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Fatima mourning

Instead of talking about what harms they did to me and our whole litte family, instead of talking about lost heritage and our 'bastard' scandal - President Kaczynski ask what Prime Minister Tusk want to do with me. But in this same time tells that Palikot - one of Tusk clowns - should be cheked and we should have no mercy to the Tusk. I wonder why my name never apears in their public debates - when they think opponent - they think about me - but are puting others in this role. When my father lost his voice thanks to some similar to my one - intervention by 'soviet' security services in PRL - the brother Geroge - has received posibility to broadcast on this Israeli radio. He was not aware after who he has received this 'voice'. Anyway his fate was also extermination - but by murdering him in bestial way - throwing him from the bridge to the lake - in secrecy. And well it was done also by this same 'soviets' from the Malta Order. Others from this regime - like Piotr Jaroszewicz was simply watching it and recording - great work of the Western group of agents against their own allies... Officialy they has never solved this mystery to the end - and for some in polish politics it has became great secret - to defend. On it - they was building their power and expanding corruption also inside the Polish Church.

Jerzy Popiełuszko

Jerzy Popiełuszko (b. September 14[1], 1947 in Okopy near Suchowola – October 19, 1984) was a Catholic priest from Poland, associated with the Solidarity union. He was murdered by the agents of internal intelligence agency, the Służba Bezpieczeństwa.

Jerzy Popiełuszko was a charismatic priest who was first sent to strikers in the Warsaw Steelworks. Thereafter he was associated with workers and trade unionists from the Solidarity movement who opposed the Communist regime in Poland.

He was a staunch anti-communist, and in his sermons, interwove spiritual exhortations with political messages, criticizing the Communist system and motivating people to protest. During the period of martial law, the Catholic church was the only force that could voice protest comparatively openly, with the regular celebration of Mass presenting opportunities for public gatherings in churches.

Popiełuszko's sermons were routinely broadcast by Radio Free Europe, and thus became famous throughout Poland for their uncompromising stance against the regime. The Służba Bezpieczeństwa tried to silence or intimidate him. When those techniques did not work, they fabricated evidence against him; he was arrested in 1983, but soon released on intervention of the clergy and pardoned by an amnesty.

A car accident was set up to kill Jerzy Popiełuszko on October 13, 1984, but he escaped it. The alternative plan was to kidnap him, and it was carried out on October 19, 1984.The priest was beaten and murdered by three Security Police officers. Then, his body was dumped into the Vistula Water Reservoir near Włocławek from where it was recovered on October 30, 1984.[1]

News of the political murder caused an uproar throughout Poland, and the murderers and one of their superiors were convicted of the crime. More than 250,000 people attended his funeral, including Lech Walesa on November 3, 1984. Despite the murder and its repercussions, the Communist regime remained in power until 1989. In 1997, the Roman Catholic Church started the process of his beatification; as of 2008 he has Servant of God status.

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It is interesting that they also used similar tactic as in my case opening an secret investigation and blaming me for something that i never did - with small diference - this time for throwing somebody else into the river. But also as in case of Popieluszko Using terror, toutures and never-engind intergiations - with aim - stop my broadcast and my truth seeking efforts. Just like they did with brother George. Our Eurovision romance has entered final stage with new fabricated videos, photos and documents just released. I see that they has also mounted similar smear campaign against ... Silvio Berlusconi claiming he did wrong-doings with his suposed romance with Varsavia. Who else they will attack in such way?

Some are talking about lost heritage during their Berlin talks - the ocassion is the bid for a GM Europe. Only two has left Magna and Fiat. But no, they do not talk how they are going to compensate what thanks to II World War and Soviet Ocupation has been stolen from us. They are more interested in Vienna bastard or maybe whole genetic modified line of them! It is an 'advantage' that Magna have over the Fiat. And this is a reason why in our 'SWAT valley' we has heard another series of shots tonight. If i will be eliminated - their Vienna bastard - will be like a rescue. Just take a look Mr. Adenauer - on Euronews - in connection to Magna-Fiat bids Germans has announced yesterday that 'there will be no new dawn'. Just guess for who and why? Chancellor Merkel should just throw Magna out of the table if they does not understand what they are doing wrong! It is pure Nazi method!

In Poland they are still concentrated on our Romance and now i can partialy understand why. But it cannot be an explanation to continue this SB like investigation! The Pentagon was misleading them - keeping in secret this fabricated videos - waiting to release just before ellections - to paint me as a beast and some of them was simply folowing this nute preparing ground for this version. But the public opinion did not yet know the content of it and the contradiction it has made... They minds and hearts are feeded by another videos and story - a French Police has just announced that they are starting international manhunt for Briton that is suspected of murdering Polish businessswoman. Her body was found in luxury hotel - a favourite of President Sarkozy - as they are underlining - trying to put him in bad light - in the bath-tub.

Today when i was walking through a Muslim gettho - our SWAT valley - i was thinking about another video that one of Mossad agents has showed me on his mobile phone during night of Pope visit at Yed Vashem. I have meet him at Zuid. He was speaking in French while i do not so i did not understood why he is showing me it. I have though that it is to show that they are also taking care about my security as it was me that appeared on it. It was taken from low-quality industiral camera. It was some night in Amsterdam - just around COCO premiere in Amsterdam. At some night when i was in my Drzymala boat thinking about the way Obama has treated me but also about Melanie that i have just saw on the video from COCO premiere. Until then I have though that she is dead. Even her biological father, just in June this year, has called me during my brodcast and claimed that i have killed her. I did not! They did just another mistification and then months later i saw her alive and well on this premiere. I was shoked. But my thoughs have been interupted by a loud noise. Somebody has throwed something big into the water. When i come out to look what is going on - i did not found anything. For a moment i was even thinking that maybe somebody has commited suicide - but the water was absolutly clear. Without even single wave. Something heavy has drowed instantly... But on the video - somebody just before throwing something to water was saying in polish - 'And try to marry yourself'. It was a big unsolved question for me, until today...

This video is probably circulated today on the summit of EU Ministers that are here to meet and discus a fate of Opel. Others know it also... And now i understand fully what Obama team is trying to do. During a getho walk i have meet two people - one was supporter of outgoing Prime Minister of Palestine Mr Abbas - explaining something to the second one. When they have saw me - he has made a gesture like somebody that hits another one in the back of the head by the bottle. Yes, they was talking about this night. Claiming that i have killed her this way - and calling me a Fatim (because she was Mossad agent - in their Baath propaganda i am still good guy - but i need punishment). Now i understand this video quite cleary. But it is pure contradiction - from one side they claim that i have killed her - while video is sugesting that she has made a suicide. The truth is that i have nothing to do with this. Her team was just in Amsterdam but she was not thinking about meeting with me - she was aware that after all the operations and touturs they did - i am treating her as the opressor and i see her in prison - not about romance... After night of split - we has meet only twice in Warsaw. And has never again saw each other...

I guess that they realy killed her and her body was throw just near my boat. For many she is like a Milk. I am not person able to murder anybody - it is not my path - i am more like brother George - why his fate was served to Melanie - it is like Operation Nurek conducted by 'soviets' MO. With huge contradicsion that should make even a blind to see the truth. It realy looks so and realy Isreali inteligence is fully aware about this mistification and smear campaign - they say it cleary too. I know this as i have saw this video few days later. But if it is realy true - then i must say that they has did bigest bestiality ever and no - i will not congratulate her murderer, oh no! While of course - i still see her just as the nurse from Block X making for years terrible things with her military colagues. But the Apostolic Tribunal should take her and others case - not American Kuklux clan that for another time is attacking me - completly innoncent - just like they did with Popieluszko...
* * *
They has just announced that GM has made an aggrement with Magna. Some Uberagency mple at Dziennik is joking that now they will be able to get a money from Merkel to 'put Opel on the straight'. It is our local joke - the prison i was has been on 'Straight street'... So i asume Obama Gestapo is going once again to finish their job... No, no, they are not going for our Joint Beast... Look Adenauer at Vienna... Ohh; and they has just removed Magna article from the wire...
* * *
At 12:00 in the High Noon i was at Gare Zuid. On the TV Screen they was just screening Obama and Abbas shouting at Nathanyahoo to close jewish settlements - and i too do not support this settlers. But, when they are refering settlement proces that after KDima policies has at least for the moment been stoped already in Israel, in reality they thinking about me - as about this evil Jewish settler that has made a Drzymala camp at some hill near Democracy. But exacly in this moment some Baath supporter has been walking around - and has shouted to me - 'STOP'.

I have replied something about Baath then he charged in anger towards me. He has made a gesture like having a gun - but by irony his hand was wounded and in bandages. But it was crystal clear message from this Obama and Abbas meeting. Just in the High Noon - a true symbol of Nazi ideology driven just by racial hatred... No, my dear Baath supporter - Islam is not about this and only without this Nazi forces and Baath ideology - we can realy see a true peace in the Middle-East... But they are on both sides and i am just in the middle. Pure and innocent just like Agnus Dei on my coat of arms...

I have though that today, on Fatima mourning aniversary this video and my concessions will for once clarify that i am a victim of this special services operation not the murder. But some realy want to for once again make a shizm in World of Islam putting forward a hatred. Calling me a... Fatim. Yes, it is McCrysthal and White House behind this blasphemy... And the SAWA section of the Euronews has now removed the video about Israelis defending my 'settlement' - maybe it was too wise, too pure and there was some knife painted on the wall that is like a symbol of some purple night. Israelis has said that this problem is internal one - and if it comes to my person it is ture - they know that i am clen. But instead of this clip SAWA is now screening a hate speech - claiming that Palestinians want more presure on Israel. Maybe on Isreal Emanuel but for sure not on me - truly Baath party - blind to the end... And the Weseli Lie anthem once again in the air...

* * *


Stinky eggs

Every wise leader while he would observe a catastroph that Clinton-Emanuel team has did for thier political arm in Europe - United Left - would call them and just kick off the office. His Nazi politics is not acceptable for any resonable person and Czech has showed this in very spectacular way. But, Obama is different...

Egg throwers wage war on Czech opposition leader

PRAGUE (AFP) — The Czech Republic is turning into a messy battleground with a series of egg-throwing attacks on an opposition leader amid the campaign for the European Parliament elections to be held next week.

Hundreds of eggs flew at Social Democrat chairman Jiri Paroubek and his entourage at a pre-election meeting in Prague on Wednesday.

"We won't let this discourage us. Shame on you," said Paroubek, with yolk dripping off his chin and belly.

More: AFP

In surprising U-turn he has revised his decision about keeping informations about their secret services operations and touturs. Now he is going to relese some part of it to the public opinion. Of course reason is not his turth and justice seeking. It will be a perfect opportunity to defame his opponents and put a falisificats on the public view.

It shows cleary what kind of leadership Americans are going to have. Instead of correcting his errors and wrongdoings he will try to destroy image of some by showing a documents about effects of their own dirty operations. Forgeting that it was American secret services that are cause of such depraviations. So often just a rapes. And some of this private informations will be show to the politicans but in the shadows of corridors. To defame in secrecy. So the victim will not have any chances to defend. And it is well know that some pseudo officers of American Army are in secrecy distributing such materials already. As Kukluxklan often do... Bravo President Cheyen, take your revenge for your own mistakes, throw eggs at others - like a kid not statesman...

Obama to declassify confidential documents

US President Barack Obama has ordered his national security adviser and top administration officials to rid the government of the "over-classification" of data.

In a Wednesday memo aimed at paving the way for more transparency in administrative dealings, the US president expressed dissatisfaction with the undue confidentiality upheld in government affairs, which, he said, keeps the public from the right to access to necessary information.

Obama said he was "committed to operating with an unprecedented level of openness," adding that he would favors more dissemination of unduly-classified facts and figures.

More: PressTV

I know this technics from the night of premiere of Milk movie. Since end of October 1984 when Moon people has first time used it on me, making me so scary that i has almost jumped out of window. This night everyone from my disctrict remebers from my shout. It was a night of death of Indhira Ghandi and beging of my opression. In Soviet Poland... These days i still does not see end of it and the New Poland as they call it on CNN is just like this old was.

It is interesting why Obama decided to start this smear campaing right now when just last weak in Irealand they has published a report into similar abuses of Secret Services and their machinery that has took nine years to compile, catalogues decades of rapes, beatings and neglect of childrens. Well, compared to what they did with Melanie - my one is nothing. For me this romance was just an adventure, something spicy and well, as it was very loud usefull for advocacy of discriminated people... Something that had a chance to bring more light in their lifes and change a way of people think about them. But they has used it to do something terrible - she has changed into real bloody drone - and this horror and opression still continues...

I think that it is purley defensive move calculated at defaming me and trying to undermine my strong position in the World of Islam. Just ahead of visit of outgoing Prime Minister of Palestine in Washington. But it will turn against them as most of muslim clerics are very aware about this kinds of smear campaigns. And, well, in fact it will just help them - the true Islam - not Baath party ideology of racial hatred and supermancy - to defend themself and show other face. For belivers, Koran is best guide and there you can read similar story about Prophet Yunus. Yes, Junus, just like my coat of arms but also blood, tradition and culture - a path of light that i continue to this day and will never blow up to the opressor. You will hit yourself in the bulls, Dear President Cheyen - as usual...

This smear campaign only shows what kind of personality you have and I am sure that most of world leaders whatever if spiritual or political will look at your 'materials' through prismat of cause not an effects. This way you are harming your own image, just one time again.

We all will be more happy to see a secret documents but on the cases of strange accidents of polish politicans - so many of them my friends or just too close to my case. You have called me some time ago a dog - so see my four armored... Just today we are again shoked by article reminding us a car accident of another eurodeputy Filip Adwent from League of Polish Families that died on June 2005. It is just another one in a highly suspected string after deaths of Bronislaw Geremek (Democratic Party), Zbigniew Religa (Law and Order) and case of Józef Gruszka (PSL) - chairman of Special Services commission - that had a stroke on 10 April 2005 and has been paralysed. It is interesting that he had a stroke exacly year after death of our 'litte family' bard - Jacek Kaczmarski (10 April 2004). Poisons? Car accidents? Terror and explusions? See New Poland!

But You will not see this documents until the real change in the White House that is just continuing this terror policies. With chief of secret assasing of Dick Cheney as a head of Midle-East forces - the crysthal method will be continued. It is for sure... And if it will stay this way - then like once Nazis - to hide their crimes and assasins - he will lead us to a war. In meantime fabricating proofs and blaming innocents for this assasinations. Of course in the name of father - just like Nazi did in past...

General McChrystal

WaPo calls him a "manhunter," who must transcend the "perception that he is, at his core, an Army Ranger, an elite practitioner of rapid-fire raids intended to ‘find, fix, finish’ the enemy." The NYT admits, "Most of what General McChrystal has done over a 33-year career remains classified, including service between 2003 and 2008 as commander of the Joint Special Operations Command, an elite unit so clandestine that the Pentagon for years refused to acknowledge its existence."

Times of Harvey Milk - 1984

Harvey Milk - 2009

No, it is not accident...
Adenauer would call this simply
Nazi experiment...


Teherans Missiles

So this time we are going to reach the space on the Sojuz rocket. The gesheft is going to enter ultimate phase and some from here will see our cross on Pilsudzki squre from the outer-space. I have just packed this block into word file while Russian coleagues has published an article entitled - Tehran's missiles a way to raise its stakes in a big political game. Yes, indeed.

They say also that Polish postman refused 'license to thrill'. And it is true also. After lose of Geremek and following Religa death in Poland we does not have any real oposition. I thik, looking on the ground, that Kaczynski is just masquing their wrongdoings under façade of aggressive words but they are not interested into goint in real discussion about explusions. This that has been done in past as well as this recent ones. Including my. This one that Angela Merkel has just criticised…

He says that there is no-sense to go back into this history maybe because he is affraid about his own roots. But at primo this story is about roots that has been lost because of bigest tragedy of past centuary. Yes, it is also about stolen legacies but at first about identity that for so many has been lost during past 300 years on this land and elsewhere in the region. So many people from so called New Member States but also Old Europe can be affected by this fraud. Many of them has lost their old identity in mysteries of conspiracy, buried by enemies and even does not know this.

After Kaczynski recent criticism it is clear for me that he is one of last persons that want to see this mystery solved. I think and some insiders from his party say this same that it can be just for private reasons, because of Zyta Gilowska that is close friend of Melanie mother – this one from our lody 'Eurovision' romance. Her mother Maja was also one of directors of Warsaw Stock Exchange during Kaczynski's goverment time...

Tusk party also is joining this Targowica gescheft this evening by making premier of anti-PiS TV spot. Tusk says that it is end of Policy of Love and is just laughting from Kaczynski mistake in some TV news. And for 11 milions of zlotych they are going to invite Kylie Minog to celebrate 4 June in Poland. Well, they say that President Cheyen is going to pay billions of public money for this extermination... It is just very litte piece - that he owns us...

Our central-left leader Olejniczak is just silent waiting why my broadcast will be removed by President Cheney. Then his stars will come on the stage... Geremek? Well, we continue to have leadership in this elections in Poland and everywhere where all politicans have only erradication method, crysthal one for their people…

And they say that our Roma final will be done today. They say that GM is going into bastard hands and his excellency President Cheney want to give his final signature under this Nero act. So just enjoy record of this battle for Total Memory. See secrets of IV Reich and beware... Gestapo is coming back in the name of father. Just like 80 years ago…

Yes, it is gona to be without me…
While Belgium still protesting…

And others too...

Obama reborns Gestapo

US President Barack Obama launches a campaign to make Americans safer by merging White House staffs dealing with intercalation and domestic security.

The president on Tuesday combined the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council.

The "national security staff" will now address all issues pertinent to "international, transnational and domestic security matters."

More: PressTV

I am not alone, will you erase us all to secure what Adolf has stolen?

Just on the margin I want to explain some strange thing that has occured during my radio broadcast. When i was not aware about it one of this GM officers that are making background noises during show has taken my microphone and loudly announced - 'Franco Fratini i will throw You out of this world!'. No it was not I and he did not thinked about our Pope or anybody from our dear Apostols of Democracy when he has shouted this. Maybe Kaczynski has stepped down from his patriotic path but there are others. Look at the reason of this american outrage - Italian Maja has been hit by Fratini:

64 Mafia suspects arrested in Italy

Italian police have arrested 64 suspected members of mafia, including 10 women, in the latest crack down against the organized crime group.

In over a week, at least 130 suspects have been netted in Naples. Police say those detained are linked to a very big clan of the Camorra, or the Neapolitan Mafia.

They are wanted on suspicion of extortion, usury, drug trafficking and money laundering

"Three of them are already in jail for other crimes," a police spokesman told AFP on Wednesday, adding that the arrests took place in the Vesuvius region.

Ten women -- some of them wanted for smuggling cocaine from Spain -- were also among those arrested.


High Noon

Radost manour-hours is maybe burned long time ago but the Tusk Ranch is again hot in GGoverment. Just like 20 years ago huge portrait of Garry Cooper fro High Noon has been hanged on the symbol of Warsaw - gift from the Soviet Union our 'Palace of Culture and Science'. And this time also according to the authors of this campaign from Tusk Civic Platform it will be a symbol of changing a systems. I wonder on which one? 100% invigilation by Gestapo and deport center!? Well, for me it will be a symbol of totalitarian state, for sure... CNN says about New Poland - a country transformed, but in what? When you will ask polish peopole why more that 70% is not going to vote - they often joke that are enjoing their freedom...

Yesterday German central-right parties has shouted as Adenauer would do now - Keine Extermination! Yes, Mr. Tusk and Obama - from time to time they are 'joking' by saying about Polish Concentration Camps - but they have very good reason for doing so and it is here. But this act from Reichstag was realy good and strong signal to underline a practicies that has returned these days... on Polish soil. President Kaczynski is right when he underlines that such criticism is an effect of wrongdoings of polish goverment that is sacryficing polish interests in name of what - but did he or his circle did something to change it??? No, no, no. And well, Mr Komorowski (Civic Platform) - this German words are very important and it should not be ignored as a words of polish anthem cannot be! Your stance is not acceptable, as it was people from Guzek cancer that has started this Nazi hell... Very your agents and goverment... Even if they was from American center, responsibility is also on you... You has stated that you are a son of explused but does this make you righfull when you are explusing others??? Just for fun, blindly, because your Central has asked for this...

I see that police has just arested Lew Rywin and 12 others people that maybe are involved in this Roma scandal. Or maybe are just aressted to give impression of beign so. Does this changes anything a situation in which i am? No. And moreover i think that after this weekends fabrications that i was also on this list. Just to be silenced... No Zdradziu, do not threat me again - you and your Uberagency is doing this constantly... I will not bow up. And it is also your fault - this humilitation... This goverment after Vienna adventure should be dissolved as it is compromised to the maximum... Dear Teutons, you should be put on trail for betraying the nation and terrorising us all...

But they are just puppets of american Uberagency, so you cannot expect anything other from them. And well it is so common for a New Member States... In this same time President Cheyen has discovered what an effect my Voice of Truth broadcast and my case have on voters. Soon he will mark DuPont Day - DDay - to later go to Egypt. Where in Cairo he will again try to put new life in his Arab Socialist Baath party. Yes, indeed my brodcast have a fundamental meaning for so many. And You have long time ago forgotten that it was me that was supporting your bid for Oval Office. Yes, just close your change and make an Adolf comeback. Mr Cheyen if something did a harm to social-democrats in Europe it is You and your Nazi policies that did it. Any normal resonable leader would just reshufle his Cabinet and would throw out people responsible for this genocide practicies.

But instead of this he still counts on a favorable for him solution during upcoming not so secret meeting of Lieberman and his Uberagency officers in London. The best for him would be just throw me on Tusk knife, to later make a furry against central-right parties. Yes, Tusk guys dreams about this from months... And would love this McChrystal gift for sure. For President Cheyen - looking for resonable way-out is out off his table. Simply, sieg hail. Have a great comeback, have fun... I am not sure if Tusk cabinet will be stupid enough to make final solution before elections but after it i am sure they will do.

Well, Tusk is trying to bagatelize whole situation and even in this symbolic rift with Chancelor Merkel over explusions, he is blaming somebody else. It is interesting that it happens now when they has just announced a salaries and sources of it for top heads of polish epsionage. I remeber dear Donald your loud celebrations of new head of epsionage - when i was closed into prison in this same town, and i remeber whole black campaign done by your services before i escaped to Netherlands. Well, it was Hunia not our Solorz friend Bondaryk - but it looks that they perfectly play this same tune - all the time... You have just declared that your party is polish one - go then and visit my Drzymala camp, everything is good with you? Well, i am joking that i am even more popular that Correra is and together with Geremek and Religa we are just scoring overhelming victory. But you will not find us in the European Parliament. Oh, no...

The office of the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has disclosed the content of possessory declarations of the heads of country’s security services, daily Dziennik reports. The richest is the ABW head Krzysztof Bondaryk, and the smallest property has collected the CBA anti-corruption office head Mariusz Kaminski.

Krzysztof Bondaryk has the largest amount of money, property and the best car, several years old Audi A6. In 2008, when he was already serving in his role in the largest Polish security service, he got about 450,000 Polish Zloty from the Era cellular company. Last year, the disclosure of the amount of gratuities received from the Era company, lead to a battle with CBA property inspection officers. Bondaryk Finally, informed the members of the parliamentary committee on his additional income. "Unfortunately that was done in such a way and he did not want to disclose such matters when he was controlled by the CBA. It is bad precedent for such an important position," the paper cites Zbigniew Wassermann, a member of the parliamentary security services committee.

Bondaryk last year invested in US dollars; the statement said his assets reached $60,000. If he bought them at the time when the US currency was extremely weak, only through this transaction he could earn up to 100,000 PLN. Deputy Minister of Finance Andrzej Parafianowicz also received money from the Era company.

More: Euroasian Secret Services Digest

And in Poland, not only Tusk ranch is loud again in GGoverment, but also Danzing Lieberman gesheft with polish shipyard makes his comeback - some has just started to realise that the Israeli that is going to buy it is just near bankrupcy and he is doing this to save himself from it. Thanks to polish gouverment credit guarantess he will be safe. Do you think that this shipyard will be safe too? That it is good deal for Poland? You must be crazy or just blind...


Missing T

Genocide Convention 1948

Article II

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

After our long weekend it is Lieberman that is again at top of polish headlines. I think that in this long Fiat-Opel saga it is just another move to help our Vienna bastard install in the Germany. Well, they think about his future and it would not be a bad if they will treat me this same way, but instead they are thinking about just like pre war solution - final one. In best case i will change my clohts, as they say. Into Stripped Pyjams.

The Roothan way to Rome was also not ethier short and safe. It is still this same; like through hundreds of years it was for Jacobins. This time they also has mounted a case - with fabricated proofs. But they has been catch at hand in New York just on the begining. But they was going through the weekend with usual Teutonic pride. Leaving it with an arrest waranty request at the evening of Sunday. And well at Friday night some wanted to celebrate 60 years of modern Germany republic recalling back a memory of some other Vienna bastard... No, not Josei... Magna is shining but people still think about this missing t...

Well, my nights at Gorki are quite dangerous sometimes and weekends is usualy very hot time, as old Generals and politicans are out of home. But after this weekend they again in best case just want to throw me into the Stripped Pyjams. And yes it is this same dark campaign that was also adopted against Hezbollah by this same Vienna groups. For me - they just wanted to make a fabrication to put me behind this failed bombings of two NYC synagouges. And it is still this same McCrysthal that links it through his not so secret network of assasins, as he did at that April night.

Well, it is such effect like U.S. President Dick Cheyen that has just on begining of this weekend - gave an inaugural speech of his Uberagency. Under slogan of closing this devilish pseudo anti-terrorist experiment they are going to expand it. And soon they will be realy ready to go in name of father against innocents, as SS exacly did - taking revenge for another purple romance in middle war period...

The White House would love to put me in one of their super secure prison facilities and for unknown by me reasons they are using case of one of their Iranian spy - as the Joanna Dark. It is so visible like an advertisment of SS Galizia - two Nazi angels... Well, when Iranian has arrested her they has used it as excuse in my case. Why and how it is happening? Now when Iranian has released her - they are trying to use her again against me. No comments...

The reason for them is not important. When they does not have any - they just make fabrication. They has started some hunt in the name of father and even here people says that some in South Korea from high mountain have seen this missing t. This corss on Pilsudzki Square, but it is just like Kuklux clan - not an Apostolic Tribunal. And just like SS did before II World War they will be in the name of holy father performing their hunt. On begining on people that was realy inside this Nazi occult group - so strongly connected to Econe in Switzerland but then will be radicaly change a direction trying to blame people that are just their political opponents. And as I think they will be even trying to eliminate Benedict - just as they did with Piux XI - claiming some day in their secrecy - that it was he that was behind our so polish second April...

They should stop this parcitce imidiatley as the clear and pure Apostolic Tribunal should be conducted to solve this very serious case. Such kind of nazi-justice as they are trying to serve - by founding upgraded Uberagency - should never be accepted or tolerated. It is same move like this one we have seen done by our famous Vienna bastard and Gestapo. Then it was top of Europeans and other world people - that was like guards of freedom that was targeted, now after few guilty the target can be this same. And by organising such hunt on me they are once again crysthaly clear showing that their intentions are no different from this that Nazi had when was doing their hunt in the name of the holy father... You can listen to this sentence on their orginal records and it is not accident. It is still Zebra and it was very loudly during Berlin olimpic games in 36.

Same style, same moves. Now their wishesh of imprisoning me as Nazi did in Japan with another spiritual master - Toda. Throwing him into Stripped Pyjams. They care but for my half-brother preparing him a way from Vienna just on harms done to me. There was a reason why Dupont has wroten down his reciept on anti-christ and it was used by Adolf, just like they are doing now - with their Magna nuke. Magna duke.

I know that i am too pure. I canot be threatned, bribed so i should be eliminated. And then - my half-brother will come again as some other did hundred years ago. He will be perfect one - growed as their Dupont antichrist reciept says. I am, for them, Moon folowers like a barier and they just want to eliminate me. Claiming that this one they have will be perfect one... On the weekend they have enjoyed an ilussion that Russia will suport their Magnat plans, but they has forgoten that Kreml has made an fundamental claim - equal threatment. Sending me to prison to inagurate american Uberagency is not a move in such diretion, so do not be surprised that Kreml is reacting so hardly in this Der Spiegel fabrication claims... Maybe they remeber the previous one...

I do not know what to say. This similiarity like with Roothan journey - beign traped in some Nazi game - with a hope that some day i will be able to reach Rome and the way through France or Germany will become possible - i see like they are comming closer and closer to my Drzymala camp somwhere in my local Swat valley, just near Democracy. Well, President Cheney has made it clear on his security speech - i am one of most dangerous person to this al-Nazi regime, since beign born. It is all about my nobility and their solution is just this same as Nazi was serving. Look Konrad Adenauer where we are right now in Europe. Do you see this same Vienna duke on the horizon of events?

It is not a problem for me - his existence. It is simply to late to shout - Keine Experiment - as Adenauer would do! But they are going even further - saying there is no place for me, to not mention equality... I know that they will grown my half-brother as thier satanic receipt tells them. I do not belive that they have any other intention that to have just another bloody pupet with great legend on the back. But it will be build on harms done to me. And this missing t, whatever if from my signature or their black duke one - our magnat. It will be in the air and memory for sure just like this cross on Pilsudzki square. It will not be erased. I can only dream of meeting my half-brother - an effect of our polish-sweedish celebrations of 300 years of harms done to the old Commonwealth of Both People - meeting him somwhere on the political battleground. Like in ancient battles - sometimes we did. But they tend to go for anihilation of my line - i am not optimisitic when it comes to my survival of this infernal game. The pure one is rather going to be lost... To open new era of opression. Today I, tommorrow You...


Holy Hearth

Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati of Bavaria on May 1, 1776 on the principles of his early training as a Jesuit. Originally called the Order of the Perfectibilists, "its professed object was, by the mutual assistance of its members, to attain the highest possible degree of morality and virtue, and to lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by the association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil."

It was always dogma of the Catholic Church to not reaffirm poisoning of any Pope, officialy. Whatever it comes to Pius IX, XI or XII such thing was always keep is shadow and was never officialy confirmed. However death of Jean Paul II orchesterated on the 2 April, a well know date for the beauticians of secret societies, has already opened a eyes of general public. It is long list of crucifiation of great people, freethinkers of current and past times on this very special day. Some kind of thrid, secret Easter - between Catholic and Orthodox ones. The Church has never reaffirmed such facts, what maybe makes it even more interesting, as it bring back a climat of the first Christians, but this does not means that it was not doing anything with it.

This growing awakening is very visible in my fatherland where, according to Euronews, only 13% of Poles is going to cast their votes in this very special elections. They will be hold in the shadows of this scandals just after infamous mass at the Wawel cathedral and establishment of the cross monument in the heart of Warsaw - at the Pilsudzki square. For all Poles, it will remind everyday this story and all the victims from our litte family. It is nothing that can be erased from the people minds. But, you will still find people that will be trying to falsyfy it and use it to spread a schizm into Catholic Church. This case will be returning each year, stronger and stronger. Until will be fully resolved. The beatification process of our Pope is just on the very begining, but it must end with Church cleaned and the leaders of this crime punished...

It is not first time such plays as our Eurovision romance happens and not first victim of it. Nethier i do not think last one. The poisoning of pope was always great opportunity to corrupt powerfull individuals and this is just another such case. The purple romance we had was just a decoration but it has left a crystal clear traces. The yesterday dada communicate that CIA is happy from the effectivnes of their drones and they are going to produce more of it. It was just another confirmet that they are going to try to silence this case or try to mislead public opinion. Will they be able to do this in such political situation, which i call silent independence war? If there will be another Pope then, maybe yes. If Russia, China and others would preffer to sell it out it could be. But i think that they would rather produce breaking-ground Blu-ray disc. The problem is that it can happen after my death. Whatever psychical or mentaly one. After 300 of years they are very close to literaly finish the sword line of one of oldest slavic living dynasties, ever. Of course there are others Radosz on this earth, but this one line is not only symbol of real extermination and resistance, it is a symbol of decades of opression. It is just like crucifixation of White Eagle. Such purim spiel is going on...

And it is not first time when we are observing such moves by Nazis pushing our world for yet another dangerous conflict. Yes, they need ideological enemy to be able to play this game to the end. This time it is Iran, in times of my father beign on this same - olimpic stadium - it was Soviet Poland. And if you will follow our second Tribunal of State - Jaroszewicz case - to the land of the lost - you will see that NATO was trying also to input at end of 70 that soviet Poland is working on nuclear bomb, as they do now with Iran. Yes, we have a bomb but it is historical one... And you are giving it up to the East...

Instead of reafirming the lost reputation of White House, we see one of top commanders from this drone squadron set as the Middle-East top general. What we can expect then? It is something like a story of Pius XI that has been exterminated just on 10 February 1939 and others noble persons of this time - George V - King of the United Kingdom, Marshal Pilsudzki, Empresses of Ethiopia - Zewditu I to name a few from our anti-nazi branch of Freemasonry that was in direct oposition to the Illuminati of Bavaria. This ways they - Nazi occults - that was corrupting other world leaders and was preparing a way forward for expansion of III Reich. And they are once again puting black flag on, following Adolf path. To hide their crimes in the sea of blood.

The masacres from another Vietnam served on our TV screens will make this purple crime look smaller. They count that people minds will be more busy with observing fight between brave american soldiers and evil Iranians. They will takeover Teheran in few weeks and will be a victorius ones. And nobody will then later ask them about their past crimes. This is such way forward that Pentagon is trying to sell us. Do not think they will go another way. Look at their crystal flag bearer at the Middle-East. They are just preparing a ground for invasion, building ranks of their Freies Arabien corps. Yes, ZEBRA alive and kicking back... No, there will be no peace at the Middle-East if such forces will not be disarmed. Hopefuly; it is not center-left KDima but resonable Nathanjahu goverment so still there is no massacre in the region. But Israel Emanuel will be trying to use Palestinians to provoke it for sure. Even after he has lost his main player in Israel. Just yesterday.

The magical sound of Chopien revolutionary etiude is spreading around the world. And our 'expsenses' scandal is circulating. Yesterday it was one of top Cavaler of Malta Order that after 30 years has been forced to resign as the speaker of UK Parliament. It is first such case in the 300 years of history of it. But still he has gave himself one month to clean up and to wait for Obama Middle-East adventure. With hope that it will overshadow everything. In meantime Gordon Brown is sugesting that are british parties has been involved in this scandal - trying for once again build unity where there is not place for it. Well, in some sense he is right, all of them was trying to shoot me out, to silence me. But masterminds of this game was lieing to them and most of them was not aware of the essence of it. Our Pope heart...

Now they are and they are very loudly going for a changes in this 300 year old game. No it was not all the time like this. It is a product of Illuminati that has almost three centauries ago in London rooted out Freemasonry and replaced it by one unitied model. And source of problems we need to face now. We need to break out from this corruptional Illuminati trap and go back to the multilateral model of Freemasonry. Back to the culture of hope and old values...

And when it comes to our Pope case. Some time ago after his death - polish Church under guidance of Cardinal Dziwisz was asking to take his heart to the Wawel. Fortunatly it was received by Holy See as an act of profanation. But it is not bad idea to move body of our Pope to the Wawel Cathedral. The conduct could once again refresh memory of him and his message Peace and Human Rights.

Anyway this Vesalius era game must be stoped and the Apostolic Tribunal is best way forward as it is designed to work with such most secret things. It would be great if Curch would break also from this dogma of secrecy and claim officialy this assasination. But it is not needed to solve this case. Still, Pentagon continues his Nazi march. And our Christ of XXI century is waiting in Vatican for a beatification. Beatification that must clear the Church if it does not want to drown into just another Schizm... Today or any day later... This Apostolic Tribunal can bring a mercy and forgivnes to this that was forced or unaware when they was attacking me, but for this that are behind Pope crime it should call for bigest punishment. As it was crime against not only Christian faith but whole humanity... But this that was behind it fears it as the hell fire. Pushing for another war, another conflict, to hide their sins in real sea of blood... Just like NSDAP did in the past with another Weseli anthem on their mouths... Whatever openly or in secrecy they are still marching to this nazi era tune...

Apostolic Penitentiary

The Apostolic Penitentiary, more formally the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Penitentiary, is one of the three tribunals of the Roman Curia. The Apostolic Penitentiary is chiefly a tribunal of mercy, responsible for issues relating to the forgiveness of sins in the Roman Catholic Church.

Up until the 18th century, the Apostolic Penitentiary also considered cases of confessor-penitent disputes involving violations against what was termed the "external forum."

For particularly heinous sins (for example, rape or murder), or for serious sins committed by penitents of high political or cultural standing, it was often the practice to impose rather harsh penances. This practice was particularly true in the medieval Church, for sins referred to a bishop for absolution. If a penitent felt that the penance imposed was disproportionate to the sins committed, he could submit the dispute to the Apostolic Penitentiary. The alleged offense was said to be against the "external forum"; that is, related to public acts required of the penitent.

If the tribunal decided in favor of the penitent, they would issue a formal statement confirming that appropriate recompense had already been made, that the penitent's sins were forgiven, and that the matter was closed.

These statements were transcribed by legal clerks, who were paid by fees assessed by Apostolic Penitentiary for the transcription of their decisions. This practice prompted claims that the tribunal, and by extension the Church, accepted money for the forgiveness of sins.

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