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Carte Blanche

It is after elections in Germany and SPD has come out of it as the bigest loser. Many thinks why it is so while others are just trying to take a revenge on Radosz that nethier not allowed to be killed or sent to psychiatric hospital or prison. Just on the eve of the elections during G20 summit Fofana has announced "Today we took bold and conserted action to secure that prosperity and to forge a new framework". Yes, indeed they did. On that day i when i have waked up i have discovered our Bulerbyn childrens. I was realy affraid to go there back and spend a night as they was already trying few times - to make mistification to blame me for having a sex with one of them. As Stanley has said 'they need to do this (eliminate me' and they needed to have something that will burn me out in the people eyes. Whole SPD campaign has been set up in such mood and they has already make a steps to establish this Ilan programe in Europe and just by accident they has announced it in New Poland on this same day.

Poland first in Europe to castrate sex offenders

Paedophiles and those found guilty of incest in Poland will soon be getting obligatory medical treatment, including chemical castration, after a new law was passed in parliament with only one vote against and two abstentions.

The Liberal government of Donald Tusk says anyone raping someone less than 15, or a close member of family could receive psychological and pharmacological therapies to stem their sexual urges after release from prison.

“We are in the forefront in Europe among those who are not going to tolerate paedophile behaviour and these kinds of crime against our children” says one MP.

The bill, the first of its kind in Europe, still needs approval in parliament’s upper house, and from the president. Calls for a crackdown grew after a case this summer of a minor who was held against her will for six years shocked the nation.

Well, our Bulgarian convoy has left the place before i have arived but some hand has left two things near it - pillow and blanket of some litte child. Well, normal person would just accept this gifts but i am definitivly not a normal person. So, instead i have taken foil and not lefting any organic trace has throwed it far from the camp. Of course as everynight since years - Gestapo has molested me through VALIS - so if i will take this blanket - i would left a sperm traces for unblivers. Pre-election night was not silent but in difference to previous night some Federal Police car has come - listening to them - with start intention to take me and this blanket. As their ultimate proof - to blame me for beign a phedofil. On next day i have readed that somebody else has been taked to the custody - just before receiving his life-long award. Of course for having sex with children and in Bruxels you does not see this Emma à la Samaritaine les Riches-Claires poster...

Polanski arrested over under-aged sex warrant

Film director Roman Polanski has been taken into custody, according to the organisers of the Zurich Film Festival.

They say he was detained when he arrived in Switzerland on Saturday, in relation to a US arrest warrant dating back to 1978.

He had been expecting a rather different reception.

Polanski was going to collect a prize for his life’s work at the festival on Sunday night. This was to open a retrospective of his career.

Polanski was charged in the 1970s, with giving drugs and alcohol to a 13-year-old girl.

He admitted having unlawful sex with her but said she was sexually experienced and had consented.

Still he fled the US before sentencing and has been unable to travel back ever since.

Now a citizen of France, Polanski has been trying to have the case thrown out.


Well, if they would be succesfull then i will be claimed a phedophile - crushed by american KuKluxKlan - and you my dear readers would be treated as the phedophill ring - maybe they would not castrate you as me - but this blog would then be claimed to be children phornography. It is part of broader Nazi like framework that partialy has been established by this Maltan pawns in Poland but also in France. Of course in the orginal country of Furer from the Malta Order - Great Britain it has been already announced by the Grodon Brown that 7 milions of british people would be put on this very special programe. Like a files in computer. Well, Brown would like to add that this programme is already operating but now it is time to come out with it legaly - like in Obama America. Why? To fight with 9/11 and other secrets like this and to silence all criticism in this totalitarian IV Reich or Soviet Union if you preffer Obama browned red...

UK readies largest ‘anti -pedophile’ database on Earth

Published: September 11, 2009

The United Kingdom will roll out on Saturday the first phase of an anti-pedophile system called the “Vetting and Barring Scheme,” which will ultimately create what one British newspaper referenced as “the largest database of its kind in the world.”


Well, with such STASI like campaign - SPD could not make any success and thanks to deep Nazi roots and anti-semitic ideology - to which both Gordon Brown and Husein Obama still are blindly binded their defeat is bigest since II World War. They could not better choose their propaganda target that I. Still, things stay this same. Gordon Brown after selling me like on slave on 16 November for an ammount of 54 millions euro is playing idiot and Obama continue his 100 minutes attacks. Now their plan is to use this 'himera' that is broadcasting on the radio - as the laydy from Sienkiewicz Teutons. They are using her as a reason why it is worth and save to send my to New Home - my father home - to Poland with intentions of chemical castration - that will just end this Piast saga. She will like in Sienkiewicz Teutons throw shawl on my head stating - he is my. But this shawl is black one comming from the Teutonic Nazi - making it just something opposite to polish culture - and this is just another Nazi bullshit comming out from chief of polish Television and member of swedish driven Neo-Nazi organisation and his supporters in Lieberman Foreign Ministry.

Do not belive them do not accept this mad, desperate idea. It is just exuse and on the end it will come to be just a bullshit. IT IS AND WILL STAY TO BE 3 TIMES NO! THIS PROGRAM, THIS PILOT OR NAZI EXPERIMENT AS OUR RELICT CHANCELOR KONRAD ADENAUER WOULD CALL IT IS COMPLETLY ILLEGAL AND SHOULD BE STOPPED LONG TIME AGO. PROGRAM NOT I...

Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

The Ministry for State Security, (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, commonly known as the Stasi [Stazi] (abbreviation German: Staatssicherheit, literally State Security), was the official secret police of East Germany. The MfS was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city. It was widely regarded as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world.

More: Wikipedia

If a Labour party or social-democrats are realy interested in changing their suicide course it would be for sure better viewed by the people to make an appology for this inhuman programe and burn down this phedophiles databases idea. Maltan FRA is only ostensible friend of them - he is driving them like a lemings down to the zero with a real danger that Obama after elections in Great Great Britain will join a club of slained presidents - taking his five and we will see return of Dick Cheney. Both Ehud Omlert and Gordon Brown - icons of soc-realism - has already traded me like a slave - while thanks to dementi i have survived. People will not lisen to their bullshit. This check Mr. Brown - it should be a compensation for your MI6 inhuman practics that are still continued. You are just a Jew Traders and you are propagating not only NAZI ideology but just a slavery... Yes, i am talking to You Mr. Brown - maybe take less pills and instead of fighting with my Voice of Truth - try lisen to it sometimes. Both - our relict - Geremek friends from FPD and Chancelor Merkel CDU did it in past and by defending me (in oposition to our radio girl-friend that even shouted 'Eva is castrating' just before another McChrystal sturm on my camp - Merkel has won people hearts and minds...

Papal visit to boost Czech Catholic church

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Visiting the Czech Republic 20 years after a Velvet Revolution overthrew the nation's communist regime, Pope Benedict XVI called on one of the world's most secular societies to reclaim its Christian heritage as the basis for "true freedom."

"True freedom presupposes the search for truth -- for the true good-- and hence finds its fulfillment precisely in knowing and doing what is right and just," Benedict told a gathering of politicians and diplomats in Prague on Saturday (Sept. 26), the first day of a three-day papal visit.

"For Christians, truth has a name: God," he said. "And goodness has a face: Jesus Christ."

"I call upon all the citizens of this Republic to rediscover the Christian traditions which have shaped their culture, and I invite the Christian community to continue to make its voice heard," Benedict said at an airport ceremony upon his arrival in Prague.

Yet the pope made clear that his message was aimed beyond the country's borders to Europe as a whole.

"I wish to underline the irreplaceable role of Christianity for the formation of the conscience of each generation and the promotion of a basic ethical consensus that serves every person who calls this continent home," he told an audience of politicians on Saturday.

Before celebrating Monday's mass, the pope visited the Saint Wenceslas Basilica where he paid homage to the saint's skull on the anniversary of his murder on Sept. 28 in 935 AD. The 82-year-old pontiff said the fate of the Czech patron saint to demonstrated the relevance of faith in a secular society.

Benedict said that Wenceslas, a 10th-century Czech duke who promoted Christianity in the Czech lands, could serve as a role model for today's young Catholics who are trying to keep their faith in an increasingly secular world.

"Wenceslas died as a martyr for Christ," Benedict said. "By killing him, his brother Boleslav succeeded in taking possession of the throne of Prague, but the crown placed on the heads of his successors does not bear his name but the name of Wenceslas."


While in Tusk Poland journalist are still banned to refering to our Polish case and my person - at least in Public Television - they sometimes are refering to it by using Roman Polanski one. And by killing me - it will for first will be an begining of the second wave - something that Browns says will change a world again (by irony Hitler has used this same phrase) - thinking about so called pedhophile database - but it will be just like killing last survivor - original sin - of top polish family hunted and opressed by all this dictators including Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin, Nikita Chruszczow, Leonid Brezniew, Ronald Reggan - that has sacrificed my father claiming STASI for this and opening another wave of heavy represions in soviet Poland - or George W. Bush.

It is just like throwing a jew not only on the wall of Polish Parliament but also German Bundestag or American Congress. I can be trowed on it leaving a wet blur on this walls - a blur that will hidde our ancient symbol - White Eagle. Is it realy worth of it? Not too much harms done to us in past decades? Of course Gordon Brown will tell you that yes - but he is just counting on somebody that will help him come out of this troubles. As he, Omlert and Obama are true architects of my gas chamber. Maybe that is why they has lost so heavy in Germany - trying to make fools from the people and a pedophile from me. Is this a change a people looks for? Is this a progress? Many Germans not only young has not only not voted on SPD but just throwed their party membership out as people throw out Obama t-shirts. We wanted a change of Bush neo-theo regime not a continuation of it and this STASI way...


They killed him but he escaped

I am litte bit upset - Beniamin Nethanyahu has informed in the unusual way General Assembly that i am still alive. Yes, it is true from at least 6000 years. I just wanted to show you how big farsa this election game is. Both Obama and Omlert should thank God that i am not death. First one - because otherwise he would not only lose an election in Germany but at first in Greece - second one because for accepting this Gordon like check and executing me he could be sent on Monday directly on the other chair that he has dreamed of - this time electric one. I must say that it is first time - since i am tracking my case - that Israel is defending me during the General Assembly of the United Nations. And in the very unusual way - responding to Mahmud Ahmenidad provocation about 'unprovable and mythical claim'- by showing a copy of original documents that has survived hundreds of years of extermination.

People sometimes ask me if i am Polish or Jewish - what is always surprising me and is for me just an example of so called 'polish' anti-semitism that is rooted so much in some by the past. Well, for them I have also another one first time officialy mentoning us - this time from ancient Kingdom of Poland - dating back to 1065 - from the Benedictins monastery in Zalin or as others will say - from Mogilno. They has burned many of them through past 300 years but some has survived to our ages. It is true that it was we that has co-founded Poland and it was we that was giving names to the polish people. Still you will find some that will claim that it is falsfied one for a purpose of soviet/american propaganda. Falsified as the Black Syrian Obelisk - this one from times of Prophet Junos - that is a first one marked by my name. Such a family - and such sitgma is on my wirst. Yes; of course we has never existed...

It is true - not a myth. But it is true also that previous Prime Minister - Omlert was constantly attacking me - paiting as their Nazi scripts was telling them - as the bigest evil of this world. Just like Adolf Hitler would do before Second World War. And as Gorodn Brown - he has sold me - as a slave. But still it could be even worst for them. It is real hard to find more 'jewish jew' on this planet - it is just like this evil judos from Adolf Hitler propaganda posters. Judos - Junos - who care these days about our royal kwarzmian tribe and last survivors - in direct line son of Janek and daughter of Benazir (that i do not think will be grown in proper culture).

If it comes to the Nazi/Soviet like election campaign - people here see at the streets the posters of Gypsy woman that looks like a zombie. Yes, it was part of their Lets come together plan and the outrage that was preparing. It is a reason why Kaczynski minded Prime Minister of Greece has decided to call for early snap pool. He has put everything on stake counting on their Lets come together plan - that has been foiled - at least partialy. I do not know about our Gestapo officer - but I am still alive and i did not changed my three times NO response even by single yota. Yes, i have a serious resons to mistrust this SS Chernobyl team headed by Kuczera of XXI centaury and General Gagol. Our radio Gliwize and White House continue to spread the Nazism as they did in past and as George Bush was doing. No change at all.

Some days ago french police has closed Maltan camp in Calis what both Kaczynski and Obama was trying to use to blame Sarkozy for my death. Anyway this campaign is on and even today at 10:00 am - they was trying to pickup their key to the better life in the Great Britain. Fofana at this time has told the World that he is going to give more votes to emerging economies. He was sure that Kaczynski Maltan friends will do it and our Gestapo officer has told me at this time - let he rest to the ground. Well, in Poland the security structure that operates this part of VALIS is two headed acctualy - it consist of President Lech Kaczynski military counter-inteligence and Prime Minister Donald Tusk civilian ABW - Agency of Internal Security. The Minister of Defense want to change this and want to pull off Kaczynski access - what world and I would welcome with relief.

Anyway thanks to this unusual structure - and Christian-Democrats that for a time of this camapign has realy toughten security - this attack as many before has been foiled by local police forces - even without our Gestapo officer 'report'. Yes, they are 'hidding' it from NATO sometimes - and usualy instead of police sirens we hear shootings then. I call it McChrystal corridor - that increase number of death and wounded in this Nazi crusade - that some in Great Britian would like to call Lockerbie while on continent they will just call it modern Westerplatte.

Well i have choosed Muslim gettho as the place of my camp just to show you that not every muslim is like this Maltan crusaders from Calis. Shah of Persia and well Abbas supporters that still claims that Netanyahu is main obstacle to piss path. 'Muslims' that instead of reading Koran - reads a cheque book. In fact overhelming majority of our ghetho inhabitants - just like in the original Middle-East - are just normal people and they realy does not want to see a knife put not only in Koran but whole 5 Holy Books.Yes, sometimes they are resisiting it not only by words. Thanks to this i am still alive.


Reset button

Hi, Artur is dead. He has made a suicide shoting two times in the head. He has been found literarly like a dog near the tree on the hill just next to some Israeli schools. I am Andreo from his former think-tank Kanaba - currently in Tiger one called GOTA Project. Artur death is still surrounded by mystery but it is absolute sure he has made a suicide - maybe even when he has come on this world.

The investigation is still going on and probably will never end. Lets call this H1N1 or maybe even a fight with Gruzlica. They say that Gordon Brown has allowed to kill him - for a money - 540 milions euro from some Irish bank. They say that it was a Kaczynski that ordered it. He has survived very intensive night - with usual assaults attempts from both NKWD and the Nazi forces. Well somhow it reminds an 17 September of old family friends - Witold Gombrowicz but maybe in case ouf Artur it was 4 November when it has commmited this suicide helping to make 400 years old dream of black people to have black skin president - a reality. President that later has just sold him like a horse...

When it comes to Artur, well you could get more details from the Brown Office yesternight but today they press services has corrected it. Well, Brown team has not been dominated by Maltan thinking that it will make a savings for a country rich class and will bring even some ammount of money to it. For others it was more thinking if Brown is going to increase or decrease oil output from OPEC. An culture of negotiation dilema - as King Abdulah would say - but obviously Gordon has choosed short shight way causing another colapses of some international banks. Well, Arab League has already underlined their oposition to this plan - called partial freeze - and Artur journey was suposed to end in different way. Some will say that as they has promised before centauries...

Gordon Brown at this night has stated that Artur was his soldier - wounded in the tank Rudy 102 and he has died on this night killed by enemy - but in reality he has sold him on the slave market just like a horse. This news has been of course removed but still Gordon during EU Summit was stating it is 'rich people responsibilty' to ... You know Gordon dream to remove him. Well, he still says about second wave of H1N1 our PRL Gruzlica marking second comming of soc-realism. Whole fourt has been removed - the toxic waste of Bush era is gone and the new order - Soviet Union like United States and Kaczynski-Camerun IV Reich in Europe can be enacted. Beck Thrid Europe or maybe rather Chirac one is lost...

Artur in his last post - has sumarised Kaczynski plan yesterday and it has provoked some late night phone calls from Obama to Jan Fischer - Czech Prime Minister. But it looks that it was to late for some in Kaczynski Poland. Or maybe it is just another mistification - as Artur mentioned refreshing him Rotterdam or maybe even Wlodawe. We will together with DEA agents - Marta and Mariusz continue his investigation on the possible cause of his suicide - and of course will do our best to help finish it as soon as possible. Do not lose time to read this blog - you can harm yourself - it will be beter if you will trust us - socialist youth team. Well, fortunatly this way has not won hearts and minds of German youths - but it is because of Artur existence, Gordon would add. Not their National Socialist policies of extermination...

Artur has already commented on this stoning plan - calling it Lets come together - but it was to late for him, too. Anyway our friend Obama has once again assured us of his good will and intentions to abandon such practicies. They say that a bigest problem for our soldiers was that Prime Minister Donald Tusk did not answered Obama late night phone call. Some anaonymous source in his ministry has commented that it was 'let say due to technical problems'. But today they has corrected that it is going as they planed - after low level talks between Radosława Sikorskiego and Hillary Clinton and will arrange it today before Tusk will come out to Brussels.

Kaczynski is quite proud about his activities. He was counting that Artur will be arrested today but Artur was even better as they say commited suicide just after receiving a phone call from Ala - that dramaticly has breaked with comment to some thrid person - 'leave this' and folowing dark silence. While plan has been drawed at Malta and it was Kaczynski Belveder that has signalised it first - it seems that it was Obama NKWD that has executed it on Kaczynski SS Chernobyl - that continue to be a major source of the problem. Artur - well he is in our memory just like this soviet jew Witkacy blamed by Dmowscy for beign KGB affilate.

Obama to Drop Poland, Czech Missile Defense Proposal

Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. President Barack Obama will abandon plans championed by his predecessor George W. Bush to build a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said.

Obama phoned Fischer last night and also informed the Polish government, the premier told reporters in Prague. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control Ellen Tauscher met with Polish officials representing Prime Minister Donald Tusk this morning and will arrive in Prague this afternoon.

“Shortly after midnight Barack Obama called me to announce that his government is withdrawing plans to place a missile shield in the Czech Republic,” Fischer said. “We were aware of the possibility and were also aware of the fact that they were analyzing the plan.”



Lets come together

It is 5 years going on while i am on this insane programe Ilan - very british one. More that 1600 days has passed while some still thinks that 'hormon therapy' can help me in any way. Well, some others in their hospitality just think about this as about perfums that will help convice local authorities to sent me to psychiatric hospital. Something that my father also enjojed thanks to Gagor Maltan Operatives in the Soviet times. No of course it is not Shoah that we enjoy since at least 7 decads if not 300 years and Obama politics is not reminding me old times that my grandfather also enjoyed - showing once again communist dictator face - Brezniew like one that will for once again equalise us... Three times yes - is an equal start for the youth - you could read on posters in 1946 Poland. It is just like on the eve of new Iron Curtain. And for us - well nationalization, as usual...

When our famous director of Yad Vashem - during minute of silence - was checking on his pager if i have been killed by the car trap set just next to my camp he was really disappointed - this time i have choosed other way and only thanks to this - have avoided extermination. On this route i have found some portrait of woman near San Francisco bay. She is dressed in red frock whit shoes on high blue heels - an symbol of this insane - Nazi - game in troika. I have taken this portrait whit me to the camp. It reminds me another ‘American bridge’ in Rotterdam and another troika that I have enjoyed just on the beginning of my unusual radio broadcast.

Yesterday on the Gare Midi i have meet one of Zbuk - a soldier under command of Kaczynski hand - General Buk that has replaced our Gustlik - General Skrzypczak. Two days ago he has made me upset after his anti-semitic speech. This day in the 'friendishp' gesture he has gave me a nail-file so i will cut off my nails. After reading news i know very well what he wanted to say by this - i have returned this nail-file to him. There is no accord for this stoning from my side but there is also no agreement for their Nazi burdelo - something that Omlert Ehud has left us in legacy.

When i had returned to the camp - that i so much like gas chamber - i was looking at the portrait and in my memory returned to Rotterdam. It was start of this opression and game to look me small - me and a polish case that i am representing from fathers to son. In Rotterdam they has organised a big concert - very similar to this one that Kaczynski friends from Econe - are going to organise on the eve of elections in Germany and Portuagal - just next to La Chappele. In Rotterdam they has used it to 'make me small' through this Nazi assing and i guess that they will do it again here in Brussels.

But by rejecting their stoning on 17 September i have fucked up their plans - heavily. In Rotterdam they has suggested people that our pair Tony and Melania has been assasinated by car bomb in 'weeding' cerempny - something that was just mistification. And this time they are doing exacly this same. In Rotterdam I was not on the Gloria concert. I realy belived in their mistification - was crying at the riverside - i was very naive then - thinking that things could go differently - while they could not. Maybe it was a love but this time it is just a cold reason. It is Turing machine. Morevoer - in Rotterdam they has ussed Melanie rummor to create a people outrage. At one night they has almost crushed me and outcasted from the city. Here they would do exacly this same - they call it 'la Fête de la Communauté française' and it is organised to celebrate the four revolutionary days from 23 till 27 September 1830 - so called Belgium revolution. But in what spirit, i am asking then? Is not this Queen Beatrix that has cooked this dish for us? Against who you are going to revolt - in name of what?

Anniversary Day of the French Community of Belgium

The Anniversary Day of the French Community therefore celebrates the four revolutionary days from 23 till 27 September 1830.

On 25 August 1830, the Muette de Portici, enacted at the Théâtre de la Monnaie at Brussels, celebrates the anniversary day of King William the First who is at the head of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The performance turns into a riot and the opposition to the already fifteen-year-long "Holland colonisation" receives amplification. No soon is the event ended that the members of the audience invade the streets, openly calling people to revolt.

One month long, protests grow more and more vivacious. Between the 23rd and the 27th of September 1830, Prince Frédéric, second son of William the First, places 14,000 soldiers and 6 cannons within the Parc de Bruxelles. The people of Brussels, assisted by Walloon volunteers, organises an armed militia of about 6,000 men from all social groups. After having endured a siege of four days and, in the night of 26 to 27 September, they leave the Parc de Bruxelles. Their flight constitutes the consecration of the victory on the Dutch occupier. Thanks to the determining participation of inhabitants from Brussels and Wallonia, Belgium has now conquered its independence.


Tomorrow - on 17 September - Maltans was going to execute our Gestapo officers - as they was trying to do some weeks ago - blaming me for this. Our Soviet jew - KGB agent Witkacy has standed up from tomb and thanks to his Magna 'links' executed them. She was like Poland - Kaczynski has screemed. But it is not true - and once again i am saying 3 TIMES NO! There must be a better way off this madness - this Holland colonisation...


The idea of this stoning has orginated from Kaczynski Belveder - but thanks to the Maltan connections - it has been bought by both French Chrisitan Democrats and Obama camps - making it specific 3 TIMES YES campaign. But there is no agreement from me on this specific 'Lets come together' plot that will end tragicaly not only for her but also for me. Now - it is Kaczynski that is in bigest troubles as his people just today has gathered in Presidential Palace to discuss his trip to New York UN GASS meeting. It will be this time about return of stolen heritages. What he is doing then - is just affranchisment. Through this devil plot - he would be just giving up to the opressors that has stolen so much of our ancient wealth. As usual acting against national interests - he is serving not polish crown - or what has survived from it - but a British one...

I have fucked his plans completly but there is another preprepared track for me; It is a First they came for the Communist - video clip on which you can see a red army bezpieka assasinating jewish rabbi. It is also an option - the one that will be just like announcment of new Hell Care - sending a drug users to this correctional programe Ilan - to the psychiatric hospitals... And yes - Kaczynski says that it will buy a ticket - but with Obama inaction it will be just like his bezpieka - it is an Gordon Brown dream. What he mean? Maybe it will be better to listen to Benedict words about both Nazi horror and personal freedom and then look at his calendar. He is going to visit Kaczynski friends - in October Swiss Econe and in April next year the Malta Order to celebrate Sant Paul shipwreck. Will you silence him too? In the meantime Obama envoy has returned with nothing from his Israel talks about settlers. Yes, Nethanyahu was also for this lets come together plot - it is so called 'partial freeze' but now he should see that it solves nothing...

Pope: a spiritual leadership is needed for all, especially for the young

Illustrating of Simeon the New Theologian, Benedict XVI stresses the importance of his reflections on the mystical experience of God. True knowledge of God comes not from books but from spiritual life. Love of God makes us consider over selves brothers and invites us to respond to hatred with love, to offenses with forgiveness.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - True knowledge of God comes not from books but from a spiritual life, a journey that begins with conversion, but in order "to go towards the Lord we need a guide, dialogue, we cannot do it on our own”, and “this is also the sense of the Church”. This invitation to find a good spiritual father, Benedict XVI believes "is valid for everyone: priests, consecrated persons, lay people and especially young people".

Simeon was a monk from the East, who centred his attention on "experience of the mystical union with God." Born in 949 in Galati in Asia Minor, he was from a noble family. When he was young he moved to Constantinople, to serve at the Emperor’s Court. However he was “not attracted” to public life, instead he looked “for a person to orientate him in moments of doubt and perplexity. " In 977 he entered the monastery of Studion, placing himself under the leadership of Simeon the Pious, to whose teaching he remained bonded for life. He wrote that he had always followed his instruction: "If you seek spiritual healing be attentive to your conscience, all that it tells you to do you must do, and you will find something useful in it." He entered the monastery, but from there went to the monastery of San Mamos, where after three years, he became the guide.

More: Asia News

First they came for the Communists


Karol Memory in Auschwitz

Today i have come to our Danzing post upset as never. I was still thinking about finishing the Nazi Love Camp post while on the Gare du Midi together with Major Sucharski i was watching Euronews. It was a clip from the Auschwitz whit a director of Yad Vashem making big shit in the center of this Nazi camp during an event organized by Belgian SantEgidio association. It is just like making a shit on the memory of all the victims of Shoah - on the wounds of this one that has survived it - as well a people that has liberated them. I am writing this as words as descendant of the last ones - closed by Lieberman people and our laptog in Brussels just like in the death camp - in the gas chamber. Just in the middle of election campaign that so much reminds a Westerplatte - with Nazi sturming everynight. Sturming since 1 September when our Maltan friends almost not blowed me up in explosion at 4:45 am. To celebrate - but what?

What has made me so upset, well it is not only stupid but at first insulting to compare me to Rudolf Höss - somebody that is doing it must be a blind or is doing this just to attack a truth about himself and his friends. I understand that he is jew from Israel on the eve of invasion on Iran - that so much is prepared in the Nazi tune - and because of this he feels that he can do and say everything - but it is a bit to much for everybody - what this person has declared today in the place that is just a symbol of Shoah. Why he did this? Well, his compan Cardinal Dziwisz and the recent incident in Benedict XVI bathroom should be just an clear answer... Yes, somebody has pushed him. And it is even more - if this Yad Vashem director - would realy want to look for a real architects of this death camp game that has been constructed in Brussels - as he has sugessted during the conference - then it would be he and his Maltan friends that day after day are sending their crusaders against me and people that are defending us - civilians - from them. Sending just a Nazi like agressors that want to silence the truth and instead openly promoting violence, racism, totalitarianism and extremism what we can hear on the streets of Brussels just like in Danzing 1939. Benedict XVI that thanks to God has survived ISS bathroom incident has wroten to them - defending me between the lines - but they will not care - they are from so caled jewish state...

Sant'Egidio insult at Auschwitz

Muslims and Jews WARSAW - Representatives of major world religions, heads of state and intellectuals arrived Sunday in Cracow (southern Poland) to attend an international Interreligious conference and three days.

They must pray and discuss peace in the world 70 years after the outbreak of the Second World War.

Hundreds of people attended a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, former personal secretary and friend of John Paul II at the Shrine of Lagiewniki, near Krakow, in which was conveyed a message from Pope Benedict XVI recalled " the tragedy of the Holocaust. "

"The memory of these events leads us to pray for the victims and those who still bear the wounds in their bodies and their hearts," said the St. Father.

He highlighted "the contribution that religions can and must provide for the promotion of forgiveness and reconciliation against violence, racism, totalitarianism and extremism".

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, who must come to Krakow in the afternoon, will speak at the conference during his official inauguration at the Jagiellonian University.

During three days, participants of the congress organized by the Community of Sant'Egidio and the Cardinal Dziwisz will pray and discuss peace in the town where Karol Wojtyla had spent forty years of his life before being elected pope in 1978.

Representatives of major world religions, the Rev. Dr. Ishmael Noko General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, the Grand Rabbi of Israel Yona MetzgerShear-Yashuv Cohen, Grand Rabbi of Haifa, and a significant Muslim presence from Indonesia, India, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Qatar, and key representatives of Buddhism and Hinduism, must participate.

Tuesday they will visit the site of the former Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, symbolic site of the extermination of Jews by Nazi Germany and the sufferings of Polish and other peoples.

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G20 and Nazi Love Camp

Today after my countless refusal Kaczynski has told to the press 'Do not throw out pearl from the crown'. I do not know who he has called a 'pearl' as in past couple weeks - our sister has not only changed hair colour but also place of life. Sometimes it is our F-16 pilot from Poznan, sometimes blond beatue from Warszawa, sometimes another one from Lublin. But i wonder what he and Emperor Barack is doing with this girls in his Nazi Love Camp. Lech, please before you will talk to the people about pearl from the crown, first answer what you has did to the eagle? And stop suggesting that it is I who force anybody to anything. It is two Gestapo officers that has captured Jew. Just like in old times when Koch was collecting her tatoos...

Tomorrow G20 will gather and on the slidlines they will be for another time looking a way to escape this situation. If they think that they can continue this 'weeding' - they are completly wrong. After losing 4 years in Ehud Omlert gay trio i am just not acceping such a play in trio for another time. It is insult not only to me but for others involved too. Where is your change Mr. Obama? It is still same Nazi burdelo - that i will not accept. Slave trading - in whatever form - is not a way out of this situation... I am expecting appology for this inhuman american driven program Ilan! And please stop offering me jobs - no arbeit will not make me frei. MAKE APOLOGY HUSSEIN FOR WHAT OMLERT DID IN PAST 4 YEARS AND AHT YOU WANTED TO FINISH! IT IS SOMETHING LIKE A RAPE ON POLISH CROWN!!!

Former Israeli president on trial for rape

The trial has begun of the former Israeli president, accused of rape and sexual harrassment. Moshe Katzav declined to comment as he arrived at court in Tel Aviv, but has always protested his innocence, saying he is the victim of a witch-hunt.

He’s accused of raping and molesting a government worker while he was tourism minister in the late 1990s, and of sexually harrassing two other women after he became head of state in 2000. It’s also alleged he obstructed justice and interfered with witnesses when the scandal became public in 2006.

Israel’s drive against corruption in public life also saw the jailing of two former ministers. Former Welfare Minister Shlomo Benizri went to prison for taking bribes. Judges more than doubled his term on appeal to set an example.

Also jailed was former Finance Minister Avram Hirshson, for theft and fraud during his time as a union leader. Hirshson is a close ally of Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who was formally charged with corruption on Sunday.

Source: Euronews