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Land of the lost

In their typical way, they say in United States that 'Star Trek' has returned to the final frontier. After 40th years today they are making prime show of the next big episode - 'Lost'. Yes, it is just like a preview of the comming of next great leader - DuPont produced anti-christ. I think whole idea of this great serial has been lost this way. But Hollywood says that they are going to do better - grow them their way - throught many, many movies more... I did not saw Star Trek: Lost - but the Hollywood promo says everything. When i was later browsing for a trailer i have found interesting comment about another come-back - The Land of the Lost. And by irony it is also good one for the Star Trek, perfect one...

Land of the Lost

Marshall, Will and Holly
On a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known
High on the rapids It struck their tiny raft (insert screams here)
And plunged them down a thousand feet below
To the Land of the Lost

I will add something - some question - fundamental one - Rick where is Marshall? What has happened to his 'brother', his nation, his culture and his land?

But lets go back on the ground. I have seen this Star Trek 'invitation' at the Midi - while just behind my back European Commission was launching their show - how Taurus was trying to kill Queen Beatrix. Yes; it is unbelivable but they are trying to sell this bullshit to the people and are making a premiership just like a revenge for Adolf and his great work. They could not find better person as their target. I was watching on our icon and her crowd under banner 'Social Europe'. I think that Danusia Hubner (Teutonic Platform) should add 'United'. Well, it is something like comming of Euro-sojuz. Very unique Purim Spiel with top figures behaving like puppets in hand of Emperor - the Order of Malta.

It looks that Tusk is trying to sell yourself as the George Pompidou in his Baden-Baden plot, that in 68 in his 'miracouls' way has solved problems with Trade Unions and Bankiers - making a peace with them - through simple deal. The move that Jaruzelski also has did with my father. Piotr Jaroszewicz should have something about this in his archives but i think Nazi has captured this back two decades ago. Now, as in PRL, all sides have their PR ready and they are just waiting for a launch trying to just create an image, a ilussion of 'serious pressure' that was put on them.

Even PSL seems to follow this line - in a declaration that looks like blackmal by pushing out of coalition if Tusk will continue his 'obsesion' (later they will say that Tusk was defending me, but i do not feel, not hear, not see - what about Inka then, where I am?)... But the devil is in detail, they can also try to defend me this way... Tusk should go to his mother grave and pray if he will continues this. And he should remeber that Pompidou was also liquidated by his MO friends on the second of April. See this 'democracy' - 'social europe' - my dear Bronislaw. And Obama, well he is posing to this Malta Order photo - trying to make a pose of Emperor that has conviced EPP-D and PSE - while is also this same pawn like others in this corrupted clishe and is just in his blidnes following a trap that with such enthusmasm Kissnger has prepared for him... Yes, in your oval world - 50% is supporting your tortures and my opression, but only because you are drowing a boat with top Democratic icons and ideas to the very frontier - under the see. You are helping them - Republicans from NEOCON...

* * *

When i had wroten this, just after while they has made an corrections. Tusk says that he has throwed away the deal that the Trade Unions has offered to him and will continue hard stance that i have already observed. Moreover our Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that they was not informed that Auty Democracy is comming to Poland on the Congres of Polish Womens. Where she want sent their greetings at the end of it. For so many it will be in a style that Hess was giving to the brave womans of Reich... At this moment she did not have any appointment with Prime Minister of President of Poland. So it will be a unoffical but very signifant visit that will mark once again central-left...

Czuma - Minister of Justice from Chicago clishe, however is not stopping in his efforts and threats - i do not buy his jokes. Radzio has published his propaganda raport how they was helping in this case, but on the ground everything is this same and i of course does not remeber what Tusk has said about his obsesion and how they was posing to Malta photo. Somebody should start from makin an apology, but instead waits and simply follow his Hollywood tracks - waiting as some will eliminate me... Guzek cancer - from central-left to central-right...

* * *

I come outside of library to smoke a cigarette. The federal polic car was waiting at the enternance. It was like a dajavou from Amsterdam and some Davos mercedes - a black wolga syndrome. I was expecting that they will make arrest, I and many of this pigs. But they did not. Instead of this they has turned on their sirens and has drived in rush. Maybe to take somebody else? Well, so good it is still a Kingdom of Belgium. Still not giving up! And this famous We, We...

* * *

At this same time our President has announced that just after Benedict will finish his first pilgrimage - that many observers call hardest ever - he will hold audiency at the Holy See. Then he will make first official visit of the President of Poland to the Malta Order. Just yesterday he has hold a mass of Saint Mary Rokitniańskia - the partonessa of Polish Chilvary so i prey that he is not to give up in hands of this teutonic opressors and it will be more like a visit of Terminator or the Holy Inquisiton. I still pray for his mother and share this same pain. Will he choos a way that Tusk has choosed? I do not think they are going to make another such funeral. It would be like a ticket for an electric chair in California...

* * *

After yesterday Prague summit and Lavrov meeting with Obama team they say that flagship project of current leadership of the European Union has been destroyed. They has prepared on all fronts to make a way for a 'better' Radosz and clean up as they did in case of my father. But East did not bought it and at least some in Europe started to see it. They say that some french designer has prepared perfect uniforms for the modern Russian army. And yes it is true. The Star Trak seems to be lost but this story - this modern Kulturkampf will be continued with me or without me. In second case West will be biggest looser as even in Iran they know how to use this manuscripts, this book that is still to be wroten...

Lavlovr was trying to say to Clinton that i am not millitary guy but more like the Nestor - Chronicel but she does and will not understand this continuing their celebrations. In a truly Nazi style. After Showtime she is simply not able to change herself. And it is surprising for me to hear that European Comission has expressed a criticism to Italian gouverment for sending their Maltan Messengers to the Beduins. They was not going for a JPII pilgrimage, they was on assasination mission, and Eurpean Comission know this!!!

* * *

Well, for me Star Trek is very special movie, because of memory of my family. And because of symbolic meaning of old alliances and the way that military propaganda and war games was conducted. It was sad to see Majel Barrett Roddenberry that has died in suspected circumstances just in December. It is so sad to see such episod like the Lost...

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