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Carter marathon

Netzel: I have heard, that they has resignet from us?
Kornatowski: What?
Netzel: Nurses resigned.
Kornatowski: O! Because how long they can (pol. bo ile można)
Netzel: (silence)
Kornatowski: So you know. ... And now we have new topic for a media, not a bullshiting and mashing plastic bootles on the heads, it is not longer a hit, no?

Jaromil Netzel in his
secret phone talks
July 2007

Well, last days it is a hit again. I feel it all the time thanks to our ZOMO brigadiers that are smashing it each day on the eagle head. I remeber Netzel as he has replaced somebody that has hired me in PZU - bigest polish insurer - with long traditions. When i was leaving - it was very loudly - as usual when i am quiting a job. This time i was making a battle in the Parliament against left-hand of Zbigniew Ziobro (PiS) - Mr. Kryze - that was shadow kingpin at this time in the Ministry of Justice. I was battling for respect of human rights for the people that use drugs recreationaly or are addicted. I have wone partialy, throwing their ammendments back into the Parliamentary Commission - then my manager at the company has asked me openly if i will continue. When i did not bowed up - he has said that he is forced to throw me out of company. In this time there was big fight inside of this one of most influential corporations in Poland - and some was suggesting openly in the letters that I and former CEO of this company was working for the mafia - what was just idiotic. I have even not meet him personaly...

This romance and whole my political strugle has made me like Prometeus, i have with 'premeditation' acted in different part of the world to bring a hope for a progress in so many spheres of our social life. Acting like true defender of marginalised people. It was never easy task - but after recent months i must say that i have never meet such opression that i am enjoying from the Barack Hussein Obama - that has used 'bottle' plot as his party main bearer of the revolution... Making true catastrophe in the Middle-East. It is so visible with the Iranian protests that some hold now. Old slogans - down with America - are on mouths of supporters of all rivals...

When i look at the Solidarity postcard from Ester 1984 - a card that was just like a sign of a curse for me - that has manifested itself at night just after both martyring Priest Popieluszko, as well Indira Ghandi - i go back to another War Games that they has organised around my father and to some Washington marathon in which Jimy Carter has took a part. I do not know if it was just natural muscle-bound or somebody has pushed a feet but he collapsed and had to be carried away. Well something like this has happend later in War Game in which my father was put - just in the center of hurricane - like i now. Well, i think it was just a Clinton and her cultists and when i look at his number - 39 i am going back in memory to the 39 Division of American Artilery and the begining of our opression... And i know very well that somebody has pushed a feet on my way - my Ghandi marathon, but for them it will be like a dogma and the secret - that need to be 'defended' by Gestapo - she will be not like Bushenwald guard but more like a saint - and it will be me that will be blamed for everything. Just to prepare a way for sweeded bastard... It is a nature of Nazi-cult that has been build on death of Lefebvre. It is a dogma - for blind wildcats...

When Carter recently visited Hamas in Gaza zone it was a move that was calculated for gilding the pill rather that real solution lookup. They - Israel and United States - in the background are continuing to blame each other for this complex crisis instead of looking for real way forward and reconstruction of school that has been destroyed during insane K-dima Cast the Lead operation in the Gaza. A incident in our Oper Taurus - that was also manifestation of both power and art but so evil and mad. It was like destroying my school - sufi one. And they instead of trying to roll each other in this scanda should look to make things that has been broken to be repaired - this is only viable solution. No other way - but - you know - they are just blind cultists and well - for some - like Mahmud Abbas from Fatah - topic of this bottle is very hard one as he used it in the plot against his coleague - Salam Fayyad. I think White House should first solve this internal problem before asking Hamas - especialy during a protest in Teheran - for their 'holy' Ave... I do not think they will be able to receive it anytime - as it is one of principles of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution...

There is maybe one point in which i agree with Withe House - it is obsoleted and counterprocutive Ehud Omlert policy of opening the Rafat border point in exchange for Gilad. It is something dangerous that should be changed and the rebuilding of damages - including this school - should start immediately. I still see a hope in Nathanyahu goverment that it will be able to bring real peace and security in the longer time - but i see Lieberman - somehow as destabilising factor in this equation. Anyway thanks to Israeli regime for their recent declaration for not agreeing with Obama calls to 'freeze'... Reconicilitation is possible - but without Nazist ant thier anti-semitic tactics in the Middle East...

Carter calls for Palestinian reconciliation

Former US President Jimmy Carter is calling on Palestinian militant Hamas leaders to make peace with Fatah which runs the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

He is on the last leg of a Middle East tour where he met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza. Urging internal reconciliation he said it was the first step to living side by side with Israelis as two sovereign nations recognised by each other and living in peace.

Carter said he had to hold back tears as he viewed the scenes of destruction wrought by Israel’s 22- day offensive: “I come here to the American school which was educating your children, supported by my own country, and I see this has been deliberately destroyed by bombs from F-16s, made in my country and delivered to the Israelis.”

The 84-year-old’s visit followed Middle East envoy Tony Blair’s call for more action to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


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