It was the largest single revolt by the Jews during the Holocaust.[4]

More: Wikipedia

Moreover he constantly calls Ilse Koch - our Milady and their agent and spy - 'Poland' - what is even more insulting the nation. Constantly puting a Nazi bitch over the human that has made him a President - forgeting about harms they did to him and his nation in past months, years and decades.

But if you think that Kaczynski is going to make any difference or convert to patriotism, you are wrong. Yesterday it was Aleksander Szczyglo - chief of BBN - our Radio Glewitz - that publicly has asked a 'if?' question. Telling in name of Ilse to me - 'Sieg oder Bolse Wissmus' in a scheme that so much reminds a every-morning questioning of Brother George by Bezpieka agents...

Yesterday has show many in Belgium what kind of personality our Furer have. If you would open yesterday Metro Newspaper on the page 21 you would find there an comics - Irina - mystery. On it - our Nazi bitch - have been found by sombody with gun in the bedroom. She hides under the bed to put a knife into eye of the opressor. It is exacly what has happened in the United States and of course in this nazi propaganda i am playing this one that has been harmed in the left eye. No this comics was not accident.

From some time Gordon Brown was looking for a spy that was giving Israeli an informations about my case and planned assasinations. And yes, it looks that they has finaly found him - alough i have never knew him. They has caught 'litte one' and now are threathing him a life term sentence. For what? For usual thing - for helping me to stay alive. Well, I do not think that he will spend so much in the prison and at some time his 'brother' will get him out. For Danny it will be like hollidays, chad hollidays. But the point is that 'Furer of the left' plays just like a toy in hands of the Nazi - blindly executing a Nazi script. Like a willingless manequin - imprisoning somebody that has accted like national hero not only for Israelis but also for us - Poles...

US Pentagon scientist arrested

WASHINGTON - Scientist Stewart David Nozette appeared in court here Tuesday on charges that he attempted to sell US national security secrets to Israel.

Nozette was jailed without bond and accused in a criminal complaint of two counts of attempting to communicate, deliver and transmit classified information.

The accused, wearing jeans and an untucked blue oxford shirt with no tie, didn't speak at the proceeding or enter a plea.

He faces a life sentence if convicted on two counts of unlawfully attempting to provide defense information to aid a foreign nation.

More: Jerusalem Post

But this was not only Hoolywood like comeback. One of our famous pedophiles. No this time not Frederic Mitterand that was also blamed for this same but our film-maker Roman Polanski has again returned to the headlines his second Polanski bail appeal was rejected and he is going to be sent to the United States. Well, also here on the ground they was trying to again blame me for beign phedophile. Going the Staliningrad street i have found a clothes.

As usual i wanted to check if it is something usable for me. I have taken on of them into hand and then i have discovered that it is some litte kid ones. I have left it and walked some meters. Then i have received a message from Ilse - that they are very precise. I was wondering what she wanted to say - then i have though about 'lock of hair of Elvis' that you can find on this same page that a comic strip. I had returned immediatley to the place i had though this cloths.

I have found there one man that has bringed this things outside. Outside of building of ... Belgium Archive. No, i realy does not think that it was accident. When he for a moment returned inside - using an isolation i have destroyed all traces that i could left. On the Gare i have readed a series of news from France that has realy shocked me as the nation. In one of them they was calling 'Sieg other Bolshe wismus' a 'french justice' in another - so called advocat of Mr. Sarkozy leaving a car - says to journalist just one word - 18 to later ask the court for 18 months for Mr. Vlepin. Yes, some at the Ministry of Justice was trying to suggest that i am playnig Vlepin and well it was yet another pedophile insunation. Not by accident in Isreal they has come out with fith 'polish' pedofile'. In public opinio it was i that would be wroten in people minds and soon on the neo-nazi pages you will read about how evil jews are. Well, VALIS and especialy artifical sexual feeling is used by the Nazi in this way to make compromitation not only of rabbins but also catholic priests, politicans and others. Do not think by penis - use your brain and stay calm in such situations. It is artifical feeling induced by Uberagency ususaly for evil purposes...

Israeli rabbi charged with raping teens

A rabbi has been charged with raping a teenage girl and a sexually and physically assaulting her siblings in the Petah Tikva city of Israel.

The 42-year-old rabbi not only raped the 16-year-old teen but also molested her 14-year-old sister and physically assaulted her 15-year-old brother.

The victim's family says that the carnal crimes were all committed inside the local synagogue.

The shocking revelation is the latest in a series of sexual abuse by Israeli rabbis. Last year, a 60-year old rabbi was arrested in Petah Tikva for raping a woman who regularly visited him to get his blessing and good-luck amulets.

Israeli authorities later said that the man was not a Jewish cleric and had been posing as a rabbi.

More: PressTV

This numbers realy matters - especialy on the headlines - and it is best example that the source of 'smears' in Clearstream is in Mr. Sarkozy bedroom. As well best proof that new minister of Justice - that has replaced some friendly soul in his cabbinet - is just another maltan clone of Hilary Clinton that will at some point realy block his candidature for President... Well, i see that i have wroten to much - and our Vichy vassal - Tusk is threating me for another time - comparing to their party clown - Palikot. But you now should see characters of some politicans and their problems with pants - falling willingles to the Maltan Adolf Hitler. Behaving just like vibrators, unable to think and act - falling willingles into Nasism. It is especialy sad in case of Countur Tusk that has lost a mother - poisoned by FRA...

At the morning, of course Nero from White House has for another time used an opportunity of 'clear gate', as he has though after removing Danny. And for another time they has sent a Tiger - this time from Afghanistan - to later blame cousin Karzai. It is interesting that it was Sarkozy Palace that has 'expeled' them in the franco-britannique row. An at the middnight it was Gordon Brown that has announced that they are ready to sent Milady ambulances to heal the nation from Radosz influence - our virus about which FRA is so affraid. They was ready for final solution order. They has failed for another time. Maybe Sarkozy is learning something but his cabinet seems to be in hands of Malta and he personaly should stop to listen Carla Bruni, at least when it comes to world of politics. Well, D'Artanian is very young one - it is
weakness but also an advantage...

I was waked up by the sirens of ambulans. Gordon was assured that they are going to move this train and the ambulance has come also to my places. But still - will of Parliament was against such Nazi erradication and instead of taking me on board they has left the stage - making so called 'rota'. But it is advocte of Vlepin that calls Sarkozy accusations 'schizophremical'. In my culture this things has been called just 'animal speech' - before Nazi has changed this into 'sicknes' - using lies and so called 'secret' about the Lamb. The voice that maybe you hear is at this moment my one - it is Vocie of Truth but the Satan is also there. And well, after such move - there should be no doubt that while Sarkozy palace is not free from Nazi moles - it is Vlepin who is responsible for this shit and it seems that he is also over influential in Poland. Still long way for Sanacja and morla restoration but maybe first steps has been just made in France. Time will show and we still are learning 'who is who'. Who is real statesman and who is just blind clown, blind Maltan pawn...



Saturday Night Masacre

For many of my dear readers it was breaking point in the history. Nazi was preparing their final solution through last months and this week they was going to give their answer to so called Jewish question again. In the Adolf Hitler time they was measured mustaches and beards, in the XXI centaury – or as Barack Hussein Obama would say – in the new era – the key is much simpler. Yes, indeed it is this blog and the content you can find on it – so called backlog. That has been counted in Britian to around 30 000.

This is a global action undertaken not only in the United States and United Kingdom but also in such countries that Russian Federation. Truly global final solution - that seems to be stopped for a moment thanks to a vote in Belgium Parliament - that so much reminds me how Soviet Union has treated jewish community in Poland in March 1968 - taking a revenge for Isreali sixt day war - on many innoncent jews like my family that had nothing common with this and other actions of both State of Israel and the Soviet Union!!!

Well, we was of course some propaganda icon that has used Janek and his tank to both encurage masses in Israel 67 or to silence them in George Pompidu way - just like in case of Czech Spring 68 by making 'sacrifice' - from us - so called social compromise. Yes, we are guily of just beign alive. While many of jews - aroud 40 000 - has been forced to leave our territory while our family of course has been trapped behind the Berlin Wall. Many of them remeber Four armored and dog - many generations have been growed on this movie - that is one of symbol of old glory - smuggled in polish culture. We was to dangerous to be sent to the West, we could return. But it was not only punitive anti-semitic action that they has undertaked on so many innocents but just contaminated by this evil gene...

In symbolic gesture they has removed a remainders of old castle in Kowieglowy. Trying to rub away us from the polish history, to wipe us from the map - as once Romanov opressors did in partitioning time. Later claiming that White Eagle that you can find on many monuments in Russia from this time - was always thier symbol and we had never existed. Until they has meet cousin Mickiewicz - than even at some point had even asked his cousin at the Russian throne for a military intervention of Tsar soldiers. Romanovs later used rather two-headed eagle as their symbol - instead of polish one. But even with this whole evil of partitioning of Commonwealth - that also had their root at Malta Order - at least we has survived this, hardest as we though, period of time...

1968 Polish political crisis

The Polish 1968 political crisis (also known in Polish as 'March 1968' or 'March events', Polish: Marzec 1968 or wydarzenia marcowe) describes the major student and intellectual protests against the communist government of the People's Republic of Poland, their repression by the security services, and the concurrent Soviet anti-Zionist reaction. The protests coincided with the events of Prague spring in neighboring Czechoslovakia.

The wave of antisemitism instigated by the communist authorities to divert public attention resulted in the final exodus of Jews from Poland. Before the campaign, the country had 40,000 Jews; within a few years, fewer than 5,000 remained. The episode was especially traumatic as those forced to leave saw themselves as Poles.

More: Wikipedia

This Saturday was so much in the spirit of Nixon Watergate. Today, you can find in polish newspapers a headlines that wire-tapes scandal and some in both Presidential Palace and Tusk cabinet want to help Obama in this bigest shit in modern Polish history. Tusk says that he is under pressure - while Katynski thinks that this way he can improve record low notes - for him and whole Lieberman-Cameron block.

All of sides does not look for a positive way-out - what Obama wants is too silence this case and escape from legal prosecution - while is using this unacceptable for me Nazi romance as a carrot under the slogan 'Sieg oder bolsche wismus!'. It is just like offering a swine meat to the orthodox jew or muslim cleric (well, personaly i think that it was orginal meaning). But his and Maltan pawns in all camps seems to be working to make him happy. Nethier they does not come out with an appology and compenstation. Hilary still counts on execution of their 'Endlosung' order and claims that their bloschewismus strategy has been agreed with the Russia Federation - and it can be silenced - it is so called 'Gordon dream'.

Cameroon camp has already discovered how dangerous this case is for all the parties in his coalition that are trying to build a facade on the national spirit - while in fact so often are acting against it - and just today has signalised: 'BNP warned to stop using military imagery'. This White Eagle and the way they are treating it is realy dangerous and explosive - especialy for Lieberman - that comes from Israeli nationalists but that behaves just like Georing. Instead of using his power they are constantly fighting with it - what for sure will help Ehud Omlert and his White House backers. This is just another strong sign of beign infected by Teutonic disease. It is also a reason why this terrible concept of 'Final Solution' has been almost put into force in the United Kingdom. However, Continent is still different - while left plays just like STASI, still the Pope has some influence over the Christian-Democrats. While he seems to be now in a situation just like Pius XI was...

The only solution seems to be brutal force acomplimised by the usual day-to-day Nazi assing. And the plot is now centered around Clearstream: Vlepin - Sarkozy sttrugle and something like question on Jeacques Chirac death - but this time with Obama behind thier back. The one that can be bigest looser of this game. Obama that thanks to this wire-tapes scandal and his lawless practicies in worst case - if Polish side will declare his practicies as illegal - soon he can even land in European prison - marking comming of Lisbon treaty into force - in so orginal way. But this is something on what Tusk sarkastic and extremly-soft cabinet will not allow - instead choosing 'social-compromise'. But, yes, they are paniced and desperate and throught this so dangerous...

The Saturday Night Massacre

The Saturday Night Massacre was the term given by political commentators to U.S. President Richard Nixon's executive dismissal of independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus on October 20, 1973 during the Watergate scandal.[1]

Richardson appointed Cox in May of that year, after having given assurances to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he would appoint an independent counsel to investigate the events surrounding the Watergate break-in of June 17, 1972. Cox subsequently issued a subpoena to President Nixon, asking for copies of taped conversations recorded in the Oval Office and authorized by Nixon as evidence. The president initially refused to comply with the subpoena, but on October 19, 1973, he offered what was later known as the Stennis Compromise — asking U.S. Senator John C. Stennis to review and summarize the tapes for the special prosecutor's office.

More: Wikipedia

While i think that this Saturday Night is still behind us - this week Saturday was of great signifance to all of my readers. Well, my symbolic trip to the monument that you can find on top of the page has started as usual on Gare du Midi. I was smoking outside when some couple has come for a moment. Well, in this theater, in last stage of White House oper - it was suposed to be a symbolic pair D'Artagnan and Milady that has meet Aramis. But he has whistled on my just like on the dog. And our operator at the VALIS has 'flirted my tail'. Maybe it is not insult for you - but my dignity has been for another time harmed. Countless times - but it was yet another image that have been hard wroten in my mind. I realy does not like to be treated as animal - and especialy like a Beneš dog - but they was going to do it...

I was very upset on them and soon i have landnded on their backs whistling on them. When i have later come into the station i have found many policemens looking on me. I was wondering what they are doing there. Soon i have come to the Euronews and on the Gordon Brown press service i have found an answer - 10 arrested over coal plant protest. Well - 10 means in poland - this one. They say that if you are doing something constantly - and you fail each time - it is a madness. Well, Gordon Brown is constantly trying to arrest me - using different pretexts and he constantly fails. What it is then?

I have come out greeting police as they has not once saved me from beign slein by the crusaders. No Brown it is not yet a Great Britain, it is still Belgium - Belgium that remeber. I was litte bit hungry so decided to play again into basketball. I am often joking that it is Polonia Poraj - Chicago Bulls match. No, i am not disgraced by it. Lenin was also in similar situation in Switzerland before he has been 'enriched' for his 'voice' in Russia to return to his fatherland. Obama - well, i was expecting that for my help he would simply allow me to take part in elections - instead through my protest people turned back to Christian-Democrats. It was natural that he should put my on the list - but you see what he preffers - trashing my to ground. In one of the baskets i have found two big packs of nutts (pol. fistaszki). It was just like my readers packed in United Kingdom and United States - waiting for Monday premiere. Waiting for their squirrel that will take them to a 'shelters'...

Well, this final solution is something real. It has been stopped for a moment thanks to Belgium parliamentary ammendmment and in countries like France or Italy - they are rather going to turn against 'hospitalers' from Malta Order - orginators of this idea. But White House still counts that this 'order' can be executed. I decided to make a trip with my U.K and U.S. pack that some in NATO would record to remember this silent battle. I have left this two pack at the foots of the monumentum that many Belgian people see every day. For this day they was crossing this passage and thinking about it. What we has did together with Parliament was just like this railmen - we has twisted screw. Something that some local hero - Juri did - stopping a train with jews destigned to go to Auschwitz - for their new homes. If they will go forward with this transports - it will be a very loudly crash. Something that so much reminds not only Watergate but all this Nazi evil. Outside i have seen many happy faces. People here was realy proud of their country, something that we can only dream...

If hospitalers will be asking for me - tell them: 'one for all, all for one' and take them all to the hospitals...


Beneš Decrees

Well, it is 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and instead of looking for a compensation for both Holocaust era harms and stolen properties as well Stasi anti-semitic crimes - once again some eastern politicals show their vasal attitude toward the United Kingdom and the United States - where already rich ellites lives on properties transfered there after the Second World War. We - victims or family members - was living under Iron Curtein. With a hope that some day things will change and their baptism of blood compensated. I am writing about this as President Vaclav Klaus again plays standard Beneš Decrees card and some of newspapers ask the question - Is the Klaus, defender of the Czech nation?

While i am continuing to focus just on the recent harms MI6 has did to my life, I will ask another one. Will they continue to treat us as the Slaves not a Slavic people? Will Klaus bring a glory or a shame to his nation? Belgium has already showed that it is possible to solve this old claims in a positive way. My cause is quite symbolic one as this bike on the photo is. I have moved from Amsterdam to continue my pilgirmage on a bike - what was quite inspiring for Merkel campaign. If somebody was asking himself who is riding a bike on the roof and who Merkel observes from her office in one of her video spots -t he answer is - me. But somebody here has stolen even this bike - while Chancelor Merkel has won an ellections on it.

Klaus, defender of the Czech nation?

The Czech president has found the one political way in which he could domestically justify his continued refusal to sign the Lisbon treaty.

When a Czech politician finds himself in a spot of bother, he pulls out the Beneš Decrees and the property claims of Sudeten Germans expelled from post-war Czechoslovakia through the decrees. It is a card played regularly over the past 20 years by the Social Democrats, the Communists and the Civic Democrats (ODS). And now President Václav Klaus is playing it.

More: European Voice

The Beneš Decrees argumentation is only serving an opressor interest and is just an fraud defense that is counted on stopping a wave of Holocaust era claims from Slavic nations. In this idiotic argumentation we are very often missing the point who was a victim of the Second World War and who was aggressor. While i am living in inhuman conditions closed by Barrack Husein Obama in something that so much reminds me Buchenwald or Treblinka concentration camps - in this same time 5 German companies - with a Nazi capital - has come to Polish Goverment to reclaim what they has 'lost' after the Second World War.

While i can understand part of claims made by civilian population that was not serving Hitler Holocaust Machinery - if it is possible at all - we cannot ignore claims of victims of Nazi. This has been not solved at all - while my country during II World War we have paid the price-of more than 6 million human lives, of the loss of over 40 percent of the national wealth. If there would be no II World War - we will have today not G20 but G21 group. Still, what they serve to the people that are comming with such claims - is something that so much reminds Shoah and Hitler Final Soulution. This one is silent one - but during II World War - most of Belgians for example - did not had any idea about what is going in their country. They was not aware about systematic transports. The full scale of Nazi opression has been show to the World during Nurymberg trail. Still they continue their deadly game - with a Teutonic pride trying to paint Nazists and Chekists as the victims - not a crusaders that are going to open the next wave of Shoah by killing me - a symbol of Polish nation. In a game that Hitler was doing in Danzing on the months before invasion...

Die Endlösung

The Final Solution (German: Die Endlösung) was Nazi Germany's plan and execution of the systematic genocide of European Jews during World War II, resulting in the final, most deadly phase of the Holocaust. Heinrich Himmler was the chief architect of the plan, and the German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler termed it: "the final solution of the Jewish question" ("die Endlösung der Judenfrage").[1]

Mass killings of about one million Jews occurred before the plans of the Final Solution were fully implemented in 1942, but it was only with the decision to eradicate the entire Jewish population that the extermination camps were built and industrialized mass slaughter of Jews began in earnest. This decision to systematically kill the Jews of Europe was made either by the time of or at the Wannsee conference, which took place in Berlin, in the Wannsee Villa on January 20, 1942. The conference was chaired by Reinhard Heydrich. He was acting under the authority given to him by Reichsmarshall Göring in a letter dated July 31, 1941. Göring instructed Heydrich to devise "...the solution of the Jewish problem..." During the conference, there was a discussion held by the group of German Nazi officials how best to handle the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question". A surviving copy of the minutes of this meeting[2] was found by the Allies in 1947, too late to serve as evidence during the first Nuremberg Trials.

By the summer of 1942, Operation Reinhard began the systematic extermination of the Jews, although hundreds of thousands already had been killed by death squads and in mass pogroms. In Heinrich Himmler's speech at the Posen Conference of October 6, 1943, Himmler, for the first time, clearly elucidated to all assembled leaders of the Reich to what the "Final Solution" referred.

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The order that you see above was going to be repeated – know to the world as the Obama Hellcare reform - that in part is builded around death panels serving euthanasi. In Europe and all over the world – this final solution program is more know as the H1N1 vaccination. While for me it will be another deadly weekend with three chines that just like their persian counterparts has been already warned by their state authorities and yellow Gota submarine of Shah of Persia followers that I have meet yester night just after reading Gordon Brown warning on the Gare du Midi (orginal image has been removed).

Brown has originally planed a start of the ‘vaccination’ on the beginning of next weekend. In soviet Poland we has also observed such waves of extermination – as this H1N1 bullshit is just cover for something like final solution and in some countries similar orders has been already given. Yes, my dear readers you was the main target. In Poland such programme should be more know to the older population as the Fight with Gruzlica. One of such waves has been opened by my father in Soviet occupied Poland – now I observe another one, another Nazi/Stasi reply to the old Jewish question that together with my case has returned and will be returning until it will be handled in the proper manner…

Fortunately in part also thanks to our skirmish – some has taken their homework and just on the eve in Belgium Parliament has announced and amendment to this insane plan. Parliament has officially made H1N1 vaccination not obligatory. Unofficially it has made me a 'doctor' – doctor Al Razi - that is going to heal some like this three ‘chine’s’ from their Nazi sickness encouraging our Holy Defence and giving me hope that I will survive. This move will in effect stop this Shoah wave for now - and Gordon plans has come into real problems. If they will move forward (קדימה‎) in Rudolf Hess style with this small breach in our Berlin Wall – soon it will change into real massacre. This ammendment was just like shot in their head or maybe like blow into heart of the beast...