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"The task that i have taken on me is modernisation of Poland and development of the liberal democracy. Current status quo of this project is seriously worring me. Amid personal achievments of millions of Poles – we are far away behind modern centrum. Polish nation is still hostage of bad education, absurdal economic laws, crashing infrastructure, inccapax, biased and corrupted state, embarrassing political culture."

Andrzej Olechowski

Some time ago SBB railways from Switzerland has published a map on which Poland was wiped from the map. For me it has just happened yesterday – together with Tusk change of the Constitution. It is shocking for many – in which direction Donald and his advisors have dragged Civic Platform. The feeling that just today has been confirmed by Andrzej Olechowski – one of founders of this party – that in his letter has thanked Donald Tusk for cooperation and has quit Tusk party. They say that Olechowski thinks now about Presidential Elections that will be held in 2011. The other founder - Maciej Płażyński – that already has left Civic Platform – has commented that he was surprised that so important person is still in the ranks of PO and is keeping up this fiction. Tusk has said that he founds ‘funny’ parts in Olechowski letter but I do not think that others in New Poland think it is funny. But still it could be much worse for Tusk…

Today they has also suspended a Sejm Commission for the presure - this one that in past was leaded by Czuma and in which another Member of Parliament - Jozef Gruszka -another famous polish truth seeker - has received a stroke. When he has been choosed as the head of commission that at that time was dealing with polish oil company - PKN Orlen - and their Plonsk dirty buisensses - media was writing about 11 angry mans - the 12 is still writing on this blog. They say today meeting was expected to be a culminating point - but because of formal-legal problems it has been suspended. The former Minister of Justice - Kaczmarek (PiS) - this one from our 'plastic bottles' telephones - has expresed his happines - and on the margin - has gave a comment that should disillusione this ones - that has belived that President of New Poland - will veto this Constitutional damage. Thier birthday gift made on 23 April 2009 - the recomendation of rejecting Tusk ammendment to Constitution - was just a fake in eclection campaign, empty words...

Tusk is of course happy as a small child - while top of polish media - are beautifulled by prepared by Presidential Palace news that it was General Jaruzelski that has gave an order to shoot down a plane in which Dionizy Bielański wanted to escape Soviet Poland in 1975. It was prepared before Tusk sportsmen has been sent to the Gare du Midi. If Tusk does not understand what he is doing to himself and his party – maybe should look some specialists – and not this one from PR. It is nothing unusual in his loved Sweeden – where more that 50% of population is doing so… With all the evil of Soviet Times - what Jaruzelski has allowed to do to my family - is uncomparable to Tusk termination... Even in the most dificult times - when under pressure from both NATO and Warsa-pact - they was not such creatures - respecting my nobility and our tradition - i have been born and survived this Nixsonisation until Tusk's New Poland or maybe rather New Sweeden?

What he and Kaczynski is doing is just like what Stanisław Rewera Potocki and Stanisław Lanckoroński did in Sandomierz during Swedish Deluge - making oath of loyalty to Sweedish Palace. He realy should listen to Jaruzelski announcment of Martial Law - that has produced so many of Januszki - terminated or interneed for their quest of independence and human rights... But, he does not care - and is just rebuilding his Szuch headquaters - laughting from the nation - even directly in the eyes of this that has been hurt so badly be the recent flood. Instead of fighting for a money - through European Union Solidarity Fund and other instruments - he is making shiftless posture in the Teutonic way... Who will buy this shit - what kind of ruler he is?

And now things are even more complicated - because after failed coup de etat - that was intendent to remove some of Tusk ministers from the cabinet - they has started to look for a faulty of our Gare events. Not by accident - Rzeczpospolita newspaper -has wroten an article entitled 'Life is not easy for religous jewish women in the Army' in which head of Rabbins of Israel Defense Forces Awiszaj Ronski - has commented that he personaly thinks that womans should not serve in the Army. His statement later has been clarified by the spokesperson of IDF - that rabbi has not made an criticism of womens in army in general but instead wanted to point the public attention on the specific problems that can be releated to such presence. Indeed, very specific, very serious - and thanks to some - just like in Phornography Gombrowicza.

However, i do not think that this will make a bigger problems for her, as not counting saving my life - she has also foiled an ala Honduras coup that in effect would remove also Bogdan Klich from the position of Minister of Defense. In fact she has saved Tusk from his own stupidity. I do not think that Klich will allow to harm her, but, well - for me nothing has changed. Thanks to his yesterday act - Poland has disapeared from my and not only my - political map and i do not think that returning anytime soon - with such state of corruption - will be possible for me. Without security guarantees it is impossible at this moment. I am looking not for my Jura but rather at footsteeps of Lukaszewicz, Gabrowicz or Simon Boliviar - on the place for rubbishs like I - somwhere in high Andes in South America. Far from this nazi opression... The party at the Swedish castle has just began - while my from 300 years are destroyed and the Poland - after 20 years - has been replaced by something that Tusk calls New Poland and i will just call New Sweeden... I am looking to trash citizenship of General Gouverment - that gives me nothing but opression and humilitation... They has called Czech Presidency an catastroph - after first days of Sweedish one - i think they will be calling it Armagedon...

Sweden takes the wheel of the EU

The rotating presidency of the European Union has turned to from the Czech Republic to Sweden.

The occasion was marked with a gathering at the royal castle in Stockholm.

The six-month shift will be a busy one, with much to do on both the European and global fronts. Domestically, there is a new European parliament to be sworn in and the Lisbon Treaty to deal with. As for international priorities, the Swedish prime minister identified two major issues: fighting both the economic crisis and climate change.


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