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Celebrating Uprising

Donald Tusk party has expressed their happines from the Kaczynski-Gagol plans to celebrate highly controversial Warsaw Uprising. Just like his grandfather would do! Tommorow almost in all major polish cities people will hear the sirens. In almost all because there are some city majors like Andrzej Szlęzak from Stalowa Wola - that are aware about Kaczynski assasination plans and are refusing to mark it this way - stating that they are aware of this PRL styled manipulation. I hope that also here people of Free City Bruxells, like once people of Free City Danzing will stand on the right side. Celebrating Warsaw Uprising by making such assault is a bigest insult to the soldiers that has liberated our country from the Nazism - ever. Whatever they was fighting in the ranks of Armia Krajowa or Armia Ludowa - such a move is a one that is just an insult to them all. I am sure that 'Major Radosz' frome from NSZ-AK - would say this same. And for another time would state that in the London goverment we have found a Nazi moles.

Some other will point to the visits of some Polish Army officers in the South America - where they was holding friendly a meeting with former officers of Nazi Army. It is not a secret - as the plans of our dearest Malta Cavaler - Kaczynski that are just an confirmation of his true nature. To the country some other veterans are returning - people that has betrayed us and instead of going for one of most important battle - battle for Monte Casino - they has choosed a fight with British Army in Palestine - de facto on the side of Adolf Hitler supporters from Ukrainian IRGUN. Now - some younger - to underline this, in this same nazi spirit - has attacked al-Aqsa Mosque. Joining Kaczynski-Lieberman specific celebrations of the Warsaw Uprising. They say that are just like a uprisers but in reality are just on the side of the SS Galicia. An Nazi unit that has been sent to Warsaw to fight with uprising. They are just like SS Galicia - in spirit, goal, methods and roots...

Jewish fundamentalists storm al-Aqsa Mosque

More than 200 Jewish extremists have reportedly entered al-Aqsa Mosque, positioning themselves inside the holy site, allegedly to perform religious rituals.

According to a statement released by the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage, the incursion was "significant". The foundation has called on Muslims, Arabs and all Palestinians to take action in support of the mosque.

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