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Carte Blanche

It is after elections in Germany and SPD has come out of it as the bigest loser. Many thinks why it is so while others are just trying to take a revenge on Radosz that nethier not allowed to be killed or sent to psychiatric hospital or prison. Just on the eve of the elections during G20 summit Fofana has announced "Today we took bold and conserted action to secure that prosperity and to forge a new framework". Yes, indeed they did. On that day i when i have waked up i have discovered our Bulerbyn childrens. I was realy affraid to go there back and spend a night as they was already trying few times - to make mistification to blame me for having a sex with one of them. As Stanley has said 'they need to do this (eliminate me' and they needed to have something that will burn me out in the people eyes. Whole SPD campaign has been set up in such mood and they has already make a steps to establish this Ilan programe in Europe and just by accident they has announced it in New Poland on this same day.

Poland first in Europe to castrate sex offenders

Paedophiles and those found guilty of incest in Poland will soon be getting obligatory medical treatment, including chemical castration, after a new law was passed in parliament with only one vote against and two abstentions.

The Liberal government of Donald Tusk says anyone raping someone less than 15, or a close member of family could receive psychological and pharmacological therapies to stem their sexual urges after release from prison.

“We are in the forefront in Europe among those who are not going to tolerate paedophile behaviour and these kinds of crime against our children” says one MP.

The bill, the first of its kind in Europe, still needs approval in parliament’s upper house, and from the president. Calls for a crackdown grew after a case this summer of a minor who was held against her will for six years shocked the nation.

Well, our Bulgarian convoy has left the place before i have arived but some hand has left two things near it - pillow and blanket of some litte child. Well, normal person would just accept this gifts but i am definitivly not a normal person. So, instead i have taken foil and not lefting any organic trace has throwed it far from the camp. Of course as everynight since years - Gestapo has molested me through VALIS - so if i will take this blanket - i would left a sperm traces for unblivers. Pre-election night was not silent but in difference to previous night some Federal Police car has come - listening to them - with start intention to take me and this blanket. As their ultimate proof - to blame me for beign a phedofil. On next day i have readed that somebody else has been taked to the custody - just before receiving his life-long award. Of course for having sex with children and in Bruxels you does not see this Emma à la Samaritaine les Riches-Claires poster...

Polanski arrested over under-aged sex warrant

Film director Roman Polanski has been taken into custody, according to the organisers of the Zurich Film Festival.

They say he was detained when he arrived in Switzerland on Saturday, in relation to a US arrest warrant dating back to 1978.

He had been expecting a rather different reception.

Polanski was going to collect a prize for his life’s work at the festival on Sunday night. This was to open a retrospective of his career.

Polanski was charged in the 1970s, with giving drugs and alcohol to a 13-year-old girl.

He admitted having unlawful sex with her but said she was sexually experienced and had consented.

Still he fled the US before sentencing and has been unable to travel back ever since.

Now a citizen of France, Polanski has been trying to have the case thrown out.


Well, if they would be succesfull then i will be claimed a phedophile - crushed by american KuKluxKlan - and you my dear readers would be treated as the phedophill ring - maybe they would not castrate you as me - but this blog would then be claimed to be children phornography. It is part of broader Nazi like framework that partialy has been established by this Maltan pawns in Poland but also in France. Of course in the orginal country of Furer from the Malta Order - Great Britain it has been already announced by the Grodon Brown that 7 milions of british people would be put on this very special programe. Like a files in computer. Well, Brown would like to add that this programme is already operating but now it is time to come out with it legaly - like in Obama America. Why? To fight with 9/11 and other secrets like this and to silence all criticism in this totalitarian IV Reich or Soviet Union if you preffer Obama browned red...

UK readies largest ‘anti -pedophile’ database on Earth

Published: September 11, 2009

The United Kingdom will roll out on Saturday the first phase of an anti-pedophile system called the “Vetting and Barring Scheme,” which will ultimately create what one British newspaper referenced as “the largest database of its kind in the world.”


Well, with such STASI like campaign - SPD could not make any success and thanks to deep Nazi roots and anti-semitic ideology - to which both Gordon Brown and Husein Obama still are blindly binded their defeat is bigest since II World War. They could not better choose their propaganda target that I. Still, things stay this same. Gordon Brown after selling me like on slave on 16 November for an ammount of 54 millions euro is playing idiot and Obama continue his 100 minutes attacks. Now their plan is to use this 'himera' that is broadcasting on the radio - as the laydy from Sienkiewicz Teutons. They are using her as a reason why it is worth and save to send my to New Home - my father home - to Poland with intentions of chemical castration - that will just end this Piast saga. She will like in Sienkiewicz Teutons throw shawl on my head stating - he is my. But this shawl is black one comming from the Teutonic Nazi - making it just something opposite to polish culture - and this is just another Nazi bullshit comming out from chief of polish Television and member of swedish driven Neo-Nazi organisation and his supporters in Lieberman Foreign Ministry.

Do not belive them do not accept this mad, desperate idea. It is just exuse and on the end it will come to be just a bullshit. IT IS AND WILL STAY TO BE 3 TIMES NO! THIS PROGRAM, THIS PILOT OR NAZI EXPERIMENT AS OUR RELICT CHANCELOR KONRAD ADENAUER WOULD CALL IT IS COMPLETLY ILLEGAL AND SHOULD BE STOPPED LONG TIME AGO. PROGRAM NOT I...

Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

The Ministry for State Security, (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, commonly known as the Stasi [Stazi] (abbreviation German: Staatssicherheit, literally State Security), was the official secret police of East Germany. The MfS was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city. It was widely regarded as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world.

More: Wikipedia

If a Labour party or social-democrats are realy interested in changing their suicide course it would be for sure better viewed by the people to make an appology for this inhuman programe and burn down this phedophiles databases idea. Maltan FRA is only ostensible friend of them - he is driving them like a lemings down to the zero with a real danger that Obama after elections in Great Great Britain will join a club of slained presidents - taking his five and we will see return of Dick Cheney. Both Ehud Omlert and Gordon Brown - icons of soc-realism - has already traded me like a slave - while thanks to dementi i have survived. People will not lisen to their bullshit. This check Mr. Brown - it should be a compensation for your MI6 inhuman practics that are still continued. You are just a Jew Traders and you are propagating not only NAZI ideology but just a slavery... Yes, i am talking to You Mr. Brown - maybe take less pills and instead of fighting with my Voice of Truth - try lisen to it sometimes. Both - our relict - Geremek friends from FPD and Chancelor Merkel CDU did it in past and by defending me (in oposition to our radio girl-friend that even shouted 'Eva is castrating' just before another McChrystal sturm on my camp - Merkel has won people hearts and minds...

Papal visit to boost Czech Catholic church

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Visiting the Czech Republic 20 years after a Velvet Revolution overthrew the nation's communist regime, Pope Benedict XVI called on one of the world's most secular societies to reclaim its Christian heritage as the basis for "true freedom."

"True freedom presupposes the search for truth -- for the true good-- and hence finds its fulfillment precisely in knowing and doing what is right and just," Benedict told a gathering of politicians and diplomats in Prague on Saturday (Sept. 26), the first day of a three-day papal visit.

"For Christians, truth has a name: God," he said. "And goodness has a face: Jesus Christ."

"I call upon all the citizens of this Republic to rediscover the Christian traditions which have shaped their culture, and I invite the Christian community to continue to make its voice heard," Benedict said at an airport ceremony upon his arrival in Prague.

Yet the pope made clear that his message was aimed beyond the country's borders to Europe as a whole.

"I wish to underline the irreplaceable role of Christianity for the formation of the conscience of each generation and the promotion of a basic ethical consensus that serves every person who calls this continent home," he told an audience of politicians on Saturday.

Before celebrating Monday's mass, the pope visited the Saint Wenceslas Basilica where he paid homage to the saint's skull on the anniversary of his murder on Sept. 28 in 935 AD. The 82-year-old pontiff said the fate of the Czech patron saint to demonstrated the relevance of faith in a secular society.

Benedict said that Wenceslas, a 10th-century Czech duke who promoted Christianity in the Czech lands, could serve as a role model for today's young Catholics who are trying to keep their faith in an increasingly secular world.

"Wenceslas died as a martyr for Christ," Benedict said. "By killing him, his brother Boleslav succeeded in taking possession of the throne of Prague, but the crown placed on the heads of his successors does not bear his name but the name of Wenceslas."


While in Tusk Poland journalist are still banned to refering to our Polish case and my person - at least in Public Television - they sometimes are refering to it by using Roman Polanski one. And by killing me - it will for first will be an begining of the second wave - something that Browns says will change a world again (by irony Hitler has used this same phrase) - thinking about so called pedhophile database - but it will be just like killing last survivor - original sin - of top polish family hunted and opressed by all this dictators including Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin, Nikita Chruszczow, Leonid Brezniew, Ronald Reggan - that has sacrificed my father claiming STASI for this and opening another wave of heavy represions in soviet Poland - or George W. Bush.

It is just like throwing a jew not only on the wall of Polish Parliament but also German Bundestag or American Congress. I can be trowed on it leaving a wet blur on this walls - a blur that will hidde our ancient symbol - White Eagle. Is it realy worth of it? Not too much harms done to us in past decades? Of course Gordon Brown will tell you that yes - but he is just counting on somebody that will help him come out of this troubles. As he, Omlert and Obama are true architects of my gas chamber. Maybe that is why they has lost so heavy in Germany - trying to make fools from the people and a pedophile from me. Is this a change a people looks for? Is this a progress? Many Germans not only young has not only not voted on SPD but just throwed their party membership out as people throw out Obama t-shirts. We wanted a change of Bush neo-theo regime not a continuation of it and this STASI way...

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