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Santa Cruz outbreak

Today public opinion in the United States has been told that some devil hand some time ago has stolen three vials with mosquito transmited virus. Some investigation is going to start, but i wonder if it will lead to anything. Maybe it is just a warning... They say that mortality of this strain is 1 on 100, while even CDC sources states one thrid mortality rate...

Human mortality rate

The mortality rate from EEE is approximately one-third, making it one of the most deadly mosquito-borne diseases in the United States.

Source: CDC
Well, they has announced that they already have a vacacine, so launching this epidemy would be just like a suicide. However, Clinto is still in good mood as she is happy that Talibans are making thier march towards the Ismabad. It gives her an perfect opportunity to make an millitary intervention, something about she dreams from a decade...

Anyway,I wonder also if this is first such case with missing viruses from CDC. Maybe, just somebody in U.S Army has waked-up and discovered how dangerous people are siting now in White House, yes i think that this cultist group is operating form much longer time. It reminds me a techincs of diseses spreading that in medival Commonwealth that was used by the Teutonic Order - which is best commemorated by the Skull Chapel in Polish Czerna or in Czech Siedlce from the times of Swedish Flood. It reminds me also another modern outbreak of disese in Bolivia. In the Santa Cruz, just in February 2009...

Unprecedented Disease Outbreak in Bolivia

More than 20 people have died in Bolivia from dengue fever (which is normally painful, but not fatal), and there are 88 confirmed cases of a deadly hemorrhagic variant of the disease so far in 2009.

The hemorrhagic variant “causes violent internal bleeding and swift fluid loss, and can lead to a quick, painful death if not treated in time.” The disease hit the nation on a large scale, with more than 33,000 dengue cases nationwide (71% in Santa Cruz). To limit spread of the disease, 15,000 troops have been mobilized to assist the health service.

The Bolivian Minister of Health has called this an “unprecedented epidemic,” and urged that “Bolivians must be aware of the seriousness of the disease and all—national and local government, municipalities and individuals—must help fight the disease.”

Other public health officials warn that the epidemic “is going outside of our borders” (AFP, March 1, 2009).

When Jesus’ disciples asked what signs would announce His second coming, He said those signs would include spreading pestilence and plagues (Luke 21:11). This powerful epidemic in Bolivia is an example of how a disease outbreak can grow out of control quickly and how a disease agent can change into something even more deadly.

The variant of this mosquito-borne virus is an extremely painful way for people to die. We need to pray that God’s people in Bolivia will all be spared from this and many other diseases.

Scott Winnail and Ray Clore

Does is not sound like a very specific religious adverteisment? Like a return to the times of charlatans? Just another face of Greenville blasphemy...

The Santa Cruz epidemic in last months has spreaded to other South America countries. But this incident seems rather like a warning to Europe that is rebeling against our White House branded somali pirates. I am thinking that Netherlands that is so famous from thier house loving, would be a perfect point to make an another outbreak of this hourse virus....

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