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Obama on Route 66

Small White House representation is going to join Poles on Westerplatte but in Poland they are talking only about 'surprise' that Prime Minister will receive from 'shipyard workers'. They say that Obama for once again is thinking about his 'Dreamliners - and NAZIA is still on way for their launch'. Well, he has already thanked for my 'commitment' to his Presidential Race so i guess it is now a time for apology. 7 decads of opression and 'equalisation' that my family in particural has enjoyed on this Route 66 should be marked somehow - begining of this hunt is a perfect ocassion - for sure. Well, for us Shoah has never ended it is something that Hitler has put in so huge scale but for some of polish nobles - it is constant factor on our way throught last 300 years of Polish history.

Yesterday Americans was sadnnen by death of last Kenedy brothers - Ted Kennedy. They say that he was most influential Democratic congresmen and father of many progressive legislations - fighting for healtcare reform. On the Telebeam i was reading a statements that world leaders did on this occassion - signing old folk song - 'Jozek has died'. I was thinking about my grandfather from the father side. If somebody would not be poisoned by his wife there would be no II World War and decade of soviet ocupation. My grandfather then would be somebody like Ted in my country. The curse - Negro curse - that we has enjoyed through past decades if not centauries is quite similar - but Nazi, Soviets and now Isreal-Americans has equalized us to the ground - to the absolute zero - so it is just uncomparable. Moreover from all this ancient families, in direct line only two has survived - daughter after Benazir and son after Janek. It is like a stigma i have on right wrist. Something that King Moon did looong time ago.

Ted Kennedy the lion who prowled the Senate

Since his election to the Senate in 1962 to take up the seat vacated by his brother Jack, who was then president, Senator Edward Kennedy has been crossing the aisle and cutting deals with political friends and foes alike.

It is a commonly held view on Capitol Hill that Kennedy is the most influential senator of the past 50 years.

Some of the most progressive legislation to come out of the United States such as the minimum wage, immigration, disability rights and healthcare bear his hallmark.

He was primed for the 1972 presidential election but failed to stand because of Chappaquiddick.

In July 1969 off Cape Cod after a night of carousing the 37-year-old Kennedy drove his car off a bridge. His companion Mary Jo Kopechne drowned. Critics maintain Kennedy panicked and left her in the sinking car.

He pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and was handed a two year suspended sentence.

He took on Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination in 1980 but failed and from then on dedicated himself to serving the American People the Senate and the Kennedy family.


Many of pages of our history have been already buried by our opressors - by partitioners - so called Central Powers - Hitler Nazi, soviets or... british forces but there are traces on the earth that have survived as well as references in polish literature that they was not able to destroy. Both 'Forefathers Eve' or especialy a story of rabbits playing in the cannabis field at Zascianek in national poem - 'Mr. Tadeusz' are again loud not only in my country. It is funny that they has just started to produce a movie based on Fredro Maidens' Vows, or the Magnetism of the Heart - it will be nice to see old Radosz and his Radost manor-house again - at least on the screen - and think about difference of polish history and about how we was using The Lamb.

Yesterday, our 'soldiers' during my brodcast announced that they are preparing Malta Transport. And it was going on thanks to Sweedish wife of King Albert II that wanted to do what Leopold III did in past - making similar problems for his family. This 'sexy car' would help Obama to keep good image and blame others - something about he still dreams - ignoring the fact that he will be anyway first person to blame - because he as the President of the United States is responsible for this programe and there is no excuse - in difference to Chappaquiddick incident i was not in this car it was Kaczynski who was driving it! But wait there is somebody in Berlin right now that has recieved some historical plans of the Final Solution. I think that he has received also something else - fresh pages that Dimitri have left there. This one about our bottle incident in Amsterdam for which Lieberman and his friends in Europe - with Kaczynski twins on the front - are blaming me. I wonder what he will do with it? Joni, will he burn them? I do not know but i will sign after Marley - 300 years, 300 years. Still does not see?

Israel’s Netanyahu denies settlement freeze

He is under intense international pressure but Israel’s prime minister denies he has agreed to suspend Jewish settlement building.

Visiting the villa where the Nazis drew up plans for their so-called “Final Solution” to exterminate Jews, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out on a trip to Berlin.

The Holocaust remains a powerful emotional symbol, casting a shadow over Israeli relations with Germany.

Along with Iran, the stalled Middle East peace process was at the heart of his discussions with Chancellor Angela Merkel who urged a halt to Israel’s settlement programme.

Having so far resisted such demands, Netanyahu said rumours he had agreed to a temporary freeze had no foundation and were incorrect.

Such rumours are fuelled by reports the Israeli leader could meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas next month.

More: Euronews

No, netheir United States, United Kingdom and regim of Israel does not own us anything. Where is General Nordstad, we was waiting for him on his Route 66... Instead of him... Just look...

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