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Stinky eggs

Every wise leader while he would observe a catastroph that Clinton-Emanuel team has did for thier political arm in Europe - United Left - would call them and just kick off the office. His Nazi politics is not acceptable for any resonable person and Czech has showed this in very spectacular way. But, Obama is different...

Egg throwers wage war on Czech opposition leader

PRAGUE (AFP) — The Czech Republic is turning into a messy battleground with a series of egg-throwing attacks on an opposition leader amid the campaign for the European Parliament elections to be held next week.

Hundreds of eggs flew at Social Democrat chairman Jiri Paroubek and his entourage at a pre-election meeting in Prague on Wednesday.

"We won't let this discourage us. Shame on you," said Paroubek, with yolk dripping off his chin and belly.

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In surprising U-turn he has revised his decision about keeping informations about their secret services operations and touturs. Now he is going to relese some part of it to the public opinion. Of course reason is not his turth and justice seeking. It will be a perfect opportunity to defame his opponents and put a falisificats on the public view.

It shows cleary what kind of leadership Americans are going to have. Instead of correcting his errors and wrongdoings he will try to destroy image of some by showing a documents about effects of their own dirty operations. Forgeting that it was American secret services that are cause of such depraviations. So often just a rapes. And some of this private informations will be show to the politicans but in the shadows of corridors. To defame in secrecy. So the victim will not have any chances to defend. And it is well know that some pseudo officers of American Army are in secrecy distributing such materials already. As Kukluxklan often do... Bravo President Cheyen, take your revenge for your own mistakes, throw eggs at others - like a kid not statesman...

Obama to declassify confidential documents

US President Barack Obama has ordered his national security adviser and top administration officials to rid the government of the "over-classification" of data.

In a Wednesday memo aimed at paving the way for more transparency in administrative dealings, the US president expressed dissatisfaction with the undue confidentiality upheld in government affairs, which, he said, keeps the public from the right to access to necessary information.

Obama said he was "committed to operating with an unprecedented level of openness," adding that he would favors more dissemination of unduly-classified facts and figures.

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I know this technics from the night of premiere of Milk movie. Since end of October 1984 when Moon people has first time used it on me, making me so scary that i has almost jumped out of window. This night everyone from my disctrict remebers from my shout. It was a night of death of Indhira Ghandi and beging of my opression. In Soviet Poland... These days i still does not see end of it and the New Poland as they call it on CNN is just like this old was.

It is interesting why Obama decided to start this smear campaing right now when just last weak in Irealand they has published a report into similar abuses of Secret Services and their machinery that has took nine years to compile, catalogues decades of rapes, beatings and neglect of childrens. Well, compared to what they did with Melanie - my one is nothing. For me this romance was just an adventure, something spicy and well, as it was very loud usefull for advocacy of discriminated people... Something that had a chance to bring more light in their lifes and change a way of people think about them. But they has used it to do something terrible - she has changed into real bloody drone - and this horror and opression still continues...

I think that it is purley defensive move calculated at defaming me and trying to undermine my strong position in the World of Islam. Just ahead of visit of outgoing Prime Minister of Palestine in Washington. But it will turn against them as most of muslim clerics are very aware about this kinds of smear campaigns. And, well, in fact it will just help them - the true Islam - not Baath party ideology of racial hatred and supermancy - to defend themself and show other face. For belivers, Koran is best guide and there you can read similar story about Prophet Yunus. Yes, Junus, just like my coat of arms but also blood, tradition and culture - a path of light that i continue to this day and will never blow up to the opressor. You will hit yourself in the bulls, Dear President Cheyen - as usual...

This smear campaign only shows what kind of personality you have and I am sure that most of world leaders whatever if spiritual or political will look at your 'materials' through prismat of cause not an effects. This way you are harming your own image, just one time again.

We all will be more happy to see a secret documents but on the cases of strange accidents of polish politicans - so many of them my friends or just too close to my case. You have called me some time ago a dog - so see my four armored... Just today we are again shoked by article reminding us a car accident of another eurodeputy Filip Adwent from League of Polish Families that died on June 2005. It is just another one in a highly suspected string after deaths of Bronislaw Geremek (Democratic Party), Zbigniew Religa (Law and Order) and case of Józef Gruszka (PSL) - chairman of Special Services commission - that had a stroke on 10 April 2005 and has been paralysed. It is interesting that he had a stroke exacly year after death of our 'litte family' bard - Jacek Kaczmarski (10 April 2004). Poisons? Car accidents? Terror and explusions? See New Poland!

But You will not see this documents until the real change in the White House that is just continuing this terror policies. With chief of secret assasing of Dick Cheney as a head of Midle-East forces - the crysthal method will be continued. It is for sure... And if it will stay this way - then like once Nazis - to hide their crimes and assasins - he will lead us to a war. In meantime fabricating proofs and blaming innocents for this assasinations. Of course in the name of father - just like Nazi did in past...

General McChrystal

WaPo calls him a "manhunter," who must transcend the "perception that he is, at his core, an Army Ranger, an elite practitioner of rapid-fire raids intended to ‘find, fix, finish’ the enemy." The NYT admits, "Most of what General McChrystal has done over a 33-year career remains classified, including service between 2003 and 2008 as commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, an elite unit so clandestine that the Pentagon for years refused to acknowledge its existence."

Times of Harvey Milk - 1984

Harvey Milk - 2009

No, it is not accident...
Adenauer would call this simply
Nazi experiment...

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