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Lost identity

In my pocket i have on one side my identity card with the signature like Rados. , it only miss a cross to be like a Radost. It was just an intuition, i signed this way since litte kid. It was a year ago; when i started to spend all days in libraries and visiting various curches and other ancient places looking for a traces of old stories that was told to me by my father when i was very litte kid. I has though like others that he was simply crazy, but now when i just turned 30-th i know that he was not. But all the people that could help me - all the people around litte familly are alredy dead and i am last one from the ancient line - core of polish spirit... The orginal sin.

Well, one of very first memories i have is this one in which i was playing in sand near curch in my granmother village. Then just half meter from me an thunderbolt has hited an flint. Well, it is like this through all my life - just a yards before death. The other one first memory is a dog - very signifant one. I often say that i do not trust people as i was grown with the wolf. And my story is somehow like a sotry of Romulus and Romus. But my 'twin' is just going to be born...

My grandfather was very influential person while he was living in shadow, just after the war when we has liberated our country - he was in the position to do anything he wanted. But when he has found that the situation in which our young country has been traped - between Soviet Union and not so friendly - Western part, when he has been traped in Iron Courtain he decided to go deep into conspiracy - resigining from all political and military positions - going into shadow.

He wanted our family to survive and not be lost in difficult times that we was facing through last three centauries. He could take any identity he wanted - as he did in past - but returned to the orginal name - Radosz. To left another trace. Thanks to his connections - the memory of us was not lost - and you can find it in various masterpieces that has formed polish culture under occupation of the Soviet Union (as before in the time of partitionig of Poland). You can find it in famous polish serials like 'Four armored and dog', 'Schwartz coulds', 'Stake bigger that life', 'Jan Hearth' and many others. You can hear it in the Kaczmarski songs and others - like Czeslaw Niemen - Wernyhora song - weaved as we in history of the nation....

This methods are not so unknow also for the NATO and various western military families, this propaganda war is recently very visible by the decision of Obama to finance 30 so called anti-Iranian movies. An move that is designed to infame me and my family. They will be using this way to erase what is core of polish coulture. It is nothing new and nothing unusual. Just to mention - Obama faked birthday is this same as Edhi Murphy - and in the underconsciousness they see him as Murphy on thier screens. Well, actualy they has saw him - as let say - he has switched to dark side, or maybe he was always on Hess side...


The name given to the political struggle for the rights and self-government of the Catholic Church, carried out chiefly in Prussia and afterwards in Baden, Hesse, and Bavaria. The contest was waged with great vigour from 1871 to 1877; from 1878 to 1891 it gradually calmed down. On one side stood the government, the Liberals, and the majority of the Conservatives; on the other, the bishops, the priests, and the bulk of the Catholic people. Prussia was the chief centre of the conflict. The Prussian government and Prince Bismarck were the leaders in this memorable struggle.

It is generally accepted amongst historians that the Kulturkampf measures targeted the Catholic Church under Pope Pius IX with discriminatory sanctions. Many historians also point out anti-Polish elements in the policies in other contexts.

After the Franco-Prussian War the chancellor seems to have feared a conflict with Russia as champion of the new Panslavism. Bismarck had in large measure the habitual distrust of Prussia for its Polish subjects, and was persuaded that in case of war they would be on the side of Panslavism— that, whether in war or diplomacy, they would always prove a thorn in the side of Germany. He had watched them closely for several years and noted with deep suspicion the alliance of their deputies with the German Catholics. He laid great stress on this fact; as is well known, the Polish question is one of those which cause most uneasiness to Prussian statesmen. It offended him, moreover, that Catholic members of the Centre frequented the Radziwill salons in Berlin, and were thereby willing to appear friendly to Polish demands and aspirations.

More: Catholic Encyclopedia

Well, on the other side of my pocket i have a small card with a portrait of Jan Philip Roothan which i have taken from his curch in Amsterdam when i have started my Amsterdam-Rome pilgrimage. When i look on photo on front of my pocket and on back i can better understand Kaczmarski song - Genology Tree that you can find in my last post about Pope. It is about our mouths and Jackobin smile.

I know that since of Swedish Flood many in my country can have a problem with my identity and 'white blots', as we was so often changing names. Maybe they should look once again watch a movie from 1971 - Boleslaw Smialy and point thier attention on Cancelor Radosz. Well, after battle of Grunwald we has changed again this name and title from Cancelor to Hetman - but it is this same family and this same Orginal Sin. Trying to survive thier genocide and regain what others has traded for thier crimes. Think about this when you will look at great crucifcs that Dziwisz crowd want to put on Pilsudzki square in Warszawa... Just remeber because they are going to do something like crucification of White Eagle or just like crowning this crucifix ang going back to the PRL totalitarian methods and war-games... Counturs has just finished their meeting, to continue thier 'dialogue victim-opressor'... Nihil novi and our bard would sign - Stupid John...


IDF celebrating martyred

Today i was realy in shock. I was watching Euronews 'No comments' clip from Israel. Two-minute siren sounds across country, followed by state memorial services for fallen IDF soldiers, terror victims on Jerusalem's Mount Herzl and the ceremony that has knocked me to the knees. I could not seen bigger perfidion that a commander of Israeli Fraud Defenders that was commanding an operation against my person beign second on the left of Israeli Prime Minister. I call him an Andreo Commander and he knows very well why (on photo below he is behind Szymon Perski looking at another commander, while Barak looks on him)...

In Iran they has correctly noted that Israeli officials was taking part of a ceremony that evokes memories of the soldiers killed for the Zionist movement. Well, small correction - killed not for Zionist movement but killed for the Israeli regime. So often killed in the plots prepared by Israeli secret services... Like a Nethanyahu brother killed in another 'Chicago' incident...

Israel remembers...

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed bereaved families, says 'there's no consolation and no way to forget.' Father of Chabad emissary's wife who was killed in Mumbai: Pain grows with every day that passes.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in his speech, "Behind every gravestone there are chapters of childhood, youth and adulthood, dreams that were shattered in one moment, aspirations that evaporated and went up in smoke.

Netanyahu turned to the audience, saying "this day I speak to you, my brothers and sisters, members of the bereaved families, as the prime minister of Israel and as the member of a bereaved family. I know bereaved parents have no consolation and no way to forget.

"I know the meaning of the death of a beloved and admired brother, who went away and will never return. I know that for a bereaved family every day is a memorial day. Every day of the year, every morning we wake up to a space which cannot be filled."

The prime minister said that "what changed in Jewish history is not the hatred of Jews, but our ability to defend ourselves against it. From here, in Jerusalem, I say to you and to all the citizens of Israel, that we will never abandon our fate again."

I do not need to mention how many from ourconspiratinal 'Srodowisko' (eng. Litte Familly) has been killed in name of fraud defense in NEGRO GENOCIDE . And well, i realy make difference for regim of Israel and Zionist movement. It is even stronger now when i see this commander - just near of Israeli Prime Minister - one of heads of my personal opression... If you will track my roots through this blog or through the libraries, you will see that i am comming from the Zionist family, so deeply connected to the heart of this movement - Lipno. Yes, they could say in pre-war Commonwealth of Poland - that we are yews, masons and cyclists. But all of them has been asasinated. Almost all... Still, i am on the Israeli diet exposed to thier deathly plots... Still, Berlin regains, puppets from Warsaw are trying to martyr...

Just a moment ago our European Comissioner - Danuta Hubner (PO) has announced in Posen something that was not commented by our media - but just published as specific No comment - It is 5 years that we all in Europe has won. Nobody comments it as the protesters that has gathered in Warsaw are best commentators. 5000 railwaymans has completly paralysed city where EPP representatives are gathering trying to sell thier slogans - but instead they hear a sirens and petards - "Railway will finish goverment"; 'Enough of experiments'. At evening the Solidarity from Gdansk is holding their protest...

Polish people see how thier political ellites are playing this game and they understand how much they are going to lose for the interest of people that are living on the heritage of families murdered in Nazi concentration camps. So many righfull owners will never see what belongs to them, they was living for decades under Iron Curtein and many of them even does not know or forgoten about thier roots and crimes did on them. I do not think they will ever see what should belong to them. This satanic fraud is going to be defendet and well my case is quite symbolic. First i will see cementery or in better case a prison or just psychiatric hospital. As my father did under soviet totalitarian regime - this time under EU banner. Yes, Hubner you will be payed for sure by Croatian gold as other defenders of this modern Targowica.

When i see commander of this death squad that has posioned my life, next to Nethanyahu. I know that what i can expects is just continuation of this game. Israeli will be trying to us thier agents inside of sides that could gain on my testamento - to kill me and this way cancel my will. But the sides are quite aware about this, as they was in past months... If i will cancel my testamento then this Nazio people would eliminate me in moment... That is a reason why Barak has said that 'Iranian negotiators use chees tactics'

Frauds defenders will do everything to keep the status quo. And please does not call them a Zionist if they are playing such way and are defending such persons as this fameous Treblinka guard. Before the war - they has made clear distincsion between Hess ideology and Zionism by murdering on the second of aprli one of icons of Zionism - Nathan Birnbaum... And this days - we see this again - as this commander and Liberman face of regim of Israel and their mad lapdogs or mulchs as we call it in Poland. If someone defends a murderes behind 2 April crucifics - he cannot call himself the Zionist - rather a pupil of Rudolf Hess! But You see, they are going to fill our polish 'white blots' with thier devlish lies and ideology - not the truth. If our ellited does not need my heritage and taxes from it for the nation, my dear common people of Poland at least do not lose our hisotry and culture. It is just like during partitioning of Poland. Just like from songs of our bard - Kaczmarski (that also died on 'asbest')... Well, i am really scared if Benedict will return from Holy Land if i see such things and warnings...

Yes, Israel is now in middle of bigest identity crisis, ever.

Just like Republic of Poland...

Will Rudolf Hess win again this play?


On rare occasions men emerge in history whose lives mirror their entire age, all its ideals and errors, achievements and failures. Rarer still are those who are chosen, at the end of their pilgrimage through life, to rise above their world and to attain that ultimate wisdom which is above time and circumstance. Hence the greatness of Nathan Birnbaum, among the builders of modern Judaism.

Birnbaum helped create the major Jewish movements of our time, Zionism, Autonomism, Yiddishism. He gave to all of them of his profound humanity and understanding of life. But he passed from one to the other, a modern Odysseus in the search for truth, driven by his inexorably logical mind and incorruptible honesty, until he found his way home, to the simple yet sublime teachings of Jewish tradition. It was at the end of his road that he came to write Gottesvolk, his great manifesto to the Jewish people, of which Confession is a somewhat abridged translation. Today we see in it a deeply moving personal document –one of the great historical pieces of contemporary Jewish literature– and, above all, a message to the modern Jew, of vital significance for him.


PS. EPP-D congress that has just began in Warsaw is in very warmly and stormy antmosphere - Tusk is in serious problems and the meeting is similar to this one in Bruselss. But this time it is President Kaczynski (Malta Order) that has just meet with Silvio Berlusconi to joke from Tusk mother and to ... make an agreement on bringing 'mercy' for me by his professionals - to end my pain of existence - like a JPII euthanasy thinking... Kaczynski has said that Tusk diplomacy was failure and it is now time for our twins. Of course in Generalgoverment diplomacy is used to kill... an polish anthem...

And on Jozek place they are going to put a huge crucifix on begining of June. It is Cardinal Dziwisz and his clishe that will celebrate this in Teutonic way...


Pope security scare

The Pope Benedict is preparing to go on his first pilgrimage to the Holy Land. His agenda is very ambitious one and i must say i had a hope that i will be able to visit Vatican as my dear cousin Adam in times of firsts partitioning of Commonwealth. Well, i and my blog have survived Hess birthday but certainly i do not have power and money to finish my pilgrimare before he will depart to Holy Land.

I am sure that this is dangerous travle in time when U.S. and Israel is looking not for a lasting solution but for a strike on Iran and other Islamic Countries. When i look back at the Poland i see very interesting trend focused on the person of Cardinal Dziwisz. I see these same symphtoms and persons that was making a hatered against previous Pope, this times concentrated on the Pope Benedict. If he appeaers in polish media then usualy is painted in the black colors. They are blaming him for everything but very often for criticism of Jean Paul II. They has gone so far that has even suggested that he is and was doing corrections to the teaching of Jean Paul II. They are simply trying trying to steer a hate towards him. As they was doing within ECONE circle towards Jean Paul II.

However when yesterday i have seen a photo of Cardianl Dziwisz whit Targowica circles in polish noble uniforms it was just like an alert. I understand in how difficult situation Pope Benedict has found himself. He realy want to solve mystery around poisoning of our pope but need to face dangerous enemies around himself. I know that he will never tell this loud - but one of purpose of his upcoming visits to Holy Land and Berelus is a call for a true heroes that will help him clean Church from this dangerous people. Isreali, listen, if you realy want to be heroes - do not fly to Teheran - concentrate rather on the Pope visit and secure it - then help him make this cleaning. This is what most of us excpect. And, well, beware for his own bodyguards - too many betrayars around Pope...

And what is wrong with Dziwisz? Well, since death of Jean Paul II i have simply heard too many fair tales - too many hate inispiring speaches - from him - to belive that he is innocent. And well, when i see this people from the photo. Well, they claim that are polish noble - and well, most of them is, but from which familes? Is not this just a Targowica crowd? Who is steering them? Did you know that exacly this people are a core of Polish ECONE curch... Yes, this same church responsible for poisoning of Jean Paull II. You can read more about polish econe arm in my post Il Divio - in linked article from Wyborcza Newspaper - "The mops of God".

Clarification of Last Will

Because some circles including regim of Israel and Malta Order paws are trying to use my last testamento - which i am going to once again confirm through this blog and that some because of my family roots and titles call - Nowatora. I must make clarification. My intension is to give a right to one-quater of our legacy to the Islamic Republic of Iran. I know that in particural our Presiden Lech Kaczynski are using my last will as inducement to make a crusade against this brotherly country - and after eliminating me - help to conquer this country and his legitimate goverment. However my last will is not to support the puppet gouverment and of course - in case of their success (what is almost impossible) the rights will be passed to the Iranian goverment on exile.

It is just like in case of puppet gouverment that has been instaled on polish soil by Nazi regime in times of II World War. It was obviousl to all that it was Polish gouverment in exile in London that was representing polish nation at this time, not the puppet one in Warshau. So this way it will not work also with Islamic Republic of Iran... And please not forget that i have also mentioned Russia and Hamas. So what Polish President and Teutonic Platform is trying to do is just passing rights to the bigest heritage, forever - by continuing this pre-war game - this Negro genocide... Change Your anthem and Your uniforms...

Israel in search of 'heroes' to bomb Iran

As Israel and the US continue on a collision course over
Iran, Tel Aviv says it hopes to put an end to Iran's nuclear activities with a "heroic operation".

In an interview with Haaretz, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak drew a parallel between Iran's nuclear program and that of Iraq in the Saddam Hussein era and hoped for a similar end to the Iranian program.

More: PressTV

While it looks that regim of Israel is preparing 'heroic' operation against Iran. The United States is going other way - that is also aimed at Iran in which polish troops from Afganistan are going to be used as artilery flesh on the very first line. Eventualy they can be spoiled together by some incident. Anyway see where you want to go Mr. Kaczynski... And in name of what? Forget about recapturing this legacy this way...

Both of ways are of course wrong - as it should be a Nazi Regime of Malta Order in which Israeli Defense Forces should aim at first... Not the independent country that is developing peacful nuclear programm. They want to liberate Holy Land, not to destroy it with nuclear bomb...
See Polish Soldiers which way they has prepared for You. There was others walking this path before You:



The Rudolf Hess birthday was celebrated quite loudly with Swinie pseudo-virus on top of global media headlines. In Talin, in Estonia, EPP-D has gathered in this time on thier summit. Some time ago original SS Wafen officers has hold thier demonstration, as thier coleagues from SS Galicia did in Ukraine. Shining, proudly marching in thier original uniforms - they are celebrating regulary...

The place and time was just a perfec. They are reporting about some disturbances inside this block - provoked by British Torrist, but Minister Zdradzio (PO-EPPD) still awaits his mythical body of engineer, and i still wonder if he will get it. Anyway, maybe it is time to realy change uniforms of so called 'Polish' Army. Zdradzio was sure again that he will get me - they has cooked very well - this time in the Rambo style...


Happy Birthday - Genocide!

Genocide Convention 1948

Article II

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Source: Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide

Well, it is for sure the slogna that i would hear today from our Aunty Democracy - Happy birthday - Genocide! This day 24 April is quite symbolic one for many ethinc groups with one common root. Both Armenia and Serbia are commemorating it, as the ethinc cleaning practice is still exercised by people comming from so different political enivoroments. Well, Turkey these day is completly different that this one that from begining of past centaury and it is not wise to induce for another time an hatered. Looking for constructive process of reconcilation is much better way that will serve both nations in so difficult neo-imperial time.

But this again shows how important is a culture in which leaders or rules was grown. Unfortunatley these days in the western hemisphere it is a culture of fear that has dominated arena after the Second World War. Ironicaly it was culture of fear - and Hess, Goebels and Mendele (to name few architects) enirched model that which such success has been adopted by so callend Aliants after vicotry on Hitler regime.

Well, i am celebrating it as common day - the opression that is so well defined by the Genocide Convention is this same as each days since i has been born. Whatever regim - an soviet or nazio one it was - it is still this same genocide that has surronded my familly and friends - my enviroment rooted so deeply in polish fight for independence... People that are behind it are siting in the Oval Office, polish govermental institutions and also in the regim of Israel - which is now closer to Nazi that Zionism state. We all know Lieberman 'Our home', but how many years Nethanyaho needs to understand that his brother is also in 'my genocided group'? Nobody see anything wrong in thier actions and continued hostility - waiting from Americans to mount a plot to eliminate me (while still pla plaing and in this same time mouting an another corruptional global deal - whit Hugo Chavez beign patron of thier betrayal)... Well, when they will sucess there will be nobody that will make a case against them, they think...

And to prevent me from making a case they are just following what has been wroten in convention - deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part... Still on diet, waiting for Hess birthday - 26 April... Well my birthday are completly different that Tusk or local princessa - happy birthday - NEGRO genocide...

Israel rejects international call for peace

Defending Tel Aviv's opposition to the peace process, hardliner Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday called on the international community to stop pushing for the creation of a Palestinian state, according to Jpost.

He also dismissed the calls to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli core issues. Core issues include Israeli settlement activities, status of al-Quds (Jerusalem), the fate of Palestinian refugees and final borders.

"Over the last two weeks I've had many conversations with my colleagues around the world. And everybody, you know, speaks with you like you're in a campaign: Occupation, settlements, settlers...", said the Israeli foreign minister while accusing the world leaders of "speaking in slogans".

More: PressTV

PS. After my yesterday declaration our Atalanta Talibans has offered mysthical body of polish engineer - read my one - to Minister Zdradziu. I wonder if he will find for this 400 000$. Not so big sume for giving up our anthem. Weseli Lie is better... But this is not Gestapo that will infiltrate 100% of Poles just in 2 years. As Tusk and Biden has wroten in thier agreement from Wawel...



Princessa Birthday

Yesterday we was celebrating birthdays of Lenin and in his shadow a sad birthday of our Kontur Tusk. Today just a day before my birthday (24 April) and the aniversary of genocide of Ormians, and the Allbigensian crusade, we are celebrating birthday of Princess Laetitia Maria.

My dear cousinessa - Princess Laetitia Maria of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (Laetitia Maria Nora Anna Joachim Zita, born April 23, 2003), Princess Imperial of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, Princess of Modena please keep my wishes for you...

Birthday wishesh

I wish you to be grown in the rays of Sun
rather that in the half-shadows of Moon,
I wish You to have a greate romance,
some day in future,
but not like this one i had,
romance in times of Cholera,
Weseli romance

I wish You to live on the Mother Earth
that is free from this Teutonic disesase
and all blahshemies that are keeping people
in backwardness and terror
I wish you to see Mother Earth
that have her own rights respected

as your own and your nation

I wish You and everybody to see Tegoborze Omen
fullified, our families legacy restored,
and maybe some day we will
all together, reunited, enjoy watching
this story encoded on Blue Ray of Honor

Brussels, 23 April 2009,

Imperial Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Great Crown Hetman of Lithuania, Voivode Wileński, Majorat of Nieśwież, Castellan wileński, Voivode Trocki, Deputy Chancellor of Lithuania, Field Hetman of Lithuania, castellan Trocki, Master of the Pantry of Lithuania, Curver of Lithuania, ordynat nieświeski, ordynat ołycki, Master on Biała, Starost przemyski, bracławski, kamieniecki, człuchowski, ostrski, krzyczowski, niżyński, owrucki, nowotarski, parczewski, osiecki, krzemieniecki, kowieński

PS. Clinton in her madness is announcing to the world that i had made a abdication. Well, it is 30 years passing and every day and night they are continuing this oppression on me and my nation. They has stolen everything from my family and destroyed almost all of our castles but we never gived up. They has enslaved our nation and installed puppet goverment and president but just in two years our Tegoborze Omen can fullify and i can take a part of our legacy Military Prosecutor Office that has been established by Jozef. Your days and days of Moon are counted. IN TWO YEARS YOU ARE GOING TO FADE AWAY... I WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO THE NAZI FORCES. NEVER EVER...


Santa Cruz outbreak

Today public opinion in the United States has been told that some devil hand some time ago has stolen three vials with mosquito transmited virus. Some investigation is going to start, but i wonder if it will lead to anything. Maybe it is just a warning... They say that mortality of this strain is 1 on 100, while even CDC sources states one thrid mortality rate...

Human mortality rate

The mortality rate from EEE is approximately one-third, making it one of the most deadly mosquito-borne diseases in the United States.

Source: CDC
Well, they has announced that they already have a vacacine, so launching this epidemy would be just like a suicide. However, Clinto is still in good mood as she is happy that Talibans are making thier march towards the Ismabad. It gives her an perfect opportunity to make an millitary intervention, something about she dreams from a decade...

Anyway,I wonder also if this is first such case with missing viruses from CDC. Maybe, just somebody in U.S Army has waked-up and discovered how dangerous people are siting now in White House, yes i think that this cultist group is operating form much longer time. It reminds me a techincs of diseses spreading that in medival Commonwealth that was used by the Teutonic Order - which is best commemorated by the Skull Chapel in Polish Czerna or in Czech Siedlce from the times of Swedish Flood. It reminds me also another modern outbreak of disese in Bolivia. In the Santa Cruz, just in February 2009...

Unprecedented Disease Outbreak in Bolivia

More than 20 people have died in Bolivia from dengue fever (which is normally painful, but not fatal), and there are 88 confirmed cases of a deadly hemorrhagic variant of the disease so far in 2009.

The hemorrhagic variant “causes violent internal bleeding and swift fluid loss, and can lead to a quick, painful death if not treated in time.” The disease hit the nation on a large scale, with more than 33,000 dengue cases nationwide (71% in Santa Cruz). To limit spread of the disease, 15,000 troops have been mobilized to assist the health service.

The Bolivian Minister of Health has called this an “unprecedented epidemic,” and urged that “Bolivians must be aware of the seriousness of the disease and all—national and local government, municipalities and individuals—must help fight the disease.”

Other public health officials warn that the epidemic “is going outside of our borders” (AFP, March 1, 2009).

When Jesus’ disciples asked what signs would announce His second coming, He said those signs would include spreading pestilence and plagues (Luke 21:11). This powerful epidemic in Bolivia is an example of how a disease outbreak can grow out of control quickly and how a disease agent can change into something even more deadly.

The variant of this mosquito-borne virus is an extremely painful way for people to die. We need to pray that God’s people in Bolivia will all be spared from this and many other diseases.

Scott Winnail and Ray Clore

Does is not sound like a very specific religious adverteisment? Like a return to the times of charlatans? Just another face of Greenville blasphemy...

The Santa Cruz epidemic in last months has spreaded to other South America countries. But this incident seems rather like a warning to Europe that is rebeling against our White House branded somali pirates. I am thinking that Netherlands that is so famous from thier house loving, would be a perfect point to make an another outbreak of this hourse virus....


Weseli Danzing

Whatever I will say
Whatever I will do
It is because of my nobility

Artur Radosz

Well, it was not accident when the President of United States - Jimmy Carter has choosen Warsaw as the begining of his first international trip. And somehow, the words that was spoken at time of his visit are again important as then. As our Miniter of Foreign Affairs looks to be in his dream in Teheran and does not care about anything. Of course it would be a mistake to compare President Obama to President Carter - as he looks to be traped in Malta hands - and is striaghtly called by some as the lapdog. Well, in Poland we preffer to use the name - mulch - chochoł.

Lieberman is sure about his domination and Operation Taurus is on his way - near coast of Nigeria but also Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Iran, Pakistan, India - with some Malta gift on the board - ready to be use for some black flag operation. There is nothing to smile from but he is laughting not only in my face but also in Obama. Well, i must say that he have a reasons as others and sometimes even I. Obama team has created for him a clown dress - maybe to stimulate him to go for a war - but this will not change his image. Rather will be like kick-off from Oval Office... Well, it is similar situation that Carter had in 1978 that has forced him to close cooperate with the Soviet Union to avoid 'nuclear' liberation - that according to NAZIO plan - could cost us at least 2 000 000 people and 40 cities. Well, it was very optimistic estimmates. As the Vietnam War ones. In current times the strike on Polish soil can come, but from the other side but the victims - the first line of them, will be first in Iran; Pakistan-India or Shout-North Korea. There is too many signs of this to ignore this serious threat for global security. Anyway it is realy wroth to listen to this speeches made on the occasion of Carter visit - he was quite aware of this Nazi hand mudling in his peace efforts, Obama - well he loves it...

Well, Dr. Mendele and Hess can be proud from them. Today we have a birthday of Lenin, that while has been a begger in Switzerland has managed to go back to Russia that was owned by Malta Order and cut-off Ball from the local stage. Today also Donek is celebrating his 52 birthdays, but he is missing somebody on it, still seems to not care at all. Just look at his Chicago goverement. It is like Weseli Danzing. An mulch dance from The Wedding- just like on the picture on top of this entry. And Tusk is going to lost a golden horn that has received from Wernyhora... This time forever... Just like in the Wyspianski symbolic play.

In this same time Ban Kin Moon has arrived at the Malta to together with true Emperor - His Most Eminent Highness Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, Most Humble Guardian of the Poor of Jesus Christ for once again to prepare my crucification. Malta Order speciality is to make a plant from some - they are masters in electro shocks and chemical coctails. And as they has in their Teutonic Proud warned me for another time are goin to sent thier St. John Ambulance. I am last one - orginal sin - from core of Negro family - let say ancestor of Wernyhora - as they already did this same to my father. The last one obstacle to forget about fraud that they did on us and our nation.

Ban Kin Moon in Geneva was saying about his 'dream of moving in a new direction', and was sad because 'too many of us cling to the past'. For him I am obstacle and also a chellenge in thier Negro genocide. And he have full support of Malta Order - a force that was and still is behind a partitioning of Commonwealth of Poland. Other influential Moon - speciallist in mass weddings - The King of Peace - Sin Moon -, as he called himself during crowing in the American Congress - have a mission of his life - so close to achieve - 'to prepare a world for a second comming of Christ'. And to crucifiy him to obtain dark sin - corrupted bastard... He is all the time so close to finish his mission. Today thanks to one of Princesses. Well, so sad to see this. In times of Albert I i would be hosted in different way - i hate this Sweedish influence in beds, as my ancescors did and we have 300 years of reasons. But, well i am still alive, at least...

It is again a clash of culture of fear and culture of hope. And do not wonder why Mahmud once again critised Israel and called for a legal action. Well, he is maybe sometimes to rubish but he is right that this case - our cause dei - is a symbol of racism. And it is sad to see this same methods that Hess was using used by face of this regime - Lieberman - but see, also inside of Israel there is also growin criticism of this Nazi folowers made by Rabbi - which a main source - like in my fatwha - in three Queens and our Emiter from Malta Order. The True Enemy of Polish Nation, that is obviousl still under partitioning. And most of our people understand this and is giving a sign of solidarity through not participating in European Elections...

Maguire blasts Israeli 'ethnic cleansing'

Nobel peace laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire rakes upper echelons in Tel Aviv over the coals, saying they perpetrate "ethnic cleansing".

The 1948 creation of Israel began with a campaign that saw the demolition of Palestinian houses and forced displacement of people native to the land.

Nobel peace laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire is the latest international figure to join the calls against Israel's illegal settlement activity in eastern Jerusalem (al-Quds) -- occupied during the Six-Day War of 1967 and illegally annexed by Tel Aviv later.

"I believe the Israeli government is carrying out a policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians here in east Jerusalem," she said at a news conference on Tuesday.

"I believe the Israeli government policies are against international law, against human rights, against the dignity of the Palestinian people," said Maguire whose efforts for a peaceful solution to the violence in Northern Ireland earned her the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize.
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So Tusk, i have once again breaked your plans and i am interupting your birthday as my ancestors would do. Once again i asking you to stop this war-game, i am sure that you will fail if you will continue. And do not ask me for a name. Let it be expressed by this minute of silence. I am this litte orphant from the monument in Poland. Lost in the fog of partitioning of Poland... In the genocide of NEGRO...


Iranian boiler

Yesterday events at the Geneva conference while at first seight can be funny in reality was like a declaration of War by both - Obama/Simon lemings blindly blaming Mahmud for a hatered against homosexsuals and racism outside of conference. And some right-wing EU Ministers that leaving the room after Obama styled clown has appeared down the stage, in a diplomatic signal - a sign of incomming war. This racism conference was just an occassion to once again - underline the NATO intensions. They are heading for a war with Iran - and they is nothing to laught at all...

Yes, it is Lieberman that thanks to Simon and our beloved Secreatry General Moon was able to prepare this soup in Iranian boiler. The hardline manifestation of thier will should now be fully visible at least to pepole that understand diplomatic games, and both Presidents - Mahmoud Ahmenidad and Diminitri Medvedev should more think about focusing on defending thier country in upcomming months that on participation in worthles UN circus. Some series of black flag incidents are going to happen in relation to Operation Taurus, but also upcomming pilgrimage of Benedict XVI - can be perfect opportunity to start escalation of this pre-made and so long awaited global conflict.

While i has been put by Moon in the center of this diplomatic war - my situation has becomed a real indicator - just like so many times in history. Well, in Poland yesterday they wroten that 'Israel is requiting gays for war with Iran'. And today, i could observe this on the ground of this propaganda front - meeting two pairs of them - listening to thier threats and words - and meeting somebody from Lieberman that was reqruiting them.

No, this continued face of fake regime of Israel (it's not a country, as it lacks a permament staus inside UN) makes yesterday words of Mahmud Ahmenidad so true and painfull - with one correction - it is selective racism - nazizm - this same that was developed by Rudolf Hess. Just see the relations - the diet method and thier results - of this regime and my person and family. Sometimes i ask during my brodcast on Isreali radio: 'Adam, tell me if it is 30 years of opression or maybe 300 years?'.

Well, as i have wroten yesterday i do not think that Ahmenidad is precisious when is calling this regime a racism one, it is using racism but very selective one - which is more - like nazi germany regime that was run by... Teutonic Jews. When today i has saw how Szymon Perski - President of Israel - was celebrating Holocaust i was not surprised that next day - i will need to face standard Holocaust card played by our swedish Noblists. If you want to talk about cause of genocide on polish jews - there is no better person to which you can talk. But what this clishe is doing is just Hess styled which-hunt. Not a dialog - just intensifications of thier barbarian efforts based on hatered and revenge. We could talk about genocide that is continued to the last pure Negro - in defense of this satanic fraud - on the Negro families and their friends. But this is just a frenzy based of revenge - just like on Wesel anthem in video clip, and most of them are just following this 'Simon says' game - like robots with radio instead of brain. While some - like Lieberman are conducting reall efforts to eliminate me - now through police friends from... gay comminity (i have openly followed them today and has saw thier efforts on the ground) ... To eliminate - the last one rightfull - orginal sin - a barier for polish ellites to give-up rights to the heritage of richest magnat in Europe. Just for litte bit of this stolen legacy for themself....

Today is a day when in Strasbourg they will inaugurate a place called after Bronislaw Geremk name. Well, i do not need to admit my efforts to commemorate his poisoning. My small demonstration in Bruselss and all the chaos that i have made simply by puting flowers next to main enternance in European Parliament was again like a carambol. They needed to do something and they did. But where i am on the day of inaugration? What is wrong when they are today signing our anthem on this place? Tell me our wise Simon?! Tell my our dear Lieberman?!

Our Kontur is just continuing as others - this Simon says nute. They are day after day, night after night - playing this same Teutonic melody. Even today -vice-Premier of Israel - has used this same tehnics - blaming also me - thier public enemy that comes from truly zionist family from King David line - blaming me for nazism. While it is them that are following Hess script and Weseli anthem. I do not know who is crazy here - if even after poisoining of his mother - Tusk is continuing his romance with this Nazist followers, yes Hitler was also jew like others from his closes circle. They have thier david mark on the flag - but what they doing - when they are blindly hawking in my face, whit proud so usual for Teutons? If it comes to Tusk - it is just like on the ilustration. His obsessic target - is me - for him i am in Kaczynski team. For Kaczynski - i am like Palikot from Tusk party. For regime of Israel - well first they call my nobility - so polish one - a nazi ideology driven racism - as they was calling Jozef in sanacja times. Then as with Frond Heydey - are calling me Iran - partialy they are right as i am keeping his side in this barbaric 'dialogue'... But on which list i am? You will find my name - but on Geremek-Religa committe list - on list from Lipno - center of Zionist community in times of partitioned Commonwealth of Both People.

But the situation is serious - and the Geneva was in fact like a declaration of war. So they can go on maximu. They do not care - as there will be war anyway. They just need to start it in good fashioned way... Well, for me it is 30 years of oppression - first from Soviet regime, then from this post-88 Nazio - for nation and my familly it is 300 years. In 1709 - times of Swedish Flood - whole Europe has literaly frozen. In this year 2009- it can be much warmer - but subsequently whole planet can freez again - for long time - as it was thousdand years ago. And they are prety aware about this - thanks to Bush era Pentagon report- but still are continuing this blind march - which more and more proud and agressive tone. Tone of Rudolf Hess anti-Polish rethoric under banner of 'revenge'. Well, it is not first time when they are following this script, as it is not first time when we need to be aware and prepare for this Dupont produced bastard and thier technics - an lithany of hate crimes...

In pre-war times Jozef has observed similar Negro families and friends humilitation - our curse, a begining and cause of later full scale genocides which 6 000 000 victims. Genocide that could be avoided if League of Nations would not be paralysed. Genocide not only of jews but also gypsies, slavs and arabs. And the beginig, well it was a similar radio experiment, and similar Weseli romance that was conducted on polish soil by LaFayete bishop during two World Wars. Yes, Jozef has heard this same tune and was chellenging this same propaganda attacks, even from Poles and Jews. And he has saw this same string of murders done by Nazi. One by one. Problem after problem. Falling - shooted, poisoned, kniffed - First President of II Commonwealth, general in France, empress of Ethiopia, general in Belgium, President of United States, King of Great Britian and others smaller, usualy on the 2 of April, the thrid, secret, Dupont Easter... He has heard near his door in Belveder Palace a steeps of his litte mouses on months before Berlin Olimic games. And at the end he also has fallen poisoned, like a pope Pius did later, just on months before II World War.

Well, today on backgound pictures of Auschwitz concentration camp we can watch a so called 'March of living' - initative hold there - not by accident - since 1988. But thanks to Hess rethoric - that is comming from mouths of Israel Prime Minister and other Israeli leaders - it is just like a march through Geremek tomb, a profanation - like steping him into his square - to the rythm of NSDAP anthem. And the fairly tales they tell to the people - who will belive it - they are just on the level of so inspiring Hess speech. Lieberman (Simon) is a Israel, Israel is a Lieberman (Simon), Lieberman is a party... etc My march - march of murdered - just like those from time of Young Poland - March of Death Ones - to Vatican will never finish... I am sure of this - i see and i hear this on Israeli radion - and which every day passing i am falling from power - at some time i will not be able to defend another punch... I am dreaming about possibility to emigrate to Bolivia to hide in montains - somwhere 4000 years bellow the sea. But they need to commemorate the birthday of Hess - birthday of Gestapo and Chernobyl - and they will do this. Two days after my birthdays...

I dream as Gombrowicz - about Transatlantic emigration. Far away from totalitarism that i need to face - almost constantly. Day after day. Night after night. Like in cattle train... And Israel hawks - well - they has realy used Melanie Z - as Hitler did with Horst Wessel and just launched thier smear campaign on the standard occasion of Holocaust. But who they are attacking??? Now i think that in GeneralGouverment they should realy change our anthem - to the Horst Wessel Song... Listen and sign. Forget about Poland - it is already Generalgouverment... And soon just forget about Polish soil too, ask Zdradzio what is on the map and why Dimitri is so sad, why Lavrow just after reading this post and listening to my Voice of the Truth has decided to go with visit to North Korea...

'US missile shield tips weapons balance'

Russia is 'very concerned' about the US plan to base a missile shield in Europe saying that it tilts the weapons balance between the two sides.

"Russia is very concerned about unilateral efforts to develop missile shields that decidedly pose complications in the mutual balance of weapons," said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev speaking at the University of Helsinki in the Finnish capital on Monday.

The Russian President added that Moscow expects to begin talks on the controversial missile shield in the near future with US President Barack Obama.

"One party should not decide the properties of such a shield but unfortunately that is happening now when decisions are being made in Europe," he said, in a speech translated to Finnish.

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