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Deep problems in Iran

After announcing Global Martial Law and 100 days with SPD terror - Obama has invited Silvio to paint him as the Musolini - to cement their friendship and inaugurate Neue Bushenwald. He has ordered Silvio - 'He must go into drugs' - in a move - that personaly - reminds me how Soviet Marshal Siergiej Leonidowicz Sokołow has 'ordered' General Jaruzelski to terminate my father and silence his broadcast - famous 'voice' from Kaczmarski songs. Yes, during this time there was many internment people but some has received even worsen fate - some was literary terminated... Now Obama can take Jaruzelski speech to recite it - word by word - when they will come to take me. It will be also about socialism, it will be also about our nobility, it will be also about youth... After this speech - there was no Teleranek on the morning - that was a sign of something more important - the voice of truth has been silenced too, again... And now i know perfectly - that it was Pentagon not Soviets that has cooked this - as they was trying to do now...

Long time ago i was thinking that some day i will become Member of Parliament and i will be able to solve mystery surounding my father and my family. But this chance - has been drowed by some Swidnica team - leaded by IDF 'Andreo' commander - in the middle of their War Games. I just does not belive my eyes when i see Obama visiting Bushenwald with a couple of jews welcoming him at the gates to later visit DDay cementery - to once again play a noute of Wesel-Lied anthem. Nazi anthem that has been forbriden in 1945 , Nazi way that has been forbriden by Genocide Convention in time of forging the Council of Europe. This brave soldiers has gave their lifes to stop this tactics to never again listen to the poisonus words of this National Socialist Democratic Party anthems!

Today this anthem they are going to sign not only in Germany and France but at primo in Iran where Obama team has misguided masses trying to build a electoral plot around my person and already loud scandal. But he has failed to achieve his goals and now he confirms this loudly - 'I am deeply troubled by events in Iran'. He has lied to the Reformist supporters, he wanted to put me on their standars but he has failed. And realy he has landed in deep problems. I guess that after disillusioning people of Iran - if they would go to the vote again - Ahmenidad would score not 63% but 80%.

On your screens the yesterday protest in Teheran could make impression that majority is supporting reformists but in 80 millions inhabits of this city it is not hard to gather milion people. And in past there was also such demonstrations - what would be healthy symphtom of Democracy if it would not turn violent and be a measure to induce 'Rose revolution' against the will of majority of Iranians! How reformists looks now? To make things worse they has based this 'reformist' theme on lies and miscalculations - trying to silence my brodcast - Teleranek - to later blame for this Mahmud Ahmenidad. A person that was always defending me also on the field - where some other alies - like Isreali agents - sometimes was failing - because had other political interests and orders. When i see Iranians signs whit labels - Where is my vote? I need to reply - here on the Zuid - waiting for a 'liberation'. What an example are you giving to this people - that you has teached - and they could observe - that i am icon of freedom and tolerance??? All their hopes for progress?

Now they has lost this plots and again instead of kicking asses of the people that has leaded this 'war games' in this PRL way, our dear Hussein, while admiting the 'deep problems' again is attacking me - for their own failed nazi like strategies. And openly has asked Silvio for 'delivery vechicle'. They does not see other way - other that to eliminate me and silence our 'Teleranek' - there should not be other truth that the official one of United Polish Workers Party and their Central Commission (KC PZPR). I wonder if they will later ask Silvio to silence Benedict XVI as some 'socialists' in past did with Pius IX? It is just like a message on this poster - '... cleric you need to stop!". Like a WRON message to Father Robak from Adam Mickiewicz national poem 'Pan Tadeusz'. While this time our Father Robak is completly clear and even in Shanghai they know this as some has followed whole story also on the field - like a shadows!

They are calling for reduction of all existing kinds of 'delivery vehicles' - first time using this phrase openly - and multi-polar world order. We are not living in the unilateral world as Hussein thinks when is looking at the Russia. Between his cold-war 'Soviet block' and the United States - there is not only country called Poland - but whole block called 'European Union' and while it is a part of NATO it cannot be treated as the Emperor file 13 where he can junk someone just on his hand gesture - using his vasals in the machinery that is now simply like modern Buchenwalld but with all the Bezpieka methods... Fruit of the NSDAP - PRL cold fusion...

PZPR - United Workers’ Party

Beginning in 1948, Poland was governed by the Polish United Workers’ Party (PUWP; Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza), the country’s communist party, which was modeled on the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The postwar government was run as a dual system in which state organs were controlled by parallel organs of the PUWP (just like american Uberagency - slu.).

Source: Britanica


I am brodcasting to this 'reformists' at the streets of Teheran one word - LIBERATION; but what it means now, you idiot?

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