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G20 and Nazi Love Camp

Today after my countless refusal Kaczynski has told to the press 'Do not throw out pearl from the crown'. I do not know who he has called a 'pearl' as in past couple weeks - our sister has not only changed hair colour but also place of life. Sometimes it is our F-16 pilot from Poznan, sometimes blond beatue from Warszawa, sometimes another one from Lublin. But i wonder what he and Emperor Barack is doing with this girls in his Nazi Love Camp. Lech, please before you will talk to the people about pearl from the crown, first answer what you has did to the eagle? And stop suggesting that it is I who force anybody to anything. It is two Gestapo officers that has captured Jew. Just like in old times when Koch was collecting her tatoos...

Tomorrow G20 will gather and on the slidlines they will be for another time looking a way to escape this situation. If they think that they can continue this 'weeding' - they are completly wrong. After losing 4 years in Ehud Omlert gay trio i am just not acceping such a play in trio for another time. It is insult not only to me but for others involved too. Where is your change Mr. Obama? It is still same Nazi burdelo - that i will not accept. Slave trading - in whatever form - is not a way out of this situation... I am expecting appology for this inhuman american driven program Ilan! And please stop offering me jobs - no arbeit will not make me frei. MAKE APOLOGY HUSSEIN FOR WHAT OMLERT DID IN PAST 4 YEARS AND AHT YOU WANTED TO FINISH! IT IS SOMETHING LIKE A RAPE ON POLISH CROWN!!!

Former Israeli president on trial for rape

The trial has begun of the former Israeli president, accused of rape and sexual harrassment. Moshe Katzav declined to comment as he arrived at court in Tel Aviv, but has always protested his innocence, saying he is the victim of a witch-hunt.

He’s accused of raping and molesting a government worker while he was tourism minister in the late 1990s, and of sexually harrassing two other women after he became head of state in 2000. It’s also alleged he obstructed justice and interfered with witnesses when the scandal became public in 2006.

Israel’s drive against corruption in public life also saw the jailing of two former ministers. Former Welfare Minister Shlomo Benizri went to prison for taking bribes. Judges more than doubled his term on appeal to set an example.

Also jailed was former Finance Minister Avram Hirshson, for theft and fraud during his time as a union leader. Hirshson is a close ally of Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who was formally charged with corruption on Sunday.

Source: Euronews

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