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The Deluge

This night was quite silent, but when i have waked up very early at the sunset I have heard explosion. I was thinking what has happened there – it was not so far but in another district. Soon I have gone sleep again to be waked up soon, by somebody pissing just near my camp. It is not nice thing if you wake-up and see somebody penis near your nose. He was some Muslim that was maybe under influence of some substances - milded. Just after pissing he has just leg down on the grass. He has waked up me later during day – when he has discovered that I am inside this primitive tenth. He has come out somewhere leaving a saddle-cloth. Well, i do not think it was accident that this Pakistani militantmen has visited me on the morning - making impression that it was maybe me that was walking into night....

They has spent a lot of efforts to underline his plans. I think it was just coat of arms of Bruselss and this one on the background of the photo that has spreaded around the world - why they has targeted president of Ingushetia just yesterday when suicider slammed his explosives into presidential caravan of Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, seriously injuring him. I was wondering what this hatred cultists did in Bruselss then? Who they has martyred on the morning there or maybe it was just accident? I do not though so - Shakasvilli minded officers of global Uberagency love such poetic and pathetic style...

I have come to the park in the city center smoking a joint and thinking about my yesterday talk with an old coleague Bruno - that also work for a progress toward more rational drug policy. I was thinking about Bursztynowo - and the situation with this project in Russia. On 1 July they was going to close almost all casinos in Moscow. Orginaly they was going to be moved into four speical zones on the eadges of Russian Federation - and they has even reserved some budged line for building an infrastructure there - but litte progres has been made and it would be best for them to postpone this project for something like two years. My idea was to convice them to do there also coffeshops - what could bring more people to this new Russian Las Vegas. If they will decide to postpone this project - then still will need to handle the drug problem - in the american-sweedish way - that the Ide-atak will lobby on or maybe in Dutch way - for what i would like to look with potential partners in this project...

I have come out from the park to meet Bruno - saying him about idea of taking a voice through Russian media – advocating this postpone and at this same time presenting our Amsterdam like idea to the Russians. It is a project that will need a two or three years of hard work – but it is something that can shape a debate in Europe about drugs and will be ideal counter-strike to the Swedish school – which followers – using the Swedish Presidency will be trying to unify drug policy in Europe and Americanising it. Whatever they are from left or right – Swedish parties always do this. In contrast in my country – penalisation of drug users was something unknown from centauries – even in quite repressive Soviet time - until 1997 and later 2001 – when Kwasniewska-Clinton duo has started to criminalise us.

The effect of this criminalisation i have felt on myself when i was returning from Moscow where i have hold a dialogue during a international conference with various influential people from the Kremlin that are working on issues releated to the drug use. Since reform from 2003 drug users are no longer criminalised if it comes to possesion and use for personal use but with this visit i wanted to layd down a fundation for a work for idea of coffeshops in this new Russian Las Vegas. Something that has been later interupted when i have landed in polish jail for possesion of one joint. I do not need to say too much about efects of such criminalisation - i have left prison as unemployed - whith my middle class computer specialist job terminated - without appartment and with a status of criminal. And i still wonder for a sense of current - represive model of our americanised drug policy? To not mention effects of narco-nazi Drug Enforcement Administration that is hosted in Warsaw and which has targeted me also because of my political activities.

I have drinked a coffe at Bruon - La Liaison Antiprohibitioniste office discussion way forward for this Bursztynowo project - there was American Las Vegas group interested in it - but they will be more interested about expanding their sweedish-american way in Europe and Asia. However there was also three other international consorciums with we could try to work. Local activist in Moscow that i have meet has already expresed their interest in this project and already made a contact with some progresive Duma deputies, so what we need is just take a voice in this re-fresehd debate in Russia and if this project will be postponed - start real work on it - adding to this special zones - a coffeshops.

On begining trying to make a contact with Dutch and South America groups - preparing a presentation and detailed action plan for next years. It is very iteresting project - that can reach the people in the Scandinavia and Central Europe showing them more liberal Russia to this of Europeans that so often go to distant Amsterdam just to smoke in civilised fashion in Dutch coffeshops... It could be launched just near the time the Polish-Ukrainian Euro 2012 - while sport-fans can be interested to go there before or after games. Maybe, heading also through Polish Mazury district... Of course it is something that both U.S. and Sweeden would like to pacify - as they itend for united European drug policy - modeled after the U.S social control model. And of course they would love to remove Dutch coffeshops and our liberties - something that they declared in so called Queen Silvia manifesto - last year.

Declaration of World Forum Against Drugs

Drug abuse is a global problem. Drug abuse is any use of illicit/psychotropic drugs (as defined in the UN Conventions) that is not medically approved or the inappropriate use of licit drugs. Millions of people are directly harmed by drug abuse. This includes: drug users and addicts, the parents, relatives, friends or employers of drug users and the victims of drug-related crimes.

The UN Conventions are the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; the Convention on Psychotropic Substances; and the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.

Various actions are taken internationally to counteract the social, economic, health, spiritual and crime problems caused by drug abuse. Even though the world is against drug abuse, some organizations and local governments actively advocate the legalization of drugs and promote policies such as “harm reduction” that accept drug use and do not help drug users to become free from drug abuse. This undermines the international efforts to limit the supply of and demand for drugs. “Harm reduction” is too often another word for drug legalization or other inappropriate relaxation efforts, a policy approach that violates the UN Conventions.

There can be no other goal than a drug-free world. Such a goal is neither utopian nor impossible. Too often, we seem to act according to what we think is possible, rather than what is necessary or desirable.

More: Queen Silvia Manifesto

The Sweden using their upcoming Presidency of The European Union will for sure be trying to lay down their drug control model - something that is in direct contrast to our traditional 'freedom and liberty' way. Unfortunatley, Poland is currently one of the country that is closes to the American way - and thanks to establishment by Kaczynski brothers - DEA - i am enjoing continued and growed opression - with the methods that can be compared only to the Nazi. And after this unusual morning - i feel that for one more time - will try to blame me for something i did not - to later - use this in their so called 'anti-drug campaign' - done by people - that both use and smugle drugs - while are trying to opress the masses. I would recomend them - as Mr. Zagloba - hero of Sienkiewicz novel - to eat a cannabis seeds - as in it you can find a oleum - that is added in this process into the heads of a eaters... As he would advice - their jokes will improve throguht this...

When i was leaving Bruno office i have discovered the news - One of the fathers of the Europe as polish media has called him - former EU commissioner Karel van Miert has been found death on the morning.T he 67-year-old Flemish socialist was EU commissioner between 1989 and 1999, first for mobility and environment and later for the competition portfolio. Van Miert was no longer active in politics after his commissionership but seems to reminded influential person. They say thah he has died after falling off a garden ladder. And this coat of arms together with strange morning - tells me that it was not an accident - some are paiting horrific picture just like before Second World War - in their Nazi way eliminating one after one in the name of father. Of course not this one that should but just a wooer.
In this dance they are constantly pait me like a beast - i realy see this. Yesterday words of my longstanding Enemy - Mofaz - about Iran crosing point of no return has wondered me. Now i understand very well why he has said this. Together with Lieberman in Canada - somebody else has taken a voice - moving on the scene from his father shadows in the center of Washington. With loud echo in the Stockcholm and Ottawa.

Former shah's son urges louder protest of Iran rights abuses

WASHINGTON -- The former crown prince of Iran on Monday urged foreign leaders to condemn more forcefully the Iranian regime's crackdown on more than a week of mass protests in his homeland over the alleged rigging of the June 12 presidential election.

While it's "admirable" that they aren't interfering in Iran's internal affairs, world powers can't ignore human rights violations, said Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late former shah.

Source: The Miami Hearld

Today in polish press they has wroten that some Russian historicans are claiming that Poland together with Japan and Germany wanted to make attack on Soviet Union. Some time later some other historican has claimed that some polish officer was responsible for start of II World War. And when it come to Persia and their shah and poisoning of our Marshal they are right. There was such fraction - backed by Roman Dmowski and this Persian-Swedish link was responsible for many of mysteries and tragedy of Poland. But there was also another one and if Marshal Pilsudzki would be able to make - together with Soviets - his thunder-strike on cavalry to the III Reich capital just befor Berlin Olimpic Games - there would be no II World War. And this strike was negotiated in very deep secrecy - with only four of top polish generals and Jozef Beck having direct access to Pilsudzki and beign aware of the plan.

But Swedish-Persian group has been able to execute their plans and we together with nation has been first lothed by III Reich to drow in Soviet Union. Somehow time has frozen for me at that moment - while Shah family was living in luxury on top of this fraud, even after beign expeled to Canada by Ayathoyllah Khomeini. And now - i see that it is a son of Shah that is again going to steal the only thing that has left - my Voice, Voice of Truth. While still trying to offer maybe smal break - for somebody from U.S opponents - as a 'bribe', but just to be killed and then attach this voice directly to Shah Son. The voice - that is part of my legacy... What a 300 year aniversary of Swedish Deluge!

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