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Foch's Wisloteka

Obama gestapo continues his shouting from Grand Berta - my General Nil and Priest Popieluszko like Lodz drama - while he has just departed to the Middle East. They are sure that SB like solution cooked by Lieberman will be a sucess and they will be able to both damage me and the image of honor and old brothership that we has recreated through this past years. I do not think so - and he is just trying to paint his illussion - to push others into catastroph. I do not think that they will go back burning all this image of modern Russia - that we have builded together in good faith throught past years. But such was a purpose of Putin - Lieberman vodka...

Even if Lieberman will propose full line of Vienna bastards - one for every gubern. Like Stalin-Jozef-Adolf; but withouth this one in the middle? If they would do so, this Nazi way would back-fire at Kremlin for sure, one day... The situation could look quite dangerous - but it is more like Lieberman created illussion rather and i think that on the eve of it cousin Dimitri is just hunting once again for a moles in their backyard. They has announced already that are going to redesign their banking model until end of the year. Recent deal with Magna is something that changes litte bit this equation but also in illusionary way - making it more probable that they will try to to use it to blame Russians for my elimination. Well this dangerous tactic can also back-fire at the West, one day... The official Kremlin line has not changed:

Russia dashes Israel's hopes on Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the chances of resolving Iran's nuclear standoff with the West are 'truly good'.

"We really have a very good chance now, in part due to the position of the new US administration," Lavrov said in a Tuesday new conference after meeting his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman.

The Israeli foreign minister failed to gain Russia's support to increase pressure on Iran to bring to a halt the country's nuclear program, which the US, Israel and their European allies claim is aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

"We have confirmed the need to assure the international community of the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program," Lavrov said.

More: PressTV

Anyway, seems that Obama gestapo is just continuing this General Nil operation - in this highly sensitive pre-election time. The recent messafe from Al-Kida is just like sign that something serious is on the way. Obama is called here a 'criminal' lier - just to paint him as this one that is responsible for all the past wrongdoings and crimes. This line we hear last days from all the Cheney guys - including his top figure General McChrystal. And Israel has just finished their drill. Will we see Obama assasinated by his friends from Ku Klux Klan and then 'revenge' taken on Iran? Just before Sunday ellections? If so it will be only Obama own stupidity that has leaded his central-left followers to the very down and if this will be continued - even polish nuke 'explosion' at the Gordon office and re-shufle there will be not able to change this - in short or longer term...

But it is now Lieberman that was trying to cook me in Moscow - using his pseudo nationalist ideology - while he was aware that even Kissinger has failed to achieve this. Now he has lost the ground under feets and it looks that he has paniced - stating that "We will not bomb Iran... We do not want a global problem to be solved by our hand". Well, not by your hands - but you are going to pay for it, right? But he has already made some orders to made an impression that it is Putin that has ordered my elimination. And now on Soros harm-reduction list we has received some job offer of HIV/AIDS director in Russia. So they 9/11 suiciders knows now that for my head - the price is some chair in... Moscow. The last place they would like to go afterwards... Just to cast the spotlight that they did made an secret agreement. What a nonsense, Moscow could only lost on it and they will never make such thing - but he is realy paniced... After this meeting he has realy come out as baldhead, as we say in Poland.

Well, from this weekend our Gare du Midi is just like De Goul airport in Paris and we all are trying to solve mystery of some lost aircraft. Here on the ground it was some another, this time completly innoncent muslim young girl that on Monday has been taken by ambulance. She has fallen just 5 meters from me. Poisoned. I guess she has drinked something that some other has left for me. But, yesterday they was trying to identify some derwish as they say, some wreckage as others call it. I was watching there Euronews when on the groud some other girl was looking at me. I has looked on her face, it was jewish girl and her face was looking familiar to me. Soon afterwards they has brokasted their breaking-news information - Basylian Defense Miniser has confirmed that the wreck has been identified. I was still thinking where i has meet this girl. Then i have just saw behind my eyes a picture from Amsterdam library. It was this evening when i have lost my furry hat. She was hidden in some multimedia box watching me all the time. And when i have come outside to smoke - i have left my cap... Yes, she has stolen it. It was this same Israeli agent that has stolen my cap! I am almost 100% sure of this and i do not think she was civilian person. I was looking on this SB agent and Melanie was just near me. Just like on the photo.

Well, i has though that Melanie is just with me - like in old days before papal scandal. After years and famous CASA incident i have lost hope that this relationship could be fixed and the opression from the Uberagency has growed from day to day. But i must say that i cannot predict my reaction if we would meet after ledership of White House has been changed. Maybe we would become even a friends, who knows. Our romance of course has ended long time ago and now i am more thinking about having a son but maybe such face to face meeting and explanations could change us back into friends? I do not know all facts behind this story. But after recent discoveres i have realy changed my point of view on this mysterious case. A moment of truth and honest dialouge maybe could change my mind in more friendly direction. Maybe. Anyway, if some is trying to portait me as a beast then he has lost his mind completly. I was and i am still thinking about politics and i do not think that statesman is this same as gangster. It is simply not my way. When i call for justice i have Apostolic Tribunal on my mind... Now, it is realy like on the photo on begining of this post - i am still looking for my hat, seeking truth. Just like jakobins - like Roothan - facing a terror and danger of beign sent to concentration camp just for truth seeking... Some Black Jacobin - black in soul, facing slavery and opression since at least 1939...

While i am writing this words Obama has just landed at another airport - King Khaled in the Saudi Kingdom. They say that Obama will try to build bridge - on this case - with Muslim world and will ask King Abdullah - my dear listener and reader that is following my pilgrimage - for a gesture. I know that they are recording my broadcast and without problem can be able to show him that this was purly provocation of Israeli and Neocon agents. Will he listen or rather as Biden say will waste 'some taxpayer money' to futher drown into this politcial and religious limbo? Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah was always on my side since he has for first time in history meet the Pope - at November 2007 and know this story with all details. I can only pray - for him to keep this line and continue this pilgrimage in name of peace and justice to the grave of Jean Paul II. I hope that this idiots will for another time get cold shower and he would not be misleaded by his Satanic hand and plots...

Then he will come to Cairo - where it looks from signs - like Al-Kida warning message - somebody can have a surprise for him; this General Nil programme is continuing and i am affraid that they will try to assasinate him - calling him a Franz Kuchera. Well, partialy, looking on his footsteeps he could be right but the real Kuchera - is General McChrystal - and if they will be sucessfull - well he will be safe and realy - as Lieberman has said in Moscow - it will not be Israel that will bomb Iran. Americans would do this - under slogan of revenge while in Europe our leaders will claim to have real DDay - day of victory with Nazi. But it will not be a true!

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