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Bathrooms roadmap

It could be treated as accident - but as you should be aware - because of my broadcast and whole political plots it was not - just on 15 July in library i have been given a map. It was exacly in the time when on Euronews people was informed about Swedish Presidency roadmap. What is on my map? A free bathrooms - because i am overmolested by VALIS - sometimes i stink. So they has gave me this roadmap - forgeting about whole opression that i have survived in course of their inhuman Ilan programme that officialy has never started but in practice has intensified during Hussein Obama time... It must be a joke - i was thinking. I was sure that during this Sabaath i will be washed anyway, in the dissecting-room...

U.S. Rep. Holt heads campaign to probe CIA practices

The New Jersey lawmaker at the center of a controversy on whether the CIA lied to Congress says he believes support is growing for a "comprehensive" investigation into intelligence-gathering practices.

"I think there has been a significant shift in the mood in both Congress and in the general public," said U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-12th Dist.), chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. "It's been a distinct change."

Holt said he believes the investigation, which he also called a review, should be as intense and comprehensive as the probe conducted more than 30 years ago -- in the wake of the Watergate scandal -- by a special committee headed by U.S. Sen. Frank Church, an Idaho Democrat.

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Well, i am not as Dr. Kelly a weapon expert, radiologist and numerolgist and i do not live like an animal in the Ilanian Astronomic Observatory waiting for Eclipse. My family was not opressed - nethier my grandfather or father - since Adolf Hitler has visited our fatherland in not so fameous Beth Khoron battle on the very begining of II World War. And, well, i do not know anything about so called jewish state - Israel... I am just stupid yokel - like father of Adam Mickiewicz - that still have a hope that Swedish Presidency will use this historical opportunity to repair all the harms they was constantly doing to our family and nation since the Sweedish Deluge.

My existence and the old knowledge and claims of Isreal archeology services - with top of Beth-Khoron, Yasna and Reich Mountains was treated just a weeks ago as the threat to the security of the state Israel. But some has discovered that there was another jewish kingdom - Judha (or maybe rather in avestan Jura?) - the problems is an old jewish habit of falsyfing history. Well, i think that diging into this three artifical heights could bring many answers to the origin of this land - mentioned in book of Yasna - as the shelter from which our tribe has come out after Earth freezing. Maybe Judha that was first mentioned more that 1000 years before Christ was not on Palestine soil at all? I have seen on maps from Generalgouverment time that Adolf was digging this land heavily? Accident? Maybe... But there is another - this time real - existencial threat that i pose to some in Israel and elsewhere- it is a memory of the 2 April 2005. The memory that i share with Pope Benedict. And what i see from my observatory is great funeral on 22 July - historical sun eclipse. I see this ISS bathroom and polish troops that wanted to take revenge for Jean Paul II. Eliminating both of us and washing themself. But they has failed for another time...

Pope falls and suffers broken wrist

The Pope is recovering in hospital after falling and breaking his wrist. The Vatican said Benedict had slipped in the bath at his holiday chalet near the northern Italian town of Aosta, and suffered a minor fracture of the right wrist. He was taken to hospital for precautionary checks, which included minor surgery on the break, but his spokesman said it was nothing serious.

The Pope is 82 and took over at the Vatican following the death of John Paul II four years ago. Benedict suffered a mild stroke in 2005 and has been on medication. He also has a slight heart condition. The fracture means he will be unable to pursue his favourite hobby, playing the piano.


No, i do not think it was accident as during my brodcast just on the eve our wildcast was mentioning 'bathroom'. I rather think that somebody for another time played with VALIS to take 'revenge' for death of Jean Paul. As usual Nazi do - on very wrong person. I am sure that intention was to have his funeral on the Eclipse day.

It was some mole from the Polish Army and it is so sad that we does not see any consequences. The message about broken toilet on ISS station is some kind of confirmation. This way after eliminating us - public would be told - in semi-secrecy - maybe even on this same waves on which i am brodcasting - that it was Benedict that was behind death of Jean Paul. They was already prepared with this version as you can see on the Hollywood movie - Angels & Demons - casting a doubt at one of Cardianals that is participating in Conclave. If Benedict Bathroom episod would end by tragedy - indeed - upcomming Congress commission could simply skip this Vatican thread and who knows maybe next pope would be Cardinal Stanislaw? Yes, of course - Program Ilan has never been started and Radosz never existed...

Thank You - Sweedish Presidency - very much for such a roadmap, your assing and you idiotic policies. I have my own roadmap and will continue my protest until i will be appologized in a correct manner. You barbarians!!!

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