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Hi, Artur is dead. He has made a suicide shoting two times in the head. He has been found literarly like a dog near the tree on the hill just next to some Israeli schools. I am Andreo from his former think-tank Kanaba - currently in Tiger one called GOTA Project. Artur death is still surrounded by mystery but it is absolute sure he has made a suicide - maybe even when he has come on this world.

The investigation is still going on and probably will never end. Lets call this H1N1 or maybe even a fight with Gruzlica. They say that Gordon Brown has allowed to kill him - for a money - 540 milions euro from some Irish bank. They say that it was a Kaczynski that ordered it. He has survived very intensive night - with usual assaults attempts from both NKWD and the Nazi forces. Well somhow it reminds an 17 September of old family friends - Witold Gombrowicz but maybe in case ouf Artur it was 4 November when it has commmited this suicide helping to make 400 years old dream of black people to have black skin president - a reality. President that later has just sold him like a horse...

When it comes to Artur, well you could get more details from the Brown Office yesternight but today they press services has corrected it. Well, Brown team has not been dominated by Maltan thinking that it will make a savings for a country rich class and will bring even some ammount of money to it. For others it was more thinking if Brown is going to increase or decrease oil output from OPEC. An culture of negotiation dilema - as King Abdulah would say - but obviously Gordon has choosed short shight way causing another colapses of some international banks. Well, Arab League has already underlined their oposition to this plan - called partial freeze - and Artur journey was suposed to end in different way. Some will say that as they has promised before centauries...

Gordon Brown at this night has stated that Artur was his soldier - wounded in the tank Rudy 102 and he has died on this night killed by enemy - but in reality he has sold him on the slave market just like a horse. This news has been of course removed but still Gordon during EU Summit was stating it is 'rich people responsibilty' to ... You know Gordon dream to remove him. Well, he still says about second wave of H1N1 our PRL Gruzlica marking second comming of soc-realism. Whole fourt has been removed - the toxic waste of Bush era is gone and the new order - Soviet Union like United States and Kaczynski-Camerun IV Reich in Europe can be enacted. Beck Thrid Europe or maybe rather Chirac one is lost...

Artur in his last post - has sumarised Kaczynski plan yesterday and it has provoked some late night phone calls from Obama to Jan Fischer - Czech Prime Minister. But it looks that it was to late for some in Kaczynski Poland. Or maybe it is just another mistification - as Artur mentioned refreshing him Rotterdam or maybe even Wlodawe. We will together with DEA agents - Marta and Mariusz continue his investigation on the possible cause of his suicide - and of course will do our best to help finish it as soon as possible. Do not lose time to read this blog - you can harm yourself - it will be beter if you will trust us - socialist youth team. Well, fortunatly this way has not won hearts and minds of German youths - but it is because of Artur existence, Gordon would add. Not their National Socialist policies of extermination...

Artur has already commented on this stoning plan - calling it Lets come together - but it was to late for him, too. Anyway our friend Obama has once again assured us of his good will and intentions to abandon such practicies. They say that a bigest problem for our soldiers was that Prime Minister Donald Tusk did not answered Obama late night phone call. Some anaonymous source in his ministry has commented that it was 'let say due to technical problems'. But today they has corrected that it is going as they planed - after low level talks between Radosława Sikorskiego and Hillary Clinton and will arrange it today before Tusk will come out to Brussels.

Kaczynski is quite proud about his activities. He was counting that Artur will be arrested today but Artur was even better as they say commited suicide just after receiving a phone call from Ala - that dramaticly has breaked with comment to some thrid person - 'leave this' and folowing dark silence. While plan has been drawed at Malta and it was Kaczynski Belveder that has signalised it first - it seems that it was Obama NKWD that has executed it on Kaczynski SS Chernobyl - that continue to be a major source of the problem. Artur - well he is in our memory just like this soviet jew Witkacy blamed by Dmowscy for beign KGB affilate.

Obama to Drop Poland, Czech Missile Defense Proposal

Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. President Barack Obama will abandon plans championed by his predecessor George W. Bush to build a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said.

Obama phoned Fischer last night and also informed the Polish government, the premier told reporters in Prague. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control Ellen Tauscher met with Polish officials representing Prime Minister Donald Tusk this morning and will arrive in Prague this afternoon.

“Shortly after midnight Barack Obama called me to announce that his government is withdrawing plans to place a missile shield in the Czech Republic,” Fischer said. “We were aware of the possibility and were also aware of the fact that they were analyzing the plan.”


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