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Obama on Route 66

Small White House representation is going to join Poles on Westerplatte but in Poland they are talking only about 'surprise' that Prime Minister will receive from 'shipyard workers'. They say that Obama for once again is thinking about his 'Dreamliners - and NAZIA is still on way for their launch'. Well, he has already thanked for my 'commitment' to his Presidential Race so i guess it is now a time for apology. 7 decads of opression and 'equalisation' that my family in particural has enjoyed on this Route 66 should be marked somehow - begining of this hunt is a perfect ocassion - for sure. Well, for us Shoah has never ended it is something that Hitler has put in so huge scale but for some of polish nobles - it is constant factor on our way throught last 300 years of Polish history.

Yesterday Americans was sadnnen by death of last Kenedy brothers - Ted Kennedy. They say that he was most influential Democratic congresmen and father of many progressive legislations - fighting for healtcare reform. On the Telebeam i was reading a statements that world leaders did on this occassion - signing old folk song - 'Jozek has died'. I was thinking about my grandfather from the father side. If somebody would not be poisoned by his wife there would be no II World War and decade of soviet ocupation. My grandfather then would be somebody like Ted in my country. The curse - Negro curse - that we has enjoyed through past decades if not centauries is quite similar - but Nazi, Soviets and now Isreal-Americans has equalized us to the ground - to the absolute zero - so it is just uncomparable. Moreover from all this ancient families, in direct line only two has survived - daughter after Benazir and son after Janek. It is like a stigma i have on right wrist. Something that King Moon did looong time ago.

Ted Kennedy the lion who prowled the Senate

Since his election to the Senate in 1962 to take up the seat vacated by his brother Jack, who was then president, Senator Edward Kennedy has been crossing the aisle and cutting deals with political friends and foes alike.

It is a commonly held view on Capitol Hill that Kennedy is the most influential senator of the past 50 years.

Some of the most progressive legislation to come out of the United States such as the minimum wage, immigration, disability rights and healthcare bear his hallmark.

He was primed for the 1972 presidential election but failed to stand because of Chappaquiddick.

In July 1969 off Cape Cod after a night of carousing the 37-year-old Kennedy drove his car off a bridge. His companion Mary Jo Kopechne drowned. Critics maintain Kennedy panicked and left her in the sinking car.

He pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and was handed a two year suspended sentence.

He took on Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination in 1980 but failed and from then on dedicated himself to serving the American People the Senate and the Kennedy family.


Many of pages of our history have been already buried by our opressors - by partitioners - so called Central Powers - Hitler Nazi, soviets or... british forces but there are traces on the earth that have survived as well as references in polish literature that they was not able to destroy. Both 'Forefathers Eve' or especialy a story of rabbits playing in the cannabis field at Zascianek in national poem - 'Mr. Tadeusz' are again loud not only in my country. It is funny that they has just started to produce a movie based on Fredro Maidens' Vows, or the Magnetism of the Heart - it will be nice to see old Radosz and his Radost manor-house again - at least on the screen - and think about difference of polish history and about how we was using The Lamb.

Yesterday, our 'soldiers' during my brodcast announced that they are preparing Malta Transport. And it was going on thanks to Sweedish wife of King Albert II that wanted to do what Leopold III did in past - making similar problems for his family. This 'sexy car' would help Obama to keep good image and blame others - something about he still dreams - ignoring the fact that he will be anyway first person to blame - because he as the President of the United States is responsible for this programe and there is no excuse - in difference to Chappaquiddick incident i was not in this car it was Kaczynski who was driving it! But wait there is somebody in Berlin right now that has recieved some historical plans of the Final Solution. I think that he has received also something else - fresh pages that Dimitri have left there. This one about our bottle incident in Amsterdam for which Lieberman and his friends in Europe - with Kaczynski twins on the front - are blaming me. I wonder what he will do with it? Joni, will he burn them? I do not know but i will sign after Marley - 300 years, 300 years. Still does not see?

Israel’s Netanyahu denies settlement freeze

He is under intense international pressure but Israel’s prime minister denies he has agreed to suspend Jewish settlement building.

Visiting the villa where the Nazis drew up plans for their so-called “Final Solution” to exterminate Jews, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out on a trip to Berlin.

The Holocaust remains a powerful emotional symbol, casting a shadow over Israeli relations with Germany.

Along with Iran, the stalled Middle East peace process was at the heart of his discussions with Chancellor Angela Merkel who urged a halt to Israel’s settlement programme.

Having so far resisted such demands, Netanyahu said rumours he had agreed to a temporary freeze had no foundation and were incorrect.

Such rumours are fuelled by reports the Israeli leader could meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas next month.

More: Euronews

No, netheir United States, United Kingdom and regim of Israel does not own us anything. Where is General Nordstad, we was waiting for him on his Route 66... Instead of him... Just look...


Vacat and Artek Gate

Barack Hussein Obama must be realy grateful for my support that milions of people was listening during pre-election campaign in the Unite States. Harms that Bush administration did to me over past years, this voice and my support helped americans to make a choice and instead of Jhon McCain they has choosed Mr Change. Many casting their vote had my Ghandi like protest and a grafiti on the photo in their mind.As the great statesman and man of honor he has did a hands turn and bought me a gift. Bigest bomb on this planet to be delivered on May 2010. A price? Well, just for 800 milions dolars. He is true man of honor, indeed. Great statesman like J.F.K, Martin Luter King Jr and Abraham Lincoln in one person. Dont you see it? Then look at Muler Scotland visit. Who he is? Just an architect of Lockerbie bullshit. This same NAZI scheme that they wanted to repeat on me with some Air France flight...

And what people see? Look at the source of Change slogan. It is almost seven months after change in the United States and still this same burdelo going on. This same threads and this same Nazi horror as some would call it. I have been changed from human just into horse. No it is not insulting human dignity at all. Where is this change and into what? Ask Gordon Brown how people see it but Obama is continuing this nazi drive counting on some else to remove a problem - it is just like with recent NAZIA call for Mars 500. What a change after 7 months. Go vote - take your change. Does this Social-Democrats have us for idiots? Thank you for your bomb - Mr. Fofana - it is your fault at the very first and there is no excuse... Choose change, just no comment...

Yesterday NASIA for another time delayed their Discovery launch. Even on video you can find somebody that is speaking to the microphone - ice, ice... He has should then screm - Coca-Cooola. They wanted to help me again by a place like a monastery of their false God psychiatric hospital or maybe prison where i could make my suicde that is just against my faith. But who cares. Obama for sure not. They has again failed but our sister that i have remited a life for another time was swated up me in the arm. Well, she has stabbed me in past so many times that i just does not accept her and i am treating their 'horse hankey-pankey' as one big bullshit. After 4 years of constant molestation and rapes from their VALIS system - the solution is even more rapes. Just to perfume me and prepare reception. I do not know how many times i need to repeat this. Even if she is real person not modulated voice operated by some Gestapo officers, who would accept a girl that has stabbed you? Would you do it?

But Obama have something other prepared. For one more time i have received a job interview in Amsterdam. As the comuter specialist. Of course i did this year long protest to obtain a job. No i did not and for one more time i will repeat Arbeit will not make me frei. But i see his intentions very well. I would love to go to Amsterdam as the IBC - International Brodcasting Convention is going there in RAI. But i see also that some ticket to New Poland is awaiting there for me. I would be then taken to local prison or maybe directly to Poland to get new home, new life. Where? I see this Artek Gate on Dam Square, next to Krasnyopolsky Hotel...

I was looking a job months ago, on begining of my stay in Amsterdam. But even with my qualification and experience i was not able to find any. The pressure was and is still to huge. It is like with this handshake at Gare du Midi, not only with people but also with companies. Well, after finding this out i started my protest. And no, i will not end it by taking a job. I am awaiting apology from Obama for very his and Bush programe Ilan... In meantime Tusk in Poland is preparing for Putin visit. In Moscow, they say that NASA realy count on Russian cooperation in their journey to Mars. Tusk is using this american suggestion and is selling lies to Polish people painting an image of Moscow, not Washington and Malta Order, that is forcing him to eliminate me. Just like they did with my father and others martyred by Western inteligence during PRL.

I have the devil dilema, I need to choose between good relations or memory, he says. It is obviousl that Romanove crusade continues but such words after just __suggestion__ should make clear that 'pressure' on him is purly virtual. Mr Tusk i see that new flag of New Poland is ready. Maybe you have forgoten about Estonia leak? In CSU dominated Goerlize since 1 September they are going to play polish anthem on the market place. Maybe it is worth Mr. Prime Minister and President to listen to it? Soon Germans and others will be just laughting from it. Look at Libya - recently they has not only won a prisoner release in Scotland but also an apology from Switzerland goverment. What do you do to the polish case? Fighting with it?

Mr. Tusk if you have such 'devil' dilema think about this 'memory' as a mother memory and this good relations as a good relations with her poisoners. If it comes to the relations with Russia Federation i think that the flowers they are using to honor murdered - white and red flowers - are quite symbolic. I do not understand - how it is - that such persons like FRA of Malta Order are still in power and i am still kicked by the Polish Army??? On 1 September i am going to make a specific picninc at the European Parliament. All our friends from litte family -'enviroment' are invited. You can join us too...


Adam i Eva

Well, it is going to be just another Dodd warning. They are once again lacking an arguments against me. Today our Lieberman-Obama duo is going to make another 'UBS setlement' in the sauna. The official line is that once again i am terrorist. But look how they are producing such accusations - that in effect will affect not only me but also my suportes - eventualy including this ones in City Office. See the reason why i am avoiding contacts with other people and why sometimes i am affraid of giving a hand to other human. See this insane nazi opression that has changed my life into real concentration camp...

Just after night of very suspected death of local Belgian politican - somebody has come to my place to sleep. It was completly stranger but it was not first such situation. Place is open so anybody can come and drop in. But just on the next day in Russian media i have readed that their secret services has received a 'voice records' and other 'proofs' against suspected terrorists - somebody that has masterminded some terrorist attack and his 'follower'. If they have any such 'records' - it is just a lie as so many about which you can read on this blog. Everybody should be aware about this. I am protesting but in the Ghandi way - through specific Satyagraha. IT MEANS PEACEFULY...


Satyagraha (Sanskrit: सत्याग्रह satyāgraha) is a philosophy and practice of nonviolent resistance developed by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (also known as "Mahatma" Gandhi). Gandhi deployed satyagraha in campaigns for Indian independence and also during his earlier struggles in South Africa. Satyagraha theory also influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. during the campaigns he led during the civil rights movement in the United States.

More: Wikipedia

If somebody would look at the background of this groups and their suicide ways - then he will see how big lies they have. I am supporting 'resistance' because our nation from hundreds of years was also using it - and such 'resistance' - even if sometimes armed (not in my case) - is fully legal under international laws. But i am not supporting barbarian terrorist accts that so often are aimed on the civilian population!!! Just read one of very first post on this blog - to understand my message!!! STOP BULLSHITING LIEBERMAN - THEY ARE YOUR PEOPLE - OR RATHER HORSES AS YOU SAYS - VERY EVIL AND BLIND ONES. THEY OFTEN THINK THAT ALLAH IS GUIDING THEM BUT IT IS A DEVIL FROM MILITARY SATELITES AND BROADCASTING STATIONS...

This night also some stranger has come to my camp. They has bombed Parliament in Iraq. After latest UBS-Obama meeting they was sure that crucifcsion of our 'Madonna' will go on and that on Sunday i will land in prison. It was expected to be 'First day of jew in Fatah' as Mahmud Abbas was joking - but i have escaped this plot. But plans of terrorist attacs was already setup. Officialy it was a revenge for my imprisonment - conducted by groups... that are my ideological enemies. That has polluted Islam by their Sharia and other laws and teaching that are against Koran and keep Muslim in Dark Ages. I am still free - closed in Brussels like in Bastion and opressed but still not in prison. So what they did? Just has sent somebody to sleep near me to make a impression that it is my friend or follower. Later they will fabricate something...

And try to live under such opression - forced to keep relations with humans to the absolute minimu. It is such way since Obama in Oval Office... And now another coup de etat is in the air and i think it will this time in Danzing.

" " "

Night has showed that i was right. My unknow visitor has returned. Interesting that our sister during brodcast has called him Eva and have said that it will be like PO=PIS duo. They has molested me from VALIS satelits as usual throght past 1600 days and nights. I am a horse of course and this is not insane Nazi programe that is brodcasted to the whole world thanks to Pentagon, since 4 years. On this day there was elections in Afghanistan, police was working hard to make it safe not only in this country but also there. But they has missed somebody, at 6:00 i have heard another shot. I was thinking what they would do if this nazi cruseder would be succesfull. I think that police would found two bodies in love grip. No, i am hetersexuall, but to make it more controversial they would prepare such thing. That is why our sister Ala has called this unknow man, Eva...

He has waked up later and has left place. Unlike yesternight he has not packed his things so i was sure he will show up soon. But he did not. Maybe somebody wanted to talk with him about is Bagdad friends? I do not know. But another coup de etat has been disarmed this way. The UBS has earlier expresed hope that what they has prepared should end this saga. Piast saga. At morning on our military radio = our Gestapo officers was barracking and joking from me just in same time that some crusader was walking in. Ala, our sister, has told that 'Crow will defeat Eagle by another one' and her partner has said that he is better because he is from Army = while i am civilian. Maybe Bavarian Crow will defeat me at some day but her 'Eagle' is just like this one from PRL that has taked my father = from W.R.O.N = Military Council of National Salvation. Still is missing crown... But no, they are not just like Koch pair going to collect just another tatoo and this is not continued Negro genocide, just like in first months of Adolf Hitler... Fofana? Well, he kneels at the Nazi fuzzy from pleasure while the opression is going on = 4 YEARS with this past 6 months comparable only to Hitler. Sieg Hail, our liberators... In Washington in this same time they has gathered to once again debate how to fight with our polshevism virus...

Living traped between France, Germany and the Netherlands - where Murdoch order to close this paper awaits - they continue this same tune that Adolf Hitler was playing to the jews that was transported to Auschwitz. They was going there with a hope and promise of new life, new home in beatufill Poland. They realy belived this. Yes, i have a dream but i do not see any chances in this decade to realize it. Still waiting for appology for this insulting America programe Ilan that has never strated but has crushed me in last months to the ground. Oh, yes. I have a dream...


Night Porter

Soon in Poland they will hold a day of so called Polish Army but the standards of operrations conducted by our counterinteligence service has reached lowest level and reminds more a Hitler bouldero that Army that is part of the NATO. The opression has not been stoped - while they has almost stoped to use a painful methods - molestation continues - day after day since past four years. It reminds so much an experiments that Dr. Mendele hold in his infamous Barack X.

It is like on the photo above - a special group inside of Polish Army has captured disabled jewish chidlren as some journalist called me in Poland - and is just humilitating it during their constant libation - while their activities thanks to Obama administration are 24/7 transmited to the milions of people all over the world. But of course Obama does not feel responsible for anything!!! Sitting down in the Oval Office like Fofana - observing this drama and having fun... I know that horses does not have a voice - but You people have...

To complicate this situation even more just few days ago Malta Order has prepared a provocation - assasination atempt against this female - as i gues - Gestapo officer that is broadcasting her love messages on Gliwitze radiostation. On this day on the gare i have meet for a moment unknow NATO officer and he has told me just short message - 'and write in this way to mili'. I was wondering what is going on but then three paramilitary polish guys has showed and when they was walking just asked rethoric question - 'which sister it was?'. I was quite surprised but they has gone without waiting for answer.

Then i had returned and on the Euronews i have discovered this message on main page - Spain hunts female Majorca bombing suspect. In that night - yes, they was trying to execute her - while i was against this - underlining this during brodcast. We has survived but another one in Chechenya - that was used just as a body to transmit message about our 'sister' death - has not. They has told me that without my support our sister would be death but it is nothing that can help me in any way. I realy does not support Eutanasia - let say it is against my faith... This incident would then be used in the negotiations between UBS and White House - as an excuse for my execution. It is very nazi danzing on the ice - whith Husein in the role of Slave Trader, if not God. The deal between them has been reached anyway - and White House has announced that this case will be handled by some female judge from Florida... Similar crucification deal has been reached by this Nazi in the corridors between President Kaczynski and Prime Minister Donald Tusk - just follow case of Farafal that his position in TVP is traded for my life...

I was not expecting anything for my mercy but a respect. Instead of this i have received tons of threads of extermination. What could be maybe surprising for you but not for me. As our female officer already expresed that is going to make a PROMO. I wonder of what then? Tomorrow is a day of Polish Army - but under current leadership it is rather Day of American Gestapo - what you can see on streets of Brussels. Instead of appologizing for this insane american Program Ilan - they are trying to force me to accept this so far virtual woman or be exterminated - just like on this Nazi poster. It is not joke! Surrender or die! What a love... It is something that 30 years ago - they did with my father... When i am refusing - this Gestapo officers are just threathing me by death or psyhiatric hospital... But this is not Nazi way I do not see this as i did not saw people that has come out to welcome me in free Europe. Just from the heart of Bavaria...

How Barack Hussein Obama - acting or even sometimes overacting President of the United States is trying to shield himself using this assing - people in Poland will see tomorrow - in the day of American Gestapo when highly controversial festival will be held with Madonna. It will be quite symbolic concert held also on the day of Feast of the Assumption. But no, i do not want to see her executed - whatever they did it is not way forward for anybody. Way forward from the horrors of Nazis - that are so visible again on the eve of 70 years of Polish tragedy that is still going on...

Benedict reflects on horror of the Nazis

The Nazi death camps were places of extreme evil, the result of the Nazis claiming the power to decide what is good and what is bad and who should live and who should die, Pope Benedict XVI has said.

The German-born Pope spoke about the Nazis, freedom and evil during his Sunday Angelus address on August 9 at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.

Reflecting on the lives of saints whose feast days are celebrated in early August, the Pope highlighted two who were martyred in Nazi death camps: St Edith Stein and St Maximilian Kolbe.

"These saints are witnesses of that charity that loves to the end and does not keep tally of the evil received, but combats it with good," the Pope said.

They are models for all Christians, especially priests, demonstrating "the evangelical heroism that pushes us, without fear of anything, to give our lives for the salvation of souls", he said.

He added: "The Nazi concentration camps, like all death camps, can be considered extreme symbols of evil, of the hell that opens on earth when man forgets God and takes his place, usurping the right to decide what is good and what is bad, to give life and death."

The Pope said that while the Nazi death machine was an extreme example of what happens when people think they can play God "this sad phenomenon is not limited to the concentration camps".

"There are philosophies and ideologies, but increasingly also ways of thinking and acting, that exalt freedom as the only principle for human beings," making them think they are gods and the final judges of what is good and bad, he said.

Opposing that way of thinking and behaving, the Pope said, there are the saints, who practise the Gospel of charity, showing the world "the real face of God, who is love, and at the same time the authentic face of the human person, created in the divine image and likeness".

More: Catholic Hearld

* * *

On Day of Polish Armed Forces and the Ascenssion Day of Virgin Mary i have received a phone. Somebody in polish army was upset that i did not agreed and explicty criticised plans to crucify our 'sisters'. He was realy angry and in the Christian Socialist style has insulted me - 'So live a life of white dick'. Well, what i could add - maybe only - Jude Raus! To be honest i must say that on such day such phone from Bavaria to major 'Radosz' is more like nobilitation - but it shows cleary an nazi racists thingking - this time comming from a black politican - that in this same time was criticising german neo-nazi crowd - that attacked him. Well, I am sure that just on order - just to create media fact and debate around him. But listen to his message - who is real racist then - where are real Nazi hidden - living their peacfull life? Is not this hitler like - Freie Arabien - arm? Thier skin was not white - but still they was just a nazi - serving white masters and their interests...

This thing - this racism ans anti-semitism - is quite visible also in the Whtie House and maybe is an esence of the deep identity crisis that European Social-Democrats are facing now. To understand this Nazi trap in which this parties has been caught - and also a reason of their continued defeats in elections - is just to understand that Hussein Barak Obama is not a social-democrat in the nature but an old style bavarian Christian-Socialist minden person - that is leading not only Democratic Party but also European socialists - just into direction of totalitarian National Socialist Democratic Party and Abwher gangster methods - long time ago prepared by friends of Adolf Hitler...

Going back to our sisters. Well, today General Skrzypczak is real star and i think kind of national heroes (if i am right that he was my silent supporter - sometimes even against will of Prime Minister). They are calling him to the Parliamentary Commission - official reason is his supportive quote from one of polish newspapers but i think that they has planed to target him just after crucificsation. I would be blamed for orchesterating it - and White House could show you this faked videos from Gare du Midi and he - Chief of Staff in Polish Ministry of Defense removed . Just on Monday they has ordered expulsion of two Russian officials from neighbourning Czech Republic. No i feel quite expsosed to the Nazi forces. They can celebrate - Rudy 102 has been damaged and now i am blind again. But something says me that this time Gustlik will return - i hope that i will be still alive...

The attack on our violnist on the roof was not accident and i think that it sources would be found in british MI5. Gordon Brown for another time has used his Maltan connections to shutdown Warschau. Sit down Warschau... The presure on General Skrzypczak from both Minister of Defense and some members of parliament would be maybe correct if the assasination would be performed. But now he is in different possition - and i think that the only thing that they can blame him is that he was defending polish White Eagle. Well, this way people will tell you Gordon, sit down. Next may. They need again to prepare some false accusations. Do you see this, Lincoln?

On the ground things are same. Four years on Program Ilan under Adolf slogan - Sieg oder Bolshe Wismus but at least I am happy that our criticism has helped stop this masacre - that was prepared in the mood of Wolyn sauna. I am quite aware why Malta conducted it. Why they - under Maltan guidance - like laydies boxers whanted to perform this brutal assault on our soil - just like Teutons crucification - at the day of polish army and ... controversial and symbolic Madona festival... They wanted to break nail instead to give a justice to some that has masterminded this, the head of Malta Order. But how he could do this on himself? They has failed but things has stayed this same. Whit small difference. They are again playing Tredowata in polish cinemas - mainly because Melanie seems to be traped in similar devil trap. In a sweedish teachings that has payed a wave to specific deat toll especialy in the Muslim countries - like Iraq...

I do not think that our Kurski sisters would change even by yota (even after they was planing to kill them) - but this Abraham act is still always an option to show the people true face of this Bavaria linked people and their methods. They should at least thanks to Benedict XVI... Not to me, but to him... Instead - she continues this Nazi opression and prefers to play a role of happy widow. While there is no relationship and i am treating her just like Nazi opressor... This Horse has died near Morskie Oko - some weekend ago... And the next time there will be nobody to give a mercy like this...


Raus, Jude, Raus!!!

Well, this is the last post on blogger. After recent marriage of our 'small' pair - Microsoft and Yahoo i will look for a blog service outside of western part of the world. I know that this manuscript will not disapear from the people memory and some at Kremlin would call it a pandemic 'top doc' but i would prefer to keep it on public for a bit longer so i will look at transfering it to the Eastern hemisphere. They are able to delete it now but rather will wait for another postponed vote in European Parliament on cenzoring the Internet - that will happen just after the elections in France and Germany...

Recent inauguration of new head of NATO is for me still under the question mark. As i think that Rasmussen has called me a Taliban propagandist. If i am such - then please call me Taliban from the Monte Clari. However, i think that it is also under such a mark for Annapolis team that opress me from so long time. It is still a question when it will happend and who will be claimed for it. Will not it be Moscicki that has been just reinaugarted and will not this happen just before the Nazi invasion on Iran? On the direct level - also still this same game in Sweedish torika - four years at Ilan program... Anyway - Radiostation Glewitze is still broadcasting old tunes...

Well, i realy feel my number on my arm. It is number one and i think that after invasion there will be much more people Yiddish speaking that will be treated same way... Well, maybe this time not Yiddish, as this language is animated now be the people that behave exacly like theis ones that has erradicated oringal speakers. Let call this language an Avestan langauge - it is even worser. Dear reader....

On the street some girl has throwed at me from her car an empty pack with a label 'Sweet spray'. I think it is an answer... She called something like 'take a pill'... Well, after reading this label at first moment i was thinking about some other 'spray' in Israeli homosexual center but you should already know that it is illegal in Great State of the Israel to write anything about this incident that so much reminds me another Swedish troika - with Melanie and Tommy. I guess that these people in the car - was just another lieberfans on their small mission and that his excelency Goering has sent his greetings.

He feels preasure as Israeli police has forwarded his fraud case to the prosecutor that need to make an decision if sent it to the court. I think that he is well prepared and supported in this case. For first he will be claiming Annapolis as the reason - and he will be partialy true in this. In background of it i guess he will be accusing me for 'inducing a racial hatred' and other such things usual for ultra-nazionalists blames. The positive think is that together with Rasmussen - Mars 500 bottle claim has disapeared from official line (of course it was not military provocation) - maybe a reason was also Estonia leak... What then Goering will do to defend himself? He will gather all acussations against him under this banner and using a state secret idelogy and the plans of Iran invasion he will eventualy defend himself and will keep his post of Israel Foreign Minister. Of course it was higher urgency of eliminating me and the memory... No it is not a policy of extermination it is a policy of anihilation or maybe sterlization as Pius XI would call it in his enciclices that 'had to be smuggled into Germany so they could be read from the pulpit'...



Venerable Brethren, Greetings, and Apostolic Blessing.

It is with deep anxiety and growing surprise that We have long been following the painful trials of the Church and the increasing vexations which afflict those who have remained loyal in heart and action in the midst of a people that once received from St. Boniface the bright message and the Gospel of Christ and God's Kingdom.


Well, American President Leonid Brezhnev advised by his counterpart Richard Nixon is continuing his strategy that has been agreed on the recent Libentrop-Molotov summit in the Tel Aviv. Where they has for onve again expresed their support for the invasion strategy. I think that if it comes to the ideology - Lieberman has cleary showed the Nazi occult background but Obama is just behaving like Soviet dictator also counting on erradication on defamation. The center of this plan is of course at Feldmarshall from Malta Order plot of invasion on Iran and i am of course treated by them as enemy propagandist - Shah son face is in the backrodund - just by accident.

This Maltians fraction inside of NATO is just using Nazi socio-technics and strategies that so far are dominant in western hemisphere - thanks to unusual support of Gordon Brown to British Master of Malta. A support that has leaded his Labor party into National Socialist mood... If this fracation will gain support of others - soon they will lead us toward IV Reich like state. With something great prepared for me - on the horizon of the events - something i will call stuffed casked...

In the meantime pressure is growin on Gordon Brown to make independent inquiry over UK torture claims. They was used many various technics on me through past four years. One of them quite pleasure - but others can be comared only to psychical beating. It is natural that i have tended to get the first one - if i could not turn it off. I do not accept this Sweedish game in troika and repeating Lockerbie like chemical romance with DuPont - General Motors pair - Melanie and Tommy is not a way to improve status quo. Such - supervision must be a Nazi joke... Well, i think that voters will just show Gordon team where is their place with such tactics - but i would not count on Torries as after taking govermental seats they will continue support of current british Fra of Malta Order - something that because of Brown support has changed united socialist into kind of V Column that is harming at first place them own - it is very visible when it comes to british labour party but also to German SPD.

Their American 'partners' are trying to get the responisbility out of them - and now are using Chicago link and other members of their own Uberagency inside Tusk goverment - to cast the blame on them. But it is their technolog, supermacy and people and they should take care about compilance with internationa treaties - including Human Right Convention and the Gencoide Convention - from the first day - there is a reason why they enacted them and why people has shed a blood for it during war with the Nazi. Instead - as Ku Klux Klan - they has used Amsterdam 500 incident for purpose of their political campaign - that at the end not only heavily damaged them but also burned my life to the ash. It is like destruction of UN school during Operation Cast the Lead - and many things could not take place or go other direction if they would not support this hunt on me! There is no explanation for their continued inaction. To make things even wores they are continuid their slave trade - trying to make a preasure on the leaders of independent nations to silence this case. This is something that should and must be called explicty a slave trade! Barack Hussein Obama is behaving just like a Fofana and this 6 months of his leadership is just uncomparable to ... Bush time. In his time people at least could see me in suit (often on TV news) - when now it is just a striped pidjams in conditions that can be only compared to the concentration camp - waiting for transport or just an extermination... There is no excuse for him...

I will just continue my protest in my Drzymala Gypsy Family Camp - waiting for an appology from Emperor... But i will move this blog to the East - behind the Berlin Wall that is going to be rebuilind at General Gouverment eastern border... I know that there is some space for me in NATO - somwhere in the archives of British Queen on the shelf with label - LODGE TRUTH - King George V. Safe for at least 100 years... No i do not like it, i do not accept it... And i know, that it is time for 'smallers' for SS Galizia - Melania friends - not for survivor of 7 decades of continued opression - that in Hussein Obama time has just turned my life into ashes... There is some in this system that still waits an appology and wonders to what has happened to General Nordstad on his Route 66...

I am leaving blogger not with a question where is IV Reich breeding but rather where is now the Soviet Union? Janek?

Russia's PM remembers Solzhenitsyn as 'global' personality

MOSCOW, August 3 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's premier marked the first anniversary of the death of Soviet dissident and Nobel literature prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Monday with a telegram to his family.

Solzhenitsyn, who fought in WWII, spent eight years in labor camps, and lived in exile for 20 years before returning to Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, died of heart failure at the age of 89 on August 3, 2008.

More: Ria Novosti

* * *

After writing this words i have left our Danzing Post to the Gare Midi where i was surprised by removing Rasmussen clip and replacing it by another in which he does not talk about Taliban propagandist but about New NATO chief that will faces busy term. Well, this night was calmest one from months. The only disturbance was a vox of police sirens. I think that another suicders group has been disbanded in our Free City just like this one in Australia. Looks that Europe is quite calm if it comes to Feldmarshall Iranian plan. Good sign from the NATO but it is still not enough as Glewitze Radiostaion is still broadcasting their swedish troika nutes - in a mood of love 'contest' where some SS Galizia officers are for another time martyring civilian victim. Just another Nazi troika after troika...

Australia shocked by terror arrests

Despite never being attacked on home soil, Australia has felt the effects of terrorism. 95 of its people have been killed in bombings in Indonesia since 2002, and the Melbourne arrests have increased feelings of vulnerability. The government though remains calm.


* * *

We are just behind next sabaath and Shah supporters are preparing another raid - in last 21 has died. Euronews is reporting from Georgia- where some girl having a bonefire at her back has announced - '“we want to show that we are cleaning up Georgia from Russia’s aggression. This fire is a symbol of purification, or our unity and these kind of fires will be lit all over Georgia.”

Well, having in my mind yesterday 'romance' talks - i guess that also in Poland 'as in the United Kingdom' - some pair will be celebrating this Saabath by making fire and sacrificing another one in this barbarian Nazist rite. This people from New Georgia should change colour of their cross to the black one then! What they are doing is a pure Nazism ... Some has already set up such fire in Belgium - sending a message of mercy - and i am sure it is not a accident.

Georgian embassador has just today thanked President Kaczynski for his efforts and ensured that his gouverment will be indebted to him. On the video from Poland - you can see pilgrims from our infamous batalion that is runing our Radio Gliwitze - they are marching on pilgrimage to the church doors whith 'Uncle' portrait but are marching not under White Eagle but rather a Black Crow with crown from sulfur pyrite - a gold of stupid. Where? Of course to Ilan...

In Russia President Medvedev maybe after beign inspired by Forbe article - The Evil Empire Strikes Back - has just ordered a deep check for a moles inside state owned buissneses. I think he is realy afraid of Romanov crusade - but where is this Evil Empire? Mr. Hussein and others...

* * *