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Swiatowid and Prophet Jonah

Yesternight i was observing from Gorki - a hill on which i am spending nights - another hard proof that was been taking off by local police. This time i was looking face to face at another assin sent to complete thier mad quest for GM throne. Thanks to some tip i know that he was from London. In this context yesterday apologizes made by one of twins leaders of SLD center-left party on TV screen have a sense. Well, i appreciate thier efforts but i do not accept this kind of appologies. I know that it will be good for center-left to use my assaisnation made this time from Buckhingam palace for thier election campaign - to blame riches ellites - but i am still alive and broadcasting my story about thier develish perfidion. Well, i still see this same NSDAP fashion and a hand. And Benedict see this same and as well is a bit sarcastic trying to persuade them to change thier style...

About weedings and huntings with Pope

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will travel to Rome for their first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, Clarence House has said.

Charles and Camilla will have a private audience will the head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican later this month.

The royal couple will spend two days in Italy during their official trip then travel onto Germany for a further two days.

Camilla will be required to dress in black with a matching veil.

More: Catholic News Agency

Well, England was very famous from thier fox hunt and specific weeding ceremonies and i can see on myself that they does not learn from history and we are observing real revival of this barbaric game there as well in the Germany. All thanks to our Democratic leadership that has choosed me as thier fox in hunt in which winner will take a GM throne to futher protect Nazi fraud and criminals. Just like at end of 70...

Well, i realy does not need another hard proofs, we has collected them enough and even Daimler managers looks that has understood this and just a moment ago after thier meeting in Berlin has signalised that are going to remove thier team from this crazy race... Well, in old Commonwealth at one of my family castles we had a coat of arms FOX, but on it you will not find a fox as name would sugest, instead of it you will find a quarrel. Well, it is just like with Slavic and Estonian version of frend flower legend... My country is missing many of our nobles families as they was hunted throught last centuries, but our global Sainte Alliance is growing every day...

Well, your fox-pilgrim while is without any weapon is still healthy and broadcasting as well looking for a traces of his unique familly. Yesterday Benedict has discovered together with me something that can be as shoking as the mystery of yewish hash oil - kana boshm. He has undescored this by announcing recent discoveries in the secret archives on the Shroud of Turin.

Shroud of Turin hidden by Knights Templar

ROME, April 7 (UPI) -- Research suggests the Shroud of Turin -- said to be Jesus' burial cloth -- was hidden by medieval knights for more than a century, the Vatican said Sunday.

The Vatican's weekly newspaper said a researcher in the Vatican Secret
Archives has found a document that suggests the shroud was hidden by the Knights
Templar and secretly venerated for more than 100 years after the Crusades, The
Times of London reported Monday.

More: UPI

Well, i am able to trace my Radost or maybe Radosz family roots back to Thora and biblical time of King Jehu (844 BC) but still i am not sure if it was this mysterious King or maybe prophet Jonah that was accomlishing the Lord of Israel. Well, for me it is quite important as I am looking for an answer if my familly is comming from line of King Jehu or maybe King David...

However in the mysterious la Chappelle in Bruxell there is an answer left by our ancestors. It is encoded in beard on one of monuments you will find there. It is hidden in shadow, just on the right nave behind the monumentum of our White Eagle. It is undescribed, but it does not need any description. Who bear it? Go and see, but there is one more surprise releated to the Gospel from Radziwill version of Bible. It is his son that keeps the pope bull. The mysterious first pope of Roman-catholic church and the ancestor of Saint Gaudenty know in Poland as Radzim and in direct line of bishop Radost which original son was given the name of Radosz. The one that to left my a sign my grandfather has returned from the conspiration names we has used in the past hundred years...

Yes; la Chapella is full of mysteries and even today is run by people that call themself Templar Order (but the house of Germany)... And even today after hundreds of years it is run also by polish priests (from this same Teutonic house).

Well, there are also other antical sources where you can find a traces of my familly, one of them is famous Syrian Black Obelisk with my family name also wroten on it that dates exacly from Jehu and Jonah times from the times that are described so well in Old Testamento (also stolen by Brits). The other such trace is old manuscript of some trail run by Moses about ownership of some 'home on left from Moses one', very important one that was first two sided pergamin made to underline signifance of this breaking point. A point in which Holly Bible was completed in the form that after some Teutonic modifications from XVIII c. we knows... In time when first monet has been made by Persian King Xerox...

And today in Iran they has announced that has found even older such two sided text. It is just discovered and still waiting to be read. I think that it is very important one as it was in thier tradition to use both sides of material to underscore thier importance. This time it is not pergamin but a stone, 2 500 years old...

Well, Prophet Jonah in polish is called Jonasz, in arabic Yunus as my coat of arms - Junosza. His symbol was an sheep as you can find on my coat of arms. And well it appears not only in Thora but also in Khoran; Prophet Muhamad says about him: "We are brothers,". "Yunus was a Prophet of Allah and I, too, am a Prophet of Allah."

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