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Iranian boiler

Yesterday events at the Geneva conference while at first seight can be funny in reality was like a declaration of War by both - Obama/Simon lemings blindly blaming Mahmud for a hatered against homosexsuals and racism outside of conference. And some right-wing EU Ministers that leaving the room after Obama styled clown has appeared down the stage, in a diplomatic signal - a sign of incomming war. This racism conference was just an occassion to once again - underline the NATO intensions. They are heading for a war with Iran - and they is nothing to laught at all...

Yes, it is Lieberman that thanks to Simon and our beloved Secreatry General Moon was able to prepare this soup in Iranian boiler. The hardline manifestation of thier will should now be fully visible at least to pepole that understand diplomatic games, and both Presidents - Mahmoud Ahmenidad and Diminitri Medvedev should more think about focusing on defending thier country in upcomming months that on participation in worthles UN circus. Some series of black flag incidents are going to happen in relation to Operation Taurus, but also upcomming pilgrimage of Benedict XVI - can be perfect opportunity to start escalation of this pre-made and so long awaited global conflict.

While i has been put by Moon in the center of this diplomatic war - my situation has becomed a real indicator - just like so many times in history. Well, in Poland yesterday they wroten that 'Israel is requiting gays for war with Iran'. And today, i could observe this on the ground of this propaganda front - meeting two pairs of them - listening to thier threats and words - and meeting somebody from Lieberman that was reqruiting them.

No, this continued face of fake regime of Israel (it's not a country, as it lacks a permament staus inside UN) makes yesterday words of Mahmud Ahmenidad so true and painfull - with one correction - it is selective racism - nazizm - this same that was developed by Rudolf Hess. Just see the relations - the diet method and thier results - of this regime and my person and family. Sometimes i ask during my brodcast on Isreali radio: 'Adam, tell me if it is 30 years of opression or maybe 300 years?'.

Well, as i have wroten yesterday i do not think that Ahmenidad is precisious when is calling this regime a racism one, it is using racism but very selective one - which is more - like nazi germany regime that was run by... Teutonic Jews. When today i has saw how Szymon Perski - President of Israel - was celebrating Holocaust i was not surprised that next day - i will need to face standard Holocaust card played by our swedish Noblists. If you want to talk about cause of genocide on polish jews - there is no better person to which you can talk. But what this clishe is doing is just Hess styled which-hunt. Not a dialog - just intensifications of thier barbarian efforts based on hatered and revenge. We could talk about genocide that is continued to the last pure Negro - in defense of this satanic fraud - on the Negro families and their friends. But this is just a frenzy based of revenge - just like on Wesel anthem in video clip, and most of them are just following this 'Simon says' game - like robots with radio instead of brain. While some - like Lieberman are conducting reall efforts to eliminate me - now through police friends from... gay comminity (i have openly followed them today and has saw thier efforts on the ground) ... To eliminate - the last one rightfull - orginal sin - a barier for polish ellites to give-up rights to the heritage of richest magnat in Europe. Just for litte bit of this stolen legacy for themself....

Today is a day when in Strasbourg they will inaugurate a place called after Bronislaw Geremk name. Well, i do not need to admit my efforts to commemorate his poisoning. My small demonstration in Bruselss and all the chaos that i have made simply by puting flowers next to main enternance in European Parliament was again like a carambol. They needed to do something and they did. But where i am on the day of inaugration? What is wrong when they are today signing our anthem on this place? Tell me our wise Simon?! Tell my our dear Lieberman?!

Our Kontur is just continuing as others - this Simon says nute. They are day after day, night after night - playing this same Teutonic melody. Even today -vice-Premier of Israel - has used this same tehnics - blaming also me - thier public enemy that comes from truly zionist family from King David line - blaming me for nazism. While it is them that are following Hess script and Weseli anthem. I do not know who is crazy here - if even after poisoining of his mother - Tusk is continuing his romance with this Nazist followers, yes Hitler was also jew like others from his closes circle. They have thier david mark on the flag - but what they doing - when they are blindly hawking in my face, whit proud so usual for Teutons? If it comes to Tusk - it is just like on the ilustration. His obsessic target - is me - for him i am in Kaczynski team. For Kaczynski - i am like Palikot from Tusk party. For regime of Israel - well first they call my nobility - so polish one - a nazi ideology driven racism - as they was calling Jozef in sanacja times. Then as with Frond Heydey - are calling me Iran - partialy they are right as i am keeping his side in this barbaric 'dialogue'... But on which list i am? You will find my name - but on Geremek-Religa committe list - on list from Lipno - center of Zionist community in times of partitioned Commonwealth of Both People.

But the situation is serious - and the Geneva was in fact like a declaration of war. So they can go on maximu. They do not care - as there will be war anyway. They just need to start it in good fashioned way... Well, for me it is 30 years of oppression - first from Soviet regime, then from this post-88 Nazio - for nation and my familly it is 300 years. In 1709 - times of Swedish Flood - whole Europe has literaly frozen. In this year 2009- it can be much warmer - but subsequently whole planet can freez again - for long time - as it was thousdand years ago. And they are prety aware about this - thanks to Bush era Pentagon report- but still are continuing this blind march - which more and more proud and agressive tone. Tone of Rudolf Hess anti-Polish rethoric under banner of 'revenge'. Well, it is not first time when they are following this script, as it is not first time when we need to be aware and prepare for this Dupont produced bastard and thier technics - an lithany of hate crimes...

In pre-war times Jozef has observed similar Negro families and friends humilitation - our curse, a begining and cause of later full scale genocides which 6 000 000 victims. Genocide that could be avoided if League of Nations would not be paralysed. Genocide not only of jews but also gypsies, slavs and arabs. And the beginig, well it was a similar radio experiment, and similar Weseli romance that was conducted on polish soil by LaFayete bishop during two World Wars. Yes, Jozef has heard this same tune and was chellenging this same propaganda attacks, even from Poles and Jews. And he has saw this same string of murders done by Nazi. One by one. Problem after problem. Falling - shooted, poisoned, kniffed - First President of II Commonwealth, general in France, empress of Ethiopia, general in Belgium, President of United States, King of Great Britian and others smaller, usualy on the 2 of April, the thrid, secret, Dupont Easter... He has heard near his door in Belveder Palace a steeps of his litte mouses on months before Berlin Olimic games. And at the end he also has fallen poisoned, like a pope Pius did later, just on months before II World War.

Well, today on backgound pictures of Auschwitz concentration camp we can watch a so called 'March of living' - initative hold there - not by accident - since 1988. But thanks to Hess rethoric - that is comming from mouths of Israel Prime Minister and other Israeli leaders - it is just like a march through Geremek tomb, a profanation - like steping him into his square - to the rythm of NSDAP anthem. And the fairly tales they tell to the people - who will belive it - they are just on the level of so inspiring Hess speech. Lieberman (Simon) is a Israel, Israel is a Lieberman (Simon), Lieberman is a party... etc My march - march of murdered - just like those from time of Young Poland - March of Death Ones - to Vatican will never finish... I am sure of this - i see and i hear this on Israeli radion - and which every day passing i am falling from power - at some time i will not be able to defend another punch... I am dreaming about possibility to emigrate to Bolivia to hide in montains - somwhere 4000 years bellow the sea. But they need to commemorate the birthday of Hess - birthday of Gestapo and Chernobyl - and they will do this. Two days after my birthdays...

I dream as Gombrowicz - about Transatlantic emigration. Far away from totalitarism that i need to face - almost constantly. Day after day. Night after night. Like in cattle train... And Israel hawks - well - they has realy used Melanie Z - as Hitler did with Horst Wessel and just launched thier smear campaign on the standard occasion of Holocaust. But who they are attacking??? Now i think that in GeneralGouverment they should realy change our anthem - to the Horst Wessel Song... Listen and sign. Forget about Poland - it is already Generalgouverment... And soon just forget about Polish soil too, ask Zdradzio what is on the map and why Dimitri is so sad, why Lavrow just after reading this post and listening to my Voice of the Truth has decided to go with visit to North Korea...

'US missile shield tips weapons balance'

Russia is 'very concerned' about the US plan to base a missile shield in Europe saying that it tilts the weapons balance between the two sides.

"Russia is very concerned about unilateral efforts to develop missile shields that decidedly pose complications in the mutual balance of weapons," said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaking at the University of Helsinki in the Finnish capital on Monday.

The Russian President added that Moscow expects to begin talks on the controversial missile shield in the near future with US President Barack Obama.

"One party should not decide the properties of such a shield but unfortunately that is happening now when decisions are being made in Europe," he said, in a speech translated to Finnish.

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Symposium in tribute to former Polish foreign minister and MEP Bronislaw Geremek, who died in a car crash last summer, is held today at the Italian Academy of Science.

It is attended by President Giorgio Napolitano and former prime minister Romano Prodi, and the speakers include the Italian historian and Geremek’s friend Girolamo Arnaldi as well as Polish historian Karol Modzelewski and journalist Adam Michnik, editor of Gazeta Wyborcza.

On the eve of the symposium, the daily La Repubblica published Geremek’s article entitled ‘My Solidarity’ in which he described Solidarity as a movement of liberation and a humanistic revolution which, from the very beginning, ruled out the use of violence.

At a ceremony in Strasbourg today, a courtyard in the European Parliament has been named after Bronislaw Geremek.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and former prime minister Romano Prodi were among the participants in a symposium in tribute to former Polish foreign minister Bronislaw Geremek, who died in a car crash last summer.


at the Italian Academy of Science in Rome, it was organized by the historian Paolo Prodi, the former prime minister’s brother. The Polish ambassador at the Vatican Hanna Suchocka recalled Bronislaw Geremek’s activities at the time of the 1989 parliamentary elections which paved the way for the collapse of communism.

Editor of the Gazeta Wyborcza daily Adam Michnik stressed that in his youth Bronislaw Geremek went through the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw and during martial law in 1981 was interned by the communists. He said that Geremek’s record as foreign minister of independent Poland was truly outstanding, stressing that his vision of a Poland of internal reconciliation has triumphed.