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Soros treating AIDS in Iran

Soros and his friends will never give-up. He is and will be defending this Holocaust fraud to the last not the first blood. His empire has been build on it and others like Kissinger, Murdoch or Moon has participated in this and hold their stakes. Yesterday they had prepared some PRL styled circus in Washington about public health while in Brussels Barroso has meet with 'representativies' of citizens under slogan of 'People power', and as usual they wanted send me back home, my father home - Lubliniec - playing standard Holocaust card on... yet another negro genocide survivor... In a gesheft move they has sent John Demjanjuk to Germany (i guess they will put lot of falsified documents to defend him if the trial will be organized at all and what about his commanders still hidding in General Motors). But during my radio show - Obama crowd was calling me Her Flick - trying to convice public that i am just like he - while it is me - who is a victim of his bigest free-air concentration camp and Nazi era practicies that are still continued...

Just on margin I would remind Barosso that 2/3 of Europeans are not going to vote in the 30 anniversary of free and direct elections and this spectaclo will not change it - can make things only worse; they are staying in home voting for Geremek and others from his list... The Pope was in this same time honoring Holocaust victims... Tomorrow they has planed assasination atempt, but this televisionary plan has been foiled by Isreali and the Pope has declared that the Church has entered a path of justice and compassion, yes this Apostolic Tribunal in difference to Iranian one - that is about justice - is about a mercy, together they can play perfectly. How our friends Simon and Abbas looks now? I hope that Barosso move was just standard counterineligence - 'oh, we, we' move not a wish to give a signature under this genocide...

And today i have received a letter calling for a signing a petition to free Soros doctors from Iranian jail. Well, on first look it could be good, but as usual devil is in the details...

On 5/12/09, Sarah Kalloch, PHR wrote:

Dear Artur,

Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei, pioneers of harm reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Iran, have been detained for almost a year and sentenced to prison in Tehran. The Iranian government says they used trips to AIDS conferences worldwide to foment a velvet revolution.


Be a part of TODAY's Global Day of Action for the Alaeis and attend our Virtual Vigil from from 11 am to 1 pm EST.

Their first appeal was denied; they are on their last appeal and need worldwide support. People like you from across the globe—including Ukraine, Argentina, the US, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Kenya, the Netherlands and Thailand—are organizing events for today, May 12.

Here's how you can take action on Alaei Day:

1. Attend our Virtual Vigil: Today,on May 12, from 11 am to 1 pm EST, visit and join people from all over the world in celebrating the Alaeis' work and demanding their freedom. For those of you in New York or DC, join PHR for vigils outside the UN in New York and the Iranian Interests Section in DC – vigils which will be live streamed online for virtual vigil participants.

2. Sign on: Sign the new petition asking Iran to drop the charges, and forward it to colleagues and friends.

3. Make A Statement: Urge your organization to make a statement calling for the Alaeis' release. A sample statement as well as addresses for Iranian policy makers can be downloaded here (Word doc).

Check out for more information and resources.

The Iranian Government's prosecution of the Drs. Alaei will have a chilling effect on the international exchange of scientific knowledge that is essential in the fight for human rights and against global epidemics like HIV/AIDS. Stand up today and demand their release.


Sarah Kalloch
PHR Outreach Director

P.S. Remember, the Virtual Vigil for the Alaei brothers is TODAY, May 12, from 11 am to 1 pm EST,

I can understand that now they will claim again that i have revealed state secret about how they are making their massacres. However, it is just what i has found investigating death of Jean Paul II and my family history. I was working with Soros people but was always treated as indesirable; now after revealing mysteries around my family i understand why. Anyway they has touched topic on which i am wroking - also with success in Muslim word - one of the hardest one - the drug policy. Here is my reply to their accussations.

Dear Sarah
you should be aware that Alathoylah Khameini has decade ago
made a fatwha that puts harm reduction policy as the priority
and Iran is one of pinoeer of this strategy in the Middle-East

However Iranians and others nations has becomed fully aware
about Soros sponsored initiatives to use the HIV infected people
as the suiciders which was used in the past to target civilian targets

do not wonder why they are defending their civilian population
against such devilish plots

you do not need to call them for a harm reduction policy
they do not have a problem with this valuable strategy
when it comes to saving people lifes

still, there are some Soros people that use victims
of hiv/aids epidemy as the suiciders, such practicies
aimed at civilian population should not be tolerated by any sane gouverment
and the people from Soros should meet a justice - as they has killed to many
of innocent people in name of their crusades for oil and ifluences...


best regards,

ps. more about iranian drug policy:
and in polish

And when it comes to drugs. This issue is very often used to spread a discord based on their interpreataion of Koran. In this case it is about definition of the intoxination. My version - that is in my light of my study most probable - is that it was simply poisoning that has been explictly forbriden. Some are misinterpeting words wroten in Koran stating that it is alcohol or cannabis. Some will say that it is allowed to drink alcohol but not to the state of beign drunk. It is a topic for another post and whole debate, but i think that this golden though of Mahmud Ahmenidad is best way-out of such differences: "The best intrpretation of Koran is a culture of given nation."

Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi
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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

And when it comes to the stolen properties of my and other families, dear readers do not listen to their propaganda. They has prepared in London g8 5 miliard $ stimulus. If they would be wise then they will simply rebuy this 3 000 000 fine arts items (most in U.S but also in U.K) - and this way stimulate an economy and make a justice for so many, mainly in Central Europe but also here. Well, we have recesion so fine art is at the lowest price. But they prefer to simply inject this money in pockets of alredy rich to stimulate not a economy but rather a terror...

And do not listen to their lies that they has made this genocide to protect your economy, they are protecting already rich persons, so few... And well, if they think that a case of this stolen properties will end and this way they can silence Shoma survivors and their families from Central East, they are wrong...

Well, my case is a bit different. We are under occupation from 300 years, and well it was our soldiers that has taken victory and liberated so many from the concentration camps and prisons. To later be traped into Iron Curtain and Soviet brutality trap. To be liberated...

You, Simon, must be simply mad...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

The recent change in Pentagon team is not a good one for me. It looks that i am going to lose a friend, just another national hero.

That is maybe a reason why Shwarzeneger has once again appeared to remind him that in his State they are realy executing death sentences.

Dear Obama maybe you has been able to purify your SS Galizia team, but if i will be found dead you will see real hell. The case of JP II and this litte family genocide will just remove you and your party from the political landscape as it has already damaged heavily your central-left in Europe.

You has produced enough to start a long process of impeachment. And a final signature - I - am waiting for your death sentence to be executed...

As usual after failed assasination attempt they has not removed a political decision maker but rather somebody that has protected Pope and me. They has been once again hit in the heart and screamed in pain. I understand that now we are changing tone from grotesque to real tragedy... international one...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Ahh, and one more thing that i would clarify. When it comes to religions, it is true that i am more muslim. Yes, i come from the Sufi school, this one that was before christianity and the islam. The core and root of monotheism. Next to Zororastanism.

And if you will look at the photo of Buddah from SWAT valley, this litte family weeding merchadise. You will see Swiatowid.

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Yes it is Zebra. And Obama is not Ike that has wone a II World War and americans has forgivned him his pope adventure (while he was thinking he works in good case). Obama is rather going to start new world war - following Hess script...

Yes, it is a Nazi Zebra - listen carefully to the 'last' announcment of Wermaht from 9 May. You will hear this code name...

See, Zebra again:

this velvet islam backed so heavily by Simon. Wonder why? Jaroszewicz could answer...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

and now, zebra, kill your mercy... Republicans are just waiting for this to start this nixon show...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

alternativly he can also attack me saying that i am faulty, then why so many europeans are in solidarity holding their vote, tell them about opression you has put on me, tell them about all this victims that has gave me a helping hand to be later found death

i was looking for job when i has escaped Tusk Poland, but when all of them has found themself under pressure and rejected, i has choosed a path of Ghandi, a march for soil, a pilgrimage to the grave, sict-deep of JPII with a hope that Benedict will help me and at least will listen to me, as pius IX did with adam but giving his hand this time

but a road for jakubins is as dangerous as in time of Roothan, in both France and Germany they was waiting for me... Traped...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

ohh, i see that they in Israel would love to see me as saint
but this will not be Iran nethier Hamas, it will be some velvet islamist