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Celebrating Uprising

Donald Tusk party has expressed their happines from the Kaczynski-Gagol plans to celebrate highly controversial Warsaw Uprising. Just like his grandfather would do! Tommorow almost in all major polish cities people will hear the sirens. In almost all because there are some city majors like Andrzej Szlęzak from Stalowa Wola - that are aware about Kaczynski assasination plans and are refusing to mark it this way - stating that they are aware of this PRL styled manipulation. I hope that also here people of Free City Bruxells, like once people of Free City Danzing will stand on the right side. Celebrating Warsaw Uprising by making such assault is a bigest insult to the soldiers that has liberated our country from the Nazism - ever. Whatever they was fighting in the ranks of Armia Krajowa or Armia Ludowa - such a move is a one that is just an insult to them all. I am sure that 'Major Radosz' frome from NSZ-AK - would say this same. And for another time would state that in the London goverment we have found a Nazi moles.

Some other will point to the visits of some Polish Army officers in the South America - where they was holding friendly a meeting with former officers of Nazi Army. It is not a secret - as the plans of our dearest Malta Cavaler - Kaczynski that are just an confirmation of his true nature. To the country some other veterans are returning - people that has betrayed us and instead of going for one of most important battle - battle for Monte Casino - they has choosed a fight with British Army in Palestine - de facto on the side of Adolf Hitler supporters from Ukrainian IRGUN. Now - some younger - to underline this, in this same nazi spirit - has attacked al-Aqsa Mosque. Joining Kaczynski-Lieberman specific celebrations of the Warsaw Uprising. They say that are just like a uprisers but in reality are just on the side of the SS Galicia. An Nazi unit that has been sent to Warsaw to fight with uprising. They are just like SS Galicia - in spirit, goal, methods and roots...

Jewish fundamentalists storm al-Aqsa Mosque

More than 200 Jewish extremists have reportedly entered al-Aqsa Mosque, positioning themselves inside the holy site, allegedly to perform religious rituals.

According to a statement released by the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage, the incursion was "significant". The foundation has called on Muslims, Arabs and all Palestinians to take action in support of the mosque.

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Mordor Eye

Well, this Sabbath was unique as it was just on the eve of Eclipse. I do not know if Israeli leaders knows a book 'Feeling of the crisis' that has been originaly published on begining of the past centaury - but they should definitivly read it before next such incident. In this book Kazimierz Kelles-Krauz, Henryk Walecki and Wladyslaw Leder has gave a deep diagnosis of jewish community and maybe if somebody in their time would get it to the heart then Adolf Hitler would never perform his Holocaust. This sabbath was kind of incident that could contribute to futher growth of anti-semitism and the faulty was Mr. Lieberman - you are fueling this anti-semitism wave in perfect way and if this politics would be continued it can just end like a Kielce Pogrom - in the best case...

Kielce pogrom

The Kielce pogrom refers to the events that occurred on July 4, 1946, in the Polish town of Kielce. Allegations of blood libel following a police investigation led to a massive outbreak of violence against the Jewish community of Kielce perpetrated by the communist police, soldiers, and an angry mob. Violence resulted in 42 Polish Jews being murdered and 40 more injured, out of about 200 Holocaust survivors who after the war had returned home from the Soviet Union, Nazi concentration camps or their hiding places. At least two other Polish Jews passing through the city in trains also were murdered on this day. Three Gentile Poles were also killed, at least two of them most probably by the Jews defending themselves. Polish courts tried and condemned nine Poles to death for their crimes, and they were executed.

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Bathrooms roadmap

It could be treated as accident - but as you should be aware - because of my broadcast and whole political plots it was not - just on 15 July in library i have been given a map. It was exacly in the time when on Euronews people was informed about Swedish Presidency roadmap. What is on my map? A free bathrooms - because i am overmolested by VALIS - sometimes i stink. So they has gave me this roadmap - forgeting about whole opression that i have survived in course of their inhuman Ilan programme that officialy has never started but in practice has intensified during Hussein Obama time... It must be a joke - i was thinking. I was sure that during this Sabaath i will be washed anyway, in the dissecting-room...

U.S. Rep. Holt heads campaign to probe CIA practices

The New Jersey lawmaker at the center of a controversy on whether the CIA lied to Congress says he believes support is growing for a "comprehensive" investigation into intelligence-gathering practices.

"I think there has been a significant shift in the mood in both Congress and in the general public," said U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-12th Dist.), chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. "It's been a distinct change."

Holt said he believes the investigation, which he also called a review, should be as intense and comprehensive as the probe conducted more than 30 years ago -- in the wake of the Watergate scandal -- by a special committee headed by U.S. Sen. Frank Church, an Idaho Democrat.

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Well, i am not as Dr. Kelly a weapon expert, radiologist and numerolgist and i do not live like an animal in the Ilanian Astronomic Observatory waiting for Eclipse. My family was not opressed - nethier my grandfather or father - since Adolf Hitler has visited our fatherland in not so fameous Beth Khoron battle on the very begining of II World War. And, well, i do not know anything about so called jewish state - Israel... I am just stupid yokel - like father of Adam Mickiewicz - that still have a hope that Swedish Presidency will use this historical opportunity to repair all the harms they was constantly doing to our family and nation since the Sweedish Deluge.

My existence and the old knowledge and claims of Isreal archeology services - with top of Beth-Khoron, Yasna and Reich Mountains was treated just a weeks ago as the threat to the security of the state Israel. But some has discovered that there was another jewish kingdom - Judha (or maybe rather in avestan Jura?) - the problems is an old jewish habit of falsyfing history. Well, i think that diging into this three artifical heights could bring many answers to the origin of this land - mentioned in book of Yasna - as the shelter from which our tribe has come out after Earth freezing. Maybe Judha that was first mentioned more that 1000 years before Christ was not on Palestine soil at all? I have seen on maps from Generalgouverment time that Adolf was digging this land heavily? Accident? Maybe... But there is another - this time real - existencial threat that i pose to some in Israel and elsewhere- it is a memory of the 2 April 2005. The memory that i share with Pope Benedict. And what i see from my observatory is great funeral on 22 July - historical sun eclipse. I see this ISS bathroom and polish troops that wanted to take revenge for Jean Paul II. Eliminating both of us and washing themself. But they has failed for another time...

Pope falls and suffers broken wrist

The Pope is recovering in hospital after falling and breaking his wrist. The Vatican said Benedict had slipped in the bath at his holiday chalet near the northern Italian town of Aosta, and suffered a minor fracture of the right wrist. He was taken to hospital for precautionary checks, which included minor surgery on the break, but his spokesman said it was nothing serious.

The Pope is 82 and took over at the Vatican following the death of John Paul II four years ago. Benedict suffered a mild stroke in 2005 and has been on medication. He also has a slight heart condition. The fracture means he will be unable to pursue his favourite hobby, playing the piano.


No, i do not think it was accident as during my brodcast just on the eve our wildcast was mentioning 'bathroom'. I rather think that somebody for another time played with VALIS to take 'revenge' for death of Jean Paul. As usual Nazi do - on very wrong person. I am sure that intention was to have his funeral on the Eclipse day.

It was some mole from the Polish Army and it is so sad that we does not see any consequences. The message about broken toilet on ISS station is some kind of confirmation. This way after eliminating us - public would be told - in semi-secrecy - maybe even on this same waves on which i am brodcasting - that it was Benedict that was behind death of Jean Paul. They was already prepared with this version as you can see on the Hollywood movie - Angels & Demons - casting a doubt at one of Cardianals that is participating in Conclave. If Benedict Bathroom episod would end by tragedy - indeed - upcomming Congress commission could simply skip this Vatican thread and who knows maybe next pope would be Cardinal Stanislaw? Yes, of course - Program Ilan has never been started and Radosz never existed...

Thank You - Sweedish Presidency - very much for such a roadmap, your assing and you idiotic policies. I have my own roadmap and will continue my protest until i will be appologized in a correct manner. You barbarians!!!


Solar Lunapark

Today on the way to library i have meet a long line of cars with different Luna park installations set on the line of one of major avenues in city. I was thinking about another hot Saturday as i have seen some trucks from Switzerland. But now i see that maybe they will have other better day as one of longest Sun eclipses is going to happen just on next Wednesday. It is also maybe a reason why some nazi enthusiasts are so intensively sloganing these days. Something that reminds so much similar accusations against Chechen President Kadyrov... In General gouverment they has just announced that funeral of Zapasiewicz will be hold on this Wednesday. So maybe it will be not Saturday this time...

Total Eclipse of the Sun

If you are the person Carly Simon was singing about, “you flew your Lear jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun.” If not and you are like most of the rest of us, you have always wanted to see a solar eclipse. I know I have.

One week from today, on July 22, 2009 the next solar eclipse will occur over portions of mainland China and the Pacific Ocean. If you are in Shanghai next week, and the sky is clear, you will have the experience of a lifetime. It may be too late to book a trip to Shanghai, but solar eclipses occur on a regular basis and they have been projected out for many years.

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In the world of diplomacy, as we could expect after taking leadership of NAM by Egiptian President i see real tectonic moves in the swedish-american direction that is realy shocking and worring me. It looks that they are just falling blindly into this nazi sheme as silly muttons. Lieberman must be most happiest man on the earth right now. But it can be real steep backward not only for me but for all people... The problem for NAM will realy be it corrupted leadership - i see it on Al Jazzira in Palestine. Nothing to worry?

Lebanon will use 'all means' against Israel

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman says his country will use 'all legitimate and available means' against the Israeli threats.

Speaking at the opening session of a Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit on Wednesday, Suleiman reiterated that Lebanon has the right to defend itself against Israeli the threats and to liberate its lands occupied by Israel.

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Horse races

It is 7 decades of opression, since Adolf Hitler to Barack Hussein Obama. Yesternight could be an end to it - but very specific one - just like this one that Adolf Hitler has wished to us. Big moral victory. And for another time i would not come out alone. Yesternight media in Poland has gave information - Teather in poland has slowed down - Zbigniew Zapasiewicz is dead. NASA was giving only 60% chance but they has tried, again. As usuals this Barbarians do.

Today i was waked up online - by brodcast of my coleagues. Nasia and the second one male voice that has shouted 'We will meet at the bridge'. I have been warned some time ago about Nasia intentions and today morning i have been just reasured. Two polish soldiers has come - they in Central was sure it will work. But it has not worked - the one that has been sent - just like this parachuter on French video from Bastilian storm celebrations - has just told to his colleague that i am right - and i am attacking huge assholes. He has left the scene not harming me. I was in shock as the others in our Bunker. Thank you, brother. It was again Kuczera-Gagol tandem and people in Iran see it also. What an artistic souls - my place looks just like this one - but still alive...

All on board dead in Iran plane crash

An Iranian passenger plane has crashed in northwest of Iran, near the city of Qazvin with all on board confirmed dead.

Qazvin Police Chief Hossein Behzadpour and Mohammad Reza Montazer Khorasan, the head of the disaster management centre in Iran's health ministry, both confirmed that all 168 people on board have been killed in the crash.

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Yesterday i have started to write a CV - but not with intention to send it to London IHRA. I have used a phrase 'officer' working for ENCOD. I was never part of military comunity but well, on the drug front - on the very front of this strugle with narco-nazism - it is just like during the war. In this sense - people there are kind of officers but of the civilian population - defending their rights against the military junta - that has been placed - also inside of such organizations. To paralyse all progres and continue to treat people like animals. Of course - with their usual deviation - having a phares 'human rights' on their mouths. Something symphtomatic - that has been born decades ago - when after I World War - Germany epsionage has been limited by international treaties to defensive one. To expand their activities German Abwher - has developed a concept of 'defending secrets'. This way - they could bypass treaties - going sometimes very offensive in their 'secret defense'. And this thinking has gave a fruit of this specific nazi deviation in redefining words and the world... It is so visible when it comes to the 'human rights'...

Well, they has failed yesterday - and some has gave a strong signal that this time it was anoter attempt from Presidential Palace - but foiled by new born informal fraction inside of Kaczynski party. But today - Fofana is going to celebrate. They say that Israeli has granted permit to break Gaza siege -in a move like a Boat of Mercy. Well, today is also a day when close Furer ally - is taking leadership of Non Alligned Movement - NAM. Where he will lead it? Into darkness of original Buchenwald witch - Ilse Koch. It is worst development that could happened to the free world. Obama can be maybe happy - but in practice this development will only further marginalise NAM and will reinstall Moscow at old position, but what is quite positivie in the new role - it is very true when it comes to the World of Islam...

Well, when i have mentioned some time ago incident from the Midi Gare i realy - as other - was thinking that it is symphtom of something positive. I just could not belive that some can be so evil and twist that for another time is just repeating Bitch of Buchenwald scenario - but after yesternight it is obviously for me that Nasia is just this same model that Melanie and others was. By irony - at that moment at Gare Midi - she has captured imaginations of many - just to lose it as the Nazi bitch. In Georgia - just on next day when they has seen this white lady portrait - leaders of opposition has announced that during upcoming anti-Shakashvill protest they will plan to 'dress in white'. Well, i am just to niave sometimes, in Moscow they has discovered it sooner - and half-seriously, half by joke, instead of informal summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States they are going to organise ... a horse race.

Moscow to host horse race instead of CIS summit

MOSCOW, July 15 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has invited the leaders of post Soviet countries to attend a horse race on Saturday, instead of holding an informal CIS summit, a business daily reported on Wednesday.

"The political implications of the event have been nullified: only those who take an interest in races will arrive," Vedomosti quoted a Kremlin source as saying.

However, another presidential insider told the paper that any event envisaging communication between national leaders could be viewed as an informal summit.

More: RIA Novosti

In my country in this same time when they has taken my passport to the Parliament (to not mention this year elections to European Parliament) they are going to give new one to some Israelis from IRGUN. The soldiers that has betrayed our army - making desertion before such battles as this one on Monte Casino - are going now to get polish nationality. It is seven decades now since Adolf Hitler - nothing has changed if it comes to some of us. Well, some are treated worst that animals while masters from uber-race are going back to the land of the lost. I wonder when they will start to change names of cities in General Gouverment - as they started to do in Palestine - wiping national identity and truth...

Ashkenazi intelligence

Ashkenazi intelligence is a controversial theory that the higher general intelligence measured in IQ tests of Ashkenazi Jews results from natural selection to extended historical persecution in Europe. Anthropologists Cochran, Hardy and Harpending from the University of Utah advanced the theory in a 2006 paper. Brian Fergueson of Rutgers University published an on-line critique of the theory in 2007.

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London CV

Well, yesterday Kuczera convoy has returned but not performed their Kamikaze attack. As you can read on top of Press TV -Bad weather delays NASA shuttle launch. Fifth time, till tomorow - launching a trip from Peenemünde to Mittelwerk and White Sands. Thanks this delay I can observe as today some are congratulating Jerzy Buzek for beign choosen on the president of European Parliament. They say that it is how Europe is changing - but in what!? Poland has changed already... Where is Radosz? Going to be launched, i guess...

Well, after recent sand storm they are saying something about compensation in the feud between U.S. goverment and Switzerland based UBS - but i wonder if it will be also for the survivors of this Nazi hurricane - CIA Program Illan. In the meantime i have decided to reply on IHRA offer - but only on this blog - not submiting documents to them. I will do this to show this idiots in Washington and London - who they are constantly attacking - harming at first place thier own parties... It is a kind of Storm on Bastille that some want to expand on whole Europe...

Bastille Day

Bastille Day is the French national holiday, celebrated on 14 July each year. In France, it is called Fête Nationale ("National Celebration") in official parlance, or more commonly le quatorze juillet ("14 July"). It commemorates the 1790 Fête de la Fédération, held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789; the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation, and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy which preceded the First Republic, during the French Revolution.

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In the meantime Furer has sent his message about his 'unshakebal committment to Israel security'. While tone seems to be different it is still message of continuation of this mad game. He has forgoten that he is personaly responsible for action of his Uberagency that has destroyed my life and it is he that must apology in first place - this way or another. Instead he enjoys this play in Jew on Pawiak - just waiting for Negro firework. Well, I will continue this protest and he still keeps his rope - whoever will terminate me - it will be Obama that is fully to blame for such 'outcome' and there is no excuse for him. He is President of United States and he is fully taking responsibility for actions of his Uberagency, as well for all damages they did in course of their Nazi Program Ilan! And what he is doing is just waiting for somebody else to come and finish this... And the Congress while is going to look in this abusive program, House while divided is still full of people wanting to 'help'...

I think that this time - they are counting on some Russian guy that is constantly visiting my place. Siting around and making internet calls from his laptop. I have already identified him as the one that points me not to Kremlin but to London headquaters of so called Russian Imperial House - but it looks that they are going to use this 'groundless link' in their naive way. That is maybe a reason of warning that has been just published on PressTV - 'Russia makes no deal on Iran with US'. Spasiba...


Work in progress...

Artur Radosz is a political disident, activist and computer developer. On the political arena he was focused on defending human rights for drug users and advocating effective drug policy. As a computer programmer and designer he have experiences in many software development projects run on various devices from SIM/Smart Cards through PDA, Mobile Phones, Digital Television to Desktop and Servers.

He has run his own organisation that has growed from informal movement and was also one of three top officers of European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policy - with more that 100 NGOs from all over Europe. During this time he has made several presentations during various meetings and conferences to name a few: meeting of the Pompidoue Group of Council of Europe, Public Hearing in Polish Ministry of Health and the European Parliament, “Times are changing“ conference co-hosted by the City Mayor of Prague.

For sure he have ability to learn very quickly and have general problem solving skill.

Qualifications in detail

• Programming in Java (JavaCard/J2ME/J2SE/J2EE)
• Design and development (programming, testing) of software applications – web based, stand-alone, and embedded/mobile.
• Object oriented software development and design – extreme programming, software patterns and UML
• Database server – experiences and expertise, lately: Informix and MySql but earlier also Oracle.
• Application Servers: JBoss, Bea WebLogic, Sun One, ATG Dynamo
• Portal Servers: Exo Platform, JBoss Portal
• Very good knowledge of Unix (Linux and Solaris, but earlier also AIX and HP-UX) and Widows systems.

Industry sectors

• IT
• Telecommunication
• Insurance
• Entertainment
• Mobile software
• Non-governmental organizations

Knowledge of foreign languages

Polish: native language
English: fluent


Program Ilan

It was not Maidens' Vows, or the Magnetism of the Heart and the Radost cottage has drowed centauries ago in the Deluge but it was sweet weekend. After recent disclosure of secret United State anti-terrorist program Ilan - on which i had landed years ago - i was thinking that things will change - but for another time NASA was launching Endeavour. Thay was sure that this time they will avoid thunderstrikes... Well, some brains in the Pentagon has stayed and not changed for too long. Freezed in their insanity and maybe not able to change...

NYT: “Cheney kept CIA programme secret”

The former American Vice President Dick Cheney has been accused of keeping a CIA counter-terrorism programme secret from Congress for eight years. The generally-pro-Democrat New York Times said the still-unidentified programme was launched after the 9/11 terror attacks. Cheney’s alleged involvement suggests the Bush administration put a high priority on its secrecy. The programme’s aims are not known, but it is said to have never become operational. Democrat politicians are outraged that they were kept in the dark.

“I know I have been lied to,” said Democratic congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. “This is certainly one example of an investigation I hope we will have into the CIA persistently lying to Congress over a number of years.”

The New York Times says CIA Director Leon Panetta disclosed Cheney’s role last month, and also ordered an end to the programme. US law requires the President to ensure Congress is kept fully-informed of all intelligence activities.


Well, in some sense Congress is kept fully-informed of some inteligence activities that are undertaken by the CIA - to close this programme - through this blog. For the luck of people involved in this weekend 'Greek' police action against my Drzymala camp - our Bulgarian caravane has decided to not undertake it. When i was yesterday leaving MIDI- i was thinking about our 'Maltan soldiers' near my camp - that was there just to perform their Phornography play. Children one... Again...

Yes, they has returned on Saturday morning - ready to serve - NASA launch. When i had come back on Sunday - i have found there only group of children with one adult. But he has left area and only our six bullerbyn children's has left. I was thinking if they are realy so stupid to go such way. They was but i have left the stage too - going back to Midi Gare. And listening to what people on my march through Gettho was saying. Some was realy thinking that it is after. Acting like Volksdeutsche of IV Reich....

When i was back on Midi i was thinking if not to just jump to train to Paris or elsewhere and escape the situation. But it could made things even worse. Then i have discovered this same man from our convoy that was together with our childrens - also looking on Euronews screen. Well, it is one of such situation in which they was trying to catch me non stop. I realy think sometimes that our Furer has lost his mind - or maybe there are two Presidents of United States. Looks that Clinton has been so deeply trapped by Texas that is not able to escape this trap. They did not executed their Shah demonstration on Friday - when Obama was visiting Holy See. Weel, Obama has promised to 'reduce number of "abortions"' and has received from the Benedict some booklet on eugenic and abortions. Something that should remind him this blog - but just today they has announced that 'US expected in Gaza tomorrow'. Are they going to use our car caravan, again?

Thier plan to involve me with some inhuman things like this one with children could maybe work for a moment in some people hearts and minds but they has already did to much to lie away my reputation - to get confidences of the masses. Clinton is realy overshadowing past Bush's years. I do not think that this way they are going to silence this Progral Ilan and the whole scandal - that has reached even Holy See. If they will count on such 'closure' - they will land in even bigger shit that are now. Obama should take his visit in Africa to the heart and in White House he should do some 'Door of no return' this time for such kind of slave traders. If you will ask me - yes, Clinton has already corssed through it - and people all over the world see this. As are starting to understand the nature of this secret CIA program Ilan…

If he or anybody else thinks that he will success in such tactics - he must be simply mad. This way out of program Ilan will end just like in case of Paris Barbarians. A case that has over the weekend electrised the world. Very anti-semitic - that so much reminds the spirit of Gombrowicz phornography has ended for some jewish guy in very tragic way. I was in quite similar situation - but thanks God i am still alive. But this case - marks something that is so much Nazi in nature that should not be allowed to happen. Such ways of treating people - and such inhuman program should be stoped - but not in a way that leads to the elimination of the survivals of this so called anti-terrorist CIA operations. If Obama want to avoid beign named a 'Fofana' he needs to understand this and realy change this Nazi machinery... Otherwise it is only matter of time before people will 'hang' him politicaly. He and his party, that thanks to Hilary sweedish influence, so much reminds the NSDAP...

French ‘Barbarian’ gang leader gets life

A Paris gang chief has been sentenced to life in prison in France for the murder and torture of a Jewish man.

Youssouf Fofana, the leader of a group that called itself the ‘Barbarians’, was extradited to France after fleeing to the Ivory Coast following the death of Ilan Halimi in 2006.

Under tight security, Fofana was sentenced to 22 years, the maximum under French law, after he admitted killing.

Two other accomplices were given 15 and 18 years respectively. The woman who lured Halimi received nine years.

The anti-Semitic nature of the killing shocked France, sparking mass protests.

The gang abducted the 23-year-old for more than three weeks, unsuccessfully trying to extort a ransom, before leaving him to die. Halimi, who died shortly after, was discovered near a train station, naked, handcuffed and severely burned.



G8 and Neo-theo

Choose us!

Barack Hussein Obama

Looks that Lieberman has played effectivly and today his White House lapdogs has denied that anything in their Isreali policy has changed". Our bottom line is the same. It has not changed," State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said. Well, during G8 they has counted that this time it will be China that will bow up to the artifical preasure they has created in Xinjiang, but Chines officials prefered to keep hard-line and now they has announced: 'The planners of the incident, the organizers, key members, and the serious violent criminals must be severely punished according to law" . Again our case was on mouths of protesters. I wonder what they will do now. Tomorrow it will be Shah protest, but it is so silent now in Iran. Well, maybe with the exception of British embassady wrokers and their US friend - Rigi. But in Empire nothing has changed - again threating with life long Ku Klux Klan sentence in their Blak Iron Prison or maybe eveb real one in Guantanamo.

US hints at keeping Gitmo inmates for life

The US government seeks to indefinitely detain 'dangerous aliens' suspected of terrorism regardless of possible rulings on their acquittal.

Pentagon's chief military lawyer, Jeh Johnson, said on Tuesday that the United States has reserved the right, viewed as crucial for the country's national security, to hold the 229 captives detained without prosecution at the leased Cuban territories of Guantanamo Bay.

More: PressTV

Tomorrow, Furer Hussein is going to visit Vatican. He will do it in the atmosphere of growing concers of his Nazi like leadership and thicken scandal around ECONE. His media services in Poland and elsewhere was trying to use it to build mistrust but yesterday sharp decision of Pope to deny SSPX any rights to chars until dogmatic questions will be fully solved is something that for a moment should close their mouths full of poison. In addition - after throwing out our Colombian Cardinal 88 - Mexicans has made arrests of his top drug kingpins from La Familia.
Furer should first start from his own backyard and stop playing a role of anty-pope - dissmising his neo-theo departament and... Hillary Clinton. It should be done long time ago... Anyway, also thanks to this case and his past wrongdoings, people will look at him as the real beast. I do not think that he will get support similar to this one that Adolf has received from Pius XII. Not this time...


To the illustrious, Herr Adolf Hitler, Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich!

Here at the beginning of our pontificate we wish to assure you that we remain devoted to the spiritual welfare of the German people entrusted to your leadership. For them we implore God the Almighty to grant them that true felicity which springs from religion.

We recall with great pleasure the many years we spent in Germany as Apostolic Nuncio, when we did all in our power to establish harmonious relations between Church and State. Now that the responsibilities of our pastoral function have increased our opportunities, how much more ardently do we pray to reach that goal.

May the prosperity of the German people and their progress in every domain come, with God's help, to fruition!

Given this day, 6th March 1939, in Rome at St. Peter's in the first year of our pontificate.

I see that Russian envoy has just sent me a telegram from the G8 meeting to easy situation. Kremlin aide says too early to 'bury' G8 - world reads. Maybe it is too early to bury G8, but there is somebody in the White House that should be 'buried' long time ago! And i am not only victim of this Ku Klux Klan tactics. The problem is that in my case it still continues...

CIA Lies, Tricks US Congress

Washington, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hid information and lied to US Congress during the previous administration, denounced several legislators Thursday.

Members of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representative wrote on the issue to the parliament leaders after a closed door audience with the CIA chairman Leon Panetta, recently appointed by President Barack Obama.

The leader of this committee Silvester Reyes, Texas democrat and Rosh D. Holt, from the same party representing New Jersey, appear among signatories of the letter.

Reyes said the Agency has provided the Capital with incomplete information for years and it lied at least once when notifying the committee over a classified issue.

Last May the House of Representative leader Nancy Pelosi accused the Agency of hiding the use of torture on prisoners to obtain information in 2002.

After her declarations CIA members and Republican legislators decried Pelosi and affirmed that she was really informed on the issue.

The Intelligence institution is under fire in the last few weeks after new memorandums on tortures to detainees during George W. Bush administration were declassified.

More: Prensa Latina

If Sergei Prikhodkow would be in my situation - beaten, wet, hunger, constatlny toutured in every possible maner, humanilated and 24H/day listening to idiots from Pentagon - he maybe would not be so optimistic. This beast from Washington does not know where are borders of this inhumaninty. For me it is another such weekend with Lieberman and Kuczera both trying to eliminate me and the G8 forum is also a place that some would try - for sure. While, Donald Tusk is making another contest on the position of head of Television department. Of course he does not think - Radosz. But will target me i guess... And the cause is our illustrious Barak Hussein Obama - head of this bourdelo - that i just call straight - Gestapo. You are cooking very well... Smacznego...

G8 summit begins in quake-hit Italian mountain town

L'AQUILA, July 8 (RIA Novosti) - The leaders of the Group of Eight rich nations began their summit in the Italian town of L'Aquila on Wednesday with a working lunch.

The talks in the central Italian town, devastated by an earthquake in April, are set to focus on the global economic crisis, climate change, food security, and potential international threats including Iran and North Korea.

The leaders of the eight countries - the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and Italy - have been joined by over a dozen other heads of state.

The working lunch, which organizers say features "patriotic" local cuisine, will be followed by two meetings on global issues. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden, which hosts the rotating EU presidency, will attend.

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