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Chrysler for Negro

After signing a deal that has gave Fiat concern a 20% of Chrystal it can be a question for a common people of the United States if their leader is realy sane one. He has pumped into this company more that 500 billions $ of public money and then has gave 20% stake to Fiat for nothing. In this transaction that has created one of bigest car maker - Italians has not payed even single cent. But there is shoking hidden reason why Hussein has did it - resurecting old axis of Nazi. It is now like Führer Hussein, General Franco Zapatero and... Silvio Mussolini.

From point of view of Silvio it is a great deal indead - some upgrade of Obama Gestapo - that counts now on Italians as his closes allies for dirty work in Europe. For me it is a sign that road to Rome has been closed - maybe even for decades. For me this deal is also just as re-opening of Buchenwalld with 'Die Hexe von Buchenwald' ("the witch of Buchenwald") as the flagship. I know that i am still hunted - and now they has found soultion - how to put a blame on center-right to be able to claim that they are 'defending' me, later in their political campaign. But it is Führer Husign that has ordered this. And there is more people - more freethinkers - that they would love to treat this same way - sent to New Buchenwalld - 'Jedem das Seine' - to each his own - as the label at this concentration camp teach us...

The Amsterdam incident is again very lodly in Poland but also here in Brussels as Kaczynski is heading to the EU summit. After revealing their evidence throug Spanish Minister of Defense during last week NATO summit - many understand now this ellection crime - and looks at Kaczynski team through different prismat. Just like Russia looks as Kaczynski close coleague regime of Mishka Shakasvili - calling it criminal one. And Kaczynski realy feels the pressure - more members of parliament are giving up membership in his party and Prime Minister is sugessting that he will take a lead - becoming a President. While more that 2/3 of Poles gives Kaczynski negative note - he is at bottom and is trying to defend sugessting that they has acted in good faith - fighting Nazi mole - but then why they was trying to knit me into this? I have gave him a chance to come out of this crisis with better face but just after european ellections he has once again attacked me...

I am looking for justice and truth but i have from the beging underlined that it should be based on proofs with all legal procesing - even if we need to deal with things that seems to be treated by some as the secrets or while some are using unfair tricks - like team of Ehud Omlert - to defend themself. It need go through institutions that has been designed for such cases - a mixup of Apostolic Tribunal and the Iranian one... Yes, full legalism - pointed at the organisers of this crimes, even if the enviroment could be just like during occupation!!! This Presidential Vodka case is now maybe just like the case of this dead German Female Guard from Ohrdruf Concentration Camp that was either killed by the US troops or by the prisoners but not by me and some knows this very well, while Hussein simply continues his blind march.

Through this he is just resurecting Nazism while in this same time is intesifing opression and terror under which i am since at least 4 years - since birth of Uberagency and Neo-Theo department in the White House! Preparing next Negro firework - this time for French and German elections... Nothing has changed in White House after they has lost ellections not only in Europe but also in Iran... Still this same Kuczera-Gagala tandem - this same fraud defenders, this same thinking and lies... While i am continued to blame for things i did not and my life is just demolished by their secret services. He continues his Weseli Lie anthem... Instaed of solving JPII mystery we hear only about this litte nazi drone - that has already destroyed not only my but also dreams of so many...

Instead of looking for a true culpable for his failure and false accusations - he continues his march - trying for once again build his 'Rose revolution' - martyring me. This time it was Iran - when just before ellections he has distributing rumors that Mahmud Ahmenidad wanted to assasinate me. In weekend he has orchesterated another attempt - trying to induce broader support in Iran - for his 'refformers' - claiming this time that Mahmud has killed me to take a revenge. What a bullshit, beg pardon and kick off this Nazist from White House and Pentagon! People are nethier idiots nor blind...

What a message is central-left - SPD - sending by their combative campaign - 100 days of terror - 100% Nation Socialist Democratic Party? Terror, lies, false accusations and assasinations - it is socialist way for the people? Quo vadis? Nobody belives you - they hear this same Horst-Wessel-Lied anthem, they see this same story - this is a way in which Hitler was fighting for power... Funeral of Horst Wessel has been used by Nazi as a way to gain the power, now we have another Horst Wessel - and another Dr. Geobels that is trying from one side - use Christian Democrats to commit turpitude that will be later used against them - from other hand - to build support for his party based on the hatred and false accusations. I do not know what is biggest evil - brutaly murdering - or using this case in such way - to build a monumentum for Nazism!!! Both i am opposing...


Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
The stormtroopers march with bold, firm step.
Comrades shot by Reds and Reactionaries
March in spirit within our ranks.

Clear the streets for the brown battalions.
Clear the streets for the stormtroop men!
Millions already look hopefully up to the swastika.
The day is breaking for freedom and bread!
For the last time now the call is sounded!
Already we stand all ready to fight!

Soon the Hitler banners will flutter over the barricades.
Our bondage won't last much longer!
Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
The stormtroopers march with calm, firm step.
Comrades shot by Reds and Reactionaries
March in spirit within our ranks.

The lyrics of the song were composed in 1929 by Horst Wessel, a Nazi activist and local commander of the Nazi militia, the SA, in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain. Wessel was assassinated by a Communist activist in January 1930, and the propaganda apparatus of Berlin Gauleiter Dr. Joseph Goebbels made him the leading martyr of the Nazi Movement.

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