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Bulgarian prono

This weekend was hardest even - maybe because today Obama visit in Moscow - where both sides want to clos their difficult pages in the history of US-Russian relations and open a new page. While Obama speaks only about reset it could be hard to bring together with Russian hopes. Anywyay - the preparations that all sides has undertaken to beatuify this trip and upcomming G8 summit - are worth mentioning. So instead of writing open letter to President of RP - i will just sumarise it.

The thug caravan was interesting element in Kuczera operation but there was somebody else that in some sense baffled this efforts. While i was on Saturday in the park still trying to figure out what Kuczera tema has prepared when 'they will come back with a vengeance' i have been ambushed and bitten so heavily i have almost lost consciousness. The attack has come from three black Econe mans. It was not provoked - i was just passing when one of attackers has stoped me and claimed that i have accosted his kid - when he was returning from school. Of course i did not. As for my own security - i am keeping a close distant to adults - limiting it to minimum; not to mention childs. But then he has attacked me and together with his friends beaten me heavily. I have escaped - otherwise i would land in hosptial...

This even has kicked me out of rest of day - lets say i was wounded like this Checheny policeman - ambushed from three sides. Well, it was just like routine interigation on Pawiak, but something that psyhicaly has happened first time. I do not wand a feud here right now - i know that some of my supporters would like to do it, but this is last thing i want now. I hope that this will just not occur again. By irony, it was a day when in Iraq - some american officers has hold their Naturalisation ceremony - giving american citizenship to their volounters. Well, Nixsonisation is progressing on all fronts - in both directions - moving people on the top and bottom of the society - sometimes crashing them on the margins. But it was not Biden forces this time - it was Shah one. Biden was waiting somwhere in the caravan near my place - just before elections in Bulgaria... EU trust was on the line - as they was joking at the Euronews.

On my way back to the camp - in half consciousness - i have visited police station. Not to look for a help - but i was affraid that i have lost my id card - what could complicate my future. I was throwed out by some at the enternance - as he told me to first get a shower. Well, without comment i have come out - back to the park. Looking for my things. Then some black man has stoped me - and asked what i have to black people. I was quite surprised - i was going to reply - what you have to jewish people? But have biten my neat's tongue - as from Israel is some problem on the line. I did not wanted to provoke. Anyway he was not looking for another fight so after taking my shawl i have left park going back to camp. Where of course i have meet my Bulgarians and big group of their childrens.

Later some group of polish people has come - drinking some alkohol just next to me. But i was beaten heavily and decided to stay away. Unfortunetly childs has not gave me silence and has started to come near my place - throwing first flowers then stalks and showing me 'fuck you'. My head was going to explode - but i have stayed calm - not beigh provoked. It was just on the eve of the Bulgarian elections and i have started to understand what plan they had to me on this ocassion. It had reminded me another story of some Lodz ecolog and his wife photo. And also a begining of Kolski Phornography - that you can find in previous post. Realy, what Gombrowicz has wroten - is now so deep and so fresh and actual, as it was like in 1943...

On the Euronews in this time they has broadcasted a news from Kuczera operation - on the video end you can find some female soldier speaking about another missing - while keeping some papers in the hand. A news that has been also published in... Sara Palin Alaska. It has reminded me someone else - from my Voice of Truth broadcast...

Taliban hit back in Afghanistan

The Taliban have struck back against a US-led offensive against insurgent forces in Afghanistan. Two American soldiers died in an attack on an army base which military sources described as ‘complex.’ Two Afghan policemen and 10 militants also died.

The attack came after thousands of US and British troops launched Operation Khanjar to drive the Taliban out of southern Helmand province.

“The only information I have is that a US soldier did go missing from his unit on June 30th. We’re exhausting all available resources to determine his whereabouts and bring him back safely,” said a liason officer.


I was still wondering what they has prepared - for this elections - it was something calculated to close people mouths - as this Kuczera officer was sugesting. And i think that this Bulgarian childrens was in center of it. I remeber another similar story from Poland - when three years ago - one of ecological actvist in Lodz - Krzysztof WychowaƂek - - has been blamed for pedophilia. They has arested him in his office - in a big global opperation that has been sterred by White House. Officialy it was aimed at some gangs of phedophils that was operating internet rigns. But polish arm of it - thanks to this green fighter - was realy comic one. They has aressted him - and confiscated computers that was open for anybody - in his small 'internet caffe' for activists. In fact they had nothing more that a name and false claims from the U.S. but all media in Poland has made him a guilty and started to crash him into ground. It was just like furry - steered and cooked.

After days they has released him as well as some others - it was his incredible luck. I know that he has discovered how local pseudo-ecological organisation are abusing a money from public fund in Lodz - and therefore has been choosed to be crashed in his Phornography attack. At the end he has been released - with officials stating that the base of accusations was old photo of young girl, naked girl - that they has found in his appartment. But it was a photo of his wife from an early time. He has been cleaned from accusations, but now i think how many others was not... And now i see - that some there was preparing similar shocking propagana shoot for me - just on the eve of the elections in Bulgaria. Why it did not worked - i do not know. Some car has come from Germany - maybe this was reason. And at the next day - they has left the stage... Beign called off or forced by police. I do not know... They are gone - just like some vice minister from Tusk cabinet... But i know that this missing soldier was suposed to be taken with them - and the public silenced - by such kind of repugnant incident... Full tandeta.

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