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III May and Catherine II

"Despite all its shortcomings, this Constitution looms up against the background of Russian, Prussian and Austrian barbarism as the only work of liberty which Eastern Europe has ever created independently and it emerged exclusively from the privileged class, from the nobility. The history of the world has never seen another example of such nobility of the nobility."

Karl Marx

Yesterday polish nation was celebrating anniversary of the first constitution in Poland and in Europe. President has returned from military hospital to give his speach at Royal Castel square in Warszawa surrounded by polish army and some of representans of nobility. The words wroten more that 200 years ago in our unique constitution, wroten just before partitioning, are once again shining in full splendor these days...


In the name of God, One in the Holy Trinity. Stanislaw August, by the grace of God and the will of the people King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Ruthenia, Prussia, Mazowsze, Zmudz [Samogitia], Kiev, Wolyn, Podole, Podlasie, Livonia, Smolensk, Sever and Czernihov; together with the confederated estates in dual number representing the Polish people.

Recognizing that the destiny of us all depends solely upon the establishment and perfection of a national constitution, having by long experience learned the inveterate faults of our government, and desiring to take advantage of the season in which Europe finds itself and of this dying moment that has restored us to ourselves, free of the ignominious dictates of foreign coercion, holding dearer than life, than personal happiness the political existence, external independence and internal liberty of the people whose destiny is entrusted to our hands, desiring as well to merit the blessing and gratitude of contemporary and future generations, despite obstacles that may cause passion in us, do for the general welfare, for the establishment of liberty, for the preservation of our country and its borders, with the utmost constancy of spirit ordain the present constitution and declare it to be entirely sacred and inviolable until the people, at the time by law prescribe, by their clear will recognize a need to alter it in any of its articles. To which constitution the further statutes of the present seym shall apply in everything.


Commonwealth of Both People and our constitution was realy shining on the background created by swedish weeding ant their traditional fox hunt hold on such occassions. It was just one moment but maybe it will be breaking one. Maybe thanks to my words and Baroso that was these days in Warsawa even here in Bruselss we has heard 'phone cals' ringing throught police sirens. I was broadcasting at this moment on my Isreali radio - Voice of the Truth. Some old opponent from Pentagon has called us - it was like a scream - we has his beast in the heart. He was in amok - threating me as usual but this time so openly! Hit in heart... Looks that police has taked thier hostages to porcess this dialoge with Catharina in better direction...

In this same time at the Monit Clari pilgrims has gathered to celebrate day of Saint Marry Queen of Poland. Pope emissary has underlined once again a importance of this place and the way for 'sprituality of Mary, marked by deepnes of culture and mentality of slavic peoples' that has come to modern Curch together with Karol Wojtyla - pope JPII. People gatered there was for sure praying for him but also for mother of President of Poland that is still in hospital in this days. Arcybishop Józef Michalik has said that we are "shamefull for modern world and people, that does not want or they cannot to accept the role of Curch'. He has also said that 'Polish people loves pope that has come from german nation, also for this, that from the very begining in every wensday and after every sunday, maybe to sweetnes polish people a bereavement after Jean Paul II is talking to us in polish."

And today - some union workers people has taken in protest offices of Teutonic Platform members of parliament and are occuping it in Warszawa, Gdansk, Szczecin, Katowice and Radom. I do not think that they has come with good proposals regarding me as the Labour Unions are controlled from central and mainly are in hands of Dupont family. From other hand - it looks that our Krakow snowdrop is growing well but slowly - today Rzeczpospolita has published long story and original documents about origin of american Uberagency - that was established under Tusk friend goverment - by Jerzy Buzek cabinet and has growed to incredible size like an cancer under SLD (central-left) from a core of 20 so called polish-officers that are behind this SS Galicia 'experiment'.

While Kaczynski gouverment has taked up fight with this beast that every day is trying to liquidate me and is source of my personal opression and also this Negro genocide - he has lost and we has hold earlier ellection. And now thanks to Tusk agreement from Wawel we are going not only to have CIA run prisons on our soil but also american military base with all this radiation technology and 100 percent invigilation in two years... This is a dream of Catherine II - our Aunty Democracy - Clinton... And my CASA case - this one about breaking polish constitution - is still even not started... Warsaw martring as usual, against of national interest and of course the constitution...

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