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So, George Washington, we are heading towards 9'th May anniversary and Uberagency did not changed even by yota their wish to take revenge for Adolf Hitler. Well, they will drow together wih us. Realy, they could not take better target for taking their 'revenge', that me. But today i would like for a moment look back into times of another totalitarian state to show you some old traditions and stories encoded deeply in some pople minds. Also Teutonic ones... Most of modern Christians ends their religious knowledge on the Christ, but there is much more in Holy Bible and our common religious symbolism. In God we resists...

Purim Spiel

A Purim Spiel, or Purimshpil, meaning a Purim play—shpil means 'game' or '(stage) play' in Yiddish. (See also spiel).

A Purim Spiel is usually a comic dramatization, as a traditional type of Jewish play, or informal theatrical production, with participants, usually children, wearing costumes that depict the characters in the story in the Book of Esther, the central text and narrative that describes what transpired on Purim and why it has become an important Jewish holiday.

A favorite form of a Purim Spiel for children is enacted in puppet shows with the Purim characters and their antics making the children laugh.

The festival of Purim contains much celebration of comic relief because the decree of the wicked Haman was annulled and the Jewish people living in the ancient Persian Empire were saved from the edict of death and genocide instigated against them by Haman and instead rejoiced at the downfall of their enemies at the hands of Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai.

Source: Wikipedia

My purimshpil is different from this one for childrens because for first it is for real from many years, since King Moon has visite me and well it is not comedy, rather grotesque. Even yesterday they has launched their lemmings; shouting lowdly two groups of velvet islamist then shot-out in the night. Just another one sent from central. Well, it was some Baal velvet islamists celebrating under EU protection...

Well, nihil novi. Obama is announcing however that the Blackwater millitary empire is going to be closed. Could be something but i do not belive in their intentions - it looks just like another move fore public. IF he would like to solve this terrorist dilemas then he would take care not about Blackwater but about Soros empire - look at it on this flash map... So they are greeting me from tv screens as Jaruzelski was doing in past, again. Sometimes threating as Teutons do when their victim does not want to cooperate... And this same common people from Poland has told today to Donek - he is using this same language, but his style is more like his grandfather (I am sure that Piotr Jaroszewicz, yes this same from Nieswiez, could tell us more why). Yes, they are very right that he should appologise and not only to me but to whole nation. But instead of this he is for another time making good face to very bad game. And in meantime is strengthing this Guzek cancer by introducing so called State Secret Act. Well, Gestapo has been made also to protect state secrets, this is this same, very same...

But lets go back on track. Yesterday i have wroten about one of Refusenik, today i will mention another one that have simillar history to me. Well, soviets did not have such power that is hidden in millitary satellites to make open air prison with torturs beign transmited 24h/7 days, but still history is quite simillar and it is again about Purimshpil and genocide.

Yuli Edelstein:
Refusenik 1979-1987;
Prisoner of Zion 1984-1985

Date of Birth: 1958
Place of Birth: Ukraine
Date of Aliyah: 1987

I was born in Czernowitz in western Ukraine. Ukraine was only annexed to the USSR in 1940, so that the Jews there escaped the strictures of the Soviet regime for an additional twenty years or more following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, and another generation managed to benefit from a Jewish education in Jewish schools. I am offended when people state that Jews in the USSR are assimilated, because assimilation happens when a person abandons one culture for another. My response is always semi-humourous: I say that I was never able to abandon Jewish culture, simply because I didn't know very much about it when I was growing up.

My only connection with Jewish culture was through my grandfather and grandmother. I remember from when I was about 5 years old, that my grandfather would take a small suitcase in one hand and my hand in the other. We would walk to a certain street and walk up and down it until a woman called to us from one of the houses and invited us inside. My grandfather would give her 10 rubles and she would give him a package of matzot, which he stowed away in his suitcase and we would go home. That doesn't mean to say that they kept the Halachot [laws] relating to Pesach, or held a Seder, but some elements of Judaism did indeed exist.

Well, i could say this same. And even more as my grandfather was quite special one. Please Zdradzio do not be angry when i am writing about General Sikorski - Wladek. My grandfather could say that and who knows if they did not saw one each other before General was assasinated by London-Persian dealers. Well, it was my Radzima, my famili thanks to which you have a name Sikorski not Gruner or новост. It was our family that was giving family names to polish people and when you will be celebrating together with Cardinal Dziwisz and others from your team at 4 Juni - anniversary of our 'liberation' - come to cathedral to see it...

I continued to study Hebrew – at first, on my own, but later with a teacher named Lev Ulanovsky. When he received his visa to go to Israel in 1979, I decided that I myself wanted to teach Hebrew. There was obviously no formal training for this, so these lessons were not professional. I would teach small groups of between three and six people in private homes; some of them were Refuseniks, while others were Jews considering leaving, or simply interested in learning Ivrit.

Was this a clandestine activity? While it can't be said, on the one hand, that all the Hebrew teachers were thrown in jail, on the other hand, a successful teacher would inveitably come up against the authorities. He would not necessarily be arrested immediately: there were an entire range of methods used to break up Hebrew study groups. On one occasion, KGB agents accompanied by the district police officer forced entry into an apartment where I was teaching. We tried to hide whatever we could, because they proceeded to confiscate everything they saw: books, tapes, tape recorders. My students had to show their identity cards and their details were noted down. For myself, I was taken to jail, where I was searched, which they did in order to humiliate and intimidate me, with the promise that, "If you're caught teaching Hebrew once more, we'll smash your head in."

The technique of forcing entry into apartments where people were teaching Hebrew was quite effective when sustained, because once this began occuring at every lesson, the students would eventually stop coming. That is what happened, for example, with Yuli Kosharovsky, who was a really good teacher, but he was continually being arrested - either on his way to lessons, or just after he began them.

In the 1980s, we also tried to establish a network to teach Hebrew outside Moscow, because there were very few teachers outside the main cities of Moscow and Leningrad. I was in Minsk, while Sasha (Aleksandr) Kholmyansky and his brother Misha worked in other cities. We would hold intensive language instruction seminars; after a week or two in each place, we would get caught and be expelled.

More: Jewish Agency

Well, i do not teach Hebrew rather a polish and perssian. Teaching simon perssian. Teaching about difference between Hess and Brimbaum zionism; Teaching about differences in teutonic and slavic traditions. But i see return of this same in modern time. I see this and i feel every day, this same that Yuli was observing in thimes of other Empire - The Soviet Union...

And You know Simon, do not threat me, i do not love Israel, thanks to people like you, that are no different from our other opressors. Yes, many in III Reich was Teutonic jews - and they also had beatufull ideology and some form of culture. Very barbarian one... Who and what are you defending?!? And who together whith your lapdogs and colleagues are you opressing? Many thanks to Andreo squadron, lets celebrate...

Katedra - Tomek Baginski - 2002 -

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