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Teherans Missiles

So this time we are going to reach the space on the Sojuz rocket. The gesheft is going to enter ultimate phase and some from here will see our cross on Pilsudzki squre from the outer-space. I have just packed this block into word file while Russian coleagues has published an article entitled - Tehran's missiles a way to raise its stakes in a big political game. Yes, indeed.

They say also that Polish postman refused 'license to thrill'. And it is true also. After lose of Geremek and following Religa death in Poland we does not have any real oposition. I thik, looking on the ground, that Kaczynski is just masquing their wrongdoings under façade of aggressive words but they are not interested into goint in real discussion about explusions. This that has been done in past as well as this recent ones. Including my. This one that Angela Merkel has just criticised…

He says that there is no-sense to go back into this history maybe because he is affraid about his own roots. But at primo this story is about roots that has been lost because of bigest tragedy of past centuary. Yes, it is also about stolen legacies but at first about identity that for so many has been lost during past 300 years on this land and elsewhere in the region. So many people from so called New Member States but also Old Europe can be affected by this fraud. Many of them has lost their old identity in mysteries of conspiracy, buried by enemies and even does not know this.

After Kaczynski recent criticism it is clear for me that he is one of last persons that want to see this mystery solved. I think and some insiders from his party say this same that it can be just for private reasons, because of Zyta Gilowska that is close friend of Melanie mother – this one from our lody 'Eurovision' romance. Her mother Maja was also one of directors of Warsaw Stock Exchange during Kaczynski's goverment time...

Tusk party also is joining this Targowica gescheft this evening by making premier of anti-PiS TV spot. Tusk says that it is end of Policy of Love and is just laughting from Kaczynski mistake in some TV news. And for 11 milions of zlotych they are going to invite Kylie Minog to celebrate 4 June in Poland. Well, they say that President Cheyen is going to pay billions of public money for this extermination... It is just very litte piece - that he owns us...

Our central-left leader Olejniczak is just silent waiting why my broadcast will be removed by President Cheney. Then his stars will come on the stage... Geremek? Well, we continue to have leadership in this elections in Poland and everywhere where all politicans have only erradication method, crysthal one for their people…

And they say that our Roma final will be done today. They say that GM is going into bastard hands and his excellency President Cheney want to give his final signature under this Nero act. So just enjoy record of this battle for Total Memory. See secrets of IV Reich and beware... Gestapo is coming back in the name of father. Just like 80 years ago…

Yes, it is gona to be without me…
While Belgium still protesting…

And others too...

Obama reborns Gestapo

US President Barack Obama launches a campaign to make Americans safer by merging White House staffs dealing with intercalation and domestic security.

The president on Tuesday combined the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council.

The "national security staff" will now address all issues pertinent to "international, transnational and domestic security matters."

More: PressTV

I am not alone, will you erase us all to secure what Adolf has stolen?

Just on the margin I want to explain some strange thing that has occured during my radio broadcast. When i was not aware about it one of this GM officers that are making background noises during show has taken my microphone and loudly announced - 'Franco Fratini i will throw You out of this world!'. No it was not I and he did not thinked about our Pope or anybody from our dear Apostols of Democracy when he has shouted this. Maybe Kaczynski has stepped down from his patriotic path but there are others. Look at the reason of this american outrage - Italian Maja has been hit by Fratini:

64 Mafia suspects arrested in Italy

Italian police have arrested 64 suspected members of mafia, including 10 women, in the latest crack down against the organized crime group.

In over a week, at least 130 suspects have been netted in Naples. Police say those detained are linked to a very big clan of the Camorra, or the Neapolitan Mafia.

They are wanted on suspicion of extortion, usury, drug trafficking and money laundering

"Three of them are already in jail for other crimes," a police spokesman told AFP on Wednesday, adding that the arrests took place in the Vesuvius region.

Ten women -- some of them wanted for smuggling cocaine from Spain -- were also among those arrested.

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