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Karol Memory in Auschwitz

Today i have come to our Danzing post upset as never. I was still thinking about finishing the Nazi Love Camp post while on the Gare du Midi together with Major Sucharski i was watching Euronews. It was a clip from the Auschwitz whit a director of Yad Vashem making big shit in the center of this Nazi camp during an event organized by Belgian SantEgidio association. It is just like making a shit on the memory of all the victims of Shoah - on the wounds of this one that has survived it - as well a people that has liberated them. I am writing this as words as descendant of the last ones - closed by Lieberman people and our laptog in Brussels just like in the death camp - in the gas chamber. Just in the middle of election campaign that so much reminds a Westerplatte - with Nazi sturming everynight. Sturming since 1 September when our Maltan friends almost not blowed me up in explosion at 4:45 am. To celebrate - but what?

What has made me so upset, well it is not only stupid but at first insulting to compare me to Rudolf Höss - somebody that is doing it must be a blind or is doing this just to attack a truth about himself and his friends. I understand that he is jew from Israel on the eve of invasion on Iran - that so much is prepared in the Nazi tune - and because of this he feels that he can do and say everything - but it is a bit to much for everybody - what this person has declared today in the place that is just a symbol of Shoah. Why he did this? Well, his compan Cardinal Dziwisz and the recent incident in Benedict XVI bathroom should be just an clear answer... Yes, somebody has pushed him. And it is even more - if this Yad Vashem director - would realy want to look for a real architects of this death camp game that has been constructed in Brussels - as he has sugessted during the conference - then it would be he and his Maltan friends that day after day are sending their crusaders against me and people that are defending us - civilians - from them. Sending just a Nazi like agressors that want to silence the truth and instead openly promoting violence, racism, totalitarianism and extremism what we can hear on the streets of Brussels just like in Danzing 1939. Benedict XVI that thanks to God has survived ISS bathroom incident has wroten to them - defending me between the lines - but they will not care - they are from so caled jewish state...

Sant'Egidio insult at Auschwitz

Muslims and Jews WARSAW - Representatives of major world religions, heads of state and intellectuals arrived Sunday in Cracow (southern Poland) to attend an international Interreligious conference and three days.

They must pray and discuss peace in the world 70 years after the outbreak of the Second World War.

Hundreds of people attended a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, former personal secretary and friend of John Paul II at the Shrine of Lagiewniki, near Krakow, in which was conveyed a message from Pope Benedict XVI recalled " the tragedy of the Holocaust. "

"The memory of these events leads us to pray for the victims and those who still bear the wounds in their bodies and their hearts," said the St. Father.

He highlighted "the contribution that religions can and must provide for the promotion of forgiveness and reconciliation against violence, racism, totalitarianism and extremism".

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, who must come to Krakow in the afternoon, will speak at the conference during his official inauguration at the Jagiellonian University.

During three days, participants of the congress organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio and the Cardinal Dziwisz will pray and discuss peace in the town where Karol Wojtyla had spent forty years of his life before being elected pope in 1978.

Representatives of major world religions, the Rev. Dr. Ishmael Noko General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, the Grand Rabbi of Israel Yona MetzgerShear-Yashuv Cohen, Grand Rabbi of Haifa, and a significant Muslim presence from Indonesia, India, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Qatar, and key representatives of Buddhism and Hinduism, must participate.

Tuesday they will visit the site of the former Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, symbolic site of the extermination of Jews by Nazi Germany and the sufferings of Polish and other peoples.

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