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Prisoner of Jura

Today our betrayal of polish nation Szymon Perski is paying his visit to the SS Galicia headquaters in Washington and it is for once again a point in which their efforts are going stronger and stronger. As thier vritual bugs transmited on my skin by sattelites from Barrack X - just like on this famous movie... When today i have saw a clip from White House on which first Obama says about 'crackdown on tax loops' and then takes us to see 'drawers' it was like showing to the world a fraud that was effect of holocaust. And they was opening it one afer one - to say just like: here you will find Zbigniew, here Bronislaw, here it is Karol, here Ewa and this one is for Radost. To finish this genocide and protect fraud...

The other clips on euronewas was also in this germany minded rythm. And from everywhere i has heard this old words to Weseli melhody - NSDAP anthem... RANKS CLOSED TIGHT! FLAG HIGH!

Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
The stormtroopers march with bold, firm step.
Comrades shot by Reds and Reactionaries
March in spirit within our

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Well, on 9 May we are going to celebrate vicotry over Hitler army. If somebody want take a revenge for this, indeed he could not choos better person and time. Whoever my grandfather was in this trouble times and which names he hold (as a Witkacy is only my guess - but quite probably one) - he was this one litte oprhant from monument from Poraj. He was mysterious Hrabia about which even Wermaht was signing in thier songs. He was nestor of oldest polish family - that in time of partitioning was called Wernyhora and before - in times of Commonwealth - a nestor of it. And we was always in the center of this hunt leaded by persons that was living on what was stolen from us...

I was living in two totalitarian states and must say that even under Soviet occupation our leaders was much more wise that this ones. My family did not had easy living - just look at case of my father - but still, what this Nazi cancer that is eating freedom in Poland is doing to me and did to others friends is uncomparable even to the sovier opression. Even in PRL our leaders was more independent and wise that now, to not mention this american bloody clown. Let just quote a famous Carter-Gierek speeches that in context of 9 May is again so fresh:

Carter - Gierek in Warszawa

THE FIRST SECRETARY. Dear Mr. President, dear Mrs. Carter, ladies and gentlemen:


It is in the interest of our two countries. It helps deepen detente and shape up constructive international relations. Rich and noble are the traditions we jointly refer to. Poles were among the first settlers on the American soil. In the American struggle for independence, a splendid chapter has been written by Kosciuszko, Pulaski, and other great Polish patriots, for whom the cause of freedom of their own land was inseparably linked with that of all peoples.

It can be assumed with all certainty that from the outset of and all through the Bicentennial of the United States, which, along with the American people, we marked here with friendly observances, a significant share to the expansion of the American economy, civilization, and culture has been contributed by Poles.

We are glad that today the overwhelming majority of the multimillion masses of Americans of Polish extraction as good United States citizens keep maintaining their sentimental and cultural ties with the land of their ancestors, that they wish favorable development of cooperation with the Polish People's Republic. The people of Poland are also cognizant of our common struggle in the great anti-Nazi coalition.

Mr. President, I trust that the paramount cause guiding us mutually is the consolidation of peace. The Polish people in particular only too well know both its price and value, for wasn't it so that the city of Warsaw--which we have risen from the ashes--had been doomed to total extinction? For its heroic resistance, for its contribution for the victory of nations over the fascists, our nation paid the price-of more than 6 million human lives, of the loss of over 40 percent of the national wealth.


THE PRESIDENT. First Secretary and Mrs. Gierek, distinguished leaders in politics, the military, music, drama, art, poetry, education, science, engineering:

THE PRESIDENT. First Secretary and Mrs. Gierek, distinguished leaders in politics, the military, music, drama, art, poetry, education, science, engineering:

We are very proud to be here in Poland and to have had a chance to meet with and to learn from First Secretary Gierek. We have already become close personal friends. He has taught me things that I can use in my own Nation. He has this afternoon discussed with me--and tonight--how he proposes to have a balance of trade in Poland. He sells hare or rabbits to adjacent countries for a lease in hunting preserves, and the rabbits are trained to return to Poland.

When I was running for President of the United States for 2 years, I met hundreds of thousands of Americans of Polish ancestry. I saw very quickly that they had a deep love for the United States and, simultaneously, for Poland. They recognize the historical ties which have bound our nations together since the very origins of our country. They have a natural hospitality inherited from their ancestors, and this made us look forward to this trip with great anticipation.

Our country has observed closely the distinguished Poles who have affected world history and our own Nation--ancient and modern scientists like Copernicus and Madam Curie, favorite authors like Joseph Conrad, musicians, Artur Rubinstein, who still loves Poland very deeply, and one of the greatest engineers of all time, Admiral Hyman Rickover, who developed the peaceful use of atomic power.

We have much to learn from Poland-how to use coal, and particularly brown coal, efficiently in this day of short energy supplies. We share cultural and scientific and engineering knowledge.

A hundred and twenty thousand Americans each year come back to visit their homeland here. And today I have seen at firsthand at your memorials a demonstration of affection for those who suffered so bravely in recent wars.

Georgia's capital city of Atlanta was completely destroyed in war, as was the city of Warsaw. But although we have suffered greatly, no other nation has borne such suffering as Poland. In the World War, six million Poles died--800,000 in Warsaw alone. Poles were the first people to fight the horrors of Nazism and earn the admiration and appreciation of the world. You were the ones who demonstrated a deep commitment to human rights, a belief in the value of human freedom and human life.

You have seen the horrible consequences of racial hatred when the Polish Jews were exterminated by Nazi terrorists. From these terrible experiences, valuable lessons have been learned.

I know in more vivid terms than before that nations like your own and like the Soviet Union, which have suffered so deeply, will never commence a war unless there is the most profound provocation or misunderstanding brought about by lack of communication.

Morce: UCSB

Well, this dangerous game that i am repeating now was just this same that during the time of Carter first international visit. And when it comes to communication - well, it was my father that was broadcasting on this Israeli radio - the voice of truth, that i am doing right now. Well, it was a propaganda war - true kulturkampf but whit another faces. And because of our grandfathers - sometimes they can refer to me as a children of Armia Krajowa and Armia Ludowa.

Later, twenty years later we has learned that both NATO and Soviet Union had a plans for nuclear conflict in the summer, when my father and mother was weeding. Fortunately this star wars plans - this war game - was never realized this way. But my father has realy paid his price... You should note that the opression that we was facing was not only during Nazi times or now. And it was common also in the Soviet Union, although for different reasons. It is true not only for me but for many others. I wonder what Szymon will say now, I will refresh his memory - just compare to what they are doing to me ans sign with them their NSDAP anthem - close your ranks, Simon, flag up, Obama... But, remeber i fear no evil....

Prisoner of Zion

Natan (Anatoly) Sharansky was born in the Ukraine, and graduated with a degree in mathematics from the Physical Technical Institute in Moscow. His early association with the human rights movement was an English interpreter for Andrei Sakharov, before emerging in his own right as a foremost dissident and spokesman for the Soviet Jewry movement.

In 1973, Sharansky applied for an exit visa to Israel, but was refused on "security" grounds. He remained prominently involved in Jewish refusenik activities until his arrest in 1977. Convicted in 1978 of treason and spying on behalf of the United States, Sharansky was sentenced to thirteen years imprisonment. He spent 16 months in Moscow's Lefortovo prison, frequently in solitary confinement and in a special "torture cell," before being transferred to a notorious prison camp in the Siberian gulag.

Years later, following his release, Sharansky stressed his need throughout his imprisonment to remain emotionally independent. He attributed his survival of the lengthy incarceration and the brutal conditions to his resistance to any sort of emotional surrender. Hence Sharansky's expression of the paradox that while an ordinary Russian, he was in fact a slave to the system; but that once he discovered his Jewish roots and was restricted for his allegiance to them, he was in reality a free man. Sharansky's memoirs of his years as a prisoner of Zion are described in his book Fear No Evil.

During the years of his imprisonment, Sharansky became a symbol for human rights in general and Soviet Jewry in particular. A campaign for his release was waged tirelessly by his wife, Avital, who emigrated to Israel immediately following their wedding with the hope that her husband would follow shortly. Intense diplomatic efforts and public outcries for his release were unsuccessful until 1986, when Sharansky was released as part of an East-West prisoner exchange. Freed on the border of a still-divided Germany, he was met by the Israeli ambassador who presented him immediately with his new Israeli passport under the Hebrew name of Natan Sharansky. He arrived in Israel on February 11, 1986, and was greeted by leading government officials, including then Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and was given a hero's welcome.


Tell me more, but you are shouting on somebody that is 30 years like a prisoner of Zion

only because of his family name and blood...


Negro genocide...

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