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Horse races

It is 7 decades of opression, since Adolf Hitler to Barack Hussein Obama. Yesternight could be an end to it - but very specific one - just like this one that Adolf Hitler has wished to us. Big moral victory. And for another time i would not come out alone. Yesternight media in Poland has gave information - Teather in poland has slowed down - Zbigniew Zapasiewicz is dead. NASA was giving only 60% chance but they has tried, again. As usuals this Barbarians do.

Today i was waked up online - by brodcast of my coleagues. Nasia and the second one male voice that has shouted 'We will meet at the bridge'. I have been warned some time ago about Nasia intentions and today morning i have been just reasured. Two polish soldiers has come - they in Central was sure it will work. But it has not worked - the one that has been sent - just like this parachuter on French video from Bastilian storm celebrations - has just told to his colleague that i am right - and i am attacking huge assholes. He has left the scene not harming me. I was in shock as the others in our Bunker. Thank you, brother. It was again Kuczera-Gagol tandem and people in Iran see it also. What an artistic souls - my place looks just like this one - but still alive...

All on board dead in Iran plane crash

An Iranian passenger plane has crashed in northwest of Iran, near the city of Qazvin with all on board confirmed dead.

Qazvin Police Chief Hossein Behzadpour and Mohammad Reza Montazer Khorasan, the head of the disaster management centre in Iran's health ministry, both confirmed that all 168 people on board have been killed in the crash.

More: PressTV

Yesterday i have started to write a CV - but not with intention to send it to London IHRA. I have used a phrase 'officer' working for ENCOD. I was never part of military comunity but well, on the drug front - on the very front of this strugle with narco-nazism - it is just like during the war. In this sense - people there are kind of officers but of the civilian population - defending their rights against the military junta - that has been placed - also inside of such organizations. To paralyse all progres and continue to treat people like animals. Of course - with their usual deviation - having a phares 'human rights' on their mouths. Something symphtomatic - that has been born decades ago - when after I World War - Germany epsionage has been limited by international treaties to defensive one. To expand their activities German Abwher - has developed a concept of 'defending secrets'. This way - they could bypass treaties - going sometimes very offensive in their 'secret defense'. And this thinking has gave a fruit of this specific nazi deviation in redefining words and the world... It is so visible when it comes to the 'human rights'...

Well, they has failed yesterday - and some has gave a strong signal that this time it was anoter attempt from Presidential Palace - but foiled by new born informal fraction inside of Kaczynski party. But today - Fofana is going to celebrate. They say that Israeli has granted permit to break Gaza siege -in a move like a Boat of Mercy. Well, today is also a day when close Furer ally - is taking leadership of Non Alligned Movement - NAM. Where he will lead it? Into darkness of original Buchenwald witch - Ilse Koch. It is worst development that could happened to the free world. Obama can be maybe happy - but in practice this development will only further marginalise NAM and will reinstall Moscow at old position, but what is quite positivie in the new role - it is very true when it comes to the World of Islam...

Well, when i have mentioned some time ago incident from the Midi Gare i realy - as other - was thinking that it is symphtom of something positive. I just could not belive that some can be so evil and twist that for another time is just repeating Bitch of Buchenwald scenario - but after yesternight it is obviously for me that Nasia is just this same model that Melanie and others was. By irony - at that moment at Gare Midi - she has captured imaginations of many - just to lose it as the Nazi bitch. In Georgia - just on next day when they has seen this white lady portrait - leaders of opposition has announced that during upcoming anti-Shakashvill protest they will plan to 'dress in white'. Well, i am just to niave sometimes, in Moscow they has discovered it sooner - and half-seriously, half by joke, instead of informal summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States they are going to organise ... a horse race.

Moscow to host horse race instead of CIS summit

MOSCOW, July 15 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has invited the leaders of post Soviet countries to attend a horse race on Saturday, instead of holding an informal CIS summit, a business daily reported on Wednesday.

"The political implications of the event have been nullified: only those who take an interest in races will arrive," Vedomosti quoted a Kremlin source as saying.

However, another presidential insider told the paper that any event envisaging communication between national leaders could be viewed as an informal summit.

More: RIA Novosti

In my country in this same time when they has taken my passport to the Parliament (to not mention this year elections to European Parliament) they are going to give new one to some Israelis from IRGUN. The soldiers that has betrayed our army - making desertion before such battles as this one on Monte Casino - are going now to get polish nationality. It is seven decades now since Adolf Hitler - nothing has changed if it comes to some of us. Well, some are treated worst that animals while masters from uber-race are going back to the land of the lost. I wonder when they will start to change names of cities in General Gouverment - as they started to do in Palestine - wiping national identity and truth...

Ashkenazi intelligence

Ashkenazi intelligence is a controversial theory that the higher general intelligence measured in IQ tests of Ashkenazi Jews results from natural selection to extended historical persecution in Europe. Anthropologists Cochran, Hardy and Harpending from the University of Utah advanced the theory in a 2006 paper. Brian Fergueson of Rutgers University published an on-line critique of the theory in 2007.

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