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Arbeit macht frei

Tommorow Tusk must go on Easter Partnership summit in Prague and he has just understood that the climax around my person has changed. For some I am realy like a prisoner of Zion and they are asking European Union if we are making new Soviet Union or maybe IV Reich.

Today, Sikorski has arived for his quater of talks with Lavrow to hear that Russian Federation is 'happy that Tusk is rectifing variations'. Zdradzio has commented that his short talk was without logic of jumps and breaking-points. Then he has announced that Putin will come to Poland on the anniversary of begining of the Second World War. It looks that Tusk has sent Sikorski as a sign of his will of chenging general directions in relations with Russia but he realy does not have any real plan after old one broken. The concept of crucification with silent approval from East - sold to public as polish-sweedish incubated Eastern Partnership - has been destroyed. Tusk feels also domestic presure related to traditional polish feelings (also because specific cult of Saint Mary) and 9th May anniversary. Look Wladek, look on colaborators from Guzek cancer...

Yes, indeed, rythm is realy without any breaking points and jumps. Just today for once again they has offered me an arbeits in my old profession. We had several times in past this situation when they was trying to make good face this way, but my response in this Ghandi march for soil has not changed. First give back what you have stolen. Let talks as equals not in slave-master way!!!

I will not accept anybody including this cancer gouverment to treat me such way after the damages done to both my private and public life has started to be just devastating. To not mention past damages to my family and symbolic meaning surrounding it. And it was their - Tusk gouverment - secret service agents that did it to me. Even if they was under leadership of previous and current U.S. Administration it is Tusk fault at very first!



For next month EPP-D will be trying to make a good face, so Teutonic Platform is just launching their campaign for ellection time offering me an arbeit. It is just like with voting on cenzoring our Pornography that today European Parliament has made. Freedom and liberty has won but only for next couple of weeks, after the elections when EPP-D will uphold their majority they will again restart this IV Reich march. However, central-left is offering even more barbarian opression with help of their Furer in U.S. and they has showed this not one time - also totalitarian transition but because of their 'red' color, lets say it is more like a Soviet Union one...

For me the moves of Teutonic Platform are not so strange - it is their way, tradition and they has been growed this anti-polish way - but think about common citizens. Just today our Chicago injustice minister has made a new law that allows police and secret police to throw into prison any journalist just under pretext of exposing 'state secrets'. And of course it is up to Uberagency to define what a state secret is. They are continuing this IV Reich path and even tragediest of their own families are not going to change it. They say that they have beutifull crew - if they think about our bastard and Inka that they offered a freedom, new identity and few thousdans of euros per month for her 'greengrocery romance' then yes - their munich school is shining but it is against polish interest and culture against basic human rights, genocide convention and our own constitution. But they have it in their asses as they have my case. Just see where I am. I should be in Ministry of Culture preparing for a UN summit in New York that will hold on their agendas return of stolen heritage, but Polish goverment is more interested in their idiotic circus that anything else. They have their Inka...

Lavrov could be happy as the moder Russia is going to be victorious in this game not only in spiritual sphere but also through my testamneto in material one. He could be but i think that he has received almost this same what you can read there, but with TOP SECRET labels and it is nothing to laught from. Yes, i am thinking about this Estonia mole - that i am calling a polish national hero! I am also think how desperated Mishka is and how they would use NATO manevrous in Georgia for their black flag operation. Yes Mishka we are waiting for very YOURS PROVOCATION THERE.

He is leaving Moscow for a talks with Obama administration. And Obama realy started to feel how heavy my GMTO case is, but still continues his Nazi like tactics and direct opression thanks to modern modifications to Wunderwaffen! Super Waffen. Loves your insects, love your 'secrets' - expsosed, confirmed in Estonia...

He would love to erase me from people memory but it is impossible... But their labour unions together with heads of polish central-left are again agitating Tusk to do this. Agitating, just like 30 years ago with my father...

St. George ribbons handed to Soviet WWII heroes in New York

NEW YORK, May 6 (RIA Novosti) - During a campaign at the United Nations headquarters in New York, St. George ribbons have been handed to more than 50 veterans who fought for the Soviet Union in World War II.

The annual St. George Ribbon campaign, commemorating heroes of the Eastern Front of WWII, was held at the UN headquarters for the first time last year.

"Our debt to the dead, and to the veterans whose number decreases each year, is to preserve the historic memory, the memory of those who died fighting against fascism, and who freed Europe and the world from Nazism," said Ilya Rogachyov, Russia's deputy envoy to the United Nations.


They have said that it was last Wermacht report, but look; are you sure?

PS. The last message that has contained famous 'Zebra' codename has been removed, as some other video and pdf materials...

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