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Yes, we camp!

Barack Obama has left Moscow to the G8 party at Italian quake zone with few assurances from Russia. When it comes to key issues both sides did not reached any agreement. However - our prime Swedish advocate in the White House - Miss Hilarry Clinton once again called for 'even stricter' sanctions on Iran. It is surprising announcment in spite of recent meeting between Ehud Barak and George Mitchell which of course has been critised by our cruseders inside of Israeli cabinet. Our Rottary Lady - Clinton could not follow Obama in Moscow and needed to cancel her visit in my land - because she has broken her arm. I guess that that she has broken it on L’Aquila...

Well, i continue to camp here in the heart of Europe - linked spiritualy to others survivors of this catastrophe - while Obama - continue to ignore the situation - which he and his Gestapo has created. Tomorrow, on Friday - the group of Shah supporters is planing to hold their demonstration just next to Gare Midi. I wonder what message they will want to send to the world. Yesterday Secretary of Defense from Pakistan has for another time greeted Negro. His investigators has announced that they are going to sent arrest waranty on the assasin of Piotr Stanko. I had though - that in this dada dialogue that Sikorski has held with them - they was talking about 'my' body. But now it is clear that they was talking rather about some body from the Amsterdam incident - that still is a mystery for me. Interesting - Pakistan side - has made a quick corrections - they are going to 'arrest' somebody but not for Stanko assasination but for other crime. I wonder about who they though? Maybe rather about Commissioner Karel? Polish side has commented that are waiting for documentation...

Regarding our Amsterdam incident - some there has told that my confesions are contradictory. Yes, they are - as i do not know - who has died there. I supose that it was Meli - that they has keept in 'freezer' to attack me and my supporters just at the end of the election campaign to European Parliament. And to this day i do not know - who was there and also if she had any good intentions at the end. Things could turn different - if she had a hope that someday we will meet and will hold a true dialogue. But it has never happened and i am to this day looking on her as just a Bushenwald bitch, as they methods and opressions was just like the Nazi one. The partial answer on this dilema is an Annapolis roadmap - as the details of it - are also answer on their intentions. I rather think that they was using her to sent me to psychiatric hospital - in the best case... This romance - well, it was just like on this Dam - Innocent criminals video clip. Well, to be fully honest - i must admit that the reason of this contradiction is also an election campaign itself - i did not wanted to throw out Kaczynski party from the stage (while i disrespcet him and his methods personaly)...

Today i have checked my email and has for another time found a job announcment from London based - International Harm Reduction Association on the position of consultant in Asia. I do not know if i am speaking maybe in Farsi- you has destroyed my school, life and carieer in course of your idiotic military games - and i will never accept such appology - it is just like joke! I should be right now in the European Parliament while i continue my inhuman adventure on the battlefield - in our quake zone - just in the center - sitting on the Israeli Wall. Today UN has ended public hearing on Winter Israeli offensive - Cast the Lead operation - but for me - it has never ended and still continues... Yes, we camp!

UN ends public hearings on war crimes in Gaza

A UN team investigating possible war crimes in Gaza describes testimonies presented to the mission as "difficult to hear" after holding public hearings with the victims of the conflict.

Tel Aviv refused to cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council and did not allow the investigators to enter Israel, accusing the panel of being pro-Palestinian.

After the hearings, Goldstone said the team was shocked by the extent of the destruction in Gaza and expressed his deep sympathy.

"The testimonies we have heard from victims and witnesses... have been very difficult to hear, but I believe it is important that we listen to these stories," Goldstone told a news conference.

"Obviously on this mission, visiting Gaza was very important, not only to listen to people but to see the physical damage. That shook all of us, the extent of it," he continued.

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Maybe Obama and other idiots does not listen to my words but there is somebody that do. And he has shocked me for another time - just removing Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos from the Ecclesia Dei - a department that has been established to keep a dialogue between Vatican and SSPX - Econe group. Group that is a key one on the Holy See - White House line - kind of guards of Black Iron Prison. It is a move that for sure will saddnen both President Kaczynski and our Cardinal Stanislaw from Wawel. Moreover - the Pope in his Motu proprio document entitled "Ecclesiae Unitatem" ("The Unity of the Church") - has also put a condition before ECONE community will enjoy the rights of others catholic orders it need to answer to the doctrinal questions... Let God bless You Benedicto...

Pope says doctrinal congregation will dialogue with traditionalists

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI has placed the commission responsible for relations with traditionalist Catholics under the authority of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

With a brief apostolic letter issued "motu proprio" (on his own initiative), Pope Benedict said he wanted to "demonstrate paternal care toward the Society of St. Pius X," founded by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, so members could return to full communion with the church.

The apostolic letter, dated July 2 and published July 8, was titled "Ecclesiae Unitatem" ("The Unity of the Church").

In a brief note published separately, Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of 80-year-old Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos as president of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei," which since 1988 has been charged with outreach to the Society of St. Pius X and assistance to Catholics attached to the pre-Vatican II liturgy.

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