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Fatima mourning

Instead of talking about what harms they did to me and our whole litte family, instead of talking about lost heritage and our 'bastard' scandal - President Kaczynski ask what Prime Minister Tusk want to do with me. But in this same time tells that Palikot - one of Tusk clowns - should be cheked and we should have no mercy to the Tusk. I wonder why my name never apears in their public debates - when they think opponent - they think about me - but are puting others in this role. When my father lost his voice thanks to some similar to my one - intervention by 'soviet' security services in PRL - the brother Geroge - has received posibility to broadcast on this Israeli radio. He was not aware after who he has received this 'voice'. Anyway his fate was also extermination - but by murdering him in bestial way - throwing him from the bridge to the lake - in secrecy. And well it was done also by this same 'soviets' from the Malta Order. Others from this regime - like Piotr Jaroszewicz was simply watching it and recording - great work of the Western group of agents against their own allies... Officialy they has never solved this mystery to the end - and for some in polish politics it has became great secret - to defend. On it - they was building their power and expanding corruption also inside the Polish Church.

Jerzy Popiełuszko

Jerzy Popiełuszko (b. September 14[1], 1947 in Okopy near Suchowola – October 19, 1984) was a Catholic priest from Poland, associated with the Solidarity union. He was murdered by the agents of internal intelligence agency, the Służba Bezpieczeństwa.

Jerzy Popiełuszko was a charismatic priest who was first sent to strikers in the Warsaw Steelworks. Thereafter he was associated with workers and trade unionists from the Solidarity movement who opposed the Communist regime in Poland.

He was a staunch anti-communist, and in his sermons, interwove spiritual exhortations with political messages, criticizing the Communist system and motivating people to protest. During the period of martial law, the Catholic church was the only force that could voice protest comparatively openly, with the regular celebration of Mass presenting opportunities for public gatherings in churches.

Popiełuszko's sermons were routinely broadcast by Radio Free Europe, and thus became famous throughout Poland for their uncompromising stance against the regime. The Służba Bezpieczeństwa tried to silence or intimidate him. When those techniques did not work, they fabricated evidence against him; he was arrested in 1983, but soon released on intervention of the clergy and pardoned by an amnesty.

A car accident was set up to kill Jerzy Popiełuszko on October 13, 1984, but he escaped it. The alternative plan was to kidnap him, and it was carried out on October 19, 1984.The priest was beaten and murdered by three Security Police officers. Then, his body was dumped into the Vistula Water Reservoir near Włocławek from where it was recovered on October 30, 1984.[1]

News of the political murder caused an uproar throughout Poland, and the murderers and one of their superiors were convicted of the crime. More than 250,000 people attended his funeral, including Lech Walesa on November 3, 1984. Despite the murder and its repercussions, the Communist regime remained in power until 1989. In 1997, the Roman Catholic Church started the process of his beatification; as of 2008 he has Servant of God status.

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It is interesting that they also used similar tactic as in my case opening an secret investigation and blaming me for something that i never did - with small diference - this time for throwing somebody else into the river. But also as in case of Popieluszko Using terror, toutures and never-engind intergiations - with aim - stop my broadcast and my truth seeking efforts. Just like they did with brother George. Our Eurovision romance has entered final stage with new fabricated videos, photos and documents just released. I see that they has also mounted similar smear campaign against ... Silvio Berlusconi claiming he did wrong-doings with his suposed romance with Varsavia. Who else they will attack in such way?

Some are talking about lost heritage during their Berlin talks - the ocassion is the bid for a GM Europe. Only two has left Magna and Fiat. But no, they do not talk how they are going to compensate what thanks to II World War and Soviet Ocupation has been stolen from us. They are more interested in Vienna bastard or maybe whole genetic modified line of them! It is an 'advantage' that Magna have over the Fiat. And this is a reason why in our 'SWAT valley' we has heard another series of shots tonight. If i will be eliminated - their Vienna bastard - will be like a rescue. Just take a look Mr. Adenauer - on Euronews - in connection to Magna-Fiat bids Germans has announced yesterday that 'there will be no new dawn'. Just guess for who and why? Chancellor Merkel should just throw Magna out of the table if they does not understand what they are doing wrong! It is pure Nazi method!

In Poland they are still concentrated on our Romance and now i can partialy understand why. But it cannot be an explanation to continue this SB like investigation! The Pentagon was misleading them - keeping in secret this fabricated videos - waiting to release just before ellections - to paint me as a beast and some of them was simply folowing this nute preparing ground for this version. But the public opinion did not yet know the content of it and the contradiction it has made... They minds and hearts are feeded by another videos and story - a French Police has just announced that they are starting international manhunt for Briton that is suspected of murdering Polish businessswoman. Her body was found in luxury hotel - a favourite of President Sarkozy - as they are underlining - trying to put him in bad light - in the bath-tub.

Today when i was walking through a Muslim gettho - our SWAT valley - i was thinking about another video that one of Mossad agents has showed me on his mobile phone during night of Pope visit at Yed Vashem. I have meet him at Zuid. He was speaking in French while i do not so i did not understood why he is showing me it. I have though that it is to show that they are also taking care about my security as it was me that appeared on it. It was taken from low-quality industiral camera. It was some night in Amsterdam - just around COCO premiere in Amsterdam. At some night when i was in my Drzymala boat thinking about the way Obama has treated me but also about Melanie that i have just saw on the video from COCO premiere. Until then I have though that she is dead. Even her biological father, just in June this year, has called me during my brodcast and claimed that i have killed her. I did not! They did just another mistification and then months later i saw her alive and well on this premiere. I was shoked. But my thoughs have been interupted by a loud noise. Somebody has throwed something big into the water. When i come out to look what is going on - i did not found anything. For a moment i was even thinking that maybe somebody has commited suicide - but the water was absolutly clear. Without even single wave. Something heavy has drowed instantly... But on the video - somebody just before throwing something to water was saying in polish - 'And try to marry yourself'. It was a big unsolved question for me, until today...

This video is probably circulated today on the summit of EU Ministers that are here to meet and discus a fate of Opel. Others know it also... And now i understand fully what Obama team is trying to do. During a getho walk i have meet two people - one was supporter of outgoing Prime Minister of Palestine Mr Abbas - explaining something to the second one. When they have saw me - he has made a gesture like somebody that hits another one in the back of the head by the bottle. Yes, they was talking about this night. Claiming that i have killed her this way - and calling me a Fatim (because she was Mossad agent - in their Baath propaganda i am still good guy - but i need punishment). Now i understand this video quite cleary. But it is pure contradiction - from one side they claim that i have killed her - while video is sugesting that she has made a suicide. The truth is that i have nothing to do with this. Her team was just in Amsterdam but she was not thinking about meeting with me - she was aware that after all the operations and touturs they did - i am treating her as the opressor and i see her in prison - not about romance... After night of split - we has meet only twice in Warsaw. And has never again saw each other...

I guess that they realy killed her and her body was throw just near my boat. For many she is like a Milk. I am not person able to murder anybody - it is not my path - i am more like brother George - why his fate was served to Melanie - it is like Operation Nurek conducted by 'soviets' MO. With huge contradicsion that should make even a blind to see the truth. It realy looks so and realy Isreali inteligence is fully aware about this mistification and smear campaign - they say it cleary too. I know this as i have saw this video few days later. But if it is realy true - then i must say that they has did bigest bestiality ever and no - i will not congratulate her murderer, oh no! While of course - i still see her just as the nurse from Block X making for years terrible things with her military colagues. But the Apostolic Tribunal should take her and others case - not American Kuklux clan that for another time is attacking me - completly innoncent - just like they did with Popieluszko...
* * *
They has just announced that GM has made an aggrement with Magna. Some Uberagency mple at Dziennik is joking that now they will be able to get a money from Merkel to 'put Opel on the straight'. It is our local joke - the prison i was has been on 'Straight street'... So i asume Obama Gestapo is going once again to finish their job... No, no, they are not going for our Joint Beast... Look Adenauer at Vienna... Ohh; and they has just removed Magna article from the wire...
* * *
At 12:00 in the High Noon i was at Gare Zuid. On the TV Screen they was just screening Obama and Abbas shouting at Nathanyahoo to close jewish settlements - and i too do not support this settlers. But, when they are refering settlement proces that after KDima policies has at least for the moment been stoped already in Israel, in reality they thinking about me - as about this evil Jewish settler that has made a Drzymala camp at some hill near Democracy. But exacly in this moment some Baath supporter has been walking around - and has shouted to me - 'STOP'.

I have replied something about Baath then he charged in anger towards me. He has made a gesture like having a gun - but by irony his hand was wounded and in bandages. But it was crystal clear message from this Obama and Abbas meeting. Just in the High Noon - a true symbol of Nazi ideology driven just by racial hatred... No, my dear Baath supporter - Islam is not about this and only without this Nazi forces and Baath ideology - we can realy see a true peace in the Middle-East... But they are on both sides and i am just in the middle. Pure and innocent just like Agnus Dei on my coat of arms...

I have though that today, on Fatima mourning aniversary this video and my concessions will for once clarify that i am a victim of this special services operation not the murder. But some realy want to for once again make a shizm in World of Islam putting forward a hatred. Calling me a... Fatim. Yes, it is McCrysthal and White House behind this blasphemy... And the SAWA section of the Euronews has now removed the video about Israelis defending my 'settlement' - maybe it was too wise, too pure and there was some knife painted on the wall that is like a symbol of some purple night. Israelis has said that this problem is internal one - and if it comes to my person it is ture - they know that i am clen. But instead of this clip SAWA is now screening a hate speech - claiming that Palestinians want more presure on Israel. Maybe on Isreal Emanuel but for sure not on me - truly Baath party - blind to the end... And the Weseli Lie anthem once again in the air...

* * *

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