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Convicing Europe to Shield

Yesterday we could hold a video phone with Obama similar to this one I have hold with some Israeli Commander during Kadima operation Cast the Lead. We was very close to understanding that they has taked wrong direction and first should clean themself, but they has received green light from Honolulu so Omlert has continued offensive that has claimed more that 1000 lives.

I was waiting more that one hour for Obama to take his place and have a possibility to hold a talk, but he did not appeared. I am sure that he was completly not prepared to see me alive on the wire and he has just throwed his NATO speech to the trashcan. He did not showed at all and on the corridors they was saying he has feel sick.

It is interesting that Euronews chanell first has showed a video clip from minute of silence of NATO laders standing face to face to the NATO troops, honoring victims of sometimes very illegal NAZIO operations. Just after this Euronews has showed us another person that has fallen sick it was Nazi war criminal that was using his sicknes as obstacle to avoid deportation. With success.

Demjanjuk, his wife and their child arrived in New York aboard the USS General W. G. Haan on February 9, 1952. On November 14, 1958, Demjanjuk became a naturalized citizen of the United States. He and his wife, whom he met in a displaced persons camp, moved to Indiana with their daughter (they later had two more children) and then to Cleveland, Ohio suburb Seven Hills, where Demjanjuk became a diesel engine mechanic for the nearby Ford auto plant.

In August 1977, the Justice Department submitted a request to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio that Demjanjuk's citizenship be revoked on the basis that he had allegedly concealed his involvement with Nazi death camps on his immigration application in 1951. The request followed a lengthy investigation by the INS after Demjanjuk was identified by Holocaust survivors on a photo spread used in the investigation of Fedor Fedorenko, a Treblinka Concentration Camp guard. Fedorenko was later extradited to Ukraine on his admission that he was such a guard and that he lied on his US immigration applications.

On June 23, 1981, District Court Judge Frank J. Battisti ruled that Demjanjuk had lied on his application, that he had served as an SS guard at Treblinka and for a brief period at Sobibór, and that he had undergone training at the Trawniki SS training camp. Demjanjuk's attorneys appealed this ruling.

Well, this show very well the state of the NATO as well what Obama is defending. They are from very same circle that after Iron Courtain has overtaken fortunes; not only my but also victims of Auschwitz and other concentration camps. But for Obama I am still a threat and the game in PLA PLA PLA continues...

Our lovly pair is just again on another summit trying to convice public to thier missle launch pad directed at Russia... If you cannot transport an nuclear package through train what we has observed in Serbia at 4th November it will be nice to have a possibility of launching it.

On other hand it is also an broadcasting technology; exteritorial one, able to infiltrate citizens in 100%. Allowing them to instal it is just like giving up souverenity what in case of Poland has already happend on Wawel NATO summit. 100% in 2 years... Of course; shield is super and they did not broken nethier thier nethier our constitutions. First in world and Europe...

Towards new Reich with small Turkish turbulence in Baden Baden. Just another day with litte bit different but still Andersen stories...

This time Emperor is trying to guise as Master Toda using his words about Jehu like solution and world without nukes but still pointing wrong sides and ignoring my claims. Who and what he defends? What intensions he have towards me if i do not see any change... PLA PLA PLA. Still playing basketball, Chicago Bulls vs Polonia Poraj. In this context he looks just like clown standing near real whitch...

Josei Toda September speech

Josei Toda (1900-58), second president of the Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist association, made an impassioned speech calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons on September 8, 1957, at a meeting of 50,000 members of the association's youth division at Mitsuzawa Stadium in Yokohama. His own health already failing, he called on the young people present to take up the challenge of making nuclear abolition a reality.

Toda issued this declaration at the height of the Cold War between
East and West. Both Eastern and Western blocs were frantically engaged in
developing nuclear weapons and conducting test blasts. Just one month before,
the U.S.S.R. had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, and
the United States had developed what it claimed were "clean" hydrogen bombs
which maximized destructive capacity with less radioactive fallout. Nuclear
weapons, capable of destroying all human life, cast a dark and terrifying shadow
over the destiny of all humankind. The myth of nuclear deterrence was based on
the view that since mutual destruction would be assured in the event of an
attack, nuclear weapons could be seen as a deterrent to war.

Toda saw such thinking as a product of the darkest aspects of human nature. Nuclear deterrence was founded on an equilibrium of terror and created a vicious cycle which fueled the endless escalation of the arms race. He felt that people who placed their
hopes on the idea of nuclear deterrence were entering a devilish labyrinth.

Somebody at Pentagon has started to read this blog as they did during NATO summit, but they did not changed at all, on the ground situation is even without bit of change. He is just posing and using Toda words to create devilish labyrinth... Do not belive NSDAP... It is just a fake, look, where is original... Still in cattle train...

PS. At the end of New York clip i see somebody that is very similar to Andreo, i have seen another one so similar persons in IDF also during cast the lead oper. Well, i do not think it is accident as this is military family which is conected to old sach of Persia. This same that has helped to overtake our legacy, using false stories and actor... Well, neverending story. Blooming of Dadaism.

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