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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Yesterday events could be a really deadly for me. When i has left Midi in my head i had a picture of Silvio Musolini and Beniamin Natanyahu that soon will came on his Messershmit to Paris. I was thinking how he could call his regime - 'jewish state' while was in fact joining Negro-Chrysler deal. After Swidnica explusion - they should stop blaming me - but they has made another step into this limbo - trying to make a sequel of famous Finta - in the mood of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Well, in Pakistan people are telling similar fairtale about Mehsud and his men... What a Teleranek...

Mossad-Taliban whistleblower killed in Pakistan

A tribal leader who earlier defected from Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud and revealed the militants group’s ties with the US and Israel has been shot dead.The assassination of Qari Zainuddin comes days after he revealed that their comrade was pursuing a US-Israeli agenda across the violence-wracked country.
Zainuddin, a 26-year-old rising tribesman who had called Mehsud “an American agent” was killed by a gunman in northwestern town of Dera Ismail Khan on Tuesday.

Zainuddin, who broke away from Mehsud, was also increasingly critical of Mehsud’s use of suicide bombings targeting civilians.

In an interview with local media the defector said that Mehsud had established strong links with Israeli intelligence services, which were destabilizing the nuclear armed country. “These people (Mehsud and his men) are working against Islam.”

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Well, I do not think that death of Van Miert was an accident and I do not belive that this morning wake-up by some strange Muslim was also an accident. What I see after yesterday reaction of Netanyahu is just continuation of painting me as Dr Jekyll - in their plan Shah. I think that Van Miert was one of this politicans that has been sent to Sulejowek - gift of the nation - just after a rapid change inside of NATO that has started in 1988 with the assasination of General Nordstad. He was rather thinking about making a comeback using the opportunity provided by this story, but some hand has used Mr Hyde to eliminate him and prepare me for accusations of beign behind new Zebra serial killings... I see very cleary that Shah and King Moon has again greeted Bruselss.

But something has changed on the Nethanyahu way to Paris. They has postponed a meeting that should happen there between him and U.S Middle-East envoy - George Mitchell. The americans in the dictatorship tone has anounced - "Once you've finished the homework we gave you on stopping construction in the settlements, let us know. Until then, there's no point in having (US Middle East envoy George) Mitchell fly to Paris to meet you". However, today Israelis has calrified - "Israel is the one that cancelled the meeting due to the need to collect more data and present it to the American envoy in an organized fashion." - senior Israeli official announced before Nethayahu leaving Rome to Paris - adding later that our settlements case is this one that strain US ties...

Well, it is Econe that was preparing to ordain new Priest and sacrifice me in their corruptional way. Just over this weekend. In their Neo-theo ceremony 13 of the 21 'priests' were due to be ordained at an SSPX seminariy in Winona, Minnesota on last Friday, just on the eve of Kupala night. While the rest were planned directly in Ecône, Switzerland and Zaitzkofen, Germany on June 27. The ball is now in the SSPX’s 'court', to go ahead with them after all, or not. But their dirty play has meet hard and unchanged resistance of the Holy See.

The Vatican statement issued at this ocassion - quoted a March 10 letter by Pope Benedict to Catholic bishops saying the SSPX did not have any official status within the Church and would have to negotiate it in discussions with Rome. “Until the doctrinal questions are clarified, the Society has no canonical status in the Church, and its ministers – even though they have been freed of the ecclesiastical penalty – do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church,” he wrote. But this Cruseders order has tried to perform their dirty rites last Friday - even while thier German leaders are under threat of excommunication.

Our wildcats from SSPX seminary at Zaitzkofen annunced that the ordinations will proceed anyway, saying that the unauthorized ceremony is justified because of a "state of emergency" in the Church. They feel that with open support from Obama Neo-theo department and silent one of Lieberman - they can do whatever they want - in traditional Ku Klux Klan way - spreading hatred and lies - claiming to act 'in the name of Holy Father' - expanding their corruptional network. And we can see effects - not only in Brussels...

While I am staying fourth year in something like Pawiak - under tortures, false accusations and humiliation - waiting for ethier some SS man to come or a transport to Buchenwald. Continued to be painted by Uberagnecy and Goebels like propaganda - as Dr Jekyll. With Mr Hyde that in his madnes takes victims at the night. But there are two different persons this time and too many has already observed this. Some are postponing their meetings - while others are just on the way - with sumarising Moscow peace conference - going to be held at the end of the year and upcoming Obama visit at the Vatican. A place to which my way seems to be closed at this moment... Observing old 'firends' from Gralewski coup de etat- Shah of Persia, Furer and Moon - binded in their secret alliance - for another time paving their way not only to the Middle-East but to the Europe as well...


The Pawiak was built in 1829–1835. During the January 1863 Uprising, it served as a transfer camp for Poles sentenced to deportation to Siberia. Its name derived from that of the street on which the prison stood, ulica Pawia (Polish for Peacock Street).

Following the German invasion of Poland in 1939 it was turned into a German Gestapo prison, and then part of the Warsaw concentration camp. Approximately 100,000 men and 200,000 women passed through the prison, mostly members of the Armia Krajowa, political prisoners and civilians taken as hostages in street round-ups. An estimated 37,000 were executed and 60,000 sent to German death and concentration camps. Exact numbers are unknown, as the prison's archives were never found.

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