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Democracy on bridge

Yesterday it was loudly in United States about another ship - USS Liberty. Survivors has gathered in Washington to tell the story of this Israeli sabotage. In Europe it is still loudly about my Drzymala boat. I wonder who they has droped there. Today finaly i have logged on some polish social network to check if it was Melanie. Looks she is alive. What is not surprising me as they has in past sugested her death and even her father once has blamed me for 'killing his daughter' just on the eve of Kupala Night (St. John Night) when somebody has broken to my mother house trying to rape her and kill - to blame me for this. After i have escaped Generalgouverment.

But then who was there if not Melanie? Or maybe her mother just is logging on to the server to give false impresion? I have asked her if her sister is alive as i see that her webpage is off and they continue to blame me for this ala Popieluszko incident. She was living in Amsterdam since years. We did not meet there, however - as I lost all interes in her sister and thier DuPont corpo family. This 'wild-cats' stinks so much. But, well, they need to have a reason for this continued opression and touturs - which i enjoy since start of this mad Bush-Cheney programme. And I remember this night realy well, when some was droping something into chanell and later sugesting that it was Mela making suicide - by puting her voice on the record... I guess for purpose of elections that was undertaken around this time in Israel - to mislead people about facts of our Eurovision Phoenix romance...

In Poland now Civic Platform is stating that they has won the ellection and are continuing their attacks towards my person. While in Presidential Palace they are doing this same. Our former Minister of Justice has been silenced and Kaczynski brothers are again leading attack on my person. The truth is that Kaczynski party has gained at least 10% in last week - just because of polish mood that i have created - while i was calling polish people to stay in home and cast their vote on our Geremek list - some that participated has casted their ballot on a patriot party. Still most has distrusted Kaczynski and prefered to cast their vote just on list of excluded. They both - Prime Minister and President forgoten that less that 30% of Poles has casted their vote on them - and if there is somebody to claim victory - moral one - it is our litte familly that has been crushed so much by American Gestapo. People will not forget this and are following...

On the polish soil - the key person in this puzzle is head of so called Polish Army - that is just like sharp knife - murdering and silencing opposition. He has been nominated on his position more that 3 years ago - when Bush has started this hell and announced his Uberagency - later expanded by Obama Administration, but he was also key liasone between West and Soviets. And they are simply continuing - counting on outcome of Bonn climate meeting that ends just on Thursday - while some just are treating me as a pollution. I guess that they will continue as did in PRL with my father. He plays just like this litte White Hous dog - Ba,rosso. And what we see instead of respect to people votes is just a show of Military Generals that are like masters of EU. It is just like military dictatorship where common people simply does not count...

Franciszek Gągor

Franciszek Gągor (born 1951) is a Polish general and Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army since 2006.

Gągor was born in Koniuszowa near Nowy Sącz, Poland. He graduated from the Mechanized Infantry Officer College in Wrocław in 1973 and holds a master of arts degree in English philology from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (1983). In 1998 he earned a doctorate in military science from the National Defence University in Warsaw. The General also graduated from the NATO Defense College in Rome in 2001 and in 2002 he was a Distinguished Graduate of the National War College of the National Defense University in Washington DC.

More: Wikipedia

General Franciszek Gągor - similary to his american counterpart McChrystal is specialists from Negro genocide, as it looks that during soviet regime he was leading operation against my father and others. I guess that Popieluszko scenario was something that he has trained many times in the past! And it is not an accident that this Amsterdam night has taken place when in Grand Theater in Poland they was making premiere of Popieluszko movie and when Gągor to save his position needed to explain somehow this 'missunderstanding'. If he would not be removed now by President - Polish Army should change their uniforms, flag and anthem!!! It is bigest scandal ever - and this General is a key person from our side - acting like glue between all major parties - offering his 'services' to corrupt futher in the Nazi way. WHAT A SHAME TO POLISH ARMY AND NATION!!!

Europe is still just one step on the road to IV Reich. Thanks to Kuczera-Lieberman cooperation... But this JPII struglle is still ongoing and we are not givin up while some investigation against Lieberman continues... Econe is still in the center of poisoning of our Pope as well their own leader - Monseigneur Lefebvre...

In Poland they are celebrating like a brainless clowns of Uberagency. But i wonder what they are celebrating? The disapperance of real politics and expansion of Guzek cancer? The fall of nation, our history and culture? New Poland that is so much just like PRL was but under american flag with Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa murdering opposition and trashing them, as in past... Even people has not changed. And if you has though that after his personal tragedy Tusk will change - you are wrong - still this same nazi tune... Just now he has announced that a freed up chair by Jaroslaw Walesa in Polish Parliament will take some of his friends from Danzing. This same in Presidential Palace. And the same Nazi threats from Uberagency soldiers. For me - JUST CONTINUATION OF THIS INHUMAN OPRESSION... NO COMMENT NEW POLAND!!! WAITING FOR VIENNA BASTARD...

Thanks to this
in Europe more and more often
people and politicans
looks on Poland and region
as the colony of the United States
with long tradition of
opressing and murdering

Against our own interests.


Służba Bezpieczeństwa

Służba Bezpieczeństwa Ministerstwa Spraw Wewnętrznych (Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), or just SB, was the internal intelligence agency and secret police established in the People's Republic of Poland in 1956. It was the main organ in PRL responsible for political repression.

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