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Clarification of Last Will

Because some circles including regim of Israel and Malta Order paws are trying to use my last testamento - which i am going to once again confirm through this blog and that some because of my family roots and titles call - Nowatora. I must make clarification. My intension is to give a right to one-quater of our legacy to the Islamic Republic of Iran. I know that in particural our Presiden Lech Kaczynski are using my last will as inducement to make a crusade against this brotherly country - and after eliminating me - help to conquer this country and his legitimate goverment. However my last will is not to support the puppet gouverment and of course - in case of their success (what is almost impossible) the rights will be passed to the Iranian goverment on exile.

It is just like in case of puppet gouverment that has been instaled on polish soil by Nazi regime in times of II World War. It was obviousl to all that it was Polish gouverment in exile in London that was representing polish nation at this time, not the puppet one in Warshau. So this way it will not work also with Islamic Republic of Iran... And please not forget that i have also mentioned Russia and Hamas. So what Polish President and Teutonic Platform is trying to do is just passing rights to the bigest heritage, forever - by continuing this pre-war game - this Negro genocide... Change Your anthem and Your uniforms...

Israel in search of 'heroes' to bomb Iran

As Israel and the US continue on a collision course over
Iran, Tel Aviv says it hopes to put an end to Iran's nuclear activities with a "heroic operation".

In an interview with Haaretz, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak drew a parallel between Iran's nuclear program and that of Iraq in the Saddam Hussein era and hoped for a similar end to the Iranian program.

More: PressTV

While it looks that regim of Israel is preparing 'heroic' operation against Iran. The United States is going other way - that is also aimed at Iran in which polish troops from Afganistan are going to be used as artilery flesh on the very first line. Eventualy they can be spoiled together by some incident. Anyway see where you want to go Mr. Kaczynski... And in name of what? Forget about recapturing this legacy this way...

Both of ways are of course wrong - as it should be a Nazi Regime of Malta Order in which Israeli Defense Forces should aim at first... Not the independent country that is developing peacful nuclear programm. They want to liberate Holy Land, not to destroy it with nuclear bomb...
See Polish Soldiers which way they has prepared for You. There was others walking this path before You:

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