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Déjà Vu

This EU summit looks to be somehow like a breaking point. They are speaking loudly about the crisis that because of too slow reaction and lack of european supervision has destroyed this Gazan school. But White House is still in their sweet dream and no changes has been made there. Well, Gordon Brown has just yesterday throwed out Treasury Minister - and today London based IHRC has offered me a job as the research assistant but i have as usual treated it as the joke - after damages they did it is not acceptable. I understand that they has heavily damaged thier arm - socialist party - but it was and if things and thinking will be not changed there - their own fault. Acting like Ku klux Klan, waiting in the shadow with their revelations and using even heavies touturs and methods that Bush adminstration was using - is a real cause of thier total defeat...

I am still awaiting General Nordstad to come and appology us not only for what has been done to me recently but also for case of my father and grandfather. When other negro - Ghandi has started his Salt Satyagraha - it was Queen of Englad that this way or another has appologied him and his nation - and this is what i expect from the President of the United States! Bush has lied him and he still continues this fabricated line - spreading heresy and trying to build 'revolution' around it and trying to defame my supporters... This way harming himself. I will continue my march in which a fate has crossed so many different things - like cause of stolen properties of Holocaust victims, truth and spiritual progress and also case of drug users - that in spite of Sweedish presidency in EU and Hillary Clinton sick policies are very at stake... And some day President of United States will appology - maybe it will not be Barrack Hussein Obama, maybe it will be second Watergate, but they will admit their wrongdoings!

Today is a litte deja vu in the Land of Tulips as Dimitri Medviediev has made his official visit there. Well, the Amsterdam Popieluszka Bridge is again in the focus of some inside the goverment and secret services. I have said that is is deja vu - because some in their hatred was looking on my as his 'agent'. Well, i was just siting down reading Polish Flowers poem and looking at the flares launched into sky - like on the opening of Russian documentary - Codename Star. Both sides are quite aware about false acusations - that they are fabricating for the purpose of election campagin. Something that reminds me 'false acusations' from Abraham Lincoln - House Divided speech. While under this slogan he was fightinh with it - fighting with lies - Obama is doing exacly oposite! He should be aware that this case can realy end like a Watergate - right now - former Prime Minister of Poland - and leader of PiS - Jaroslaw Kaczynski has been called to polish prosecutor office to make a confesion in our 'Kamelgate' - it was American secret service that has orchestorated this - and that stance continue - and it can reach them in U.S, too. Watergate was about domestic operations - now we are dealing with America that has coressed all borders...

In Poland you can today read a headlines produced by Uberagency journalists - like 'Fuel mafia has never existed' and 'Kwaśniewski and Kaczyński has pardoned bandit' while french viewers are shoked by a story about mother that has killed thier own childrens keeping two of thme in the freezer. It is something that polish Maja did - our Chernobyl mother - and for what they has blamed me. But the mood of the polish media stays in line to build impression that i am guilty - as this purple scandal stays on mouths of everybody! It is an effect of this nazi strategy and i see that they are again preparing to celebrate Kupala night, as they did last year in my hometown. WRON does not give up since 1984...

Eight years for French ‘frozen babies’ mother

A French woman has been jailed for eight years for killing three newborn babies and storing two of them in her freezer.

Veronique Courjault was arrested after her husband found the corpses as he was making room in the freezer.

She initially denied any knowledge of the babies or their deaths, but DNA evidence eventually proved they were hers. Her husband, Jean-Louis, had no idea she had been pregnant, and was cleared of any involvement in the deaths.

Courjault told the court she had strangled the first baby in 1999 and burned the body in the fireplace.

The other two were killed in 2002 and 2003. She said her guilt would stay with her forever.

Psychiatrists said she was suffering from severe mental problems.


It is nothing that surprises me as it has orginated from the circles close to the Society of St. Pius X - SSPX Econe - that is hearth of wildcats. A crusader like fanatical movement that after death of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre has changed into the NAZI cult - something on what he would never agree. It is something that they cannot denny - it is too visible now - and if they will not change their leadership and some of their methods - people will be looking on them trough this prismat - forever. If you want to know truth about Maja and their childrens - simply watch this short movie done in Saudi Arabia - The Schism. They are just like on it...

But the core of the schizm that has orginate in Econe - comes back to the moment of death of Marcel Lefebvre or maybe even deeper - to the moment of first assasination attempt of Jean Paul II - after which he has limited his contacts inside of the Holy See to very few, very trusted persons. He has never forgoten Econe this incident - and it has severly complicated relations that he had with this Society. I think that under influence of Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos - he has decided to make his Excommunication of Lefebvre - in the worst moment he could. When his emissary has come to Econe - he has found him near dead in his bed. Then emissary decided to not declare it on Lefebvre - as it was realy bad moment - and returned to the Vatican. Sometime later Lefebrev has died - poisoned. But then - his sucessor - Bishop Bernard Fellay has started in secrecy to build fanatical anty Jean Paul II movement - claiming that it was JP II that has 'punished' their beloved bishop Lefebvre. While it was he - who was behind it - what through 2 April night with Melanie - he just confirmed!!! Almost destroying hope for modernisation of the Church.

But Bishp Bernard is not acting alone. He had some very powerfull ally in the Malta Order. No it was not Andrew Bertie. It is some englishman that on death of Lefebrev has took Perpetual Vows. Grand Master Andrew Bertie has died in Rome on 7 Febraury 2008 - i think that he was accuesd by his rival for poisoning of our Holy Father and Malta has taken revenge - thinking that it will end this case. But it was not this persons that should take consequences of Jean Paul II plot - it is current Fra Matthew Festing - that using false accusations has been able to replace old master and is trying to silence this case - so he could continue his devilish plot just in a scheme that is so much as this pre II War one.

If things will not change - and if Benedict XVI will stay resiting - then maybe some day - Obama will call Sergio telling him that he is in so deep trubles that need to silence Pope or maybe Fra Matthew will do it by his own hands. This case must be solved by Apostolic Tribunal and lets pray that it will be Benedict XVI that will solve it - because he can be just replaced as JPII if the healing of ECONE and Malta Order will not take place and this plex will not be cutted off... He can be replaced to futher spread thier heresy - and take control over Church and their political representation - binding them in darkness of middle-ages... Yes, at this time ECONE and MO is simply like troyan horse - but things can change... For worst or better...

Kupala Night is just another great moment for this schizmatics from ECONE and i see that Benedict is also yeastyed by holy orders that they want to give. I see that they are trying to build impression that Church is in favor of their plan against me - this is maybe a reson of hard answer from Benedict. But they are not giving up and want to go forward - and i have also heard that some of this crusaders - just like this rioters from 'Iranian Empire Society' that was behind recent attack - so british ones - are blaming me for beign Mossad agent - to stir up the hatered. Of course it is just bullshit - but worht mentioning - as the recent anti-Mossad campaign was held also in such mood in Libanon - blaming opponents for beign a spy and jailing them is a way in which they are trying to fight opponents in a hunt manner. Yes, on top of arrested you will find real spies but many was not... Similar tactic is used now against me - and i see such signs comming from various Middle-East countries - while usualy spies are this one that blames other - such perfidion just like in case of Malta Order. I guess that for another time they will try to hit me - during Kupala night... But I see also greetings from Pakistan, looks that they has discovered how they was misleaded and how they was trying to 'blacken' me and all my cases in this ala Carter marathon. Thank you all!!!

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