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"As in Christ dwells the fullness of the Godhead so in Antichrist the fullness of all wickedness. Not indeed in the sense that his humanity is to be assumed by the devil into unity of person ..., but that the devil by suggestion infuses his wickedness more copiously into him than into all others." -St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa III:8:8)

Econe has played 100% this weekend - they has put everything on the stake in their Plandu efforts under the slogna - 'The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!'. Michel Jackson was for some an actor that was playing such role as Thomas Aquinas could define as the anti-christ. This place is now empty - but somwhere in his hideous new one will come - to take a place in Western culture that is empty now - he will be born from the blood and body of the Christ. For me it was weekend that has been best illustrated by french Le Monde. On the first page you could find a drawing with Michel Jackson in the balloon on the first plane. On the second there are his fans gathered around a globe – signing and looking on the balloon. But not on his – they are looking on the second one somewhere far on the sky from which somebody has just jumped or has been throwed out. I was looking at this picture on Sunday near the Opera where his fans has gathered – listening to his songs with ‘Planduuu’ signed by Jackson while i was thinking how many 'Seminarians' they has sent on this Anti-Christ crusade against me. How many of them has been taken by this Agnus Dei avalanche misguided by Gleiwitze radiostation...

Of course it was not easy weekend as they has put everything to executed strategy that has been so nice painted in this edition on Le Monde. It was a weekend of NATO-Russia meeting - and they did their best to try to blame them for my assasination using their links with Romanov Imperial House. I and others has warned them but they usualy does not listen - hoping that their lies and Goebels propaganda will illusion people. The Velvet group that has been waiting near the corner of square on which i have put my teanth has been arested by the police. It is funny to see that on the morning also Iranians has arrested similar group ot Miliband diplomats. Now he says - that it is 'harrasment and intimidation' but then what his 'diplomats' was doing in Teheran and here in Brusells in their idiotic bottle crusade?

Well, Gordon Brown administration following White House instead of giving their rotary crusade that is harming them day after day - choosed to continue - beign sure of their British Malt Order backing. Our Amsterdam case is continued to be used on their standars in a pararel to Mahmud Ahmenidad - Neda Aqa-Soltan electoral case in Iran. A case that is broadly exploited by our Shah driven Gliwitze radiostation from Tel Aviv. Well, they are doing this with premeditation - they know that i am innocent - and they will use this fact - but afterwards in the course of their Moscow crusade - that has been prepared during Loudre meeting in October 2008...

Ahmadinejad orders probe into Neda's 'suspicious' death

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has asked the Judiciary chief to conduct a through investigation into the death of Neda Aqa-Soltan, an Iranian woman who was shot dead in Tehran's post-vote protests.

In a letter to Iran's Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi on Monday, Ahmadinejad called for a serious probe into the "suspicious" death of Neda and recognizing elements behind her killing.

"Neda Aqa-Soltan was shot dead in one of Tehran's streets on June 20 by unknown elements in a completely suspicious way," said the president.

"Amid vast propaganda by foreign media and many other evidence about the heartfelt event, it seems definite that opponents of the Iranian nation interfere (in Iran's internal affairs) for their political misuse," he added.

Neda, 26, became a symbol of post-election street rallies in Iran and an international icon in recent days after graphic videos of her death grabbed the attention of world media outlets.

Her death first became suspicious after revelations that she was killed by a small caliber pistol -- a weapon that is not used by Iranian security forces.

Source: PressTV

Well, Lieberman 'wildcats' are going forward with their fabrications - focusing not on JPII plot - what could be deadly to some there - but on their defense - a bottle - going forward with it not only in Iran, but all over the world, also in New Poland - that in spirit reminds so much a partitioning or even Generalgouverment - they has started to build thier ranks. One of this efforts is a specific promotional campaign - 'Polish clothes chain only hires Jehovah's Witnesses'. But this Lieberman leaded efforts are also visible in the Holy Loand where Isreael goverment has declared some kind of open war with the Catholic Curch. And in thier pride - they call it Judaization policy. I would call it Teutonisation!

Israel's Judaization policy hits church buildings

Israeli authorities have threatened to demolish 500 buildings owned by the churches in the Old City of Jerusalem (al-Quds), church officials say.

The Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches in Jerusalem (al-Quds) released a joint statement on Saturday complaining that Israeli forces have recently stepped up demolitions in accordance with the Municipality's E1 plan for the city.

More: PressTV

But lets go back to the ground again. On Sunday i have been waked-up by group of small childrens. Some caravan of Muslim people - an Lebanon migrants - has come and made their camp just near my. On begining they was very friendly - but on this night i was going sleep with a question if they will assasinate me or not. Police was comming near the camps - warning by their sirens - and they - presenting themself as the Hariri supporters - was talking more and more hostile. But nothing has happend - maybe because of some other Muslim man that has come there sleep just next to me. On the morning - again i was waked up by this childrens. But now they was quite agressive - one of this small kid - has threated me - saing that his Uncle is a Shah of Persia. But this group of thugs has been orderd to leave this territory by the local police - that has come just afterwards...

I was thinkg then - about the motivation of Harriri - as you can remeber some time ago - Americans has claimed that his father has been assasinated by Hezbollah - they has revelead this claim - that has been criticised by Hezbollah - in this same time as our bottle fabrication. But is Harriri realy interested in solving his father case - that could lead him back to his American and Econe links? After witnessing his supporters on the ground i think that he will just use his father case to make another crusade against his opponets. He declares that he want to form unity goverment with Hezbollah - something that Israel fears so much - but i think he is acting just like a snake - trying to identify Hezbullah structure to later in the proces of Egiptisation of Lebanon - hit them one day - just like a cobra. In the father name... Well, i hope that i am wrong but many in Lebanon calls him a new Shah...

Well, i have survived just another wave of Nazi terror but this PlanDu plot is going to be continued and i feel this on my skin - heated by Pentagon satelites in their inhuman and law-breaking everyday practice. Did something changed in Poland? Well, after yesterday CDU and CSU declarations - about something like rising new Vienna bastard and continuing this false acusations against me - something they call prolonged PlanDu - our President Lech Kaczynski together with his Uberagency General - that has been nominated as the head of so called polish army - in the time when Uberagency has started their illegal operations against me and other polish citizens and politicans - throwing me into something like modern Pawiak - he is sure that i will be eliminated. Our Prime Minister, through his Foreign Minister Zdradziu Sikorski - signalised that he is just waiting for this same - he excpect that Americans will finalised their obligations. What a Teutonism...

After words of Angela Merkel partner from Bavarian Christian Socialist Union - it is just like a paying a tribute to Anti-Christ - that some day - exacly as some other bastard - created by Dupont ancient reciept - did in the Western and Eastern Europe in the middle of XX cenatury: 'Antichrist will come from a land that lies between two seas, and will practise his tyranny in the East. After his birth false teachers and doctrines will appear, followed by wars, famines, and pestilence'. This is an cleary aim of this Neo-Judeization policy - a policy of the New Middle Ages or as some others will say even from the New Middle Ages to the New Dark Age A... Well, our Chicago Injustice Minister - has just send his dada confirmation - 'Polish James Bond suspected of murdering a teacher' - witnes says... Donek has at this time as he has said 'arrived at the place' of flooding - using this oportunity to send a message - promising families of this crusaders that they will get 6000. He has said zlotych - but was thinking about years - years of some family... He has sent some soldier on Gare Midi - trying to feud to antichrist...

So what a Plandu is? It is a way to lower the pressure for this nazi-cultist that has been involved in the death of our spiritual leaders. It is a way - like this one they has tried using Michel Jackson and this second Le Monde baloon - that thanks to God - has been prolonged. It is something monumental that from time to time hapens in the history of the Mother Earth - like in 1963 - a year of double eclipse - of mysterious death of J.F.K but also second wife of Marshal Pilsudzki - blamed for his poisoning.

After such Plandu death of Aleksandra Piłsudska in the United States - somebody has steered hate created on it against someobdy that for Ku Klux Klan was real problem - J.F.K. In Texas they was shouting this time something 'And meet Pilsudzczk'... This is also a scheme that later was used against Pope Jean Paul II - that has been blamed for some Econe wildcats - for death of his spiritual leader - Levfebre. In case of Pope it has taken much longer time to 'take revenge', of course.

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