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Geremek square

Well, today Obama is in South America sloganering 'Yes, you can'. Euronews is full of informations about cenzoring internet. Well, i was thinking if for our Emperor - Pornography will be enough reason to remove my blog. There is so many sensitible informations on it. Also when it comes to kids. If they wanted to show that they can too arest me - as they did some time ago in Lodz with one of ecologis activist under slogan of fight with kid pornography, then the answer is: No, you can't. Just in case today i have made a backup, you can download archive of this blog here...

Well, I am not only one that have such problems with half-brothers. As part of his Black Friday that thanks to Sainte Alliance has come through Europe and most of other regions relativly easy - in Togo president has escaped coup de etat...

Togo president escapes 'coup attempt'

Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe escapes a 'coup attempt' after his half-brother is pin-pointed as being involved in the plot.

Gnassingbe, who cancelled his state visit to China, did not mention the name of his half-brother, former defense minister (2005-07) Kpatcha Gnassingbe, arrested on Wednesday outside the US Embassy in Lome where he had sought asylum, after a night raid on his house.

Source PressTV

But, if he - after just another failed attack on me - both by police and assasin (just another shot behind the corner - yesternight) mean Yes, you can: start in elections - then answer is also NO. And he and his political gestapo - that i call SS Galicia - because thier methods, original roots and connections - has blocked me completly. After death of Geremek only central-lef SLD - which today is making thier launch of camapaign in Democratic style - Countur leaded Teutonic Platform: PO which has forced me to escape country - and Targowica brothers PiS has left on the stage. Well, there is also PSL but it has been corrupted by Teutons and preffered to cut-off from Parliament that to make a talks. So the answer is again NO... Yes, it is a full scale partitionig...

And on Monday, thanks to pressure i has made on the European Parliament during my regural brodcast and pilgrimage - they are going to name a square after Bronislaw Geremek name. It will be just another shame and of course they will be signing our anthem - that has been left to them by my ancescors when i will be just like in this fameous TRANSPORT - sleeping near tree in the very heart of the European Union... Of course if SS Galicia will not shot me out... Oh yes, dear brothers and sisters - go vote on Totalitarian state... I think it is much better to protest this status quo and stay in home - as more that 2/3 of European is going to do!


Euro-Parliament courtyard named after Geremek

Eurodeputy and former Prime Minister of Poland Jerzy Buzek announced today that the courtyard before the Luise Weisse European Parliament building in Strasbourg will be named after the deceased Foreign Minister Bronislaw Geremek.

The naming ceremony will take place 21 April and will be attended by, among others, President of the EP Hans-Gert Pottering, members of the Council of Europe and various members of the European Parliament.

“While it is a very European event, it is especially important for Poland; we are proud that the name of our of our fellow countrymen will be honoured in such an important place in Strasbourg,” Buzek stated. Geremek was Foreign Minister under his government from 1997-2000.

More: Polish Radio

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