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Pope security scare

The Pope Benedict is preparing to go on his first pilgrimage to the Holy Land. His agenda is very ambitious one and i must say i had a hope that i will be able to visit Vatican as my dear cousin Adam in times of firsts partitioning of Commonwealth. Well, i and my blog have survived Hess birthday but certainly i do not have power and money to finish my pilgrimare before he will depart to Holy Land.

I am sure that this is dangerous travle in time when U.S. and Israel is looking not for a lasting solution but for a strike on Iran and other Islamic Countries. When i look back at the Poland i see very interesting trend focused on the person of Cardinal Dziwisz. I see these same symphtoms and persons that was making a hatered against previous Pope, this times concentrated on the Pope Benedict. If he appeaers in polish media then usualy is painted in the black colors. They are blaming him for everything but very often for criticism of Jean Paul II. They has gone so far that has even suggested that he is and was doing corrections to the teaching of Jean Paul II. They are simply trying trying to steer a hate towards him. As they was doing within ECONE circle towards Jean Paul II.

However when yesterday i have seen a photo of Cardianl Dziwisz whit Targowica circles in polish noble uniforms it was just like an alert. I understand in how difficult situation Pope Benedict has found himself. He realy want to solve mystery around poisoning of our pope but need to face dangerous enemies around himself. I know that he will never tell this loud - but one of purpose of his upcoming visits to Holy Land and Berelus is a call for a true heroes that will help him clean Church from this dangerous people. Isreali, listen, if you realy want to be heroes - do not fly to Teheran - concentrate rather on the Pope visit and secure it - then help him make this cleaning. This is what most of us excpect. And, well, beware for his own bodyguards - too many betrayars around Pope...

And what is wrong with Dziwisz? Well, since death of Jean Paul II i have simply heard too many fair tales - too many hate inispiring speaches - from him - to belive that he is innocent. And well, when i see this people from the photo. Well, they claim that are polish noble - and well, most of them is, but from which familes? Is not this just a Targowica crowd? Who is steering them? Did you know that exacly this people are a core of Polish ECONE curch... Yes, this same church responsible for poisoning of Jean Paull II. You can read more about polish econe arm in my post Il Divio - in linked article from Wyborcza Newspaper - "The mops of God".

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