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Today i was as usual from some days spending my night near tree on my hill which i call gorki. On the good night i have readed some book i had found few days ago entitled 'Hold on Mr. President' wroten by Sam Donaldson. It is a book about his coverage of White House during President Carter and President Reagan. I was thinking about to which of this two i could compare Obama. I could not to any of them... But, i think that Hal Lindsey was quite right in his article 'How Obama prepped world for the Antichrist' when he was quoting Obama speech from Berlin. I think that Obama inauguration and his day-after-day steeps says everything...

"People of Berlin – people of the world – this is our moment. This is our time. ... With an eye toward the future, with resolve in our hearts, let us remember this history, and answer our destiny, and remake the world once again."

Barack Obama,
July 24 2008
Berlin, Germany

I was also thinking about our Prime Minister and his clowns attacking yesterday President. While he just after mourning of his mother has come like on crowning ceremony of Inka to the Katowice on some economical meeting. Well, it was he and his gouverment that has forced me to escape the country. Now i was sleeping like animal waiting for another surprise from my enemies. Night as usual...

No, for polish 'ellites' i am not like Queen Inka, so they continue to treat my as animal. Of course none of polish MEPs did responded. I enjoyed another cold and wet night under the sky. I know, polish queen Inka have this something, has been released from the Prison by our Chicago Justice Minister, received new identity and few thousdands of euros on Austrian Witnees Protection Programme... Poland is simply to rich to fight for what was stolen in past from us...

On the morning some police car has come near my place. They was hanging near doing something. Of course they has saw me, but they did not come. I guess, that some in Poland and U.S. was sure they will come. I was thinking again about some plot about which i have readed in 'Hold on...' book. It was a trip of Ronald Reagan to Chicago in October 1985. Very important trip which i have started to investigate. It was curical point for the Democratic party, Reagan was just after meeting with Interpol where he has assured for once again his intentions to fight-out new, young sindicates and has exchanged informations with top of world police officers.

Remarks to the 54th General Assembly of Interpol

I wanted to stop by briefly today and extend my good wishes to each of you. The United States is honored and proud that you would choose our Capital as the site of your convention. And we're especially pleased that you have extended to one of our distinguished public servants, John Simpson, the privilege of serving as your president.

John, who is a good friend, will tell you, if he hasn't already, about the priority that our administration has placed on the war against the crime syndicates -- syndicates that in recent years have grown in power and sophistication. Here in the United States, for example, prosecutions of traditional organized crime families, as well as some of the newer groups of drugs traders, have gone up dramatically. And for the first time, we feel we're making significant headway. In addition to dramatically increasing the number of prosecutors and Federal agents working in these areas, we have taken many other steps. One of them is our Presidential Commission on Organized Crime, which is currently working with your member nations to bring to light problems like money laundering, especially its international dimensions. And that word ``international'' is, of course, the point. Whether it's organized crime, narcotics trafficking, terrorism, or any other area of criminal activity, the increasing sophistication and power of criminal syndicates calls for a response from those who are pledged to uphold the law and protect society from the hardened criminal. And this is the work of Interpol.

More: Public Papers of Ronald Reagan

The Chicago was number one place, so important for young 'Democrats' and thier growing narcotic cartels. Reagan was heading right there... They needed to do someting, to get his attention on something else. And they did.

Reagan was surprised by it when he still was in Air Force One. Well, he was not naive one, as the Carter was not. He has understood cheek mechanism very well. At first he was still determined ignoring it, but under media pressure he has swatched his attention, unfotunatley. It was so called Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking that saved this cartels lifes. Well, today after aresst of key Mossad agent in Lebanon - we are very close to solve this mystery as the death of Yoni Netanyahu and other mysteries. And the declaration of Arafat, that has drowed in the standard U.S. doctrine, should again point our focus on the Velvet Islam and state sponsored terrorism, that under Obama has become a fact.

Hold on Mr. President

The president was flying to Chicago that day on other business, and aboard Air Force One, he and his advisers worked out a statement to make about the hijacking situtation. When Air Force One landed in Chicago, the president alked over to the press pool, gathered near the plane's wing. He told us it appeared that the hijackers departed from Egypt for 'parts unknown', but it was U.S. view that no responsible nation would harbor them and should, in fact, turn them over to "whichever country has the proper jurisdiction for prosecution."...

In the give and take, I asked him how the hijackers would be brought to justice if they had already gotten back to the home base of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), headed by Yasser Arafat, as was widely suspected. The president said we would make a demand of Arafat that he turn them over to another country. So far, so good.

Then Chris Wallece of NBC asked, "Arafat says that he'll punish them."

Yes, he was going to punish them as they was not part of PLO and was just this same team headed by young 'Democrats' - our beloved cruseders. In spite of this and recent development a visit of Israeli Prime Minister into Egypt can be really breaking point for the peace development not only in the Middle-East but for the whole world. In Iran that some time ago has started a special Tribunal they say that Mubarak is preparing red carpet for Netanyahu. Well, whole world of Islam see it and it is a reason why Mubarak was so affraid to come personaly to the last Arab Summit in Doha, while others did it...

But lets go back to the ground. As you can see on this blog i am dealing with i think one of hardest issues like poisoning of our Pope, nazi cultist and... drugs. For some people from Chicago but also from the JPII murders cricle i became the Public Enemy #1. And well, i can understand why our President did not had a bank account. I can understand because some time ago i have received on my mail box an letter from friends of President Uribe and Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos of Medellin. Well, in fact two of mails, one was signed by 'Gilberto Castro', second one by 'Equipe Tautur'. If i will be living in the United States it will be enough to arrest me. As they was trying to do this morning when i just waked up like animal near my tree on Gorki. Does not this remind You today top news on the Euronews?

Notorious “drug baron” captured in Colombia

Colombia’s most wanted drug trafficker has been arrested, according to government officials.

Daniel Rendon Herrera, 43, known as “Don Mario”, was captured alone in the jungle in the north of the country after being hunted down by a force of police commandos.

Announcing the arrest, Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos said: “He practically looked like a dog, practically like a dog. He had his arms around a palm tree, and had been there for two days.”

Well, they was not only to try to connect me with drug cartels, using the fact that i was representing drug users and was working for past years on the front of american leaded 'war on drug users'. To remove me from the stage. To defame me and silence my Voice of Truth broadacst on the Israeli Radio...

And i am not alone victim of Pentagon war games. While western media are putting this news story - that is just an example of Obama making place for his people to overtake the drug scene - they are silent on annother incident in Columbia. A example of silencing voice of victims, indesirables for Obama administration...

Victims leader assassinated by hitmen

Ana Isabel Gómez Pérez, the leader of an organization defending the rights of paramilitary victims was assassinated by hitmen local press reported Wednesday.

Gómez Pérez was shot while driving a motorbike, accompanied by her daughter, in a rural area in the department of Córdoba. Her daughter was unhurt. The unknown hitmen fled from the scene on a motorbike.

The rural leader headed an organization that worked with displaced people towards the recovery of land usurped by paramilitary forces. She also worked closely with the Committee of Victims of Violence in Córdoba (Comfavic in Spanish), a group of more than 4000 people who seek compensation under the Justice and Peace law.

She had reported receiving anonymous death threats at the beginning of April.

Six years ago Gómez Pérez had to abandon her home in the department of Chocó following threats from paramilitary group 'Elmer Cárdenas', a branch of the AUC, which was headed by extradited drug lord Freddy 'El Alemán' Rendón Herrera.

Source: Colombia Reports

Well, so in the Obama era - not only having a bank account but even e-mail - can be dangerous. I do not know if you still remeber G20 so called historical act of removing part of tax haevens. In reality they did not removed it at all, evn the grey-zone ones, instead OECD has asked them to prepare a report about selected transacties and persons. I am sure that Obama has prepared some fakes and for sure they did not investigated an transactions of 'Teutonic Platform' MPs Mr. Palikot - which is know from having an accounts whit huge ammount of money in some of this tax-heavens... No he is not funny, he is dangerous... As others from Tusk so called gouverment...

And tomorrow? Well, it was supossed to be Black Friday - just the repeat of Barroso Long Knifes Night. Obama is going to Mexico and this time i will not save his life. He has cooked his nightmare in perfect way, just as suicider - example for others from his cult... I see a Revolution at your borders. I see Nixon II on the way... Rember, after Friday, You can have true Saturday Night Massacre...

And others see it too even in U.S. and are joining Chicago Tea Parties...

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