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Lets come together

It is 5 years going on while i am on this insane programe Ilan - very british one. More that 1600 days has passed while some still thinks that 'hormon therapy' can help me in any way. Well, some others in their hospitality just think about this as about perfums that will help convice local authorities to sent me to psychiatric hospital. Something that my father also enjojed thanks to Gagor Maltan Operatives in the Soviet times. No of course it is not Shoah that we enjoy since at least 7 decads if not 300 years and Obama politics is not reminding me old times that my grandfather also enjoyed - showing once again communist dictator face - Brezniew like one that will for once again equalise us... Three times yes - is an equal start for the youth - you could read on posters in 1946 Poland. It is just like on the eve of new Iron Curtain. And for us - well nationalization, as usual...

When our famous director of Yad Vashem - during minute of silence - was checking on his pager if i have been killed by the car trap set just next to my camp he was really disappointed - this time i have choosed other way and only thanks to this - have avoided extermination. On this route i have found some portrait of woman near San Francisco bay. She is dressed in red frock whit shoes on high blue heels - an symbol of this insane - Nazi - game in troika. I have taken this portrait whit me to the camp. It reminds me another ‘American bridge’ in Rotterdam and another troika that I have enjoyed just on the beginning of my unusual radio broadcast.

Yesterday on the Gare Midi i have meet one of Zbuk - a soldier under command of Kaczynski hand - General Buk that has replaced our Gustlik - General Skrzypczak. Two days ago he has made me upset after his anti-semitic speech. This day in the 'friendishp' gesture he has gave me a nail-file so i will cut off my nails. After reading news i know very well what he wanted to say by this - i have returned this nail-file to him. There is no accord for this stoning from my side but there is also no agreement for their Nazi burdelo - something that Omlert Ehud has left us in legacy.

When i had returned to the camp - that i so much like gas chamber - i was looking at the portrait and in my memory returned to Rotterdam. It was start of this opression and game to look me small - me and a polish case that i am representing from fathers to son. In Rotterdam they has organised a big concert - very similar to this one that Kaczynski friends from Econe - are going to organise on the eve of elections in Germany and Portuagal - just next to La Chappele. In Rotterdam they has used it to 'make me small' through this Nazi assing and i guess that they will do it again here in Brussels.

But by rejecting their stoning on 17 September i have fucked up their plans - heavily. In Rotterdam they has suggested people that our pair Tony and Melania has been assasinated by car bomb in 'weeding' cerempny - something that was just mistification. And this time they are doing exacly this same. In Rotterdam I was not on the Gloria concert. I realy belived in their mistification - was crying at the riverside - i was very naive then - thinking that things could go differently - while they could not. Maybe it was a love but this time it is just a cold reason. It is Turing machine. Morevoer - in Rotterdam they has ussed Melanie rummor to create a people outrage. At one night they has almost crushed me and outcasted from the city. Here they would do exacly this same - they call it 'la Fête de la Communauté française' and it is organised to celebrate the four revolutionary days from 23 till 27 September 1830 - so called Belgium revolution. But in what spirit, i am asking then? Is not this Queen Beatrix that has cooked this dish for us? Against who you are going to revolt - in name of what?

Anniversary Day of the French Community of Belgium

The Anniversary Day of the French Community therefore celebrates the four revolutionary days from 23 till 27 September 1830.

On 25 August 1830, the Muette de Portici, enacted at the Théâtre de la Monnaie at Brussels, celebrates the anniversary day of King William the First who is at the head of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The performance turns into a riot and the opposition to the already fifteen-year-long "Holland colonisation" receives amplification. No soon is the event ended that the members of the audience invade the streets, openly calling people to revolt.

One month long, protests grow more and more vivacious. Between the 23rd and the 27th of September 1830, Prince Frédéric, second son of William the First, places 14,000 soldiers and 6 cannons within the Parc de Bruxelles. The people of Brussels, assisted by Walloon volunteers, organises an armed militia of about 6,000 men from all social groups. After having endured a siege of four days and, in the night of 26 to 27 September, they leave the Parc de Bruxelles. Their flight constitutes the consecration of the victory on the Dutch occupier. Thanks to the determining participation of inhabitants from Brussels and Wallonia, Belgium has now conquered its independence.


Tomorrow - on 17 September - Maltans was going to execute our Gestapo officers - as they was trying to do some weeks ago - blaming me for this. Our Soviet jew - KGB agent Witkacy has standed up from tomb and thanks to his Magna 'links' executed them. She was like Poland - Kaczynski has screemed. But it is not true - and once again i am saying 3 TIMES NO! There must be a better way off this madness - this Holland colonisation...


The idea of this stoning has orginated from Kaczynski Belveder - but thanks to the Maltan connections - it has been bought by both French Chrisitan Democrats and Obama camps - making it specific 3 TIMES YES campaign. But there is no agreement from me on this specific 'Lets come together' plot that will end tragicaly not only for her but also for me. Now - it is Kaczynski that is in bigest troubles as his people just today has gathered in Presidential Palace to discuss his trip to New York UN GASS meeting. It will be this time about return of stolen heritages. What he is doing then - is just affranchisment. Through this devil plot - he would be just giving up to the opressors that has stolen so much of our ancient wealth. As usual acting against national interests - he is serving not polish crown - or what has survived from it - but a British one...

I have fucked his plans completly but there is another preprepared track for me; It is a First they came for the Communist - video clip on which you can see a red army bezpieka assasinating jewish rabbi. It is also an option - the one that will be just like announcment of new Hell Care - sending a drug users to this correctional programe Ilan - to the psychiatric hospitals... And yes - Kaczynski says that it will buy a ticket - but with Obama inaction it will be just like his bezpieka - it is an Gordon Brown dream. What he mean? Maybe it will be better to listen to Benedict words about both Nazi horror and personal freedom and then look at his calendar. He is going to visit Kaczynski friends - in October Swiss Econe and in April next year the Malta Order to celebrate Sant Paul shipwreck. Will you silence him too? In the meantime Obama envoy has returned with nothing from his Israel talks about settlers. Yes, Nethanyahu was also for this lets come together plot - it is so called 'partial freeze' but now he should see that it solves nothing...

Pope: a spiritual leadership is needed for all, especially for the young

Illustrating of Simeon the New Theologian, Benedict XVI stresses the importance of his reflections on the mystical experience of God. True knowledge of God comes not from books but from spiritual life. Love of God makes us consider over selves brothers and invites us to respond to hatred with love, to offenses with forgiveness.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - True knowledge of God comes not from books but from a spiritual life, a journey that begins with conversion, but in order "to go towards the Lord we need a guide, dialogue, we cannot do it on our own”, and “this is also the sense of the Church”. This invitation to find a good spiritual father, Benedict XVI believes "is valid for everyone: priests, consecrated persons, lay people and especially young people".

Simeon was a monk from the East, who centred his attention on "experience of the mystical union with God." Born in 949 in Galati in Asia Minor, he was from a noble family. When he was young he moved to Constantinople, to serve at the Emperor’s Court. However he was “not attracted” to public life, instead he looked “for a person to orientate him in moments of doubt and perplexity. " In 977 he entered the monastery of Studion, placing himself under the leadership of Simeon the Pious, to whose teaching he remained bonded for life. He wrote that he had always followed his instruction: "If you seek spiritual healing be attentive to your conscience, all that it tells you to do you must do, and you will find something useful in it." He entered the monastery, but from there went to the monastery of San Mamos, where after three years, he became the guide.

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First they came for the Communists

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