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Bitten by ZOMO

The Captain Log, day 1460 – this night ZOMO was really flurried. Well, i call it ZOMO because they was Polish nationals from General Gagal but thes days you can call them - braunen Bataillonen too. Yesterday Rebel Alliance forces from Belgium and Netherlands has jailed a network of Emperor smugglers just near the borders between this two countries.

They was not only involved in spice trade but also was taking care about local transport operations - they was like Gota backyard. My adversary from the drug scene that thanks to his connections and Uberagency has destroyed my organization and lives happily together with young polish socialists. Anyway, this Belgium-Netherlands network from their luxury villas and cars has been sent just to the prison. And as usual, some from Hussein bezpieka has taken revenge on me by biting me with their professional methods – in occiput and in nose - just like a monumentum near which i sleep. Unfortunately they was acting professionally leaving no traces but the pain was quite big… And you will not find them on the street they are hidden somwhere in this War Games bunker - that for years they said was a soviet one - while it was Pentagon...

On Saturday they has also showed up – but this time it was not Polish soldiers working for Obama Gestapo – but a Muslim ones. It was a part of our bottle plot – they has come from Zuid when I was smoking a joint in near placement. They has throwed a bottle at me – poured my shirt and later was trying to provoke fight . Well, I am not a warrior so as usual I have stayed calm and they has come out – shouting something.

This incident and what has happen later will allow you to better understand Obama Cairo speech and the words of Hillary Clinton that she has said on the Euronews just after it – their Iranian election strategy. It is a key to understand why Obama is in so big shit when it comes to Middle-East. Just on the day before election in Iran – when some shout has been heard in the Gettho they has started to spread a rumor there that Mahmud Ahmenidad wanted to assassinate me - calling it 'dirty end to Iran's presidential campaign' – what was not a truth. In the defensive move officials has shouted down a SMS networks for an election period and called to ignore this rumors – that was false. And i must say – that if White House people will continue their war games in this style – maybe it should be a standard defensive move, also in the West. It is not good but how to defend people from such calculated lies?

But this Saturday was just after official victory of Ahmenidad has been announced. This time a plot was a bit different. Their line was that it was a Mahmud people that wanted to take revenge on me – what has been signalled by throwing this bottle at me and what later they wanted to execute at night. That is why in Cairo Obama has said that he support Palestinians – for taking a revenge. That is what Hilary Clinton wanted to say in her Iranian speech: "We obviously hope that the outcome reflects the genuine will and desire of the Iranian people" - to later blame IRGC for this 'inhuman revenge' - as she would say on the next day - adding fuel to the fire in Teheran. But it was not a Mahmud – as his officer from Islamic Revolution Guarding Corp – he had emblem of it on the arm – has come just 5 minutes after this bottle incident and on Euronews you could learn from Ahmenidad that any that will dare to attack Iran ‘will deeply regret such a move’. Excuse...

* * *

When i was writing this post - i have readed a just published news - Because of debts has lost his lion. No, Hussein if you think that you can blame my Lion - IRGC - or any other for Amsterdam incident - then you are wrong - people has been disilussioned. It was your ZOMO that are using such Wisloteka technics - with supervision of Israeli commander 'Andreo' - Gabi Ashkenazi - and by hands of agent AMOS with their Swidnica backing - that did it. And they are also near me - as shadow - but not like lion rather like cementary hyens. When my friends has caught them at hand on 13 January in Amsterdam - and has stolen their pockets to give to me - they wanted me to tell you who was behind Amsterdam crime - who is using such terrible Bezpieka technics - who was this 'unidetified gunmen'... And why White House is continuing this false and evil tune...

* * *
The Saturday incident had an outcome at the night. It was loudes shouting in the Ghetto - and this time not only our lions was engaded in it but also a local police - that has come on the scene just in seconds. Again, they has failed to assasinate me - and their evil plot has been showed to the people - also to Reformist supporters - that was lied and misguided by thier Washington backers. Now Obama is realy in big troubles - as this plot has been foiled what have a repercusion not only in Iran - where Reformist has been put in realy bad light - but also in the NATO member - Islamic Republic of Turkey. Yes, they wanted also to use my case - and this bottle that has been planted to me - against President of Turkey and his supporters... It was sixt coup de ettat attempt by this Kuczera millitary junta in which we was both targeted.

Reports of a military plot in Turkey

The Prime Minister of Turkey has held a meeting with his Chief of the Armed Forces amid rising tensions between the military and the governing AK Party. The controversy has further strained relations already under pressure over an investigation into an alleged shadowy right-wing network accused of plotting a coup.

Now, the liberal newspaper Taraf has reported that the military have drawn up a plan to prevent the AK from interfering with Turkey’s traditional secular identity. The country’s generals have been put on the defensive over the report, which claimed the movement of Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen was also targeted.

Taraf said the suspected plot included plans to discredit the AK Party, stir up internal divisions and plant weapons and ammunition in houses used by Gulen’s associates to suggest his group was involved in militant activities.

Turkey’s military has a history of intervening in the country’s politics, including staging several coups, although in recent years it has taken a back seat.

The secular elite says the AK has plans to undermine the separation of state and religion, an accusation the party denies.


Well, when i am observing rising voilence in Iran and same technics - like sending Kuczera gunmens into Reformist rallies or using snipers that shoot to the people from the roof - i would not blame Ahmenidad for this - as he is last person that have interest in raising violence level - this are same grups - steered by this same people - that has prepared similar plot against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in 2001 that has been used to try to cast him out of leadership - what was also against will of his nation.

The plan that at the end has failed - was also with snipers at the bridge - just see the video - it was captured on the camera in 30 minute of the documentary movie 'Revolution will not be televised' attached to this post... Is this realy a Democracy, where it will lead you? Look what has happend to the Rose Revolution in Georgia... And now think about American Army that is just waiting on Your borders to 'help you' and bring Iran back to the darkness of former Shah of Persia - in the name of oil... Is this realy what Iranian people want to achieve? Look what i have get - by supporting Obama presidential race. What a perfidion, what a methods. Do not be like a lemmings. Do not drow with them, stay calm... And to White House - first change your Nazi cast , before you will try to spread Democracy in the Middle East or anywhere. Now they lead you to the bottom, it is road to nowhere...

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