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Boat of Mercy

Euthanasia seeks to establish who can live and who must die..

Jean Paul II
visiting Portuges doctors

The world of diplomacy has ben erthquaked just after the weekend by American Ship of the Mercy - 'Spirit of Humanity' that wanted to 'bring humanitarian help' to the Palestinians. This ship has been stoped by Israeli and confiscated - all american crew has been arested - including former US Green Party lawmaker Cynthia McKinney. Diplomats for two days in silence has been waiting for White House to take a stance of this very complicated incident - that is and should - remind you our Amsterdam chanell and some other also very Green boat. Today is thrid day of Swedish presidency...

US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel

Nearly a day after the detention of former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney by Israeli forces, Washington has yet to make a reaction.

Israeli Navy detained former US congresswoman and Nobel Prize laureate Cynthia McKinney and twenty other human rights activists on board a relief boat outside Israel's territorial waters on Tuesday as they were heading to Gaza on a humanitarian mission.

Source: PressTV

This incident is something like a 'wildcats dialogue' - between Lieberman and Lieberman - in which he is sometimes comunicating his intentions - personal one but from his powerfull Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. My yesterday announcment about intention to leave Nazi Europe - after New Poland has closed my door to Parliament for next couple of years - was something that has made for them another reason of fear . While i am observing an openly fashist effort to build a political and military crusade under 'bottle case' - I do not feel secure on the Old Continent. I see stronger and stronger efforts to imprison me - and i do not think it will disapear anytime soon. Gestapo - political police - is just ahead on the way in Sweedish programe...

Yesterday, Tusk has closed a door to Parliament for me - he has throwed me out of the politial scene in New Poland - for now - and made it without sense for me to stay in Europe - at least in near perspective. With Chrysler for Negro deal - road to Rome is closed - and i am, as Roothan would be, affraid also about France and Germany. So i have started to look more toward South America - just like Witold Gombrowicz did escaping his Nazi experience... See how it has worried some in Lieberman Ministry. Read between the lines - He - as Hospitalers of Malta Order do - has recomended to put me - and others like me - in MASHav... Wee, just like father - famous Iranian - to psychiatric hospital...

Israel wants end to Iran influence in LatAm

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has said that Iran's expanding infiltration into Latin America must be put to a stop.

Ayalon made the remark at an Israel Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV) conference at the Israeli Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

"Iran's expanding infiltration into Latin America must be stopped," said Ayalon, who has recently returned from a visit to South America.

"MASHAV is an important tool of the Israel Foreign Ministry to cope with the growing Iranian presence in Latin America," he added.

More: PressTV

It is 100 day of Beniamin Nethanyhu cabinet and a time for get a note from the Israeli. This incident with 'Spirit of Humanity' was conducted just to keep them in faith that it is Furer Obama that is sending his 'message of merci' - like this same circle did promoting euthanasia on the Jean Paul II (see 'The Sweet Death of Karol Wojtyla'). It is just IRGUN merci - kill him he is suffering so much... Of course not by our hand - as Liberman would clarify. And this line has taken Israeli forces preparing this propaganda event - that was intended to send a message that Israel is defending me from this american-swedish barbarians and thier boat of merci and also defend them from my supporters and their fanatism... And it is quite true - let say it is true in half. Why? Because it is Lieberman wildcats at the back of it - while Obama plays just a role of stupid bloody lapdog - blind as Tusk was just days ago! Very sadistical one - thanks to Kuczera-Gagol tandem...

Well, Isreali are not stupid as this lapdog is - they has gave his cabinet a barely passing grade of 5.6 points -- out of 10. I think that they see very clearly where Liberman is trying to lead me and are also expresing thier opposition to such direction - as they too - see the tranistion of jewish state to Teutonic one. The survey, conducted by Tel Aviv University to gauge the premier's popularity, found that Israelis believe the Netanyahu government is not leading Israel in the right direction. But still is better that blind and fanatical Kdima - leaded by Livin. When asked who was better suited to be the Israeli prime minister, 52 percent of the respondents said Netanyahu, while only 34 said Livni. But to complicate situation - just like Olechowski in Poland - on stage has appeared old hawk - with criticism of Nethanyhu cabinet - encuraging him to shoot in his head, as Tusk has almost did...

Netanyahu's gamble on roadmap could backfire

An adviser to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon blames the current administration for creating a bigger dilemma by refusing to endorse the peace roadmap.

Dov Weissglas, Sharon's bureau chief, told Jerusalem Post that Netanyahu has made a mistake of refusing to advocate the roadmap, arguing that his acceptance of the plan from the very beginning of his government could have allayed the international community's concerns as well as winning the US satisfaction.

More: PressTV

Well, in Poland Tusk see now how deep consequences of his 'assault' could be. In the well prepared wave - they has attacked FarfaƂ - a head of public television and a former member of neo-nazi group. It is lesser evil - as some want to replace him by his precursor that are just below the bottom... Anyway they continue to paint him as me - while i am still in Pawiak - nothing that Farafal or any of them enjoyed! Chaos in TVP - two heads in television - they has just wroten on the newsboards. Something like we have right now in Israel. And in meantime on the ground our caravan of thugs has returned by accident just on the start of Kuczera - Operation Khanjar. "In the next few days the enemy will observe us to see what we are doing. Then they will come back with a vengeance," - says one of Kuczera officers in their dada merci message.

But also Lieberman has put his hand in this - on this night some of his Econe cultists has come to my camp - we was talking about religion as he has hold a Holy Bible - but he was realy mad. In the middle of night has disapeared somwhere - then returned for a moment. It reminds me a scenario litte bit like this one from the night of Karel lader - and now i read that in Grozny - as in Ingushetia - president was targeted - by similar suspected network... Was similar duo-attempt in Brussels, yesternight?

Well, but lets go back to our caravan - in it i hear lots of Russian - but it is this Romanov House dialect. It looks that Obama continue his Cobra tactic - with a perversity of maniac - preparing just another assualt - and afterall blaming others. This time on the eve of his Moscow visit - he has criticised Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin - for "cold war approaches" to relations with the US, saying Putin had "one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new. They could reply and it would be totaly true - that he - Obama plays just like a nazi vulture. But instead of this - he Dimitri Peskov has softly replied - that Obama is wrong when he accounts Putin - as he has never meet him - and will change his opinion when both will meet on the morning.

Kremlin has already signalised that they are happy from Americans so advanced efforts in their 'warhead' reduction - but they still are playing this game and just today on Euronews - they has published another headline - 'Medvedev ready to push “reset” button with US'. They of course - was preparing so long their Moscow crusade - and already has made some propaganda materials - like this one on the end of this post. No, it is not Russian caravan near my Lincoln like tenth and it is not russian star that they will have. It will be a sfastik. And we are here just like in 1943 - on the Sandomir soil - in jewish getto. On the eve of American Independence Day - day of Sandomir flag...

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