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They killed him but he escaped

I am litte bit upset - Beniamin Nethanyahu has informed in the unusual way General Assembly that i am still alive. Yes, it is true from at least 6000 years. I just wanted to show you how big farsa this election game is. Both Obama and Omlert should thank God that i am not death. First one - because otherwise he would not only lose an election in Germany but at first in Greece - second one because for accepting this Gordon like check and executing me he could be sent on Monday directly on the other chair that he has dreamed of - this time electric one. I must say that it is first time - since i am tracking my case - that Israel is defending me during the General Assembly of the United Nations. And in the very unusual way - responding to Mahmud Ahmenidad provocation about 'unprovable and mythical claim'- by showing a copy of original documents that has survived hundreds of years of extermination.

People sometimes ask me if i am Polish or Jewish - what is always surprising me and is for me just an example of so called 'polish' anti-semitism that is rooted so much in some by the past. Well, for them I have also another one first time officialy mentoning us - this time from ancient Kingdom of Poland - dating back to 1065 - from the Benedictins monastery in Zalin or as others will say - from Mogilno. They has burned many of them through past 300 years but some has survived to our ages. It is true that it was we that has co-founded Poland and it was we that was giving names to the polish people. Still you will find some that will claim that it is falsfied one for a purpose of soviet/american propaganda. Falsified as the Black Syrian Obelisk - this one from times of Prophet Junos - that is a first one marked by my name. Such a family - and such sitgma is on my wirst. Yes; of course we has never existed...

It is true - not a myth. But it is true also that previous Prime Minister - Omlert was constantly attacking me - paiting as their Nazi scripts was telling them - as the bigest evil of this world. Just like Adolf Hitler would do before Second World War. And as Gorodn Brown - he has sold me - as a slave. But still it could be even worst for them. It is real hard to find more 'jewish jew' on this planet - it is just like this evil judos from Adolf Hitler propaganda posters. Judos - Junos - who care these days about our royal kwarzmian tribe and last survivors - in direct line son of Janek and daughter of Benazir (that i do not think will be grown in proper culture).

If it comes to the Nazi/Soviet like election campaign - people here see at the streets the posters of Gypsy woman that looks like a zombie. Yes, it was part of their Lets come together plan and the outrage that was preparing. It is a reason why Kaczynski minded Prime Minister of Greece has decided to call for early snap pool. He has put everything on stake counting on their Lets come together plan - that has been foiled - at least partialy. I do not know about our Gestapo officer - but I am still alive and i did not changed my three times NO response even by single yota. Yes, i have a serious resons to mistrust this SS Chernobyl team headed by Kuczera of XXI centaury and General Gagol. Our radio Gliwize and White House continue to spread the Nazism as they did in past and as George Bush was doing. No change at all.

Some days ago french police has closed Maltan camp in Calis what both Kaczynski and Obama was trying to use to blame Sarkozy for my death. Anyway this campaign is on and even today at 10:00 am - they was trying to pickup their key to the better life in the Great Britain. Fofana at this time has told the World that he is going to give more votes to emerging economies. He was sure that Kaczynski Maltan friends will do it and our Gestapo officer has told me at this time - let he rest to the ground. Well, in Poland the security structure that operates this part of VALIS is two headed acctualy - it consist of President Lech Kaczynski military counter-inteligence and Prime Minister Donald Tusk civilian ABW - Agency of Internal Security. The Minister of Defense want to change this and want to pull off Kaczynski access - what world and I would welcome with relief.

Anyway thanks to this unusual structure - and Christian-Democrats that for a time of this camapign has realy toughten security - this attack as many before has been foiled by local police forces - even without our Gestapo officer 'report'. Yes, they are 'hidding' it from NATO sometimes - and usualy instead of police sirens we hear shootings then. I call it McChrystal corridor - that increase number of death and wounded in this Nazi crusade - that some in Great Britian would like to call Lockerbie while on continent they will just call it modern Westerplatte.

Well i have choosed Muslim gettho as the place of my camp just to show you that not every muslim is like this Maltan crusaders from Calis. Shah of Persia and well Abbas supporters that still claims that Netanyahu is main obstacle to piss path. 'Muslims' that instead of reading Koran - reads a cheque book. In fact overhelming majority of our ghetho inhabitants - just like in the original Middle-East - are just normal people and they realy does not want to see a knife put not only in Koran but whole 5 Holy Books.Yes, sometimes they are resisiting it not only by words. Thanks to this i am still alive.

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