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Program Ilan

It was not Maidens' Vows, or the Magnetism of the Heart and the Radost cottage has drowed centauries ago in the Deluge but it was sweet weekend. After recent disclosure of secret United State anti-terrorist program Ilan - on which i had landed years ago - i was thinking that things will change - but for another time NASA was launching Endeavour. Thay was sure that this time they will avoid thunderstrikes... Well, some brains in the Pentagon has stayed and not changed for too long. Freezed in their insanity and maybe not able to change...

NYT: “Cheney kept CIA programme secret”

The former American Vice President Dick Cheney has been accused of keeping a CIA counter-terrorism programme secret from Congress for eight years. The generally-pro-Democrat New York Times said the still-unidentified programme was launched after the 9/11 terror attacks. Cheney’s alleged involvement suggests the Bush administration put a high priority on its secrecy. The programme’s aims are not known, but it is said to have never become operational. Democrat politicians are outraged that they were kept in the dark.

“I know I have been lied to,” said Democratic congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. “This is certainly one example of an investigation I hope we will have into the CIA persistently lying to Congress over a number of years.”

The New York Times says CIA Director Leon Panetta disclosed Cheney’s role last month, and also ordered an end to the programme. US law requires the President to ensure Congress is kept fully-informed of all intelligence activities.


Well, in some sense Congress is kept fully-informed of some inteligence activities that are undertaken by the CIA - to close this programme - through this blog. For the luck of people involved in this weekend 'Greek' police action against my Drzymala camp - our Bulgarian caravane has decided to not undertake it. When i was yesterday leaving MIDI- i was thinking about our 'Maltan soldiers' near my camp - that was there just to perform their Phornography play. Children one... Again...

Yes, they has returned on Saturday morning - ready to serve - NASA launch. When i had come back on Sunday - i have found there only group of children with one adult. But he has left area and only our six bullerbyn children's has left. I was thinking if they are realy so stupid to go such way. They was but i have left the stage too - going back to Midi Gare. And listening to what people on my march through Gettho was saying. Some was realy thinking that it is after. Acting like Volksdeutsche of IV Reich....

When i was back on Midi i was thinking if not to just jump to train to Paris or elsewhere and escape the situation. But it could made things even worse. Then i have discovered this same man from our convoy that was together with our childrens - also looking on Euronews screen. Well, it is one of such situation in which they was trying to catch me non stop. I realy think sometimes that our Furer has lost his mind - or maybe there are two Presidents of United States. Looks that Clinton has been so deeply trapped by Texas that is not able to escape this trap. They did not executed their Shah demonstration on Friday - when Obama was visiting Holy See. Weel, Obama has promised to 'reduce number of "abortions"' and has received from the Benedict some booklet on eugenic and abortions. Something that should remind him this blog - but just today they has announced that 'US expected in Gaza tomorrow'. Are they going to use our car caravan, again?

Thier plan to involve me with some inhuman things like this one with children could maybe work for a moment in some people hearts and minds but they has already did to much to lie away my reputation - to get confidences of the masses. Clinton is realy overshadowing past Bush's years. I do not think that this way they are going to silence this Progral Ilan and the whole scandal - that has reached even Holy See. If they will count on such 'closure' - they will land in even bigger shit that are now. Obama should take his visit in Africa to the heart and in White House he should do some 'Door of no return' this time for such kind of slave traders. If you will ask me - yes, Clinton has already corssed through it - and people all over the world see this. As are starting to understand the nature of this secret CIA program Ilan…

If he or anybody else thinks that he will success in such tactics - he must be simply mad. This way out of program Ilan will end just like in case of Paris Barbarians. A case that has over the weekend electrised the world. Very anti-semitic - that so much reminds the spirit of Gombrowicz phornography has ended for some jewish guy in very tragic way. I was in quite similar situation - but thanks God i am still alive. But this case - marks something that is so much Nazi in nature that should not be allowed to happen. Such ways of treating people - and such inhuman program should be stoped - but not in a way that leads to the elimination of the survivals of this so called anti-terrorist CIA operations. If Obama want to avoid beign named a 'Fofana' he needs to understand this and realy change this Nazi machinery... Otherwise it is only matter of time before people will 'hang' him politicaly. He and his party, that thanks to Hilary sweedish influence, so much reminds the NSDAP...

French ‘Barbarian’ gang leader gets life

A Paris gang chief has been sentenced to life in prison in France for the murder and torture of a Jewish man.

Youssouf Fofana, the leader of a group that called itself the ‘Barbarians’, was extradited to France after fleeing to the Ivory Coast following the death of Ilan Halimi in 2006.

Under tight security, Fofana was sentenced to 22 years, the maximum under French law, after he admitted killing.

Two other accomplices were given 15 and 18 years respectively. The woman who lured Halimi received nine years.

The anti-Semitic nature of the killing shocked France, sparking mass protests.

The gang abducted the 23-year-old for more than three weeks, unsuccessfully trying to extort a ransom, before leaving him to die. Halimi, who died shortly after, was discovered near a train station, naked, handcuffed and severely burned.


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