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Romanov crusade

When i was leaving Midi Gare i have been shocked again - this time be demonstration of Shah supporters that has taken place in Bruxell on this day. If you will watch the video - then you will see their ideology and whole Iranian plot. There was very few orginal Iranians on this demonstration - most was white people. It was leaded by some woman - thah i will call Grossmutter Glwitze - during her agresive speech she has keept her hand like a gun - aimed at me. In the background you will see sad girl in sunglasses. Many of them...

I will not comment but i realy think that they was making protest under wrong flag - it is not Iran but Persian Empire for what they are going in their nazi crusade - by irony aiming at both the Sun and the Lion. It was just like this famous "Grossmutter gestorben!" that was an order for Glwitze incident. At the morrning we has heard another shots in our Gettho. They has told me that it was Kaczynski cultists from PiS bus... They has failed - thanks God but they feel stronger now supported by Shah son and his hawkish allies from both Democrats and Republican parties. But there is realy deep problem for them - some Grossmutter has realy gestorben - some time ago...

Hawkish US senators promissing support

Three hawkish US Senators claim that Iran's election has been 'rigged' after Tehran firmly warned against any interference in the country's internal affairs.

Two Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain as well as independent Joe Lieberman said on Thursday that the recent presidential election in Iran was rigged, promising to support the protesters of the election results.

More: PressTV

Econe and Malta Order under their renewed leadership was sure that this Iranian plot will make a huge sucess and soon their 'Bottle Revolution' will induce American intervention and are already preparing another crusade. In their Teutonic pride - they has announced it on american homepage of SSPX - Another Rosary Crusade from May 1, 2009 - March 25, 2010 for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested at by Our Lady at Fatima. This time they are aiming at Kremlin counting that they will be able to convice them - as Kissinger did in case of my father - to involve it in this crucifixation - to later - post factum - lead people anger at them.

They say that during Obama Moscow trip they are going to sign it - but it is more a move calcualted at postponing Furer efforts. They say also that Romanov Imperial House say want to come back to Russia. I wonder which Romanovs - as this line has been killed during Lenin revolution that has cleaned Russia from Malta Order terror, sweating and backwardnes - to lead them into another one. "The Imperial House wants to come back to Russia for permanent residence and we believe this will happen like it happened in many countries," - chancellor Alexander Zakatov said at a news conference. Who are this people that are living on Tzar heritage - is not just another Shah of Persia like movement? Just another attempt of crusade building under reciept of Lady at Fatima - this time leading this fanatics in Moscow?

They should be aware then - that my latest will could allow them eventualy to return to Russia, but not personaly - by transfering heritage on what they are living... There have been many theories regarding the possible survival of members of Nicholas II's family. However, recent research shows that all of the Romanovs, including Prince Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria who were considered to have escaped the Bolshevik attack, were killed. But the trick is an orgin of this line - and legendary child swap done in time of Katharina II in... Szczecin.

Well, when i look at the British House of the Lords - their crown gem - that has recently fatten to the bottom - i think how few of our noblemens has survived this 300 years of constat hunts and erradication - since Swedish Deluge - done by our opressors under Malta Order leadership. Still - after decades - on this same hunt - with 4 years on Pawiak of XXI Century - as a file in great DEA Computer - with a mark - 'to delete' - just like a stigm on my hand done decades ago by Moon...

Today, in Poland and Central Europe - it is a flood again- not only political but also psychical - and NASA weather specialist are treating a region with even more heavy rainings. I wonder how they will welcome Clinton- that is going with unofficial visit to the Land of lost to make a speech at Polish (Zombie) Womens League summit. They say that this bad weather is a danger for polish league. Well, it is indeed. Thier nazi like march is continued by every means and Furer with his neo-con friends just awaits the results - another great weekend with american Gestapo - another threats and humilitation as usual. With Obama on the track to Moscow - in his Libbentrop mood and style to finish screenplay for his Euro2012 Blueray... He thinks that he can zeorish polish history just like erasing our anthem...

In Poland at this time President and Prime Minister are continuing together their Gestapo dictando. Nobody listen to the voices of Polish People - while 72% of Poles casted their vote on Geremek committe - by staing in holes - and media are spreading this same hatred - that they did also in time of pilgrimage of Adam Mickiewicz. Just like in time of partitioning. Both of 'leaders' are trying to avoid responsibility for their past wrongdoings. While 'Inka' - thanks to Rostowski and Czuma - for gorcery romance - has been taken on the witness protection programe - freed from prison and feeded with new identity and few thousdands of euro for nothing.

I am treated not better that in concentration camp - with all this Wunderwaffe improvments achieved in the Barack X of Auschwitz. Yes, with use of modern technology and military satelites that not only control every of my move but are also able to perform a real torturs - just because of my bloodkin and their nazi crusades. Bravo WRON, change your anthem, change your eagles - Shah Army. This is how Furer is using the Lamb. While i can understand Kaczynski twins - as they was 'helding' - our famous bottle - in their hands - what Donald Tusk is doing by teaming with them - is just something that cannot be explained rationaly...

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