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Well, this Sabbath was unique as it was just on the eve of Eclipse. I do not know if Israeli leaders knows a book 'Feeling of the crisis' that has been originaly published on begining of the past centaury - but they should definitivly read it before next such incident. In this book Kazimierz Kelles-Krauz, Henryk Walecki and Wladyslaw Leder has gave a deep diagnosis of jewish community and maybe if somebody in their time would get it to the heart then Adolf Hitler would never perform his Holocaust. This sabbath was kind of incident that could contribute to futher growth of anti-semitism and the faulty was Mr. Lieberman - you are fueling this anti-semitism wave in perfect way and if this politics would be continued it can just end like a Kielce Pogrom - in the best case...

Kielce pogrom

The Kielce pogrom refers to the events that occurred on July 4, 1946, in the Polish town of Kielce. Allegations of blood libel following a police investigation led to a massive outbreak of violence against the Jewish community of Kielce perpetrated by the communist police, soldiers, and an angry mob. Violence resulted in 42 Polish Jews being murdered and 40 more injured, out of about 200 Holocaust survivors who after the war had returned home from the Soviet Union, Nazi concentration camps or their hiding places. At least two other Polish Jews passing through the city in trains also were murdered on this day. Three Gentile Poles were also killed, at least two of them most probably by the Jews defending themselves. Polish courts tried and condemned nine Poles to death for their crimes, and they were executed.

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